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Toyota Corolla Real World MPG



  • My 2005 gets 38 mpg hwy, my 2009 (I drove for 2 years) got 40 mpg hwy and now my 2010 gets 32 mpg hwy!!! I've had it in the shop and "nothing is wrong" and was suggested to add HEET to each tank of gas! My last 5 tankfuls have been from different stations, which eliminates the " bad tank" bit. It got better mileage at first, now it's crap, drives like it has an anchor off the back! I'm so disappointed! I'm considering trading it in! I can't afford that, but Toyota is making all kinds of excuses! I can feel they are hiding something, but I don't know what. Now from this forum I realize I am not alone. We need to all write to Toyota and Consumer Protection about it, I mean it isn't safe when I need to try to pass and the power isn't there! Also, at 70mpg the RPMs are at 3000, they are 2300-2400 on my 2009 one. There is something wrong and I'm getting mad that Toyota won't admit it! I am now driving 60 mph on the highway, to try to get the mileage up.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    32 miles per gallon highway and your dissappointed ? ? ? Even Toyota only advertises the manual transmission as getting 35 miles per gallon highway. One thing I would suggest is make sure you are driving in the "D"side of the "D/3" selection on the shifter. I've read some people think they are in "D" but are actually driving fulltime in "3". The shifter must be moved all the way to the left when driving in the "D/3" selection. This would certainly explain the loss of power when passing.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    32 mpg is horrible for a Corolla with a manual on the highway. My manual Accord gets 40 mpg easily at 65 mph, and has averaged a calculated 34.5 mpg over its 106,000 mile lifetime.

    EPA is a joke - especially for manuals. My car is only rated 31 highway.

    It does sound like you are not getting into high gear, but the newer corollas should be about 2,820 rpm at 70 mph with the automatic and over 3,000 rpm with the manual.
  • smknipesmknipe Posts: 3
    Is the "D" side on the right or the left? I haven't paid much attention to it but I thought it was marked "3-D" and the "D" is to the right in my 2011 LE. I'll check today at lunch...
    Even so my average (calculated by dividing the mileage traveled- the difference in odometer readings between fill-ups- by the amount of gas it took to fill up) thus far is an unimpressive 27.99 MPG; even though the indicator in the dash says a suspicious "31.9" MPG. This is still an improvement for me (coming from a Land Rover Discovery at about 17 MPG), but disappointing considering many of the posts here, and considering that other than myself, my car is empty and this car is split at least 80/20 highway/city driving mileage-wise, and 60/40 time-wise...
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Since I'm of course not in my car right now, I really can't remember either what side the "3" and "D" are on but all you have to do is push it to the side "D" is on. Trust me this will make a difference in MPG. I made the mistake of driving my 2009 Corolla in "3" instead of "D" for my first three tank fulls before I realized my mistake.
  • smknipesmknipe Posts: 3
    Yeah I drove in 3 during the test drive without realizing it, and remembering that gave me brief hope that perhaps that was my issue, but alas, "D" is on the right and so that is not why for me...

  • smknipesmknipe Posts: 3
    I just bought my Corolla on Monday, is it possible that I am getting 28 MPG because the engine is not "broken in," or is that a myth on modern vehicles?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    I know this isn't going to make you feel any better but I'd take 28 mpg. no problem. I get 24 mpg on my new Corolla driving 70% city and 30% highway. I would say I'm a little heavier on the accelerator than most people, but certainly not a lead foot by any means. I've had several Corollas, some new and some used, and I've never been able to get more than 24 mpg. driving 70% city and 30% highway. That being said, I can get 40 mpg. highway no problem even with the air conditioner on.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    City driving is very hard on mpg. Combine trips so the engine is always warm. Avoid idleing (no drive through etc.) Easy on the gas - don't be the first one away from the light. anticipate stops so that you coast down to the stop. Never let the engine warm up, just start it and drive away (this will not hurt the engine). Put a little extra air in the tires and use 0w-xx synthetic motor oil. Never go over the speed limit. The faster you drive the more gas you use. Buy a stick shift if you can drive one - much more control and much better mpg even if the EPA says otherwise.

