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Tip for Left-Foot Brakers (we know it's quicker)

alternatoralternator Member Posts: 629
edited November 2016 in Honda
My 2016 Honda Civic EX has a brake pedal that is too small and located too close to the accelerator pedal for me to safely use (since I brake with my left foot and have done so for 70 years). My foot kept coming down on the far-left end of the pedal.

To solve this problem, I bought this pedal overlay :


(Google for best price. $12.57 currently at Walmart)

I drilled four holes and mounted the overlay directly on top of the existing rubber pedal pad.

I substituted stainless steel 8-32 X 3/4 flat-head bolts and SS nylon lock nuts for the supplied 6-32 hardware (better fit for the larger holes I used for mounting).

This adds about 1 1/2 inches to the left end of the brake pedal. Works really great.

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