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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • I’m saddened you’re having these difficulties with your Infiniti. You’re living the horror of the relationship between the Infiniti owner and the dealership. I know you likely have but you didn’t mention whether you had called Infiniti directly to have this matter resolved in a professional way? It is just not like Infiniti wanting to have customers posting unresolved matters on message boards.

    United States Consumer Affairs for Infiniti is: 800-662-6200, then press #7.

    Wishing you well – this too will pass.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,328
    Rising Sun garage in San Rafael California has a good reputation.

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  • Thank you for your note. I had contacted Infiniti, and they sent the district Tech to drive the car-he ACKNOWLEDGED there is a problem, and authorized changing the tranny and all the driveshafts. After that repair failed I asked to return the car, they refused, and offered me the following:

    1. Reimbursement for my tire expense (I paid half for the new tires - $550)
    2. One month payment for me for my inconvenience
    3. IF I took another Infiniti they offered me the free maintenance package on the new car.

    I declined all that, said I want them to fix the car. I made an appointment with Infiniti Service, and when I showed up they told me they are not allowed to touch the car--Infiniti TOLD them they can't do any more repairs.

    So let's see--they ADMIT there is a problem, then REFUSE to fix it or make it right with the customer.

    Great way to make sure I'd lease another Infiniti---NOT.
  • Perhaps they don't want to touch the car...but get them to write a service ticket...and then get them to write down what they did or why they didn't do anything. Then send a copy of that to Infiniti and tell them that you are contacting your lawyer or your local TV consumer advocate if you don't hear from them in 24 hours. Keep it very businesslike.

    If they do nothing, you have the documentation in hand....go forth and stick it to Infiniti and your dealer.
  • BTW...there must be something missing here....because there are very strict federal and state laws about warranty's. I doubt that Infiniti or a dealer would actually state that they would not work on a car with a clear, reproducable problem. That's just begging for legal action.

    So what are we missing??? Was the car in an accident? is it out of warranty?
  • I agree there is something missing in dealing with your concerns. It just isn’t Infiniti’s history to be handling you the way they are.

    In my M35-07 information packet there is a booklet entitled, “Customer Care & Lemon Law information". Perhaps, the time has come to start the process of requesting a replacement or repurchase of your vehicle.

    I’m saddened you’re unable to resolve your concerns with Infiniti. Wishing you well as you move forward.
  • There is nothing missing from the story. It is as dumbfounding to me as it is to you.
    I have ONLY had the vehicle serviced by this dealer, and it is fully under warranty, and has never been in an accident.

    Their line now is that the problem is within normal limits for the car. This is SO not the case.

    I have now informed them that I plan to litigate-and have started working with the BBB on a lemon law claim.

    They are out of line here--the service manager even told me that MANY people in 39 month leases of 2006 M's are desperately trying to get out of the cars--came within an inch of accusing me of fabricating the problem, yet he has driven the car...

    Perhaps it is time to go to the press.......
  • 2006 M35 I have a problem with wind noise very noticible coming from the passenger door pillar and the windshield. I have taken the car twiced to the dealer and they aknwoledge the noice but could not determined the cause, much less fix it. It is very annoying and unacceptable for a 50,000.00 dlls 'luxury car". My 97 cadillac catera is a lot quieter. Any suggestions or idea how to fix it?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Are the headlights on the 2008 M35 now the same color? If not (my 2006 had very different color light), now would i make both low and high beams put out light which is the same color?
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    On the 2006, the low beams are HID lamps and they stay on for both low and high beams. They are essentially mini-arc lights, no filament. The high beams are traditional halogen bulbs. There are companies that make some that are bluer - check out or maybe for some choices. Most of the big lighting companies also make some - GE, Sylvania, etc along with Bosch and others.

    I haven't read the specs on the newest models. There are some that use the same bulb for low and high beam - some have a motorized shield that moves out of the way to enable the high beam. The name they use is bi-zenon.
  • I checked and and neither shows any replacement bulbs for the 2006 M35x. Oddly, has bulbs for virtually all Infiniti's EXCEPT the 2006's and 2007's. Does anyone have any other recommendations for replacing the stock headlight bulbs on the '06 M35x so that the high and low beams match? I'd like it if the fog lights would match too if they're available...the fog lights are yellow.