    All these things will help.
  • etho1416etho1416 Posts: 18
    2009 corolla base model manual transmission.

    I drive 95% highway, usually alone in the car. I drive the speed limit on the highway (occasionally a bit under). Going 55mph for long drives I average 48mpg and going 65 I average 42mpg (with summer gas at least, winter gas is a bit lower mpg for each speed). I use 5w-30 mobil 1 full synthetic.

    If I do a bit of coasting down hills I can get 50mpg.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    My wife's Rav4 was in the shop under warranty for several days and she was given a 2010 or 2011 Corolla "S" rental with 1.8 liter and auto tranny to drive.

    We were both super impressed with the comfort of the car and the fuel mileage. Her 09, 4 cylinder, Rav4 yields a pretty consistent 23 +/- for her work commute. The Corolla yielded 32+ for the same commute.

    I drove it on some back roads with rolling hills and speed limits of 35-55 and got 48 mpg. No traffic or traffic lights, but a few stop signs. Drove it to church with 4 people inside and averaged 42 for the round trip. I do tend to be light on the brake and gas pedals. Whereas the wife tends to wait until the last second to take her foot off the throttle and apply the brake.

    Wouldn't have surprised me at all to get 40+ mpg on the x-way at 60 mph.

  • With the automatic, around 28-32 is about what you will get unless driven on the highway with few stops. The only way to get upper 30's to 40 with a lot of city driving is with the manual transmission. (If driven properly) The claims of extraordinary average mileage are simply not true with the auto.

    The only way to check mileage accurately is the old fashioned way using the odometer. The trip computer generally gives a higher number than what is true.

    Over 6 1/2 years the highest mileage my 2005 S-5 speed has gotten is 45, but only once. It averages mid 30's winter & upper 30's/low 40's summer with a 50/50 mix of city/highway driving.
  • windgracewindgrace Posts: 84
    After spending a few months researching cars and looking at several (test drove a Civic, Corolla, Mazda 6, Hyundai Elantra/Accent, and Yaris) I finally took home a 2010 Toyota Corolla LE I got for $14.9 with 9k on the odometer (edmunds values the car at $16.6k)! I was very surprised at how smooth the transmission and suspension felt for a compact car, after driving an 06 Civic for the past year. My sister is moving from her dorm to an apartment next year and is taking said Civic with her, so it was time for me to get my own car. I'm very stoked, and I look forward to reporting what kind of fuel economy I get with the car!
  • windgracewindgrace Posts: 84
    Just recently filled up the car for the first time. 75% freeway and 25% around town (about 100 miles on the freeway were with 4 other adults in the car) and I averaged 34 mpg. Not too bad!
  • I drive 60 miles each way to and from work every day in my 2010 Corolla LE and I've been getting 40.4 mpg all summer long. Of the 60 miles each way, 48 miles is on I-40 between Statesville and Greensboro, NC. The other 12 miles are back roads and city streets with little or no traffic stops. The speed limit on I-40 is 70 mph and I drive it normally at 65 mph. During the colder months it drops down to around 38 mpg with the winter gasoline. I love this car! And I just can't understand why anyone has a problem with the EPS steering. They say you can't feel the road but I really think someone just has to have something to [non-permissible content removed] about. If you want great mpg and don't want to put out an extra $8K for a Prius, get yourself a Corolla. Great car!!! :D
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Well said my friend! I second evrything you said about the new Corollas. I had a "79" and currently have a "92", "01" and "09" Best little car around !
  • Got a 2011 Corolla LE, 2,095 miles on Odometer; just did a trip from LA to Palm Springs this morning with no A/C - 45.1mpg. On the way back in 114 degF head, got the A/C on and scored 40.1 mpg overall. That's all freeway driving with cruise control set at 67mph. Not bad for a 4-speed auto transmission. With city driving only I'd get around 27mpg. So your 28mpg is right on for a new car.

