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Lexus GS Maintenance and Repair



  • rakmakrakmak Posts: 2
  • cezkcezk Posts: 2
    I'm currently dealing with the same issue. I bought my GS300 in April this year (in Poland). The car had approx. 93K miles when I bought it (built in 2006).

    A few days after I bought the car, I did a full maintenance, as required after 150K kms (changed the oil in my car + filters, etc.).
    I did only about 3K miles since the last oil change and already had to add 1,5 litre of oil yesterday, as the oil level was slightly below minimum. I talked with the dealer and so far they have no clue how to deal with the issue. My problem is that Lexus cars are not very common in Europe, so they local dealers have limited knowledge about solving these kind of problems.

    How did your story end?
  • j3ffoj3ffo Posts: 1
    hey there, I'm having the same says the exact same thing. Mine is a 2006 model but built in 2005....I bought it used off lease. So when I have it for the 2nd year the light came on and then off....I was puzzled and didn't think of anyhthing, then it came on again and stayed on. So I went to the dealer and they said that it was weird to see that and it is a high compression engine. And they will keep a record of how much I use and how much I've driven. Didn't turn out anything, I think they are "dicking" me around

    I went to my mechanic and I have him put a full bottle of "lucas" in with the oil change. After a week I've noticed 1/4 of oil used. So I put in maybe a liter. After 3 weeks it's down to the "low" point of the dip I'm very frustrated too. How can a new model, almost new car have so much problems?

    It would be a broken ring, gasket, "cat", or manifold....
  • My GS300 is using oil at one quart every 5,000 mile oil change. The dealer has requested the oil consumption test at 1,000 mile intervals. What has been the results of your similar problems?
  • John,
    My wife's GS300 2006 model bought new June 2005 started using oil at slightly higher rate like 2 quarts per 4-5k miles. Ended up being oil ring problems and had to have a short block replaced or basically the bottom 2/3 of the engine. Runs great now and uses no oil. Lexus and dealer both helped to reduce cost but still was nearly 5k on an engine that had 89k miles. Retail for the repair was close to 12k. Our problem was found with the oil consumption test as they are suggesting for you. Good luck.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    $5,000 will buy ~1000 qts of oil, 2 qts/4k miles = 800,000 miles
  • You could try getting the Lexus GS300 repair manual on CD and see if it has procedures for that. I just ordered mine.

    Here's an ebay link:

    Lexus GS300 350 400 Repair Manual CD
  • Hi... I saw the problem you had years ago with the oil indicator/leakage in your 2006 GS300... I have had the problem for almost 2 years now, my car is in the shop for the 5th time and I am extremely frustrated. My car has only 63,000 miles on it.... what was the outcome with your vehicle?
  • Once I found that Lexus will not do anything until oil consumption reaches 600 miles per quart, I merely read the stick and record the information. When I am driving up a steep hill the burnt oil can be smelled when I stop at the top and walk around the car. So, with a warranty, I will keep good records and make a decision in 12 to 18 months.
  • cezkcezk Posts: 2
    News on my story with Lex. Finally the issue was fixed few weeks ago. My dealer replaced the leaking gaskets in my car plus of course oil change, removing the sludge, etc.

    I've done some 2.000 kms since the repair and not a sign of oil consumption so far.
    The total cost of their service was 8.000 PLN, so 2.500 USD (approx.)
  • lordy1lordy1 Posts: 2
    I have a 1994 GS300 that consistently displays a 41 & 71 fault codes along with “check engine” & “TRAC OFF” and the “TRAC” light comes on intermittently, I haven’t been able to interrogate the codes when the “TRAC” light is on.

    For code 41 I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor, for code 71 the EGR valve has been cleaned and the EGR gas temp. Sensor replaced. After replacing these parts and clearing the codes they come back within 20 miles of driving. I’m unconfused and out of ideas. Please help.
  • My 2006 GS is at the dealership right now. The techs told me that my piston rings are bad and the car is consuming oil, something I suggested to them about 2 years ago. After reading online about your experience I want to make sure my short block is replaced as well since it is under warranty. My GS has about 70k on it right now. They said if any additional damage is found on the block they will replace it but if no significant damage is found they will just replace the rings. Any advice?
  • dan301dan301 Posts: 7
    They will measure the inside of each cylinder to know the amount of wear in 70k miles. If they furnish the results and acceptable wear limits you'll understand how their decision is made. It will be to your advantage having them explain how they reached their decision. I am looking forward to hearing the news.
  • Ok great, thanks for the insight, I meet with the Lexus techs tomorrow to hear their decision. Will let you know what happens.
  • Sorry for the late reply, have been really busy. So Lexus opened the engine and inspected it, I also requested to see the engine myself. Cylinders looked very clean so no short block replacement was necessary. The only parts that were changed out were the piston rings, which they quoted as being "re-engineered". Sounds like a recall should have been issued if you ask me. Multiple other GS 300's were in there with the same issue. I plan on calling Lexus again to complain and ask for a longer power train warranty. This is something they should have addressed before they sold me the vehicle. Ill update this post with any updates.
  • wjohnstone74wjohnstone74 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    Armitron, what was the outcome? I just noticed mine doing the same thing yesterday, oddly the same day I posted on this website about how flawless this car has been. I called my Lexus dealer and I am to keep an oil consumption diary. They mentioned there was a "whiff" in the air about Lexus coming good on this, whether or not my car would qualify if ever there was a resolution remains unknown.

