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Chevrolet Malibu MPG-Real World Numbers



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    A reporter wants to talk with people who expected to get better gas mileage in their relatively new vehicle. Please email by Tuesday, July 19, 2011 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience. Thank you.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    My 04 with 3.5 got 35 mpg at times, it fell apart at 40 K so traded.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Sounds suspicious. That is unless you saw such with multiple tanks in a row, you may have parked so that the fill was not equally full.
    It seems the 3.5 was better on mileage than 3.6.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I too have an 04 Maxx LT...and I regularly see 30-32 MPG on the highway over long 65-70 MPH.....around town I average 24-25 MPG....there was a definite a slight gas mileage drop when they upgraded to the 3.6.....should roll 185K this today or tommorrow....
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:
    Now that the Chevrolet Dealer has installed the "up-dated software package," my 2010 4 cylinder Chevrolet LTZ Malibu easily get 30 MPG, --- and the performance of the vehicle is outstanding for a four cylinder engine. ------ (This surging problem goes back to the 2009 model year of this vehicle. If this situation has existed with the 2009 models of the Chevrolet Malibu, ------ why did GM produce the 2010 models with the same defective software? ----- Logic would dictate that the new models would get the "updated software package!" It is this attitude that turns off the customer base of a given manufacturer.) ----- Ford has issues with their spark plugs blowing out of their heads, and refuses to correct the problem with their engines. (The defect is in the threads that are cut into the aluminum heads. Ford takes the position that it is a "spark plug problem" and as such, it is NOT covered under the terms of the extended warranty, but the fix is to install a steel threaded sleeve into the spark plug hole. This is an engine head problem, NOT a spark plug problem, but Ford avoids responsibility.) ---- Chrysler has major problems with their 2.7 engines in terms of "engine sludge" and they blame the sludge on the customer even though the owners have changed their oil and filter according to factory recommendations. Some GM engines are burning large quantities of oil and GM tells the customer that it is a normal operating condition. ----- The management of car companies think that they can sell their ideas to their customer base by simply telling the same story over and over again. They forget that many owners are well educated in term of automotive technology. ----- I like my Malibu, BUT I would have liked it better "IF" I DID NOT have to go through the "software experience!" Based on the malfunction of the 2009 Malibu, GM new about the problem, ---- but did nothing to correct the problem with the 2010 production run! This action on their part is showing contempt for the customer. ----- Will I purchase another GM vehicle? ----- I like the Chevrolet line of vehicles. ---- The new 2012 Chevrolet Impala looks very interesting. I like my dealer. They went "out of their way" to correct the problem with the Malibu, and for that I am grateful. It is NOT their fault that GM did not take on the responsibility to correct their production run. ---- The American Manufacturers have come a long way in terms of quality, but they are NOT playing fare with the buying public. They treat the customer in a shabby manner at times. ----- It is time that the American Manufacturer's "wake up" and realize that "if" they want loyalty from their customer base, they must take care of their customers. That translates into taking responsibility for defects in manufacturing. (The customer did not manufacturer the Ford Head. Ford designed the aluminum head, and cut the spark plug threads into that head. If a failure exist, and the customer has an extended warranty, Ford should repair the problem with the head! ------- THIS BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY!)

    Best Regards. ------------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I lemoned my 09 with I4 AT6, not for powertrain issues, but a host of related issues most safety concerned. Sticking calipers, defective electric power steering, unsafe handling, and the trio of stabilization stuff that either did not work or was slower to react than I was.
    But shifting was not one of them although mileage seemed to drop a bit past 5k miles. It took some getting used to as to how the vehicle responded, ie how much accelerator to use as conditions changed.
    As part of agreement, I agreed to buy another GM. I got a '11 Buick Lacrosse CSX quite loaded, but no sunroof because I did not want. Required special order to get.
    What a mistake.
    I back up a bit because I've been in lots of loaners through Chev dealer and now Buick. There is no way I'd accept a I4 with AT4 in Malibu. The difference is like moving from I4 to V6 on power. With some modest changes, the I4 AT6 Malibu should be a nice economical vehicle. Of course if you are looking for cheaper, I was put in an Aveo because I refused to accept anything with electric power steering from GM.
    Back to Buick. I'd rather have an Edsel. Likely less problems and once it was fixed I'd have something of value. Not only do the problems keep coming, I'm certain some will never be fixed. Since the gas mileage started dropping 3MPG city and highway as the same time as the loud bang on start that was traced to a defective factory oil filter, I have reason to believe the camshaft train was damaged. A new oil filter stopped the loud bang on start, which was a dry start because oil drained down. But the mileage never recovered and now seems a little strange on top power like a bit of a flutter like you'd get in old days because points were floating.
    But even worse is GM cures, especially in software area. They ruin what works or don't fix.
    case one, seat memory. It would move forward the instant door is opened and stupidly move forward if rear door was opened. After several trips they got it reprogrammed so most of the time it remembers position and it gave a three second delay. After driving a newer loaner, I discoverd it waited five seconds and didn't move ahead when opening rear. I wanted mine the same and took it in.
    Dealer explanation, GM wants them to make all of them alike, and the loaner I was in had a defective side blindzone alert. That is it would not alert until almost to late along with having a spot where someone small, especially motorcycle could hide. They made the loaner, I had it more than once, so that it acted stupid like mine, 3 seconds and rear door activating. Also they made my blindzone alert so it is like the loaner, making it unsafe and untrustable.
    This vehicle has had more problems than any vehicle I've ever owned, used or new, in 45 years. And most of them I had far longer than this one.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi e net rider:

