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Honda Odyssey Real World MPG



  • ezydriverezydriver Posts: 15
    Well I must be a "horse jockey," the VCM light indicating the shutting down of the 3 aft cylinders is almost always on. I drive in the rolling hills of CT, I-95,I-395, I-84 and all the two lane roads in between, and can't remember getting less than 27 MPG per tank. We simply cruise at around the speed limits. (10% city driving.) The light goes off when accelerating and going up hill. (My wife averages 24 MPG) We have 100,000 miles + on our 2007 and the biggest maintenance item has been changing the ATF, with Honda brand, at 50k and 100k miles, and as soon as the weather is nice I'll change the Spark Plugs. (Changing the ATF fluid does involve three drains and fills per flush at about $100 for the fluid.)

    We just can't justify going 5 MPH over the limit because it just doesn't save us enough time, most of the time we drive 60 miles per trip and have always driven our cars to very high miles. 84 Malibu Wagon, V8, 256,000 miles - gave it to a friend for a $1, 00 Subaru 280,000 miles still being driven (28MPG), 01 Tundra (18 -22MPG) 180,000 miles our tow vehicle etc.
  • kevman3kevman3 Posts: 30
    I drive my '09 Ody 100 miles per day from NJ into NYC and back. 90% hwy, averaging about 70mph, getting 25 mpg consistantly. Would do better if I went slower, but just not possible, most cars going much faster. 24k on van now, mileage getting better as it breaks in. Was low 20s for awhile...
  • ezydriverezydriver Posts: 15
    I understand the speed dilemma on the NJ TP, I drive the round trip 10+ times a year from CT to Exit 4 in NJ. I'm the guy who, in the car only lanes, is always in the right hand lane and only passes one or two cars on the NJ TP per trip. I try to study the traffic and don't think I'm "holding up traffic." I am going faster than if I really was a horse jockey!

    25 MPG sound about right for 70+ MPH, nothing wrong with your car or driving habits for 70MPH. Wind resistance and friction are proportional to speed squared.
    So if it was 25 years ago and the limit was 55MPH you'd be getting almost 35 MPG! Not bad for a van.
  • desertkevdesertkev Posts: 76
    Are people who are getting poor mileage actually taking the amount of miles driven and dividing by the gallons of gas to fill up the tank? Don't trust the computers - Has anyone gotten GOOD mileage on an '11? Thanks.
  • My 2006 Odyssey averaged around 22 mpg from Chicago to northern Arkansas doing 80 or so. 4 passengers, luggage and two large dogs on board. The van ran better when I put Sinclair gas in it in Arkansas, but I did not track the mileage on the way back. Chicago uses that crappy additive laden ethanol gas, Sinclair in Arkansas does not. I did encounter some traffic and wind going to Ar which may have affected mileage, but the van ran fine. The ECO light was not on consistently due to speeds and wind. I took it to Wisconsin one time and she got 26 mpg for that trip only doing 65 to 70 mph.
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