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2002 mitsubishi galant 2.4 4cyl

ronaldm1ronaldm1 Member Posts: 13
edited November 2016 in Mitsubishi
I've been trying to diagnose a cylinder2 misfire have tried all I can think of swithced plugs coil packs checked for compression and spark even checked for vacuum leaks still runnng rough I did notice that after it warms up if i keep the rpm's over 1000 to 1500 rpms it runs much better no misfire good acceleration but I let it idle no gas misses wants to stall slow take off, could it be some sort of sensor MAF, IAC or something??

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    ronaldm1ronaldm1 Member Posts: 13
    yeah that makes sense and since then I've noticed that after it warms up and I keep the rpms over 1000 it runs really good no misfire good acceleration it's just it idols rough
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