    I enjoyed reading your posting! ----- I especially enjoyed your posting dealing with the 2011 Buick Lacrosse. ---- A friend of mind had a 2009 4 cylinder Malibu that had the same problem as my 2010 4 cylinder LTZ Malibu. --- He bought himself out of the lease five months early, because he could no longer drive the vehicle with this problem. ---- He then leased a 2011 Buick Lacrosse and his Buick has a LOUD BANG on start up! (Dry start ups will destroy and engine.) ---- My friend is VERY disappointed with the Buick and GM. QUESTION: ---- Did we forget how to build engines and oil filters? ------ At this point in time my Malibu is operating properly, ---- BUT I have a "feeling" that the "software" will become corrupted with use, and the surging problem will return in another 12,000 miles. (I could also be wrong, and I am hoping that I am wrong.) ----- I am starting to look for a replacement vehicle for my 2007 Toyota Camry. ---- I make it a point to read the postings on Edmunds. (Real life owners will give you the information that you need to make a purchasing decision.) ------ Manufacturers do not understand that customers can share information on the "net," and this information can cost a sale! ---- It takes me a "LONG TIME" to make a purchase. ---- Once I make a short list of vehicles, I then visit dealers solely for the purpose of picking the dealer that I want to do business with in terms of the sale. ----- I refuse to be handled. ----- There are dealers out there who have a "basic script" that they run each customer through! ---- Some dealers will not answer any questions until the customer first takes a test drive. ------ (Customer's forget that they are in the "driver's seat" of the vehicle purchase process.) ----- I would NEVER allow a sales person and / or a sales manager to dictate to me in terms of how the "sales process" will unfold! --- It usually take me at least three (3) visits before I make a commitment to buy! ---- During the first visit, I get the "feel for the dealership" and the sales person. I ask to see the service department and I like to talk to the service manager. I want to know that it is a professional operation. I sit in the vehicle in the showroom, and I ask questions about the vehicle, options and extended warranties. I take the sales person's business card and I thank the person for his / her time. ---- My second visit to the dealership I reserve for a test ride. I engage in more conversation about the dealership, service and options. ----- Based on this second visit, I then schedule a third visit to make the deal. ----- I look for "professionalism" on the part of both the sales and service department. ----- I will not do business with "high pressure" highway dealership operations. ---- When I see that behavior I simply walk. --- With my credit rating I deserve to be treated in a professional manner. ---- GM, Ford and Chrysler needs to understand that there are people like me in the automotive marketplace. ---- We will not be handled, and we will not be sold and forced to accept a vehicle that is not 100% in terms of operational characteristics. ----- There are too many foreign name plates to choose from, so as such, we are not obliged to purchase an American name plate. ---- One of the vehicles that I admire is a Ford Mustang. Why should I purchase a Ford product when the Ford Motor Car Company will not repair their aluminum engine heads when the spark plugs blow out of the engine because of defective threads? ---- If you check the "net" you will see GM engines burning large quantities of engine oil, and GM takes the position that it is normal, and they put the owner of the vehicle through an oil monitoring program, when they know that a problem exists with some of their engines. (If GM wants to retain their market share and increase that number they should fix those engines!) --- I have a 2007 V6 Toyota Camry with 65,000 miles that does not use any oil between oil and filter changes. ( I change the oil & filter at the dealer every 2,500 miles / my choice.) ---- It is time that the manufacturer's take responsibility and fix the vehicles in a professional manner when something goes wrong in production. ---- When I deal with my dealers I am VERY professional with the staff, and I expect to be treated in a similar manner. If I am not treated properly, I spend my money in another place. I personally like the GM products. That is why I purchased the Malibu. But on the other hand, I expect to have the same quality of a Honda Accord. This is a logical expectation for the amount of money being spend on the product! ---- GM is not doing me a favor by selling me a vehicle, rather I am doing GM a favor by purchasing their product over a foreign name plate. The "customer is KING!" This is because the "customer" has the money!

