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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    The sticker on the car says 33 lbs. cold pressure. Too much and you will skid. Pressure will vary with outside temps somewhat. Maybe altitude too in CO.
  • Well let the games begin... the service advisor called me today and said my car was ready-07' M35X w/tech & aero package-present milage is 770 miles... I asked the advisor what they had found, her response was that the tire pressures were all "off" as compared to Infiniti recommendations. When I asked her what the pressures were she could not answer this question. The first time I experienced this problem I measured the tire pressures and found them to be acceptable-32-33psi in each. I went to the dealer to test drive my newly repaired car. I also had some other warrantee work done--I will save that subject for another post. The service manager took a ride with me and guess what the problem is still there--when you drive on an uneven road the car has a mind of its own... Well at this point the service manager asks me "What do you want me to do? Duh...fix the problem.... Well they are looking into the "steering rack problem" that was prevelent in the 06' M35x.. maybe they had some leftover steering racks from the 06 and they used them in the 07'. Lucky me....the G35x loaner is great...They also suggested that the tires be replaced...not by me I said this car is brandy spankin new...He says that Infiniti will not replace tires...At this point the steering rack will probably be replaced..

    I'll keep yu posted.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Recall steering racks.
    Recall Goodyear RS-As
    US DOT Complaint form:
  • markianmarkian Posts: 17
    I posted a a report in the fall of 2006 when my M45 sport was at 18 months. I had nothing but praise for the M45 and I stated that the car was flawless. In May 2006, when I was about to enter the highway the car lost power and I had to roll over to the side to get out of the way of traffic. I put the car in park and was able to restart the engine. When I got to the Infiniti dealer, they could not find the part that I needed in North America. My car was not driveable and I had to wait three weeks for the part to arrive. In August of 2007, I met the head of parts for Canada and explained to him that this is ridiculous for a Company the size of Infiniti to not have parts in inventory. He told me that it would cost too much money to maintain a sufficient inventory. I could not believe what I heard from this senior Infiniti executive. I told him that you will lose customers if you do not maintain a proper inventory. I had no futher problems with my car until November 9, 2007. My GPS system and radio took about 10 minutes to boot up when the car was cold. My problem is that my office is approximately 12 minutes away and that I had no use of the radio for most of my trip to work. If I had to go to a meeting and use the GPS, then I would have to warm of my car first. Eventually, the entire system crashed and I had no radio, GPS, heating etc. Luckily this happend within a couple of weeks of the part arriving. Once again Infiniti did not have the part in North America. It took Infiniti approximately 11 weeks to bring the part in and have my car fixed. I was so outraged that I called Infiniti customer support and asked them for compensation for waiting 11 weeks to have my car fixed. I told them I was without a car for three weeks last May and now 11 weeks without a fully functional car. Infiniti offered me a $100.00 discount for future repairs. This is my opinion is an insult. Normally, I would have gotten rid of the car after this last fiasco. My problem is that I really enjoy driving the M45 sport. The car is a dream to drive and the dealership that I am using for service is a pleasure. The dealership is highly professional and their service is outstanding. My problem is not with the dealership it is with Infiniti corporate. I will definitly not drive the Infiniti after the warranty period. Up until May of last year, I had every intention to keep this car until the next generation M comes out or I was going to purchase the Q50. Now I would never buy another Infiniti again. The cars are great and are of high quality but they have no parts for the high end card. I am really curious if other M45 owners are having similar problems with obtaining parts. In May 2009 my car will be 4 years old and I will get rid of it. I have no idea what I will purchase. I am going to look at the Cadillac CTS V. Maybe it is time to go back to an American car and support our economy. At least I will not have to wait almost three months for parts.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    What was the part you needed? Couldn't they get one from a wreck to install temporarily?
  • In May 2007 it was a part that had to do with the throttle. The part could not be located anywhere in North America. In early November 2007 the GPS system went out and it took 11 weeks for a part to arrive. Again, there were no parts in North America. These are the only two problems I have had with the car.
  • bondibondi Posts: 9
  • Well I picked up my car last night after the dealer had it for a week and found that they had not changed the steering rack but they replaced all four(4) Goodyear tires with Michelin Primacy MXV4's at no cost to me. I test drove the car with the service manager and was suprisingly pleased. The "wandering effect" of the car was greatly reduced to the point where it was acceptable to me. When the car encounters deep gully's on the road it goes with the road but the corrective steering you need to apply is now minimized and the car doesn't jerk from side to side. The service advisor met with the Infiniti rep while my car was in there shop and the rep was very interseted in my particular car because the 07's supposidly contain the "new steering rack" which was a fix for this problem in the 06 model year. My car was a late production date car and it contained the new rack-verified by part #. Infiniti is replacing tires on the 07 and 08's that have this steering problem.......