    Thanks for any recommendations!
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Both the high beams and the fog lights are a standard H-series (halogen) bulbs, and you can get them that appear more blueish. They only look yellow because the HID bulbs are so white. Same issue way back when before everyone went to halogen bulbs...the old incandescents look downright red in comparison.

    The high beam is a 9005 and the fog is an H11. Just search on those numbers. Increasing the wattage may damage the housing or wiring, so it's safest to stay at the same wattage. Sylvania's 9005CB is whiter than the 'stock' bulb.
  • Five months ago I bought a totaled 2006 M35 and just picked it up a few weeks ago from the body shop. I love it!! I had to add transmission fluid b/c it was low and not shifting properly. After that everything was working fine. At times I’ve driven the car very hard, putting into spins a few times already. At one point when I was manually downshifting to help slow down, the transmission got stuck in 3rd gear. I figured that happened b/c I was “vigorously” downshifting. The next morning, everything was shifting as normal and I haven’t used the manual shifter since. However, a few days later it happened again, but under normal driving conditions. This time I noticed that my back-up camera was also not working, the seat belt light was flashing (something it’s never done before), the key light came on and the seat & steering wheel didn’t move when the door was opened after turning off the car. Again, the next day when everything cooled off, everything worked normally. So what seemed like maybe just a transmission problem is now starting to look like maybe an electrical problem instead. Has anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions? By the way, the car has less than 26,000 miles – is the warranty still good even though it’s a rebuilt title?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Being that this is a totaled car, you probably have ZERO warranty whatsoever. My only suggestion is to take it to a dealer and ask them to reprogram the car. Being that you spent so much to rebuild a wrecked car, the cost of reprogramming the computers should be a pittance.
  • Thanks. The dealer just confirmed that there is no warranty.

    I bought the car for $11,800 and paid $10,200 to have it fixed. It is completely loaded, even has a DVD player. What an awesome car.

    I think I'll take it in for re-programming and see if that fixes the problem.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Almost everything in the M-series is controlled by a computer. Computers only react to what they are told. Sounds like you have a bad connection(s) which could include an intermittent short or open. I fear it will take someone who knows the electronics very well to diagnose the thing. If you are lucky, the computer diagnostics might have some clues. If you are really lucky, you'll find a connector that is not fully inserted, and all you have to do is lock it together.
  • Dealer says that computer diagnostic code indicates it's something internal, maybe a solenoid, but they aren't sure; so they recommend a new transmission. They also said that it had the wrong tranny fluid and this ruined the tranny. I took it to an oil change place and had them pump out and replace the tranny fluid with clean J-matic. So far it's shifting fine, but I'm still hesitant to really stick it.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    If you have trouble filling your M with gas (the nozzle cuts off before the tank is full), Infiniti just released a TSB to fix the problem.
  • Hello all,

    I currrently own a 04 S55 and I'm looking to get rid of it before it becomes a deeper money pit. I really do love the car and it grabs loads of attention but I'm ready for something else. I really like the M45 but have not gone to drive one yet because I'm afraid I'll buy it on the spot. So... I've looked online at some pre-owned ones and they are pretty cheap. I would never buy a new one after seeing the depreciation of this model. But anyway, is there anything that I should be aware of on the M45 before I seriously consider the vehicle. I would probably purchase one with anywhere from 15K to 45K miles. Any input is welcome.
  • hi,

    Did anybody have the steering issue with 2006 M35 sport? Recently bought one with 36,000 miles. Change the whole set of tire to Michelin pilot Sport All Season. Alignment once.

    The car can't keep in the center of road. You have to hold the steering wheel all the time to adjust the random pulling effect (right or left). The driving feeling is so unsafe.

    After some research on the forum, it looks like some steering rack issue.

    Have been to dealership several times. One dealer said it's the typical way of this car. The other said it is tire-related. But none of dealer want to work on the steering rack.

