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Toyota Camry Real World MPG



  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Starting with the 2010 model, the Camry 4-cylinder requires synthetic oil.
  • Requires? Recommended? Is this the one with the 10K oil changes, which might certainly require synthetics for that length of drain interval?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Requires, and this is the one with the 10K mile oil change intervals.
  • I wonder if they changed anything in the motor, or the synthetic is just toyota going "European" in that they require the synthetic for the drain interval.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hi my 2006 toyota camry le v6 is using regular dino untill 185,000 miles.. changed to synthetic at last week.. no problem using conventional oil...

    95% highway.

    castrol gtx oil. best mpg was 33.0 and 33.4
    castrol synthetic. best was 33.5.

    synthetic oil doesn't increase mpg...
  • bush2bush2 Posts: 1
    I have been quite dissatisfied with the gas mileage on my 2006 Camry V/6. The car has recently been tuned and trans. and radiator fluids changed. Air filter is new and I use 89 octane when I fill up. The owner's manual recommends 93 octane. I use cruise control whenever I can and drive modestly. No jack rabbit starts nor high speed highway driving. I have wanted to just give it up and get a Prius but I like the Camry otherwise. Any suggestions re. mpg with this car. Would synthetic oil improve mpg??
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    What mpg are you getting?
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    I am running chevron 87, 30 psi with michelin tires.. I am getting 30-33.5 mpg 95 %highway with cruise control.. epa rated 28 mpg hwy.. so I am very happy what I am getting. synthetic will not increase mpg much..

    what type of motor oil are you using? fuel brand ?
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    In the garage I have a 2002 XLE which will read 27.5 and is actually 23.8,.4 -banger..w/80k miles..mixed driving, female driven..

    Other car is a S/C 2006 Pontiac GPGT..driven 50 miles@70mph, cruise control w/a/c running, shown mpg was 26.6, return trip from Ft Myers no a/c, no cruise control, speeds at 80+, same mpgs..26.6..probably a solid 25 mpg..90 degree temps..v-plus Shell gas..

    Never owned an Asian brand car and the only Camry that I would buy is an SE w/sunroof, V-6...The 4-banger is too droney, and the a/c sucks up the power..I live in Fla so a/c is a 9 month deal..I do not own the 2002 Camry in my garage however I take it to the local dealer for oil change and estimates on any other work required..then I take it to a mechanic two blocks away..The Toyo dealer in Venice, Fl has a beautiful operation, and also owns the Honda outlet across the street, also new and impressive.. I have a neighbor who owns a 2003 Camry LE, w/45k miles, pristine car, always garaged, great shape, and at oil change time they always manage to replace something that doesn't need replacing..They do like to pick on older people and sell the goodies..

    Her visit today was interesting, the rear speaker bezels, plastic, were totally cracked up, which I assume was just a snap-on grille, cost $200. wow-wow..The last oil change was an engine belt, $100..

    Having gone through 53 cars in my life to date, I know dealers for they pulled that on me during my second visit to that dealer for a simple oil change, they brought the air cleaner element into the waiting room and it was clean, not dirty, just the way it came from Nippondenso..Put it back
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hi my 2006 camry v6 have about 190,000 miles.. Only been in the shop 2 times for maintenance ( brake pads replace, transmission fluid change, timing belt,tune up ). thats all. Toyota camry is a working car for me.. lol.

    I only like V6. by the way I change motor oil every 7000-8000 miles at local walmart. 95 % highway driving..

    I am very happy with my Camry V6. Never had a problem.

    easy on gas, drive speed limit, use cruise control, you will beat epa number.
  • kingfans1,

    I'm glad to hear that your Camry has treated you well. My confidence in Toyota is very high. I've owned 4 Toyota's. I recently traded in my 2004 Rav4 for a 2011 Camry. The Rav4 for had nearly 119,000 miles and I was the only owner. I had zero problems with that car. I did all the normal maintenance, oil changes, coolant flush, transmission fluid change, tires and brakes. My 2011 Camry SE 4 cyl rides even better and quieter then my Rav4. Oh and it was built in the U.S.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    edited August 2010
    yes. i drove my friend 2005 camry SE 4 cyl back in 2007. It was really quiet and smooth. New camry are even more quieter.. most of my family members only drive toyota.. I recently purchased 2010 honda pilot ex-l 4wd for the winter driving. I hope Honda will do well, in term of reliablity..

    by the way, my 06 camry v6 was built in kentucky. I hope you enjoy your new 2011 camry. :)
  • bourne1bourne1 Posts: 20
    i get an average (from ~40 fillups) 23.65MPG from my 2009 camry, 4cylinder, auto. i drive mostly in and around city, no or very few highway. the highlighted ones are actually road trips (95% highway).

    data shown below
  • HI I just want to add that toyota camry v6 are capable of getting 33 mpg. I use cruise control, and drive 65 mph.

    2006 Toyota Camry V6 3.0l
    motor oil. Castrol Syntec 5w30
    Chevron 89
    Michelin primacy mxv4 32 PSI

    miles driven 484.8 miles. 14.306 gallons used.
    33.9 mpg.