    I don't know how long I have been consuming oil, I change it every 8000km and have never checked it between changes. Didn't know I had to with a Lexus and every other car I have ever owned - including some notoriously unreliable North American brands - has not burned a drop of oil.

    The car was born with and used 5-30 mineral oil, I switched it to synthetic two years ago. The dealer wants me to return to mineral, as this might have exacerbated my issue. Anyway, as I get more information and time goes by with my diary, I'll repost here, but I wanted to see what was done for you.

  • armitron165usarmitron165us Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    This is a problem all 2006 GS models have. The lexus dealership had to replace my piston rings. Luckily for me I had extended warranty and it was all covered. This is a very expensive fix out of pocket. What ticks me off is that this should have been a recall since the piston rings, according to lexus, were re-engineered. The original rings allow for oil to flow past the piston and then offcourse ignite, which in turn leads to oil consumption and some residue by your tailpipe on the rear bumper. I tried to argue with lexus about this to extend my warranty since they had to disassemble my entire engine, will never be the same as a new engine. After my fix, I noticed more power (normal) but my gas mileage dropped about 4-5 mpg which I am not happy with. I average about 26mpg now, use to be around 30.

    Let me know how your whole thing pans out, but for sure that is your problem as well. I logged my entire fix with pictures, I suggest you do the same. Once they open your engine request to inspect everything before reassembly. Make sure your cylinders are not damaged. I also use fully synthetic oil and will continue to do so.
  • Good advice, thanks. There are are lot of people over on Club Lexus with the same issue, quite a few of them (most it seems) are getting the repair done at minimal cost ($500 for one person) or for free, well outside the warranty.

    I will pursue Lexus armed with this information and hopefully they are just as nice to me. Funny, I was thinking of updating to the new GS, it is a work of art. I guess I'll wait and see how I'm treated. I was also thinking of the Chevy Volt - FWIW, I test drove one yesterday.

    Anyway, I find it very hard to justify the cost of the repair, this is an obviously poorly engineered component of the engine. I might just fix it with a jug of oil kept in the trunk.
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    How many miles did you have on engine when this problem occured; is there a lexus bulletin for this potentail piston ring failure?
  • I had about 70k miles on the vehicle. There is not a bulletin for this issue, not one that I am aware of at least. From my understanding its an issue that has plagued many GS300's and in my opinion should be a recall but Lexus is staying hush hush about it. I was fortunate to still have warranty cover the repair but others are saying they negotiated the repair and got it done for a couple hundred bucks. If you see your tailpipe charred or darkening, then your rings are probably the cause. After my GS was fixed, I noticed a a increase in power and a drastic decrease in gas mileage. Use to average about 29mpg, now its like 23-24mpg.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
  • dan301dan301 Posts: 7
    My oil consumption remains at one quart in 5K miles. Last week I received from Lexus a CSP Customer Support Program notice. It has todo with engine misfire (Intermittently Runs Rough). The warranty has been extended to 2015 (9 years with no mileage limitations) for rings and may include the pistons. The program is limited to specific vehicles.
  • My wife's car had the problem fixed at about 94k as I recall. Now at 105k with no issues so far but didn't have any when the original engine had 10k on it.
  • Had the same problem, my GS 300 engine was eating oil, received a recall notice in the mail and took the car in two days later. They replaced the pistons and what ever else was necessary. The engine never actually leaked anything before the repair. Now it is leaking what appears to be transmission fluid and I am totally frustrated! Anyone have any ideas?
  • Hopefully you received the recal notice. It's the pistons and they have issued a recall.
  • The repairs were covered under warranty, but after the repairs it is leaking transmission fluid and the engine is making a strange noise! Back to the dealer I go! I bought the car this summer and LOVE it, but I am frustrated! The transmission seems to be slipping under certain conditions (higher speed and higher load situations, ie up hill).
  • Return to the dealer. I would expect that the problem will be solved at no cost to you. Let us know the outcome.
  • Wow my trans was slipping The car would not go over 40 mph,they replace it in march of this year.They said it was no Fluid in it,if u look at the manual in the back pages it saids that the transmission is lock,mean there is no stick to check levels.DROP IT OFF ASAP
  • Trans slipping has nothing to do with 2006 lexus GS300 oil consumption. Anyway, I reside in Canada and brought my 2006 Lexus GS300 to the dealership to complain about burning oil. They put me on an oil consumption test. I brought her in 1K miles later and they put me on another oil consumption test for another 1K miles. I did not mention the CSP that were sent to US owners. I will wait and see what they say when I bring in my car after another 1K miles. I will keep you posted.
  • Have any Canadian owners have this issue resolved in Canada?
  • Pistons? Or piston rings???? I thought the piston rings were the driver for this recall. Confirm and let us know as my rings were the only item replaced.

    Thanks! :)
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