    Very disappointed :( . any suggestion?
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Pepe Infiniti in White Plains, NY was glad to replace my steering rack. It helped allot. I still think the design of the car lacks steering centering fell. Maybe lack of caster in the geometry. I replaced the Goodyear OEMs with Conti Conatcts too. Michelin Primacy is supposed to be a softer ride than Pilots.. I probably will not lease another M35X. Steering and ride not that great. Gas mileage poor but with gas so low it is not a big issue this month. Otherwise it's a great car.
  • finadvfinadv Posts: 59
    Does anyone get the Service Engine Soon light on when they full up with gas? Seems maybe every other time I get gas, the light goes on. Eventually it goes off again, but it's annoying. I make sure the cap is on tight and I don't over fill it. Not sure what's causing it. Anyone with similar experiences?
  • hi,

    Just update some information about the steering issue about the 2006 M35 sport. After contacting infiniti comsumer affair, the rep claims they can't do anything if the dealer can't reproduce the problem. Asking for her supervisor, the same speech. They all think the wondering is normal for the M.

    What can I do now, after three dealers,rep and supervisor in the infiniti comsumer affair?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    1) make an appointment with your service manager to meet the infiniti area service rep. Have them both in the car and drive it in an area where the problem is very evident (you have to do your homework and know where to drive to show the problem).

    2) file a formal complaint with the NHTSA.

    3) Infiniti is trying very hard to avoid a recall on this. Review this forum, Fresh Alloy and Nico forum. Print out all the entries on this topic and send it to the supervisor at Infiniti (and give a copy to the infiniti regional service advisor when you meet him).
    Point out that this is a known problem and that should any accident occur due to the problem, it is well documented and will likely be an Infiniti legal problem to deal with.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    In my experience and other posting on forums the problem is remedied by replacing the steering rack and the OEM Goodyear RSA's. It sounds like Infiniti is taking a stonewall defensive posture to try to contain the damages. Talk to your Congressman,, Goodyear, and a class action attorney.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    One more thought. I had the bluetooth upgrade on my 2006 M35 although I really didn't have the exact problem that would have caused the upgrade. The service manager coached me thru the "complaint".

    You might want to go out for coffee with your salesman or sales manager and discuss the problem. Maybe they can help convince the service manager that he really can recreate the problem. Remember, Infiniti does not require a video of the service manager experiencing the problem....he just has to say he has experienced the problem and infiniti will pay for the replacement steering rack. The salesman/sales manager might be willing to help, but that, of course, depends on the dealer and your relationship with them.
  • try this for some objective evidence of the steering defect .....
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Yes there are several postings there about M35X steering and trammeling.

    First my 2006 year car had a new steering rack replaced by the dealer at 27,000 miles. The original rack became quite loose after 1-year.

    Shortly thereafter I put on Cont Extreme Contact tires. Now it drives quite well. The new tires have much more aggressive, open tread than the OEM Goodyear tires. More like a snow tire. They are excellent in the rain and good on what little snow we had in 2008.

    Postings on forums state Michelin's improve but do not cure the trammeling issue.

    My further opinion is the engineering of the steering lacks on-center feel. That is fundamentally incurable.

    The M35X is a beautiful car with great features at a very good price. I see Infiniti offering $10,000 off MSRP now.

    Make sure you can live with the stiff ride.

    Put on the Contis before leaving the showroom and sell the Goodyears on Ebay. Or better donate them to charity and take a tax deduction. It is worth the extra $1,000 since the car is a bargain.

    It's great now that premium gas is down 50%. It is a gas eater due to weight, 4 wheel drive and gearing.
  • My '06 Sport has been great. Got the steering rack done and went to Michelin A/S tires and it steers and rides well. I'm at 44K miles, owe $20K on the loan, and I'm at the inflection point of payoff and keep ( and get a set of winter tires/ wheels) or trade. If i keep it, i'm looking to put 150K mi on the car. I know Nissans are for the most part bulletproof, but i'm wondering if there are any real life examples from forum members regarding high mileage M's...experiences, major repairs, etc. Fire away and thanks!
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