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Lexus GS Maintenance and Repair



  • The battery is ok.

    Turns out we had to pull the fuse because the flucuating volume was a serious distraction to driving. Nothing like a violently loud popping sound randomly coming from your stereo - it was like a 6 year old having total control over the volume and spinning to max volume every few seconds.

    More research on the 'net shows this to be a fairly common problem with the Mark Levinson amp in the GS. This link has the Lexus service bulletin and the subsidized Lexus replacement program.

    The amp costs $2000 new and 'only' $700 under the replacement program. I'm calling Tweeter to see if they can install something for a bit less!
  • I purchased a 2004 GS300 one year ago. So far it has been a very good replacement for my troublesome MB E320. However, the battery has gone dead 6 times since I have owned it. I took it to the local Toyota dealer (No local Lex dealer)for analysis and they said everything was OK, including the battery. There was no unusual drawdown going on with the electronics. They indicated to me that there is a TSB that states the battery may need to be recharged after a "period of inactivity", no specified time interval, due to various active components. The technician said this is normal for this type of car with lots active electronics and he suggested either keeping a trickle charge on it or run it more often to charge the battery. Can anyone tell me if they think this is normal? I just cannot believe a battery should go dead after 7 days if I do not drive the car. Any thoughts on whether some type of beefed up battery might be a suitable replacement? Does anyone have access to TSBs? I would be curious as to what the specifics are. My car is still under warranty so I would like to get things fixed before the warranty expires. Thanks for your help. Forteatwo
  • Did you try getting a new battery with higher CCA rating? If the battery is original, then it's probably over three years old, and OEM batteries are not the greatest. On my 2000 GS400, I wound up replacing the battery after less than 4 years.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    I think the Toyota dealer pulled your chain. The battery shouldn't go dead after 7 days w/out driving the car.
    There is a current leak somewhere. Or it just could be a trunk light on all the time. Electrical problem is a tough one to debug.

    You said there is no local Lexus around. So my guess is you didn't buy it from a Lexus dealer. Did you check the history of the car for any electrical modifications or
    flood salvage, etc?

    Here's what I would do. Buy a new battery with the same CCA rating as the old one. Drive the car to fully charge
    it. Leave the car for 7 days. If the battery goes dead,
    this will confirm a current leakage. If the battery is still OK, it's the old battery issue.
  • I recently bought a 2004 GS430 certified. Found an unacceptable wind noise on passenger side, seemed to be around mirror or door. The noise would appear around 40mph and higher.

    Went to Lexus Dayton OH and they had an expert service tech who found that there was a "body plug" missing on the right side. He has seen it a very few times on GS430 models. It solved it perfectly in less than a half hour.

    It really makes a difference when you get a person with experience. I would guess the original owner just thought it was normal for a sport vehicle.
  • Thank you for your suggestions. I purchased the car from Wayzata Lexus in Minnesota. They have indicated that everything on the car is under warranty through '08. The history of the car is clean. Given that nobody volunteered that they have a problem keeping their car battery charged, I can only assume the battery has gone dead enough that it no longer fully charges. While it may check out OK under conditions of testing, I am of the impression that it does not hold a charge very long, this can be hard to test out. I guess I will proceed to get another battery. Forteatwo
  • I am not totally familiar with the seat layout on your vehicle, but let me relate what happened to my mother-in-law's ES.

    The driver 1 and driver 2 seat automatic seat adjustment buttons are locted on the top of the plastic seat molding on the drivers left side. She's older so occasionaly when she got out of the vehicle, she'd place her left palm on the seat and push herself up, jamming either the driver 1 or driver 2 button into an engaged position. Eventually, the constant "signal" drained the battery.

    The Lexus boys finally figured this out by pulling the fuses one at a time --three hours of labor, but that was it.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Lexus GS Tires and Wheels

    Several posts were moved there. Please join us. :)
  • Can anyone give me some directions on replacing the high rear stop light bulb on my RX 300 or is this a dealer service only repair. Thank you Gord
  • amri1amri1 Posts: 1
    Hi, I’ve bought a 2007 GS430 three months ago, and I have the same annoying rattling problem coming from the driver’s side, I’ve took it to the dealer twice with no luck….I just read this message….So, have they resolved the problem???? Please help, I begin thinking to put it up for sale!!!!
  • I have a 2007 GS450h with incessent squeaks and rattles. They mostly eminate from the dash board and around the nav screen and seem to be temperature dependent. I've had the car back to the dealer 3 times (most recently back in December), and the problems seemed to have been addressed.
    Maybe just coincidentally, but yesterday was a warmer than normal day in the NY area and a vicious squeak started to sound again.
    I also get clicking sounds coming from around the sunroof area. I think it's the loose plastic molding pieces.

    I am not impressed with fit & finish with my car, particularly given Lexus reputation in this area.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    About six weeks ago I was pulling into a gas station and my power steering died. The dealer replaced the steering rack (after having to wait a week for the parts), and everything was good.

    This past Saturday, the power steering died again. After I had dinner and started the car, the power steering worked again, although I doubt the sushi had anything to do with it.