  • I cant believe some of the claims im reading on this discussion board.... i have a 2010 corolla s with 11,000 miles on it. Automatic. I have been EXTREMELY disappointed in the car due to the fact that i wanted increased fuel economy. So far, i get around 25-27mpg in town which is perfectly fine with me...but when i get on the highway, set it in cruise control at either 65 or 70mph, i usually get 29-30mpg. My best run was when i drafted semi's and that resulted in 31 mpg. I do have 18inch aftermarket rims but its all set up to the dealerships recommended specifications. I just dont understand how i can get up to 20mpg less than most of the people on this forum!
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Your city mpg. seems spot on but your highway mpg. seems lower than what it should be. I get the 25-27 mpg city like you, but on the highway with a/c full on and cruising at 65-70 mph., 39-41 is my range. My first thought would be to blame it on the oversized wheels. Your positive your driving in "D" and not "3" right? Surprisingly enough this is a common mistake with the design of the newer Corolla shifter.
  • rararara Posts: 2
    My daughter has a 2010 LE Corolla automatic and she regularly gets less then 20 mpg
    in NYC stop and go driving. I know it's hard to believe but I've verified it myself several
    times by regularly dividing miles driven by fuel needed to top off tank. Now realize this
    includes little to no highway driving and driving often only one block at a time before
    stopping either at a light or for traffic. But it still was quite disappointing and has never
    been resolved. Strange or is it just about any car will get very poor mileage in NYC?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Any car (except a Prius or something similar that shuts off the engine when slow or stopped) gets 0 (ZERO) mpg when stopped. So the more you are stopped, the lower your mpg will be. Try another car, you will see VERY low mpg in NYC, or any place with heavy city traffic. Read how the EPA does their mpg tests - it is NOT in NYC traffic!
  • How old is your daughter? Under 25?
    If she is accelerating hard from stop sign to stop sign that can really make a difference, in brake pad life too.
    In the worst stop-and-go in Wash DC the lowest I've gotten with my Matrix is 23 MPG.
    But I drive a 5-speed pretty gently.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    edited October 2011
    What you said is absolutely correct, but I would add a light foot on the accelerator is just as important. Most start out way to fast and all this does is over revs the motor and makes for harsher shifting, not to mention wasted gas. Give the motor a chance to catch-up to a lighter accelerator pedal push.
  • coroodycoroody Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    I drive mostly suburban local roads - 20 miles per day and I get 30 mpg. Pretty happy with the car so far.

    Model : 2010 Corolla LE
    Odo : 1000 miles
    Owned this car from: July 2010
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Hope you have contunued good luck with your car. I love my 1992, 2001 and my 2009 also.
  • Hi. My first post. I usually never post anything, but enjoy the comments. I have a 2010 corolla. In the first year of driving , I averaged 32 mpg overall. In the second year 34. I recently wanted to see what i could get on a 3hr trip trying to conserve gas (A lot of this really is about how you :shades: :surprise: drive)and going around 55-65 mph. I pulled into duluth averaging 42mpg!! shocked! Then i drove around for the day in the city and drove home that night with a trip average of 40 mpg! Im a very happy camper. I m guessing with some minor hypermiling techniques I could get 45mpg on the hwy. 45 is the lowest i get on my 04 honda insight up to 60mpg on the hwy. both are automatics. Can you imagine if they had 6 speed transmissions in them? :)
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Even a 5 Speed automatic would be nice.
  • To highonreef:
    You're not getting 45.1mpg. There's no way. It's physically impossible for a Corolla LE 2011. Try to do your math just a little better next time, bud. You *wish* you were getting 45.1. Not even the 2012 Accent gets 45.1. People with a Prius are only reporting real world 45-50mpg. You are quite hilarious.
  • One of the better practical jokes I remember was, in the late 70's, we had a guy at a large IBM plant in Boulder burdening everyone with his amazing mileage (might have been a Toyota then too?). Turns out some of the super sharp guys there were dumping a gallon of gas a day into into his car at lunch - then they stopped, this poor guy raised hell with the dealer on how his car had gone to [non-permissible content removed] MPG wise. Oh well, fun memories.
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