    I am very impressed. This is like having a hybrid car.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited September 2010
    Track it over a number of fill-ups, to reduce any error's associated with how much you top it off when filling. Just 1/2 gal of difference with your single tank test, would be 1 mpg less on your average.

    Still good, but you'll find factors change when monitoring gas. Time of year and ethanol mix, also can play havoc with the humbers.
  • I don't top it off when filling. after I hear the click, i stop.

    those are the best result. I always fill up my gas at the same chevron station. I like that place. they don't cheat. From my understanding, their station are very accurate. if you buy 1 gallon, you get 1 gallon.

    yes. cold weather, as well as heavy traffic will decrease my mpg to around 30-32 mpg. by the way, I need to change my motor oil. it is now at 9,200 miles. I try to change at 10,000 miles.

    please check out my fuelly.
  • petras2petras2 Posts: 104
    recently averaged 39.4 mpg, 90% hwy, on several long trips..lightly loaded, level surfaces, mostly 65-75 mph, original michelin tires at 35psi..
  • Thats nice. EPA rated 22/32 for 2010 camry 4cyl.
  • I buy the gas for a 2002 Camry XLE, 4 cyl w/80k and it gets around 8% more mpgs than my supercharged V-6 Pontiac, 2006 vintage..In fact the driver of the Camry is somewhat more aggressive on the pedal than myself in town driving..22.5 is no get shakes for a 4 banger, with a/c on..and probably sunroof open..We are talking Venice, Fla area..

    I do like the SE series and would probably be the only Camry on my list, but I still lean toward our domestic nameplates of Detroit origin..I think Ford is the only hope..

    Maybe the 2002 XLE needs about 50 miles of 80+mph to clean its system up..
  • I have a 2011, 4cyl, Camry XLE with 6 speed auto, using Toyota synthetic oil with 4400 miles.

    On a recent trip from NH to FL I recorded a tank average mpg in the high thirties at a cruise control speed of 70mph on I-95. At 60 mph, the sweet spot, I hit 43 MPG and averaged 42.4 MPG. A Germain Toyota salesman in Naples, FL said I must have the Info Center switched to kilometers/litre. Ridiculous. This is an American Camry and the tank avg. is printed as MPG, not KPL.

    Calculating the old way of dividing the mileage by the gallons used results in similar mileage figures. Am I really getting this kind of mileage?

  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Sadly 42.4 kilometers per liter is much better "mileage" than 42.4 miles per gallons. Tells you a little about the salesman.

    My Accord gets that mpg - Camry should as well. The key is steady driving and not going too fast. Of course a nice tail wind can make a huge difference.
  • I don't understand how one person could squeeze 43 mpg with similar driving to mine on a long highway trip. I have a 2010, 4 cylinder with 15,000 miles and the most I have ever achieved is 33 mpg. How could the Govt EPA estimates be 10 miles less than the 43 MPG and one person get 30% better mpg than another?
    What else but driving 60 mpg - no quick starts or quick passing - with clear road conditions in the summer and not a heavy load could be done to increase gas mileage? I'm confounded by these #s.
  • The numbers were achieved on I-95 in the Carolina's (level road with little wind) with the cruise control set for 60mph. I filled the tank at one exit, drove for eight hours and refilled the tank at the next exit. I'm told by the selling dealer that the oil is synthetic, which I've never used before. Could that have made the difference?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    You need all highway to get the real high numbers. 10 minutes of driving around can take several mpg off of an otherwise excellent tank.
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    I don't understand how one person could squeeze 43 mpg with similar driving

    Perhaps yours is actual and lets be nice and say his is maybe not so actual. ;) .

    Reminds me of a guy I golf with who just has to have a low handicap even if it's fictional. If you don't count every shot in golf or don't count every gallon of gas in a fill up. Your handicap or mpg can be what ever you want it to be.. :sick:
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Don't call somebody a liar until you drive an entire tank at 60mph.

    Try it and report back if you don't get 40 mpg.
  • "Calculating the old way of dividing the mileage by the gallons used results in similar mileage figures. Am I really getting this kind of mileage? "

    Sure. Not everyone is able to achieve the top-notch figures, but even the older Camrys, and certainly the hybrids, approach those figures. My 2007 5-speed stick could do 40+ under the right circumstances, no reason why a new 6 speed auto couldn't do at least that good.
  • "Don't call somebody a liar until you drive an entire tank at 60mph.

    Try it and report back if you don't get 40 mpg."

    Agreed. On modern interstates, I've found it difficult to keep the speed that low for any long period of time. Secondaries out west you can do it, but even there you are forced to slow down and go through a town occasionally, which can hurt the mileage.

    At a steady 60 on a 2007 5speed stick I could do 40+, but then I'd get back on the interstate at the half tank mark, start going 70 again, and the average would end up near 40mpg.

    At 60 speady in the hybrid, moderate temperatures, mixed A/C, the hybrid can do 43-46mpg or so. It actually doesn't mind the small towns, because the hybrid will shut down and you just coast around and through it, and you can actually get a mileage boost from them. At regular highway speeds, 65-75 mph, the hybrid can still return 41-44 mpg, move that to 75-80mph and throw in some wind or temps and it can get as low as 33-34 mpg. On a trip to Alaska and back it was about 39mpg overall,
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