    This time, the dealer said that the software that runs the steering computer has been redesigned, and I needed a new computer. He said that there was a recall for the steering rack ealier, but my car did not fall within the recall so they never said anything to me. I guess they missed the mark on that one.

    I'm currently waiting for the new computer to arrive; it should be here in a few days.

    Just posting this as a heads-up; folks might want to do some research to see if their cars need these recall items taken care of.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    What are the years (or) serial number range that qualify for the factory upgrade?
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Upgrade? Well, if you call swapping something that doesn't work for something that does an upgrade.... ;)

    I don't know what the range is; I'd either Google or go to the Toyota tech site ($10 gets you a one day membership).
  • ara3ara3 Posts: 10
    I have a 2006 GS 300awd.Great car, but rattles, squeaks, noises, all temperature sensitive.Dealer has been very attentive and frequently stops noises temporarily.They've had the car at times as many as 10 days.After two years of service, there still are noises now coming from the rear view mirror area.Struts replaced three times and now insulated.Dash has a newly designed plastic cowl installed.Nav system insulated from radio.New rear mirror and overhead console to stop squeaking.Got the car back last week: quiet for 7 days.Now squeaking around the mirror again.Hard to believe that this Benz convert has to deal with this.Shame on Lexus, but kudos to the dealer and technicians who are steadfast in their work.Thinking about taking a stethoscope to the car and diagnosing the source of the noise myself.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I have the same car, and pretty much the same experience. Out of frustration I stuck a sock between the dash and windshield on the right hand side, and 90% of my dash noise went away. I've been driving this way for 5K miles or so, and some of the squeaks have come back, but many have not. Whenever I bring it in for service I tell them to not touch the sock.

    I just dropped mine off for service today - the power steering died again for the third time. They're sending a field tech out to look at it.

    I've since looked up the recall info on Toyota's tech site - details below. Even though my car does not fall within the VIN range of the recall, I've had the failure three times so far.

    On certain 2006 model year Lexus GS 300 (both 2WD and AWD) and GS 430 vehicles, customers may experience
    a noticeable gradual increase in the steering effort necessary at low speeds when turning the steering wheel in the complete left or right position. This condition may be most perceptible when parking the vehicle.

    Model year: 2006
    VDS: BH96S, VIN range 5002385 – 5005184
    VDS: BN96S, VIN range 5001092 – 5002302
    VDS: CH96S, VIN range 0001906 – 0003062

    Q1: What is the condition?
    A1: On certain 2006 model year Lexus GS 300 (both 2WD and AWD) and GS 430 vehicles, customers may
    experience a noticeable, gradual increase in the steering effort necessary at low speeds when turning the steering
    wheel to the complete left or right position. This condition may be most perceptible when parking the vehicle.

    Q2: What is the cause of this condition?
    A2: This condition is caused by an insufficient adhesion between the permanent magnets and the rotor of the Electric Power
    Steering (EPS), causing the motor to gradually lose torque when the wheel is turned to the complete left or right

    Q3: Are there any warnings that this condition exists?
    A3: Yes, the steering effort will gradually increase and an abnormal noise may be heard if the wheel is turned to the
    complete left or right position.

    Q4: Which and how many vehicles are involved?
    A4: There are approximately 3,200 2006 model year vehicles involved in the U.S.
    • GS 300 (2WD) 1,500 vehicles
    • GS 300 (AWD) 1,000 vehicles
    • GS 430 700 vehicles

    Q5: What is the production period of the affected vehicles?
    A5: The affected Lexus GS vehicles were produced from February, 2005 to March, 2005.

    Q6: Are there any other Toyota or Lexus vehicles involved?
    A6: No, this condition only affects certain 2006 GS vehicles.

    Q7: How many incidents of this condition have been reported?
    A7: There have been no cases of this condition reported in the U.S. market.

    Q8: Have there been any accidents reported?
    A8: There have been no accidents reported which are possibly related to this condition in the U.S. market.

    Q9: Have there been any reports of deaths or injuries?
    A9: There have been no deaths or injuries reported related to this condition in the U.S. market.

    Q10: What is Lexus going to do?
    A10: Owners of the involved vehicles will receive a Special Service Campaign notification by first class mail beginning in
    early August 2006. Lexus dealers will replace the Electric Power Steering (EPS) Assembly with an improved one at
    NO CHARGE to the customer.

    Q11: How long will the repair take?
    A11: Depending on the model, the repair may take up to approximately five hours. However, depending upon the dealer’s
    work schedule, it may be necessary to make the vehicle available for a longer period of time.

    Q12: What should an owner do if they experience the condition?
    A12: Owners are requested to contact their local Lexus dealer for diagnosis and repair.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Ah yes, American ingenuity. And you always have a spare pair of socks handy. Extra pair of underwear might be handy and do the job as well. These spacious SUV's have nothing on us.