    Go to the dealer and test drive your car with a service advisor.........Infiniti is not officially claiming that there is a problem with this car, but we know better... Hey I'm from da Bronx..we don't get mad we get even....

    The steering rack in my car was also "re-calibrated" in there shop and to tell you the truth it does feel better. I only put on about 50 miles since I got it back ....I will keep you posted
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    There should be a general recall of all 2006 MX35s. Complaints are on boards.

    You are fortunate they replaced your tires. If I lease a new one next year I will not take Goodyear OEMs. They should be recalled too.

    If there are 10 complaints on message boards there must be hundreds driving an uncontrollable M35X. maybe thousands sufferring in silence.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    It pretty much made sense that the tires were the main culprit in the M's "tramlining" problems. I have RSAs on my G35 Coupe and it too likes to wander and drift at highway speeds. It would be the easy way out for Infiniti to just replace the tires for those who have these issues.
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    I have a similar problem with my 2006 M35X--I am going to complain AGAIN on my next service visit.

    This is indeed a great forum.
  • kiwikkiwik Posts: 10
    I have Goodyear Eagle RSA's on my M35x '06 car. I have decreased the tire pressure to about 35 lbs.......took it to the mountains again this weekend and it still is "swaying". Are you all saying that its this brand of tires that is the culprit. Did someone say they got their car replaced with all Michelin tires at no charge by Infiniti?
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    My service rep told me the steering rack is a sealed unit and not serviceable by the dealer. My salesman said they have had a lot of trouble with the Goodyears. See bad rating on Maybe this is a hush hush corporate damage control matter for fear of a recall.
  • My brandy spankin new 07' M35x had the tires replaced at no charge to me. The new tires are Michelan Primacy MXV4 and they are 1000 times better than the stock Goodyears. The 06' M35x did however have a problem with the steering rack so you might have two(2) problems. Go to your dealer and test drive the car with them... insist that the problem be corrected. Good luck..

    07' M35X w/Tech & aero package DG/G
  • ewl88ewl88 njPosts: 74
    I assume you are not adjusting the seat when you hear the noise? Sounds obvious but I used to hear a pop every time I adjusted my seat backwards (also if you select the automatic exit option when the steering wheel moves forward and seat moves back). The driver's seat was backing into the front edge of the mats of the seat in back of the driver's seat.
  • Is anyone having the issue with the poor performance of the climate control system on the M series? It seems to always be too or too cold, and never seems to sense the outside temperature correctly and compensate accordingly. My 99 Toyota Avalon had much better climate control (and real heated seats). It seems others have this problem too, but no dealer will admit it, or better yet, fix it.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Of the cars that I've owned with an automatic climate control, my M is probably the worst. It isn't horrible, but not up to the performance of the other cars I've owned. I don't mind the performance of the heated seats, and the cooling in the summer is really nice. One thing I don't understand is that the Maxima has a heated steering wheel, but the M doesn't even seem to offer it. I tend to keep my cars a long time, but am not sure if this one will follow the trend. Their choices aren't as logical as I would expect. Another thing that bothers me is the instrument lighting. There are times you want to run with your lights on in the daytime...this can make the center display quite dim. A photo cell is cheap to keep the contrast and apparant intensity consistent regardless of the ambient lighting. It doesn't need to turn all of the interior lights on and activate the dash prompts when you say open the back door last Audi could tell you which door was opened, and only turned the lights on for that part of the car when you opened the door. Last gripe, my snow tires are quieter than the stock all-season tires (Goodyears). There's no excuse to put those tires on a car of this league.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    I've had my 2006 M35x for 2 years and have generally loved the car, other than the gas mileage, but not the end of the world.
    However, recently I moved to Indianapolis and drive on a highway every day where I get tossed around similar to the tire/steering posts; it's really dangerous and never experienced it before! I guess I'm going to complain to the dealer and then buy tires before I get pulled over for "swerving" when all I'm trying to do is hang on tight.