    Best Regards. ------------ Dwayne :shades: ;) :) :confuse:
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I'm not impressed with Ford's warranty. If there product was good then they should be able to match others. Period.
    I drove by a Ford dealer yesterday and saw a big banner out front that said 10 year, 100K bumper to bumper. I had to turn around in heavy traffic to find out what this was about. Turns out it is a dealer warranty and it sounds like it is in lieu of Ford warranty. Label me suspicious, but it sounds like someone is having to up the warranty to get customers. How it will work when you need it is a big question.

    As to your friend with the banging Lacrosse, did he buy or lease?
    Now this is not the exhaust rattle that is common and they replaced my exhaust about two weeks ago. That started after the loud bang. It sounds much like a big hammer on an anvil, very metal to metal.
    I suggest he does his own oil change and retains that oil filter. I might even like to buy it from him. The problem with the filter is easy to spot once removed. Mine was missing the anti-drainback valve which is easy to see if it is there. Mine was not. And I'm holding on to that filter like it is gold. I showed it to several people at dealership and they just shook their heads.
    I questioned one of the owners about them giving feedback to GM on a particular issue, may have been the filter. I was irked that when i called AC Delco they acted like it was not an issue when I was informing them that they needed to check what was going on. The owner said they did give feedback to GM, but they work for GM essentially, GM is much biggger, and 'stuf' flows downhill. (not very encouraging)
    I must say my dealer has been very professional. It is GM that is very lacking and that company definitely needs to go bankrupt. If it is salvageable, it will get sorted out and become stronger. But in current state it is going to shut its doors forever unless it eeks by on the Barnum slogan of a sucker born every minute.
    Mine used very little oil so far. I had my oil tested and it had high amounts of many metals, which did not concern testers because it was break-in oil. But they were alarmed about high gasoline content. I will be changing again soon and definitely test.
    I know people with foreign vehicles that have only required routine maintenance out past 60K miles and unless their luck changes it looks like they'll make at least 100K without even needing a brake job. Yet I've had sticking calipers on two new GMs less than 10K. I had maintained myself until the last couple of weeks. Now I'm so mad I'd like to see a bunch of GM nitwits FUBAR.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning E Net Rider:

    Thank you for your posting! ---- (If you want to communicate with me outside of this forum, my profile has my E-mail address. Please feel free to use that address.)

    My friend, (who has the Buick Lacrosse), leased this vehicle. At this point in time, he is on vacation, and he is aware of the exhaust noise, but he does not know about the oil filter / anti drain back valve issue! (He is NOT going to be a happy camper.) ----- I will try to get in contact with him today.

    Best regards! ------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :) :confuse:
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:

    As you know from my previous postings I own two vehicles. (A 2007 V6 XLE Toyota Camry, and a 2010 Chevrolet LTZ 4 cylinder Malibu, both with a six speed transmission.) ---- Today I took my Camry to Atlantic City, using the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. ---- My average speed was about 60 MPH for the entire trip. The V6 Camry averaged 33.5 MPG. My Malibu might get close to that mileage, but is DOES NOT have the performance of the Camry, and both vehicles have a 6 speed automatic transmission, and both vehicle use 87 octane fuel. -------- QUESTION: ---- While I enjoy driving both vehicles, ---- what does Toyota know about engine design that GM DOES NOT KNOW? ---- If a V6 engine can get 33.5 MPG at 60 MPH, then a 4 cylinder should be able to do much better!

