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Lexus GS Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi ,

    I recently brought a GS AWD . However I feel the engine too loud and can hear the humm inside the vehicle. Thought my earlier Camry was better shielded for noise.

    Is this common for a GS ? Thats what the dealer personnel said.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    Maybe they increased the sound deadening between 06 & 08, but my 08 GS350 has to have the least engine noise of any car I have ever owned (incl Infiniti, Cadillac & Lincoln). Totally silent amazing (for a V6) power.
  • i have a gs430 manufactured in jan 2005 the steering rack failed in july 2008 i have discovered that lexus have admitted that gs300 and gs430 manufactured in jan feb and march 2005 were fitted with faulty rack the europeon investigated and found that the magnets were not properly attached to the power steering rotor i am still trying to get lexus to compensate me as i was 13 days outside warranty.despite it was their fault!!!!! and my car was manufactured in jan 2005!!!!!so much for service
  • The Seat Belt Tensionier on my 07 GS 350 AWD (I think that's what its called) on the car frame (next to my left ear) has started rattling. I took it to the dealer and they said they can hear anything. Has anyone else had this problem? It is really annoying since it is right next to my left ear.

    Rick in St. Louis, MO
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Once in a while I heard a creaking noise. Around the area
    you mentioned. Since it didn't happen all the time I can't pinpoint
    the location. It happens only when the outside temp is around
  • terence4terence4 Posts: 1
    I have 2002 GS300 with a similar problem on the driver side. I think your tech. finding of missing a body plug is the most logical answer to my problem as well. Can you please tell me where is the body plug is located.
    Thank you
  • gigikashgigikash Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 GS300-when I put in Drive the motor revs but the car won't move. This last about 15secs. Shift back in park seems to be okay. Also when driving car everything will be fine-get to a stop sign-car will hesitate when pulling out. The car has 60,000 miles. Had transmission flushed-new fluid. Fluid looked good.. Is this a transmission problem or fuel system problem? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    I have a 2000 GS-400 and it does exhibit similar behavior occasionally. Also 60K miles, also had the trans fluid changed. This happens once in a while, almost feels like the transmission is not fully engaged in gear. I find that shifting to D while holding down the brake, and not releasing the brake until feeling the tranny fully engaged, usually prevents this from happening. It takes 1-2 seconds.
  • I have a 2009 Lexus GS 350 AWD, that from day one at highway speeds pulls to the left. I have had it back to the dealer 3 different times. The last time they replaced the "Caster Bracket" on both sides. I still have the same problem. Has anyone else experienced the same problem. If so what was done to correct the problem.
  • uscfanuscfan Posts: 4
    I have a 07 gs 350 and my car pulls to the right. I have had it since it was new. in addition, since it has been pulling to the right(dealer had no answer for it). my tires on the right side are wearing on the inside about 25% faster than the rest of my tires. Dealer told me that was normal.(?????) Granted I drive 30k miles a year( I have 94k as of today) so for me to make a fuss with the dealer its hard especially when my miles are piling up faster than my warranty couild handle. i dont know what to tell you but it is annoying as heck. Keep your eye on your tire wear and have them rotated every 10,000 miles(flipped rotated, dealer will only rotate them front to back, have a reputable tire guy in your area cross flip them and you will pay 80 bucks instead of 200 at the dealer.. this will save you about 5k to 10k depending on your driving. sorry I dont have the exact answer but I feel you. Otherwise the car is great. hetting 30 mpg to 33 mpg on the highway. hit me back if you get it solved..
  • uscfanuscfan Posts: 4
    I have an 07 gs 350 which I bought brand new, I have my brakes replaced quit a bit since i drive 30k miles a year. last year when i replaced my brakes about 10k miles into the brakes the rotors got warped. I do not drive hard and most of my miles are highway miles. I took it back to big o tires(which is were I have had all my cars serviced for many years), they turned the rotors and replace the pads for free.. the problem came back again and they turned and replaced again. Now the third time they replaced with all new rotors and pads. So the problem is gone(I hope) for now. My question is could there be any real possibility of damage to any other components within my brakes or suspension that would cause these new rotors to warp again? I know it will throw my alignment off but I am curious. Thx in advance.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    The answer is no. And I don't think warping rotors will cause the
    alignment off either. It's annoying to feel the pulsation from
    the brake pedal when the rotors are warped.
    All I know is at the dealer when they turn the rotors they turn them
    on the wheels so they can get a correct run out. - hen_to_resurface_or_replace.aspx
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    There is a TSB-0174-08
    The warranty is only 12months/20K miles. I guess your car is out
    of warranty. The TSB says something about the characteristics of the tires & camber adjustment.