    In the past month, several times my stereo goes silent and none of the stereo controls work, not the a/c, no backup camera and basically nothing on the center stack works although the readout on the screen stays the same with the stereo station and whatever else I had showing. My door handle lock and unlock don't work either. Then after I park and come out after a while, everything is fine as if no problem. I'm concerned I'll get the "can not duplicate problem". Has anyone experienced such a problem and what was the cure?

    Thanks for the help.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    As I said before the 2006 M35X should be RECALLED for steering rack inspection.
  • kiwikkiwik Posts: 10
    I was at the dealer this week regarding the tires again and rumor is that Infiniti is getting ready to do a recall on the M35 2006. While I was there, they did check the steering rack and confirmed that mine seems to be okay. Had them lower tire pressure to 33 psi and its riding fine now.

    As for your other console problems, I had something similar happening where the car would not start - console was dead, and sometimes radio would start then go dead, I would leave the car for awhile come back and everything was fine. After about 3 trips to the dealer because car was failing, the issue was there was a very loose wire in the console - you could have a faulty wire too. I have no idea what is going on with your door locks.
  • tmartin63tmartin63 Posts: 19
    The climate control on my '07 M35 sux too. Highway cruising in the summer requires 78 or 79 degrees to keep from freezing me out. Winter time = 70-72 degrees to avoid heat stroke. The climate control is very poor. My '98 Grand Prix GTP was 100Xs more accurate.
  • shragatshragat Posts: 4
    I have an 07 M35x and have experienced the steering problems. On some roads I feel like I am just going to swing off the road. My wife refuses to drive the car. I had a wheel alignment done a few months ago with 7,000 miles and it didn't help. The service rep at the dealer said it's a common complaint and suggested new tires will solve the problem. He said the Goodyears that come with the car are too stiff and other customers solved the problem by buying different tires.

    I called a different dealer and their service manager said the same thing. They gave me a discount on new tires for my troubles, so I gave up and brought the car in today to have new tires put on.

    The idea of having to buy new tires for my new car to drive straight really gets my goat. The car should drive straight on the tires it comes with.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Did they check the steering rack? You may have a 2006 rack part on a 2007.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    This whole mess with the car being caught in ruts and not steering straight sounds like a recall in the making. If the solution is new tires, then Infiniti should provide them FREE. I would be thinking about suing Infiniti in small claims court...that could be interesting. Do make sure that you require the service manager who told you that a) they hear this alot and b) the solution is different tires to the hearing :) This is a safety issue.

    Seems like all of you folks should be writing to the NHTSA....
  • shragatshragat Posts: 4
    I don't think they checked the steering rack. I got the new tires and another alignment. If it doesn't solve the problem, I'll have them check the steering rack.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    A new steering rack is a warranty item. The bad ones were from 2006 but you may still need one.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121

    D.O.T. complaint page for defective autos.
  • tmartin63tmartin63 Posts: 19
    I've owned my 2007 M35 Base/Luxury (fully optioned) for a little over a year. I bought (well, actually Leased) it new and it has a little over 16k on the clock. Here is my unbiased assessment of the vehicle. I know I'll get a lot of "hate mail" over this, but hopefully this post will help someone considering buying this make an informed decision. Oh, and if anyone has an solutions for my "dislikes" I'd love to hear them.