    Best regards. -------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    maybe, just maybe, it is because some manufacturers have gone to using what is called a modular engine. Made by a company in China where it is modified according to wants of branding. Same base engine, but then it can be modified by bolting on different heads, oil pans, turbo chargers, etc. Something about that just seems it would not be as good as an engine designed from the ground up to do a specific job. But this is the GM way to save money, buying the cheaper Chinese engine.
    There have been a number of comments concerning the 3.5L versus the foreign 3.6L. The 3.5L usually coupled with AT4 seems to get better mileage than 3.6L with AT6.
    You are looking at Eurotec I4 with AT6 so I really have to wonder what changes are happening there when put in different vehicles. Depending what vehicle it is in, i've noticed differences in the horsepower rating. More so with the 3.6L.
    I have to wonder if EPA pollution targets are involved. But at least, these engines look to be way short of 2015 mileage requirements.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi e_net_rider:

    You make some interesting points. ------ GM is sitting on a "CASH COW" with the Chevrolet Malibu, --- BUT they need to "tweek" the line. ---- The Malibu line should include a two door vehicle in the LTZ model, with a six speed manual trans, or a six speed dual manual trans, (similar to what is in the VW line), that can be shifted automatically, and / or with paddles on the steering wheel. ---- The FOUR CYLINDER engine needs to be refined. While it is adequate for the vehicle, is is NOT an automotive jewel. It DOES NOT compare to the four cylinder Honda engine. The four cylinder should have at least 200 hp and 250 hp with a turbo. ------ The exterior colors need to be improved. Black Cherry, and Dark Green should be included in the "line up." -------- They need to get rid of the Goodyear Tires. Put Michelin tires on the vehicle! The Four Cylinder Vehicle should have dual exhaust with a "slight rumble" in the two door LTZ vehicle.

    Best regards. --------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Look around, 2 doors are a thing of the past except in a exclusive way. To redesign the body to meet requirements and start up a special line for 2 doors is too expensive. 2 doors are inconvenient as hell. The doors have to be so much longer to access back seat that you can not open them far enough in parking lots to easily get in or out. And because of all the extra beefing up because of the wide whole it has to fill between the pillars, it is possible the 2 door would weigh more than the four door. Doors start to sag much quicker than two doors and with small body flexing you are likely to get more rattling and poorer sealing around the door. Forget 2 doors in a vehicle of this size.
    No argument in getting rid of GY tires. Any vehicle that comes with them should have a warning placard saying to expect needing changing them prematurely. GY, over the years, has been horrible about early wear, tread separation, and bad in several other ways.
    Are you nuts? why the heck are some wanting a noisy exhaust. Is your mind stuck in the age of a kid when you pushed your toys around and made a noise with your mouth?
    The 09 Malibu I had was very quiet and I appreciated that. The new Regals apparently have answered your wants and I find it annoying. Michelin tires too.
    Gearing is sacraficing mileage. If anything, Malibu could adopt some of the nicer things of the Regal, like surface that are not so hard, a center armrest that works. And the whole GM line should adopt the speed sensitive wipers that was in the Malibu.
    And they need to redesign the AC ducting so it does not blow in your face. You should be able to aim it high enough to go over your head removing the hottest air.
    Paddle shifting/stick, etc., may work in some vehicles, but I've found it near worthless. First it is not like the old modification packages you could buy and install. They could bypass all the valving controls and when you commanded it slammed to the next gear. The GM systems are still computer controlled and have a big delay to make sure you will not damage tranny or engine. And to engine braking, forget it. These days gearing is such that you get little engine braking. Also with small engines there is not enough displacement to effectively brake. I infrequently cross a steep bridge high enough for the largest of container ships. Coming into the city, there is a 25mph exit. If you top the bridge and start down shifting, the engine will rev to 8000RPM and you still need quite a bit of brake to safely maneuver that off loop. With the 3.6L.
    Grow up.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    concur with e net here...I have paddle shifters on an 11 outback.....we bought in Dec 10 and have never once used them...have a sportmatic shifter in my 09 CTS..used it once just to see if it really worked....why would I use it...that is why I bought an automatic!...

    interesting comments on the engine block from China.....I love my 3.5L V6 in my 04 Malibu Maxx...with its AT4....with just under 185K on it...still getting 30-32 on the hwy and 24-26 City on good days!..BTW it came with OEM Bridgestones on it..which were the bottom of their product line....CTS has OEM michelins and the outback has continentals...but I am running Eagle GTs on the Malibu now abeit on 17 inche rims and very happy with them....

