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ON 2011 Pathfinder, have to disconnect battery cables and reconnect to start.

tigrfan62tigrfan62 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in Nissan
Quick history - after nearly 6 years battery finally died, in taking out old battery, the positive cable fuse block broke and also had to be replaced. So replace battery and fuse block, Drove the car for a week, went to start it on a Friday night, got it turned ignition key and nothing. Assumed bad connection, cleaned cables and terminals, tightened connection. Still to crank, tried to jump it, not even a click. walked away perplexed until the next day, cranked right up. Again drove it for several days, pulled in to get gas, got back in completely dead. Took cables off, waited about 5 minutes, reconnected...started right up. No problems for about two weeks, did the same thing, once I disconnected battery, both positive and negative, it will crank up. I have looked every where for an explanation. Suggested it was started, no systems don't match start issues, possibly a relay. I am thinking more in line with anti-theft system. THOUGHTS? Pulling hair out.
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