    Sock it to em' !
  • kalakala Posts: 9
    The other day as I was backing up my power steering died too. No warning at all, the steering wheel just started to vibrate left to right and then died.
    First time anything like this ever happen to me.
    I'm just glad it didn't happen while going down the interstate!
  • memreomemreo Posts: 2
    I own a 2006 Lexus GS 300. I have had many of the same problems as others regarding tires (replaced four at 15,000 miles) and rattles in the dash (most started after the warranty ran out).

    My local dealer is the only place this car has ever been serviced. All oil changes are completed every 3000 miles by the dealer. My car currently has 59,000 miles on it and at the last oil change (57,000 miles) I got a low oil warning light and message on the dash. I added two quarts of oil and took the car straight to the dealer. I was told that if this happened again, not to add the oil, just bring the car to them. This past Friday after only 2000 miles, I got the same warning light and message on the dash. The car has been at the dealer for two full business days and the best they can come up with is that high compression engines use up to one quart of oil per 1,000 miles. For some reason, I find this hard to believe. The only other car I have owned that had this kind of problem was a 96 Sedan DeVille with the Northstar engine. Anyone have any thoughts??

    At the last service, dealer replaced fouled plugs---which makes me think this is an internal engine problem.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    High compression engine oil consumption is B.S. Must have a cracked ring or something internal. Service dept should be able to find ...... warranty ??
  • memreomemreo Posts: 2
    The dealer is not charging me for anything at this point and all receipts show as warranty. They are telling me (as of yesterday) that the trips I make in the car are too short and the engine never really gets a chance to warm up. I live at least 15 miles from my office and drive the car quite a bit during the day in town. I think they are trying to cover themselves at this point. With only 59,000 miles, I hate to get rid of the car, but I also hate to think that I will need to carry a couple of quarts of oil in the trunk. I also know that this is going to get worse.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Do you mean 5,900 miles?
  • geungergeunger Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 GS 300. My wife had a VW Beetle that got water in the carpet and started smelling bad. The other day she told me that the Lexus was starting to smell the same. We checked, and the carpet on the passenger side (front) was wet. I had my son remove the mat, which was also wet, and soak up as much water as possible.

    Today I asked my wife if the carpet was dry, and she did not know, so I checked. It was very wet! However, only the carpet directly on the floor is wet. If you check the front of that carpet, either side, or the part under the seat, those sections are all dry. All of the other carpet in the car is dry.

    We suspected clogged drains in the VW, and after we cleared them that seemed to solve the problem. However, I can't see any clogged drains on the Lexus. It has rained pretty hard here the last two days, so I suspect that the water is coming in when it rains, but I just can't see how.

    Any ideas?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 63,947
    If the center of the carpet only is wet, one would have to suspect the sunroof, which is the only drip location that makes sense, right? A clogged sunroof drain could cause such a leak.

    There are two types of clogged drains as well. One beneath the fresh air vents (under the wipers) and another that drains off condensation from the AC. This drain might leak from behind the console to the center of the mat.

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  • geungergeunger Posts: 3
    I thought about the sunroof, but if it were actually leaking there the water would fall onto the seat. The sunroof is well to the rear of the carpet. It does not appear that the sunroof is leaking in any case.

    When I put water into the vents below the wipers on the passenger side, it ran out a couple of places on the bottom of the car. The hole that is apparently the main drain outlet had some debris in it, so I cleaned it out. I suspect that was the problem. The outlet hole on the driver's side was pretty much clear. It does seem like the water runs through some cracks on both sides in addition to the main vent hole. When I put water in the center vent below the wipers it also ran out of a hole in one of the (metal) "channels" that run along the bottom. I suppose this is normal, but I don't know for sure.

    We just had a cold front come through or I would check the AC condensation drain. It will certainly get hot here (central Texas) shortly, so I can check that later.

    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Did you have your windshield replaced recently?
    I had the water leaked underneath the dashboard on the passenger side after having a windshield replaced for a couple
    years on my 89 Accord.
    The leak was not severe so I didn't do anything. Then the next
    windshield replacement fixed the problem.
  • geungergeunger Posts: 3
    The windshield has not been replaced, but I will do some additional checking around the seal.

    We took a long trip yesterday with the air conditioner running the whole time, and we did not get any water in the carpet. So I'm pretty sure that's not it an AC drain leak.

  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Does the leak only happen when it rains?
    How's about put some paper/newspaper on the carpet to see where the water
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I just bought a new GS350. What a great car! But when I put my factory CD's (not copies or MP3's), the system does not display the CD name & track info. I can get to the menu where the info is supposed to be but it says "". They work fine when inserted into my PC (displays info for every track). Looked thru the manual which says the data is supposed to be displayed automatically. Anyone seen this before and know the fix? Thanks.
  • I just finished the extended warranty i tink it was 8 yrs. It saved us tons of money b/c i moved the car from phily to LA and the moving company must have bottomed out the car b/c when i got to la had to replace the intermediate pipe, and the front bushings on my strut. Just 11 months after the bushings had to replaced, when i picked it up from the dealer the car started making clunking creaking noises, but when i went in 2 days later they kinda disappeared, however the steering now feels a lot more vague than before. Anyone know what to do, the service is still covered for another 11 months
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