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How to get better fuel economy w/your diesel



  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    A few things about diesel. Yes the military is a major user and can impact availability ie price. The second largest application of diesel product is Jet Fuel - its nearly the same stuff. Heating oil also factors in around this level also.

    3rd largest consumer is heavy trucks and equipment

    The small fry boaters - passenger cars and light duty trucks aren't even a blip on the consumption scale.
  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    The off road diesel ie - red dye diesel is cheaper and lower quality which the heavy equipment it tractors and such are Ok with - but the newer diesels will have major fuel system failure as the sulfur cakes up the fuel system. This is why the on road diesel was switched to lower sulfur content to allow the new diesel engine tech and performance which has led to new vehicle models turning out gas car like performance with diesel engines and 30+ percent better milege.

    Running the off road diesel in more current on road engines is a very risky bet not to mention the fines if your caught are not cheap. Nor is a fuel system failure.

    The crap that old farm tractors will run on will stop up your normal diesel pick up pretty quick not to mention foul up your fuel filters. Diesel engines have one major weakness - they need clean fuel and the high tech one's need sparkling clean fuel or your looking at some major issues.
  • nme1nme1 Posts: 1
    We have a 2008 F250 Diesel with 51,000 miles and are still get terrible fuel mileage. It averages between 11 -12 and thats with a chip. We are thinking about changing rear ends (now has 3.73) . Has anyone ever done this and improved their fuel mileage?
  • My understanding is that changing to a 4.10 rear end will further decrease your mileage. I was under the impression that the 2008 change in the engine and exhaust system to lessen the emissions was the problem.
  • can't remember my gear ratio but it's higher, highway gears, I wish I had 3:73's. I mostly city drive with a moderate load on and I'm only getting 10 mpg. Empty with a family traveling I think I was getting about 12mpg
  • Purchased an F-250 super duty and have been averaging 9-12 MPG around town driving the posted speed limit. Will tow my 4,000 Lb boat this weekend for the first time and I'm concerned about the millage I will get. I understand installing a chip only has minor benefits to the fuel economy but I'm willing to try it. Any recommendations on what brand/chip/programer to go with to increase efficiency?

    Thanks for any advice
  • How did things work out with your planned upgrades?
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