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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • 03_m4503_m45 Posts: 1
    unfortunately I'm not in the big leagues with the 2006 of 2007 M's but I do have a 2003 M45 that I am fed up with. I have a similary problem with my steering as well, I've been told that it was my tires, but mind you I already have brand new tires on it and it still seems as though when it gets in rut it wants to follow the rut instead steering straight and Ive been wondering could it be bushing or something wrong with the steering column and based on what I've been reading it might be the steering rack or column.

    Does any one have any other ideas of what could be causing this? I have new tires and have gotten an alignment..
  • tmartin63tmartin63 Posts: 19
    While the vehicle is moving I can usually get the nav system to work using voice commands. I agree with the headlights not turning on timely and people have complained to me about the bluetooth echo.

    I really like the voice command system in the M, but it is cumbersome to use. I see Microsoft is putting a voice command system in Fords (Fords!) that I think is called Synch. You've probably seen the amusing commercials on TV. Maybe this idea will catch on. I can hope that M/S or its competitors will create a Synch-lik product for other car makes.
  • Does anyone know what this problem could be? My car is making a noise when turning slowly (or sharply?) to the right. The dealership says it is not a problem, that it is the ABS.
  • dhellerdheller Posts: 28
    Regarding the Nav lockup, there is a TSB and software update for this as it is a known problem. The tire problem is a known one too -- best suggestion from Infiniti is to " buy new tires...". One would think that they would be a little concerned about these tires...
  • dhellerdheller Posts: 28
    Did you ever get any improvement in your AC system? The dealer comments you were given is nothing short of lame. No car manufacturer in their right mind would pump 105 degree air into the cabin.

    My "M" has horrible temperature control in the cabin. It seems to be way off in measuring the outside air and comparing to the inside air.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    What a ripoff....I had my tires rotated at a local reputable repair the Tire pressure monitors on the nav shows "***" for pressure. I called my local dealer and they said I have to come in and have the system recalibrated, at a cost of about $50.00.....what happened to the days when you could have your car serviced anywhere??? I think this is unfair!!!
  • Don't pay it! That just about always happens when I have mine rotated ('06 M35x) and all I have to do is drive it for 10 miles or so and they recalibrate automatically. This has happened a few times and the Infiniti dealer has always told me to just drive it to get them to reset.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I was told that some of the Infiniti TP sensors will self-adjust to their new location, but those on the M-series won't. I'm pretty sure that the first time I swapped between my summer and winter tires I drove to work a few times - that's about 20-miles each way. They didn't adjust. My dealer does it for free.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    You are correct...I wrote Nissan and complained about their "$50.00" reply....Let' s see what happens.

  • cire2cire2 Posts: 1
    As a former BMW owner, I'm looking to get away from the German sedans. Not wanting to jump in over my head, I'm pricing 2006 M35's so I can get a feel for this sedan. Recently I came across a 2006 M35x with over 100k miles. I'm told it was all highway miles by a salesman and the price is very attractive. Seems like a very affordable way to get into one of these sedan's, but not sure about the 100k+ miles. What would you suggest? Is it too risky to get a 2006 model with that many miles on it? What is the life expectancy (miles) of an M class Infiniti?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    It's pretty much the same engine as in the 350z and maxima but with different that should help your research. it's pretty hard to put 100k non highway miles on a I guess I'd believe him. Having said that, the M35 is a high reving engine at highway speeds and that will effect longevity. I'm not sure that highway miles matters.....
  • tmartin63tmartin63 Posts: 19
    How was the rotation done? I always do front to rear. I never cross rotate (i.e. rt rear to lt front, etc) which means you change the direction of rotation. I'm only guessing here, but cross rotation could impact the sensors' ability to function.

    l find the mechanics are split about 50/50 on which is the "best" way to rotate tires. From 30 yrs personal experience, I've always done front to rear/rear to front and suffered only 2 blowouts and no uneven tirewear. Who knows why blowouts happen? They could have been caused by a hundered different things, rotation patters being one. So be sceptical if a mechanic shop tells you there is only one correct way to rotate. And I wouldn't pay the $50 either. Isn't the TPM system under warranty? The should fix for free.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    There was a great auto journalist in Popular Mechanics when I was a young lad. He said the best way to rotate tires was to put it in Drive and step on the accelerator.
  • osbornkgosbornkg Posts: 30
    I have had two 2007 M-35’s one I purchased in Nov. 06 and totaled it in May of 07.The car had 10k miles on it and the tires were rotated twice. I purchased a new 2007 in May of 2007. This 2007 was just like the first 2007 in every detail. This car has run for 15K and the tires have been rotated 3 times. I rotate every 5000 miles.

    I have had both cars’ tires rotated at Discount Tire Company. They rotated your tires free of charge. I have always cross rotated rear tires to the front and bring the front tires to the rear. This is against what Infiniti recommends – this is just what I have done on every car I have ever owned. If you tires are directional then you will need to rear/front rotate.