    "This bulletin contains general vehicle pulling diagnosis and repair procedures along with specific information to help correct pulling complaints.

    This information supplements Repair Manual procedures when the symptoms are:

    The driver holds the steering wheel without exerting steering effort while driving straight ahead, the vehicle drifts to the right or the left.

    While driving straight ahead, the driver has to steer either to the right or the left to maintain straight driving."
  • cfriskcfrisk Posts: 4
  • diablo7diablo7 Posts: 1
    I have this same problem with the squeak from, I guess, the steering column. I have 97,000 miles and I'm about out of my extended warrenty. Is there a way that this is covered under warrenty? What is the fix? I may have to have this fixed on my own as this drives me nuts.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    [email protected]
  • bindubindu Posts: 1
    I have the same model and the same situation. I asked that it be checked .They said someone took it out and found no problem. That was April 2010. It definately pulls to the right. Have you found a solution?
  • uscfanuscfan Posts: 4
    Thx, I am calling the dealer right now and see what I can muscle up... I bought my car new in Oct 2006(was an 2007) and I was complaing about the pull for 2 years and then this notice comes up.. Lets see!!! I will let you know how it rolls..
  • cht1cht1 Posts: 6
    Help! The "Check Engine" light came on in my '06 GS last week. took it to Park Place Lexus in Plano and the service tech just called with the diagnosis --the fuel tank isn't sealing (i.e. fuel can evaporate). They want to replace the neck of the gas tank for $800. Not under warranty they say.

    Anyone have experience with similar? Sounds like a bogus approach that is true would constitute a defect that should be covered under warranty.

    Any thoughts/advice most welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
  • They are RIPPING you off.

    First, it IS covered under warranty - under emissions.
    Second, it is probably just the gas cap that needs to be tightened - try that and drive it for 3-5 days and see if the check engine light goes off.
  • cht1cht1 Posts: 6
    For everyone's benefit, here's how this played out. Park Place initially wanted $800 to replace the neck of the fuel tank as they said they had perfomed a smoke text and determined that was the source of the leak. I said NO WAY, and they came back and said like $680. said no to that as well and they finally called back and said they'd gotten Lexus to eat the cost of the parts so $335 for labor & diagnostics. I took that but let them know that I was not happy about the entire episode --this shouldn't happen to a Lexus and if it did, they should stand behind it.

    From the investigation I could do, the problem appears to be that the design of the gas cap causes the fuel opening to expand over time after a succession of tightening the cap after refueling. Eventually, it compromises the seal which causes the emissions system to register a failure. The dealer service folks were surprisingly familiar with the problem as if they had explained it to other customers before.

    on the warranty issue, the service rep i ttalked to (my regular guy who is typically a straightshooter) said this condition is NOT covered under the emissions warranty.

    This is what i know, hopefully this will help the next guy who has to deal with this.

  • aji1aji1 Posts: 1
    i would like to buy gs300 2008 with 65000 km'and i am doing about 30000 km a year.
    so how is the car and the reliability? is it too much km?
    thank you
  • hello , knows anybody what (could)means yellow - engine - light ?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
    That light can indicate a variety of problems - some expensive to fix, some not. The only way to tell why your check engine light is on is to have someone (a mechanic, or AutoZone) hook it up to a scanner and get the codes. The code will help you determine what is causing the problem.


