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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair



  • Has anyone installed running boards for the ridgeline. I checked out the installation instructions and it requires a special tool. Do you need this tool and if so where do you get it.
  • Mine was in for the fourth and final repair late last year. Mine had welding problems and a missing plug. Mine has been drilled at right A-pillar, caulked and plugged. New carpet done. The right front area has an electrical box where the water came in which concerns me for possible future electrical problems. Passenger side dash taken apart to reach areas as well as center floor console for carpet replacement. I just started to have dash creaks... Yes I know how you feel-I was so excited to buy a new Honda-kinda took the excitement away. I do understand there are limits to manufacturing and I got to experience those limits. So far no leak-if it does leak again, will request a buy back as per Florida Lemon Law.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, you apparently haven't tried hard enough.

    toast3 was able to catch his on fire two times.
  • Well, my AM reception has been an issue that seems to be unsolvable. Honda replaced the radio and replaced the antenna boot but still I get static with AM reception. It almost sounds like a bad speaker but they checked those as well, besides FM and CD sound beautiful. The static doesn't occur constantly it's an irritating crackle noticable with 'talk' radio. Anyway, Honda told me there was no way to correct the problem at this time because the antenna was placed in the rear window and not the big windshield like most cars. Therefore the signal is not coming in good. They mentioned some kind of booster that the Pilot has but that Ridgeline hasn't had a service advisory yet. I called the main Honda in Torrance and they said they wouldn't fix the problem until they get more complaints. Well, I'll be constantly complaining because it is driving me crazy -- BUT I love my truck overall!!!!!!! Is anyone else having this problem with their AM reception?
  • trinaytrinay Posts: 5
    No, no radio problems as of yet. My only problems so far have been water leaks and now today they tell me I need rear shocks on both sides. Well now, the truck is already 6 months old so why not!
    Crazy problems with this truck, but I must say, still love it. I will be after Honda Canada for some extended warranty though. I mean really, having your truck ripped apart and put back together after repairing body seam leaks and having all new interior put in because it was pretty much a swimming pool and now needing rear shocks already! Shocking! It's a 2007 with under 7,000 km's.
    Anyone else needing rear shocks already? I know many water leak problems out there but apparently I am the first with this problem, or so they say.
  • trinaytrinay Posts: 5
    Oh my floor was soaking wet too about 2 months ago. They had a company come in and fix body seam leaks on both the left and right side. The dealership also replaced all the underpad and carpet as it was soaked right through for some time. So far this problem seems to be fixed but I am really concerned about the future and potential rust or any other unforeseen problems. Today I was told my RL needs the rear shocks replaced. My truck is a 2007 and has under 7,000 kms. Unbelievable! I am now planning to go after Honda for an extended warranty at the very least. I had fought with them previously with regards to the water leaking because the truck was only 2 months old and I had it in for service numerous times to have it repaired. I tried for a new truck but they were not giving an inch. But this time I will fight for extended warranty. Having shocks replaced like this is beyond comprehension. So far in my experience Honda Customer Relations was a waste of time. They only stand behind their warranty that you receive with your vehicle. Don't even think a buy back would be possible, but worth a try I guess. Good luck to you.
  • plistplist Posts: 19
    We own two. Both are incredible trucks, use to be chevy owners for years, but thier quality and reliability went down the tubes.

    Great through snow, dirt roads, no rattles,I wash my honda twice a week, no leaks, perfect. My husband is not easy with his, he uses it on the construction jobs he is on, hauling tools and materials, generators you name it he fits it in there.

    :confuse: So I really have to wonder who these people are complaining about the Ridgeline, chevy spies bashing the Honda? :cry:
  • trinaytrinay Posts: 5
    Oh I would think you work for Honda to post a message like this. If you truly were chevy owners, you would know Chevy can build trucks. Honda has built a truck and has not yet worked out all the problems. I have always owned GM and my sister has always owned Honda with never any problems. So when Honda came out with this truck I absolutely loved it. And, I still love this truck, but I am pretty sure it was built on a Monday morning. I don't understand why you put woman owner in your title as it has no bearing on anything. But seeing as gender is important to you I will let you know I am a woman Ridgeline owner as well. As a matter of fact when I re-read what you wrote about Chevy owners I am convinced you work for Honda. Reason. If you really did your homework you would see the many people who have had leaks in their Ridgelines. And for the record, leaks in the trucks were more apparent with strong rain, or rainy days period, and not from using your hose exactly.
    PS Sales people do not normally own them, they are demos.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    TRIN..........Read the Edmunds long term test ridgeline blog.
    They needed ALL 4 strut/shocks replaced so you not the
    only one with this issue...........
    Also check out
    for other real owners with strut and water leak issues....
  • trinaytrinay Posts: 5
    Thank you for your help.
  • I have had the same problem ever since I bought my ridgeline a year ago. They are saying the same thing to me. Now I have a company mediator coming out Wed. to see what the problem is. I told the dealer if honda knew there was a hesitation in the engine then they should tell the customer and let us decide from the information if we still want to buy the truck or not. I would not have. It has almost stalled crossing a four lane intersection and at 15 mph it almost always jerks and hesitates. That is a very unsafe feature in any auto.
  • gx4megx4me Posts: 1
    I leased my Silver RTL in May 2005. I have 35K Plus miles on her and have had one minor problem. A noisy sunvisor, apparently it's plastic, was broken and rattled. I also had the diff fluid changed at 15k miles when it looked fine, but the code came up. I get 22 mpg with no air on, windows, sunroof open, 70 mph on cruise. City gets around 18+ mpg. It is a fun truck to drive with enough power and room for me (6'-2" 250lbs). The tire pressure monitor saved me tires twice. All in all, a nice vehicle. I will lease another or buy this one in '08.

