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Chevrolet Malibu MPG-Real World Numbers



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    on the tires no comparison as I upgraded to an aftermarket 17 inch rim on my Maxx...michelins were the pilot sport A/S and the BFGs were g-force Supersport A/S as Im running a 225/45/17 tire... both sets were rated the same..I rotate at every oil change so that is about 5-7k and front end alignment check dont know why the difference...

    as for the brakes...not sure of the had them done at Merchants Tire and my local mechanic...believe they both used a NAPA supplied pad...meeting OEM specs
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    On about 2500 miles I got 30MPG. It would not have been that good except that I travelled through states that had lower speed limits such as Indianna. There are long stretches of 60 MPH going the length of the state. If I'd been running about 70 to 75 the whole trip I'd guess no better than 28MPG. I'd guess only about 500# of passenger and luggage. I did add air to tires on the way up after an overnight where temps dropped below freezing. By the time we got back home temps had dropped enough that I did not have to let any out. I ran BP regular and maybe one tank of Shell.
    A few months later, still at over 50% oil life, I noted that when I passed 6K that engine seemed to start losing some pep and like maybe dropping a little on MPG for my local driving. My last fill was Chevron premium, wondering if that would make a difference. It does not seem to have effected performance but will know MPG at next fill. So I have to wonder if oil is losing some of its lubricity. I might change ahead of time and try synthetic.
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    1LT with 4 cyl and 6 spd. Still new and not broken in. My mpg has been going up steadily since about 600 miles were on it. Last tank was a jump from 26.4 to 29.8. Used mostly for commute to work that is 6 miles city and 9 miles Interstate. Interstate is congested and narrows to two lanes in construction zone.
    Tried to check mpg yesterday but gas pump didn't auto shut off and spilled gas out on ground.
    Using DIC today, I got 25.0 avg mpg from my house to the on-ramp (11 mins). Then I reset it and it reached 41.0 mpg avg for the 9 miles on the interstate.
    The total commute to work is 32.6 mpg. It was 25.4 mpg when I first got the car. A very unexpected increase in just 1300 miles.
    Rounded off, DIC says I am getting the EPA hwy (33) on my 40% city driving commute. Warm weather, no a/c.
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    (1300 miles) Still new and not broken in.

    How will you know when it's "broken in"? When do you expect that to
    happen? (Doesn't your manual speak of 600 miles? Mine do...)

    Tried to check mpg yesterday but gas pump didn't auto shut off and
    spilled gas out on ground.

    Relying on a DIC's reading is a mistake, in my opinion, unless you are
    interested in a trend, not absolute numbers.

    DIC says I am getting the EPA hwy (33) on my 40% city driving commute

    Just don't trust it -- don't spill gas on the ground and make an
    honest computation yourself :-)
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    do you have a 4 or 6 cyl?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Lemonmalibu,
    Did you have the service tech ride with you in the vehicle so they could feel the shifting problem? What engine do you have in the vehicle? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    In the past, I noticed that gas mileage maxed out for me at 60000-80000 miles on a vehicle.

    If nowadays they are broken in at 600 miles, does that mean mpg peaks at 600 miles? What I mean by 'broken in' is that mpg hits max.

    The DIC was accurate to within .1 mpg for an entire tank of gas recently on avg mpg.
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    In my Bu's 05, I haven't noticed MPG improvements as I drove them more (30K on one, and 40K on the other now). Not that I am unhappy with what I was getting from the beginning :-)

    For my Bu's 05 DIC shows about 1.2 better MPG than it is in reality.
    06 Maxx DIC lies big time, adding about 2 MPG.

    And I hope you reset the DIC MPG meter at each fillup -- you do it, right?
  • phil53phil53 Posts: 54
    I'm guessing you have the 6A. Are you experiencing this when you lift off the throttle momentarily, then get back into it? I get that - at just about any speed. As for the mileage, I've never gotten quite that bad, but I do have the 4 cyl. Maybe you have the V6? That said, if I just use it to putz around town, I have gotten as low as 18 mpg. The other thing I find interesting is that, as I have put on more miles, my mileage has actually gone down a little. My current commute is 30 miles. 25 of those are on freeway/interstate and the traffic is not that bad. I'm averaging about 22 to 23 mpg.
  • Yes Mariah and I have even spoken on several occassions to GM Customer Service reps. Can you help me?
  • It is a 4 cyl. The Dealer also thought that I might have been lifting off the throttle momentarily. This is not the case. I can be driving at a steady pace with my foot stayed on the pedal and what I discribed happens on a continous basis. It is very frustrating.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Lemonmalibu,
    I need to get some information from you in order to at your situation further. Can you please email me your VIN, current mileage, dealership and service request number if you have one? You can get my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Mariah, I previously spoke to you via telephone. I will call you again to discuss the same issue listed above and that we also spoke about previously.
  • nomabunomabu Posts: 1
    Also called the no go mabu by my friends.

    We feel totally ripped off and even reading the forum posts by people happy with the malibu, I'm disapointed. I mean.. what' up with being ok with a lying odometer?

    At any rate, I'm lucky to get 15 mpg in town with this beast. And that's if I drive llike a granny- not that there is much choice with this car. If I drive like a granny on the highway, I MIGHT get 30 mpg.

    My last car was a honda accord with 225,00 miles on it, also a four speed. Got 35 in the city til the day I traded it in.

    Also the GPS, what freakin' did the voice recognition? I have to turn off my windshield wipers or they can't hear me?