    as far as 2 doors....he is spot on...and the malibu is targeted as a mid size entry for a family sedan....if you want two doors and a rumble in the exhaust...get a V-8 Challenger or Mustang!
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    thanks pao
    The only logical reason I can think of them putting this on vehicles is that like you, many will try it, and at least learn that using a downshift of the tranny with these newer vehicles does little braking as does the engine with especially small displacement.
    The concept of not having to remove hands from wheel is nice, but better used for other features such as AC, radio, etc control.
    Such mileage, I'm tempted to say liar, but i know some vehicles have done better than these newest. I just can not understand the reason if improving mileage is part of the goal.
    Look at this post. l-economy-remains-the-same/
    Fine if you are looking for more power out of an engine with poor gas mileage in my book. I find the 3.6 as it is adequately powered. Although shifting may seem odd to some and why they have come out with an update that makes mileage even worse to satisfy those who can not learn. Put it to the floor and it will go. I have not, but talked to cop who said he took one to 140MPH. I'm not sure I'd trust the stability at that speed.
    And good luck with your life and those GY. There are very few that have done a good job of lasting without failure of some sort and I'd bet they are harder riding than the previous tire. But maybe because of your high mileage, they might make a fit, even if shortlived, to your well broke in suspension. ;)
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Evening e_net_rider:

    QUESTION: ---- Why do you find it necessary to personally attack me for my ideas? ----- I just shared some suggestions with regards to the Malibu Line of GM. Personally, I like the sound of a stock Mustang. I think it has a nice mellow tone! If you do not share my opinion, that is "ok" with me, but please do not tell me to "Grow UP!" ------ And I am NOT "nuts" because I like a mellow sound in the exhaust. ---- My stock V6 Camry has a slight rumble in the dual exhaust. ---- Best regards. -------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I cant say I have had any problems with GY to be honest...had 18 inch Eagle RS-As on our 06 Solstice...many folks complained they let loose in wet weather or easily hydroplaned...I never found that the case with my driving habit....beleive most let go when the car was pushed into a corner, shifting into a corner..or just simply pushing the car beyond its limit......had 42K on them and probably could have gotten another 10K out of them when we traded it....after 5 years...

    I upgraded the rims on the Maxx to a 17 inch aftermarket running 225/50/17s I beleive if memory serves me....have run thru a set of Avon, BFG, Michelins, and now the GY Eagles...If I had to rate them four in order would be the Michelins (65K), GY (20K so far), BFG (36K) and the Avon (30K) in order of comfort, ride, noise, and life span. I dont push the car so this is mainly a communter (100 miles daily) and weekend errand and hauler....Price wise the Michelins were 200 a tire while the others ran 130-150 each......I see another 20K on the GY at this point with normal tire rotation....usually I do it every 7500 miles or so......

    Im still amazed at the mileage I get from my Maxx....but it gets regular maintenance and fluid changes....Im hoping to get 2 more years out of it for 10 years total..then looking to replace it with who knows what....Im sold on the hatchback.but sadly there are few options available on the market these days.....cheers!
  • My 2011 Malibu LT1 4 cyl routinely gets 35 mpg at 65-70 and it has 2800 miles on it. In contrast, the rental Cruze that everybody loves got 21 on trips around suburban NJ this summer. My Cobalt, knocked by all the magazines, gets routinely 38-41 at highway speeds. I wouldn't have a Cruze if GM gave me one. My secretary is on her 3rd recall with a 2011 Cruze.

    I'm very happy with the Malibu's gas mileage.
  • I FINALLY saw 30 mpg with my '09 LTZ 4 cyl 6A. It was steady state cruising on the interstate with the cruise set at 75 and a tail wind. Before, I've never seen better than 28. Keep in mind, I've had this car since September of '08 and it now has 46K miles on it. Usually, driving around KC (with a fair amount of interstate), I only get around 22 mpg. This is the first GM vehicle (car or truck) I've owned where I could not get the mileage advertised on the Monroney sticker. I wish now I'd bought the V6. The mileage penalty could not have been much and I probably would be happier with the vehicle. I've been thinking about trading this car since before it was even broken in. I'll almost certainly trade it before my '04 Avalanche with 68K. And I probably won't trade it on a Chevy. That's saying something because I own 3 bow-ties and have a good relationship with my dealer.
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    I finally reached 30+ mpg in my Malibu. Took 2 trips to a place 65 miles away with a total of 80 miles out of 390 miles being on interstates. The tankful returned 31.65 mpg. I had previously broken 29 driving to work and back, which is 8 miles of interstate and 7 miles city each way.
    tires: 28 psi
    RUG 10% ethanol
    10% a/c use
    8500 miles
    2010 LT1 6 spd I4
    Avg speed since last reset a few months ago: 31 mph

    The car's mileage has steadily climbed from 25.4 mpg for a typical tank spent mostly commuting to work when new, to now at 8000 miles, it is at 29.4 mpg for the same driving. In other words, I am smoking the EPA combined numbers and the car is only getting better as miles go onto it.

