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Lexus GS Maintenance and Repair



  • Took my car into the dealer. It has exhibited many of the problems associated with the misfires caused by ring issue for a few years. I never knew what was causing these problems. I have to say, Lexus is a great company. How many companies stand behind their product when it is 6 years old? Lexus is taking care of the problem.

    I had a brand new Infinity I35 and it had font end vibration problems that I noticed on my ride home the night I bought it. They made it better and almost imperceivable after having an engineer look at the car and suggest some adjustments to the steering rack but it came back..... could never get rid of it and Infinity corporate said, if your not happy, lemon law the vehicle. Imagine how nice it would have ben to have them admit there was a problem and step up to do the right thing? Since then, between my wife and I, we have had 4-5 cars. No one has given us the type
    of customer service we get from Lexus and oh..btw, there will never be a Nissan product in my garage again. I know they make a great product and have made many owners believe in thier autos....every manufacturer can have issues. But the best step up and take ownership of their problems! Thank you Lexus.
  • Picked up the car. Only drove about 10 miles in stop and go traffic. Idle was nice and even and the car seems to have more power. Hopefully she I'll run nicely for another 100,000 miles.
  • peterpan99peterpan99 Posts: 65
    edited April 2013
    2001 GS300 with 75K miles failed smog test with check engine light on. Engine scanner finds code P0171, system too lean.

    Researched the net and tried a few diagnoses:

    1. The Mass Airflow Sensor was suspect but was electrically measured fine. There was a leak at the intake air filter, causing a collection of dust on the MAF sensor filament. Cleaned that out with electric contact cleaner. Did not solve the problem. Still code P0171.

    2. Checked air leaks on intake vacuum lines by blowing cigarette smoke into the air intake and ran engine. No leaks found

    3. Checked all oxygen sensors. All were fine.

    4. Check gas tank, gas cap leaks, fuel lines... all looked OK.

    Could not find the cause of P0171, system too lean. Lexus dealer suggested contaminated fuel system causing lean mixture. They proposed replacing fuel pump, fuel filter, 6 fuel injectors, flushing and cleaning fuel system, total about $3700. I rejected their stupid and greedy proposal.

    The engine is running with hesitation during acceleration, so MAF sensor may have been damaged by dust corroding the sensor filament. I swapped the $220 MAF sensor from another car. P0171 code was cleared. Car passed smog test.

    The MAF sensor looked and measured OK but the dust may have corroded and altered the heating and current profile on the heating and sensing filament, causing erroneous data being sent to the ECU.

    P0171 problem solved cheap WITHOUT THE EXPENSIVE HELP by LEXUS DEALER.

    The cheap knocked off MAF copies sold in eBay for $30-40 seem to work OK.
  • I've been battling Lexus over the Oil Consumption issue for months now. My car sucks down .5 qt./1000 miles (1 qt./1,700 mi.) and it misfires too. The Lexus manual allows for this kind of consumption ... a manual written by Lexus. I did receive a "warranty extension" letter from Lexus, but they're battling me at every step of the way. They absolutely know there's a problem with the '06 GS300 because they also sent out a "notice" letter prior to the warranty extension letter (I didn't receive the former), which lists the codes your car will evidence if it's having the problem ... codes, incidentally, which my car produces. NOW, my dealer is trying to tell me that since I didn't put NGK factory plugs in the car, my "aftermarket" plugs probably caused my misfiring. OK, then what about the gross oil consumption and all the other GS300's with major issues - caused by aftermarket batterys perhaps? I practice law and I'm seriously considering a class-action effort if this continues. I've driven Honda and Toyota products starting at age 8 with motorcycles, various Accords, an S2000 and a few Land Cruisers and NOT ONE of those Japanese engines has EVER leaked or consumed a drop of oil. Don't tell me this is "normal" ... maybe if it were a 1980 GMC pick-up.
  • dave394dave394 Posts: 3
    Had high oil consumption in 06 GS300 we bought new. Started 87k mile range. Ended up getting short block for bad oil rings. Cured problem. Cost was high but dealer and Lexus both kicked in to get it below half of retail. I complained some more to Lexus and was told they could do no more. Car runs great now with 22k more on it since short block. Definitely shook my faith in Lexus. Good luck.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,457
    Dave, what was your oil consumption level?

    I think "normal" has to be viewed in relation to the age and mileage of the car.

