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Acura TSX Real World MPG Numbers



  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The AT simply shifts better for better mileage that you do. 3500rpm is too high to shift at for good mileage.

    The car computer's mileage numbers change all the time depending on driving style. If you do steady 50 mph you could get 500mile per tank, but at 80 mph or a lot of city type driving that would drop to maybe 300. There's nothing wrong with the car.
  • pcx1pcx1 Posts: 6
    Anybody has an experience with the real MPG for the V6? Looking to buy a used TSX and the selling price between 4 cyl and V6 are roughly the same.
  • hda6spmthda6spmt Posts: 1
    I am currently driving consistently in heavy traffic and city and barely being able to cruise for long periods of time. I am in Toronto and we just went through 2 weeks of almost complete drought with temperatures hovering always around 40 degrees celsius. I got an average of 12.5L/100km on my last tank. I wonder if thats ok. That last tank was on 87 octane, I blast the A/C cause of the heat and I also dont drive particularly economically. Mine is an 08 5 AT.
    Can someone give me their numbers under similar circumstances??
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    I got an average of 12.5L/100km on my last tank.

    Well, if my conversions are correct, 12.5 litres/100km equates to ~18.8 mpg. You didn't say whether your TSX is 4 or 6 cyliner. Mine's a 4 and I am lucky enough to be able to drive to work about 75% on freeways running at 50-70 mph, with the balance on arterial city streets with lights about every mile, at 45 mph. I average ~27.5 mpg in the winter & ~26.5 in the summer. I live in Phoenix where the summer high temps are between 105 & 115 deg F (40 - 46 deg C). Those numbers are real mpg calculated at each fill. The computer always reads high, between 5 & 8%, something I've complained about earlier on this board.

    You're definitely low, but perhaps not so bad if you mostly drive in stop-and-go city traffic with lights every few blocks, and you're driving the 6. On the highway you should do much better, and you'll also do significantly better once the engine is completely broken in.

    Hope you enjoy your car as much as I do mine.
  • yakapoyakapo Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2009 Acura tsx 6 speed. I reset the computer and drove about 25 miles (mostly highway). I realize the number is a little bloated but I averaged about 37 mpg on the highway. After a few days my mixed city/hwy is about 32mpg. That number includes a few times of really punching it.

    Those of you getting lower numbers... 1. you probably have an automatic (manuals typically put up much better numbers)
    2. you need to learn to do some mild hyper milling. google it.
  • yakapoyakapo Posts: 3
    Well, I've given up on hypermilling... it was easier to drive slow when the car was new. Every stoplight I had someone in a huge suv tailgating me to the next red light.

    Now my avg. is about 31 mpg (on the display). My guess is the actual mileage measured at the pump would be closer to 30mpg.
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