    I will be adding 4-6 psi to the tires this weekend and may finish giving it the first coat of wax since I bought it 19 months ago.

    I also am pleased with the 21.3 mpg I just recorded in my '96 Riv on a tank used to run around town. That car has no 4th gear and runs 600 added rpms anytime I'm doing more than 40 mph. 184k miles and no 4th gear since 163k. I spent 5 yrs enjoying 27.5 combined mpg from this car using RUG before losing 4th gear. That's why my expectations from the 1.3 liter smaller Malibu with 2 more gears is to get 30 mpg combined.

    My '01 Silverado has 27k miles on it and the gas mileage is still going up on it. 4X4 ext cab with tow pkg and posi. Hitting about 19 mpg on a 65 mile mostly backroads trip this past month.
  • chevygirlkcchevygirlkc Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    I bought my 2006 Chevy Malibu 3 weeks ago with 55,826 Miles on it, and was moving up in the world from a 2000 Ford Windstar. So I was very happy with the Handling, Acceleration, and comfort I have found with my new to me Chevy Malibu. I have been very happy with the lay out of the car, and how simple it is to Adjust everything to fit me perfectly. I like that I can sit all the way back, and pull the telescopic steering wheel out more towards me. Since I have a screwed up back, I really needed a Car that was comfortable, and this is it!

    I have been really watching my Mileage these last few weeks, because I really wanted to see what is the best way to drive , to get the best gas mileage. I drive quite a bit and mileage is important to me.

    I have found on a 20 Mile highway trip, I scored 44 MPG, Doing 72mph with cruise control! City was anywhere from 21 with A/C to 27 with No Ac and maintaining a somewhat moderate speed. On my very first tank of Gas, I had 372.9 Miles mixed. When I filled up the Tank took 11.8 Gallons, which came out to 31.60 MPG for a Mixed tank. This was way above my expectations! So Far I have 800 Miles on this baby in 3 weeks, and Im only on my 3rd tank of gas. In my minivan I would be putting in my 5th tank right about now, and it was a 22 gallon tank!

    I will be Driving to Topeka Ks on Monday or Tuesday , which is a 80 mile one way trip, with only one Toll Stop. I plan to fill the tank before Leaving and when arriving to see exactly what I get on the highway with Cruise control set.

    I will also be driving to Mexico City , Mexico in the next few months, and I will come back and share my Real World Mileage for both of these trips.
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    Congratulations on your Bu -- it's a great car.

    But you didn't tell us if it's LS (4 cyl.), or LT(Z) (6 cyl.) It makes a difference. 31.6 MPG sounds right. 44 MPG is, alas, a fantasy -- don't trust the computer. Fill up and calculate yourself.
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    Took a trip saturday on back roads of about 90 miles total. Into a 20 mph headwind and the return home with a 20 mph tailwind. None on interstates. 33 mpg avg for the 90 miles. I get 26 city. Drafting with a tailwind, 44 is possible over a few miles at a time. I have to be happy getting EPA hwy on a non-interstate trip averaging 32-33 mph that included dozens of miles in lower gears.
    2.4 L
    9250 miles
    35 psi in tires
    So far, highest range plus miles driven on a tank has been 532 miles.
  • I just got the car about 1 week ago. It drives very smooth and its very quiet. Its way better then a chevy prism. My car has 91,304 miles on it. Im glad I bought it. I dont see a problem with the car at all.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Congratulations on your purchase! Welcome to the GM family! If you need anything please feel free to email me!
    GM Customer Service
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    32.4 on last tank. About 1/3 on highways, 2/3 city. Rating of 26 combined beat by over 20%.
  • Bought this car in Jun11. Have had it in twice for transmission not shifting into first gear, when
    downshifting in maual mode. This car has never came close to mpg rating, highway or city. Level
    highway with air off, only 28mpg. Dealer says it is within their limits. They replaced some part
    in transmission, but didn't correct the problem. Dealer has stopped working with me on this,
    not sure what to do next.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    has the dealer tried to reflash the ECM. there was a previous issue that sounds like yours another poster had.....the dealership reflashed the ECM with the most current settings and it solved the problems
  • Thanks pao, I have an appointment tomorrow and I'll make sure to ask
    them to do a reflash of of the ECM.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Can we follow up with the dealership for you? Please email Christina with your name, contact information, VIN, and dealer name.

    GM Customer Service
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