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  • lextech2lextech2 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    The bulletin is mostly for misfires. We have seen quite a few GS with oil consumption. Usually we cannot do much for it since Lexus uses a rule of 1qrt per every 1200 miles. If we can get the car to misfire as stated within the technical bulletin then the car will receive new pistons and rings (depending on the year).
    It seems most of the misfire is from excessive build-up of carbon on the intake valves and piston rings.
    Years before this bulletin we just did a top engine clean with a caustic solvent and cleaned off intake valves by removing the upper intake manifold and cleaning the valve tops.
    At that time the root of the problem wasn't known.
    Lexus stepped up and made a new bulletin to replace internal engine components.
    Some engines may still have issues afterwards as we are seeing now.
    Many if them run fine but still consume more oil than they should.
    Some engines will be replaced due to the consumption because we believe that the cylinders have become uneven in wear or the cylinder walls are too smooth without enough cross hatches.
    We are told not to hone cylinders because the pistons use a fitted type piston matched to each cylinder bore. Pistons are labeled type a,b,c.
    I hope the next step Lexus takes fixes the problem for good. There are many upset customers over this situation.
    I wish everyone good luck with the repair of their car.
  • Were you able to get the problem resolved? I am SOOOO furious with Lexus right now I can barely see straight. My engine oil light started coming on in between oil changes on my 2006 GS300. The dealership told me to bring it back for a test and that if there was an oil consumption problem it would be repaired at no cost to me. Well, I took it back and there was an oil consumption problem except this time I was told the repair would cost me $6500. Since then I have called corporate and they offered to pay for parts of $1,120 leaving me with a bill of $3600 on what was now apparently a $4,820 repair. I asked if I could discuss the matter with someone else and "Elias" curtly told me that he was the decision maker, that he only made the decision out of good will as my car is well out of warranty and that I need to take it up with the person who told me that the repair would be covered (who I am told is no longer with the dealership). I told him that my view of good will is covering an otherwise uncovered issue on a warranty but was not refusing a repair that was from an obvious defect in the manufacturing of the vehicle to begin with. He again told me Lexus had no obligation to repair the car and the decision was final. I traded my unreliable Jaguar for a Lexus that has turned out to be even more unreliable. If you do pursue a class action, please count me as a member of the class! UGGHHHH! Iguess it's off to Mercedes-Benz or Audi as I'm not paying $3600 for this repair.
  • Yeah but my RPMS was going high the car would not go pass 40mph i took it in & they said there was no transmission fluid in the car & told me tht i need a new transmission & they r not covering it & i payed for a extended warranty,I call my lawyer & told him,he researched it & told me its their problem because the transmission is lock meaning they can only service it,i can't check,change the fluid,it was in the car manual,i went back & show them the fixed for free the bill was like $8,000 because they also did recalls as well smh, if u need a lawyer let me know i have one free of charge,he takes his money when the check comes & this is the second time i use him for Lexus he got me $10,000 because my right headlight kept going out,lexus could not fix it correct we called the lemon law they came out & got shot done i got $7,200 out of the $10,000,,Good luck
  • Okay, so my previous car was a 2008 Toyota Avalon Touring with almost 120k on the meter.
    That car was amazing in many ways, I loved it and so did my wife when she had chance to drive to drive it.
    One week ago, she was shopping for a new used car, which she finally found and bought.
    I was just intended to take another car for a test drive while she went grocery shopping.
    When she got back I was doing my paper work on the 2006 Lexus GS300 AWD.
    Traded in the 2008 Avalon with 115k miles towards 2006 GS300 with 63k miles. This GS only with one previous local owner. Pristine in shape and has all bells and whistles.
    It even has regulated heat/cooling in the back seats!
    Sound system came with 14 speaker original badge.
    Price tag: 22000 from dealer with two years warranty.
    First long trip a 250 miles round trip used just a little more than half the tank!
    I am impressed by the mileage. I am averaging 27mpg city/highway driving.
    No leakages, and so silent.
    My only complaint: Why isn't there any Aux in for other units? :(

    Any ideas regarding sound and other units attached?

    Grateful for any inputs.

    Happy GS300AWD owner
  • I would like to know what was the amount of oil consumption before Lexus agreed to cover a portion of the rebuild. Thanks.
  • You should email or call up Lexus customer service.

    I read in this forum someone GS leaks 1 quart oil every 1,000 miles and Lexus stull claims that's normal engine operation.
  • dan301dan301 Posts: 7
    Has anyone had the GS 300 piston & rings rebuilt at the Lexus dealer? What was your cost and Lexus' shared amount?
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