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  • My car just started using 3/4 quart of oil every 1,000 mi. this started at about 70,000 mi and I now have 85,000 miles. I have had the gasket replaced and the engine is not leaking a drop. Car runs great but dealer wants me to do an oil consumption test. Anyone had a problem with their 2006 GS300. I know Lexus only used this engine one year in just this model than switched to the 350 engine. I am afraid they are going to tell me I need a new block (10,000) and it's not covered. I changed my oil every 10,000 miles. I am thinking this must be happening to a lot of owners if it's a design flaw Lexus has not admitted to yet
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Cost of consuming a qt of oil every 1300 miles is $4.00/1300 = $0.003 mile
  • dirkndirkn Posts: 1
    WOW! I had almost the exact same situation at the exact dealership? maybe it's a new way to cash in on the VSC light issue. My tech quoted me a similar charge to fix the fuel neck. I called Lexus customer affairs and told them this is more of a safety and emissions issue and that my car will not be able to pass state inspections if this persists. They put me on hold then transferred me over to specialists and decided they would split the cost 50/50 between myself and Lexus. Final total came to $250. More reasonable but still too much to pay!!!
  • John,
    My wife's 2006 GS300 has 87k miles and started using 2 quarts of oil every 1500-2000 miles with no leaks on the garage or obvious smoke out the tailpipe. Dealer is doing a short block next week for us. Said it was an oil ring failure. We are out of warranty but bought the car new June 2005 and had all recommended maintenance done at the Lexus dealer. In consideration of that they have talked Lexus into kicking in some and the dealer is kicking in some leaving me with a 4500 dollar repair on a well maintained high end car. The good news is I get more than half of a new engine. Bad news is I would really rather have the money and not need the repair. Lexus is taking back the old block as part of kicking in for the repair out of warranty. I won't be able to have any independent shops look at it because of that after the parts are exchanged. I also found a thread on with a similar story to mine and yours.

    Let me know how yours ended up

    Austin, TX
  • My 2006 Lexus GS430 locks me out about once a week. Most of the time when the grabbing the door handle does not unlock the car, I can push the button in, wait 5 seconds and then open the car. It's not a matter of sensing the key. I can hold the key right next to the car and it will not unlock by grabbing the handle or pushing the remote. I've changed the battery in the remote and that doesn't do the trick either.

    More troubling, twice the car has locked me out with the keys inside. Then, I must call AAA to break into the car. The first time this happened, I had been to the car wash and I didn't realize that the key was inside the cup holder. I locked the car and, when I returned, I could not open the car. The second time, I was getting gas. I left my purse in the passenger seat with the key inside. I closed (but did not lock) the door and was locked out. I had no phone, no money, no remote, no mechanical key. The AAA driver said that he's seen Lexuses automatically lock themselves with the key inside.

    My Lexus dealer and an independent local Lexus mechanic said they cannot help me unless I can reproduce the problem on demand (which I cannot).

    I tried changing the battery in the remote and switching remotes with my husband. There was no improvement. Can anyone help? Thank you!

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited July 2011
    Sounds to me like most of your problem is the result of YOU locking yourself out of the car.

    My '92 LS will "self-lock" if I use the key remote to unlock the door(s) but then do not open a door within 30 seconds. System assumes "butt dialing" in that case.

    Perhaps your GS has an enhancement of that early feature.

    The door lock/unlock system does not "see"/sense the nearby key and therefore locks the doors ~30 seconds after the key is sensed to have "walked" away.

    Your husband's key may have the very same "flaw" but then he doesn't carry a purse, and maybe NEVER leaves the key "loose" inside the car...ALWAYS in his pocket.
  • rakmakrakmak Posts: 2
    My complaint is against the Lexus Corporation for faulty design. Purchased a new 2008 Lexus GS350 in Dec. 2008 and have since taken it to the Lexus repair shop (by San Jose Airport) with complaints about the sunroof and brakes. I have worked with them patiently and although they seem genuine about their effort, problems with Sunroof and brakes continue to exist. This lemon car has been in their shop 4-5 times, each time requiring me to take off from work, drive with their mechanic so they can hear and RE-HEAR the noise, go back to the place and do this over and over again. The sunroof in an open position vibrated till last time (after 4-5 visits), now the whole assembly rattles and squeaks when in closed position. The brakes squeaked and sometime clicked; now they squeak when they are slightly wet and clicking noise appears to be starting again. I purchased the Lexus thinking of reliability, but so far have invested a lot of time back and forth to the repair shop with no end in sight.
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