    hessitation - There is a recall on the fuel pump relay which might be causing your problem. Just had mine in for it! (I had no symtoms)

    Good luck!
  • Nice, I love mine too! Impressive across the board. Small kine hesitation but the fuel pump thing I didn't know about. Mahalo for the insight! Aloha
  • jbhansenjbhansen Posts: 20
    Just got a new 2007 RTL w/Navi this past weekend. I read through all the posts on this board, and noticed three posts (#23, #67, and #78) saying there was no way to program the doors to unlock when shifting into Park. I don't know if this was specific to the 2006 model, but I successfully programmed my doors to unlock w/Park. Procedure is:

    1) Make sure transmission is in Park (which it should be if the engine is off) and the driver's door is closed.
    2) Turn the key to the "ON" position.
    3) Push and hold the rear of the master door lock switch.
    4) Second click (after about 5 seconds) sets the driver door only to unlock w/Park.
    5) Continue to press and hold. Third click (after about 10 seconds) will set all doors to unlock w/Park.
    6) Release the switch.
    7) Turn key to "Accessory" position within 5 seconds.

    All procedures for various lock/unlock scenarios begin on page 84 of the 2007 owner's manual.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    You referenced very low message numbers, from quite a while back.

    When the Ridgeline first came out, the door auto lock and unlock feature did not work the way it currently works. (Doors remainded locked when placed into Park.) There were many complaints about this, and fortunately Honda changed the programming control. They also developed a procedure to change the early models, but it was a somewhat complex change, involving actual wiring changes.

    I think the current procedure is they auto lock when put into gear, and auto unclock when put into Park. With other variations possible. My dealer specifically as me how I wanted to have this set up when I took delivery.

    And yes, you can change these options via instructions in the owners manual.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    Double ditto

    I have (well had), and 2006 RTS Sept 05 build. Only issue was the door recall for the plastic clips. Gas mileage was as advertised. I really miss my RTS. After a short year of ownership my sister and husband bought it. (I got deployed to Germany for 2 years). but, I can't wait to return home and in 09 buy RTL with navi. :shades:

    I pick up 08 Land Rover LR2 - cross your fingers for good luck with this. Drive much like the RL.
  • norcalmike2norcalmike2 Posts: 133
    Hi folks, as this seems to be the only active Ridgeline forum may I please ask owners a question?
    I'm looking into buying a small travel trailer and anticipate towing 4,000 pounds cross country in search of the world's largest ball of twine (after I find the largest frying pan). Anybody out there have any real world gas mileage figures while towing with your Ridgeline? Thank you very much.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    hello, the site removed my post on RL info. sucks i thought this place was about sharing info. search ridgeline owners club.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    The hosts do not accept links to other forums. It states this in the rules.

    I know. I've been warned also.

    This is their board, and their rules. They pay for this board, it costs us nothing.

    I abide by their rules now. I will only tell people to 'google' their question, and follow the results to obtain other information areas.

    Some of the message areas on the board are excellent. Some are weak. Look for the gold among the chaff.

    And overall, Edmunds is an excellent internet site.

    And, I am not 'moderating', so I hope the hosts will not delete my post. I'm just giving my opinion, as someone that has been reading the forums for many years. And, has gotten some warnings from the host for my posts.
  • zach3zach3 Posts: 3
    I have had my new Ridgeline for 2 months now and am very happy with it overall. My problem is with dust leakage into the interior. I live in a rural area and drive on dusty roads. It seems worse in the backseat area. The dust is layered on the back seat after only a mile or two of gravel road driving. When the A/C is turned on you can smell the dust in the air. I keep the setting on recycle and the fan turned onto high to keep the interior "pressurized". I've heard that that's supposed to help and we do this in all our vehicles as a matter of habit when we turn off the highway. I've owned an Odyssey and currently own a 04 Pilot. I've found that Honda vehicles are prone to dust leakage but nothing as bad as this one. I've contacted my dealer and they're going to have a look when I have time to take it in. In the meantime, I thought I'd see if anyone else had experienced this and whether anyone had succeeded in repairing the problem.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I've only had mine on dirt roads for about 150 miles total. But 75 of that was on a rough, dry ranch road in New Mexico. And my Ridgeline was covered with dust inside. I also run the AC in recirculate mode. Never heard about running fan at max. The temps were not very warm, so the fan ran pretty slow.

    Anyway, it looks like one of the few things Honda does not know about is how to keep dust out of a Ridgeline.

    If your dealer has an opinion and/or a solution, please post it here.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    possibly comming in around the door?

    i doubt very much if the A/C system has a pollen filter, that the dust is getting past that.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    agree, let us know what the dealer says...
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Hondas have cabin filters.

    I don't know where it comes in. The entire interior was covered in dust, so I think it came in around ALL the doors!
  • Last weekend I bought an 07 RTL and I love the truck. Now, with 220 miles I get a "tighten gas cap" message on the display. I've tightened it about a million times but the message stays. Anyone have this experience or thoughts on what is wrong? The manual says it may take a few days of driving for the fault to clear? Wonder why.
  • I have had my 2007 RT for two months now and have already replaced the windshield twice. The first time was two weeks after buying the truck and then again three weeks after the first repair. Both times I could not see a rock hit and both times the crack just "magically" showed up as a small horizontal crack sneaking out from the frame about 10 inches up for the bottom of the windshield; one crack on the drivers side, the second on the passenger side.

    Anyone else hear about issues like this? Am I just incredibly unlucky and the cracks were caused by a rock hit I could not see?

    Love the truck other than that (and I hope the gas mileage improves as I drive it more). :shades:

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