Stabilitrak, Check Engine Light, and P0700, P2544 & U0073 Codes

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Okay... This SUCKS!!! I have a 2013 Chevy Impala. 55000 miles. I'm being told by the Stealership that the transmission control module is bad. I'm also being told that the TCM is located inside the transmission and that this is a 6.6 hr job (R&R Transmission & reprogramming new TCM) - Chevy's powertrain warranty covers to 100K miles however, since the transmission control module is an electrical component, it is not covered under the powertrain warranty. Now this is where it gets good, I purchased (from the Stealership) an extended "wrap around warranty" that covers electrical... so you would think the repair would be covered but that's not the case... Read the fine print... if the electrical component is housed in the powertrain unit then the electrical component repair is not covered under the warranty because my warranty specifically excludes powertrain repairs. So, you would think that the powertrain warranty would cover the powertrain portion of the repair in the electrical warranty would cover the electrical portion of the repair, but it doesn't work that way, evidently the two warranties cancel each other out... I'm screwed! I' looking at a $1,700 repair and we haven't even addressed the Stabilitrak message yet...
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