    I also had to talk and talk to the people at onstar. They must live in a small town and assume I have time to chat before asking my directions. I'm in Chicago. Small talk can make me miss an exit. A garmon would be quicker than dealing with a varying degree of clarity and understanding issues.

    Also, the turn signals already broken and won't turn off automatically. yeesh.

    Malibu 2009 20000 miles on it. 4 cyl w/ useless automatic.
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    a lying odometer? In what post? :-) (I, for one, mentioned a lying MPG meter -- a big difference.)

    Otherwise, a very helpful post,thank you. (My 05 and 06 Bus have none of the 08+s "advanced features" and (the sedans) a perfect mileage. Very happy with them all so far.)
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I made that same trip a couple of weeks ago. This time I got just over 32MPG and that includes some local driving and torturous jammed up freeway driving through Chicago, express lanes closed. It was stop and go for at least half hour.
    I also noted that the engine seemed to have a bit more power when using 89 or 93 octane.
  • Mariah, I just sent you an email. Please respond.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Lemonmalibu,
    I did send you an email. Please let me know if you don't receive it. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Hi all,

    I have 820 miles on my 4 clyinder 6 speed 1LT. Up to now I have HORRIBLE gas mileage of 15.1 mpg, per the DIC system and also my calculations. Granted most of my driving is in Queens NY with stop and go traffic, I also drove with the fan on speed 2 for most of 2 weeks, for we have had some heatwave in NYC lately

    I just reset my DIC AVG and plan to drive to maximize my MPG I will report after 2 more tank fulls.

    I intend to drive with the INSTANT MPG readout on screen, maybe this can help me drive to maximize MPG. Does anybody use this INSTANT MPG readout for this purpose?? If so any success?

    Lastly I think my 2010 1LT may have a touch of what lemonmalibu has described. Ive asked 2 people to drive it a bit and they say they like how it drives but can feel some hesitation or jump.... I will take it to my mechanic soon and will report.

    Best to all,
  • Hello,

    No action on this board, too bad.

    Well I am upadating my previous post. I recently took a road trip and got somewhere over the advertised 33mpg on strictly HWY miles.. yippeeeee.
    However my City miles are still lagging the advertised 20mpg.
    After driving veeeeeery carefully around the city trying to manage my MPG optimally, Im still getting only about 16-17 mpg. But I am happy bout my HWY mpg.

    I havent taken my car in yet for service but I will soon and will post if there is any
    success with my CITY mpg..

  • phil53phil53 Posts: 54
    You're doing better than me. I have yet to crack 30 mpg. In fact, my best is 29 - or would have been if I hadn't had to get off the interstate to fill up. Usually, I get 27 to 28 with steady state cruising. Of course, here in the midwest, highway speed limits are 70 mph and an additional 5 mph is usually a 'gimme', so that means setting the cruise at 75. I could probably do better with the cruise set at 65, but then I'd be a road hazard. ;)
    Around town - some urban, some suburban and a bunch of freeway (interstate loop), I get low 20's - about 22. If I actually drive just around the 'burbs or in the city, I get high teens.
    I just keep thinking - for that kind of mileage, I coulda had a V6. And, actually, my Corvette with the 350 V8 gets just as good a mileage. Of course, it takes premium fuel, but it's also a LOT more fun to drive. And it can get out of its own way - something the Malibu with the 4A has trouble doing, unless you're really flogging it.
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    My 05 Base just returned from another "college trip" between MA and
    TN (about 1100 miles each way).

    There (loaded): 35.9. Back (empty): 36.9.

    The trip included plenty of mountain climbing in NY, PA, and TN (a gross
    MPG killer), and some stop-and-go on the way "there". This time I
    also made two fill-ups at the south and north borders of VA, a
    relatively flat road. For that span of the road (back), the result
    (by the fuel purchased) is 40.4 MPG, better than I expected.

    A bit under 42K miles on the car now, and I've been happy with it.
  • 2010 Malibu LS 4 cyl. with 2300 miles
    I live in Brooklyn NY and I use 87 and 89 octane gasoline.
    With A/C on Hwy average is 32-35 mpg but city is very bad, between 12.7-14 mpg
    I have this car since April 28, 2010 and truly regret buying it for few reasons.
    I was going to buy Camry but Malibu had a factory rebate at the time that is why I went for Malibu. BIG MISTAKE.
    I've had 2006 Chevy Equinox before and city milage was about 17 mpg.
  • I have about 2600 miles on my 2010 Malibu.
    My October MPG average was very bad 10.9
    No A/C, no sitting in traffic, just normal city driving
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    Comparing your two posts: 09/05 -- 2300 miles, 10/31 -- 2600 miles on the odometer.
    300 miles in two months? 150 in one month? I find it hard to call in a "normal city driving". How many gallons on gas have you purchased to drive those 300 miles? You do one fillup a month? Sorry, your numbers look suspicious to me.
  • marsjmarsj Posts: 3
    2007 Malibu Maxx LTS, 6-cyl with only 35,000 miles on it
    I am getting only about 20 mpg according to the display, but my avg speed is only 29-30, with 50/50 highway & stop-&-go local driving. MPG is much better on long, hwy trips of course (25+), but I was hoping it would be better overall.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    QUESTION: ---- What brand of tires are on your Malibu? ---- What pressure are you running to get those MPG figures? ----- Dwayne (Owner of a 2010 four cylinder LTZ with a 6 speed auto trans that only gets 27 MPG on the highway.)
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