    With both cars, the sensors would reset after driving a number of miles. Never had a need to return either car to a dealer. That is not to say there are bad sensors out there, however, Infiniti is still manufactured in Japan with a high degree of quality built in.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    I have driven probably 200 miles..and no reset!
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I bought new tires at Mavis Discount Tire. They offered to reset the sensors for free. They reset on their own in a few days. 200 miles sound too long.
  • crr14crr14 Posts: 2
    See Post #842. I had the same problem and was first told it was normal and nothing could be done. I brought in this post and was persistent. Service manager finally admitted that this service didn't always work and wasn't factory authorized. They did the service in January and the noise has not returned.
    Steering wheel and column
    Gear & linkage - 49001-EH11A
    Power steering fluid - 999MP-AG000P
    This week service manager told me that this service is now factory authorized fix.
    Be persistent - this is a great car.
  • crr14crr14 Posts: 2
    Thank you for your post. I had this problem and was told that nothing was wrong the noise was normal. I persisted and brought in your post. The service manager finally admitted that this service didn't always work, so it was not factory authorized. They agreed to do the service (gear and linkage and power steering fluid) in January. The noise has not returned. This week the service manager told me this service is now factory authorized for this problem.
    Thanks for your help, this is a great car.
  • walounkwalounk Posts: 6
    I also have this problem, initially it happened only when the car is cold,the dealer replaced the steering gear, the noise got worse, now it happens everytime I make a right turn, I am so sick of going to the dealer back and forth, I also had to replace the tires with only 6500 miles just to have a better ride, there is only one thing I know for sure, this going to be my first and last Infiniti.
    2007 M35X
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    I brought the car back to the dealer for the umpteenth time for the vibration problem (rumbling vibration throughout the car and especially wheel and pedals). I also had the steering issue. They did the steering rack, and they replaced the tires with Michelins-with 27K miles on the tires, Infiniti could see I was complaining about tramlining since I got the car, so they did pay half for the tires.

    But the vibration between 45 and 65 is still there. It's so bad that the rear deck resonates at 65 under certain temperature conditions. At 50, light acceleration creates a rumble (like driving on a road with horizontal grooves). They changed the rear differential already but this did not solve the problem, it actually made it worse.

    Any ideas?
  • fjd3fjd3 Posts: 2
    I just bought my '08 M45X with tech package $1,000 under invoice thanks to the conquest program. financed it at 1.9%--feeling like I did really well until the dealership spring this whole prepaid maintenance offer. I know better. Against my better judgement, decided to do it. Now, I have buyer's remorse. :lemon: Normally, if you follow infiniti's recommended maintenance schedule over 60k miles it adds up to a little over $4,000 (this include belt changes, new filters, blades, tire rotations, oil changes, other fluid changes, etc, etc). Anyway, the cost of the premium prepaid is normally $2800 or something like that. they offered it to me, supposedly at their cost, $2200 (i was able to add it into financing which helped) because I know the owner of the dealership. covers ALL scheduled maintenance for 4 years, 60K miles. this seem reasonable? thanks fjd
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    That sounds like a great deal. God bless
  • ryoderryoder Posts: 1
    Just had my 30,000 mile service on my m35x and the cost was $750. I could not believe it. I just did it as I did not have time for further investigation. This is a very high price in the new car age. Anyone else checked out costs?
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    What did they really do? Check things that don't need checking or even do nothing? Giving a dealer carte blanch for a service is a blank check. My gas station can change all the filters and lube for under $200.00. Tire shop can check alignment. Tell the dealer to only do warranty work or fix a price in advance for service before signing the service order. Don't be a sucker. If they give you attitude take a walk and they will chase you out the door. Japanese cars are practically maintenance free anyway. I don't know why they don't use synthetic oil like my wife's Audi. 15,000 mile oil changes only. Probably to get you in the door more often to sell service you don't need.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    For the last year, I've had Mobil 1 in my car. I had the oil tested at approximately 4K, 8K, and 11K. At 11K, they said I should change was still okay, but nearing the end of its life. The filter (also a Mobil 1 product) was still showing zero particles in the oil. So, depending on how you drive, you are likely to get through at least double the oil change intervals recommended if you use this product. Mobil says 12K or 1-year, whichever comes first, and it would have been about both for me.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Very interesting. I used Mobil 1 in my 1979 Chevy Caprice when it was introduced. It helped the car start during VT ski trips. I have read it is now an entry level synthetic and there are much better ones. I have 6 months left on my lease so it is academic to my situation. If I owned an M I would try a high end synthetic or follow the service interval. I would be concerned about my warranty also.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    All the dealers have a "fixed price" for each of the service intervals. This is one of the highest profit items in the entire dealership because they do almost no real work...they look around and one mechanic can do 4 or 5 six hour "fixed maintenance" deals in one day...after all you pay by the book rate/fixed rate not the actual time taken.

    My advice, which I follow rigorously, is to look at what the manufacturer recommends changing or replacing and I get that done. I don't do any of the inspect and adjust if necessary's. You will save a great deal of money doing just what's really needed instead of taking the prepackaged profit packages.
  • njm35njm35 Posts: 7
    Yeah the dealers are crazy with their prices. I stopped taking my car to the dealer and just took it to my local mechanic. It was a fraction of the price! What are they going to do send the car cops after you....
  • njm35njm35 Posts: 7
    I finally hit my boiling point with infiniti over the entire steering problem and the noise issue. I contacted corporate and started to complain. First round they gave me a massive $300 service credit. Well thats great, it should cover an oil change. Called again and complained.and told them to take the car back. They are giving me an early termination out with a consideration becaues of the front end problems. I should get it this week and i will share it with everyone who has this problem.
    If it sucks, i am really thinking that M35/45 owners need to band together to fight them on this issue. This is a safty issue that they have been screwing around with for way too long and screwing with all of us.
  • osbornkgosbornkg Posts: 30
    Here is a suggestion. Here is a link for various Inifiniti mileage kits. These kits have the major parts needed for that mileage. Most GOOD auto repair shops can install these kits. Also, I run AMSOIL oil in my M35. This oil is the best. I have been running this oil for years and now only change once a year or 25,000 miles which is there warranty period. AMSOIL now has a oil filter that runs the same mileage or time. Their web site is:

    Wishing you well in the future with your Infiniti - there great cars. 45%20Premium%20Service%20Kits
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