    1. Traction Control: Way too intrusive for a sport sedan - even when switched "off."
    2. Traction Control Switches: The bank of switches that control the traction control are located by the driver’s left knee and are almost impossible to see when seated behind the wheel. You have to take your eyes off the road and crane your neck down and to your left to see the switches. There is no way you should ever try to manage any of these switches while the car is in motion. This is an inexcusable ergonomic flaw.
    3. All doors must be closed before the car will lock remotely. My $25k GM takes the command and waits until all doors are closed, then locks the car. Inexcusable.
    4. Transmission: Slooow doooownshifts. Do not under any circumstances pull out in front of fast moving traffic unless you are dead stopped or otherwise 100% sure you are in 1st gear. Inexcusable.
    5. Fuel Mileage. Why does the engine turn 3200 rpm @ 80 mph? Every other similarly-sized DOHC V6 I know of turns over 2400 rpm or so at 80. Could this be why the car only gets 23 mpg highway?
    6. Engine. This is a high-revving DOHC motor. You will not feel the off-the-line grunt of a traditional push-rod motor. This motor does not really get going until about 4000 rpm (see below).
    7. Audio Controls. The only way to single-step through the XM radio stations is to turn the tuning knob on the face of the radio. Dealer says this is the only way. I should be able to program a button on the steering wheel to do this – like I can on my wife’s Caddy CTS. And no mute button? Are you kidding me? Unacceptable in a $50k car.
    8. Bose Audio. What a lousy system. People hear “Bose” and go all ga-ga. The only time it sounds excellent is on one or two 5.1 DVDs I own. CDs and XM sounds tinny and cheap. Even worse on regular FM. This system is way, way, WAY over hyped and overpriced (like most of Bose’s product line). If I didn’t have a kid in college and another going in a few years I’d rip the whole thing out and install a quality system.
    9. Distance Sensing Cruise Control. It does okay, but still gets confused on a curve. It also runs right up behind a slower moving car and slams on the brakes. When the coast is once again clear, the throttle application snaps your neck. It could be a little more smooth.
    10. The automatic head lights do not switch on when the wipers are turned on. Isn’t it common sense that you need headlights when it’s raining? Many states have statutes requiring it. Also, when not raining the on/off threshold seems to change from day to day. Some days I’m in almost full sunlight and the headlights won’t go off. Of course that means I can't see the instruments b/c they are dimmed for nighttime driving. Tried the adjustment, but it doesn’t make that much difference.


    1. Snob Factor: Let’s face it – one of the reasons to by this car is the snob factor. When you drive up in the M you get a lot of attention. It is an impressive looking car inside and out.
    2. Suspension: This car has a sweet chassis and sport-tuned suspension. It has more capability than 99% of the drivers who will ever sit behind the wheel (that includes me).
    3. Engine. Ah, the engine. Very sweet especially north of 4000 rpm. Smooth as silk with linear power all the way to redline.
    4. Voice Recognition. Once you get the hang of it, the V/R is very nice. It also feeds into #1 above.
    5. Interior cabin. Very classy inside.
    6. Navigation System. Good nav system logic that hardly ever gets me lost (unlike Hertz’ “Foreverlost” system). Very good in the boonies. When approaching a turn, the “countdown bar” on the left side of the screen is really handy.
    7. Rear backup camera: I never turn around when I back up. Now I hate driving other cars without this feature.
    8. Wireless key fob. How nice not to have to dig around in your pocket to unlock the car or to start the engine.
    9. Reliability. This car has performed flawlessly every day I’ve owned it. No drama. Just start it and go and perform regular maintenance.

    All in all it is a good car and I'm happy with the purchase. Will I buy another when my lease is up in 2 yrs? That jury is still out.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I would add "significant crippling of navigation function if car is moving" to your excellent list of dislikes. In many cases, you actually have to stop the car to set the navigation system.

    I would also add "poor bluetooth...echos" to that list.

    Also, if one changes the airflow on one side of the car, you are taken out of automatic so there is no more automatic fan setting, recirculate/outside air switching or dash vent setting changes.

    I have never had the headlights turn on in automatic until it's so dark that everyone else has their headlights on. This is just unsafe....

    I've made my decision...when my lease is up, I'm leaving Infiniti
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