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Acura TL Real World MPG



  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    That sounds pretty low....

    Do you have the type-s?

    My '05 TL would consistently get 22mpg in mixed driving (mostly city)

    When on the highway, what was your average speed?

    When you say hilly do you mean Pike's Peak or the rolling hills of Kentucky?

    Steep hills can certainly destroy gas mileage especially if you have a load in the car.

    The last issue is gas grade, I used 93 in my TL. If you use less than 91 your mileage will suffer
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Just did round trip 300 miles each way, highway only 07 base TL 6000 miles
    and got 30 MPG by calculation, computer said 32 on the way down and
    31 on the way back, 70-80 MPH.
    If you are getting 16 on the highway there is a problem.
    Old MIke
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    OK My mistake. Just did a 120 mile mostly highway trip and the computer had me at 33 mpg. I drove 65 or less and tried to stay at or under 2000 rpm. It was easy with the 6 speed transmission. Once you start doing local roads or accelerating rapidly, there is a sharp drop off in mpg. 33 is quite good and it wasn't hard.
  • laurelmdlaurelmd Posts: 11
    Up to my 7th tank, still doing about 22 MPG on mixed driving manual calculations. On last tank, I drove nearly 60 miles after low fuel light came on, and still only filled 14.8 gallons! With a 17.1 gallon tank, this easily suggests a range of over 100 miles after low fuel light comes on, which means it really isn't a low fuel light!

    Do others have a similar experience with the low fuel light?
  • aaarghaaargh Posts: 230
    Yes, the low fuel light comes on very early. It has been this way since the '04s. Acura REALLY does not want you to run out of gas! :surprise:

    I think the issue is that if you do run out of gas, the setiment in the tank will get into the fuel injectors and really muck up the works. And with as highly tuned as these engines are, that would be very very bad. :sick: SO, better safe than sorry I guess.

    To me it's no big deal. I doesn't matter whether I pay $50 (I wish) to fill up when it is really empty OR to pay $45 when it is has a few gallons left. I'm using the same amount of gas overall either way. Of course I am at the station a little more frequently, but that is not an issue to me.

    In reality, I fill up between 1/4 and E. Occasionaly I delve into the murcky after-empty range, but not too far. It isn't important to me that I squeeze every last drop out of the tank.
  • miketl07miketl07 Posts: 16
    Drove from KC to Omaha on first tank avg speed 62 mph (majority of 220 miles were highway) computer said 33mpg actually seemed to stop at 33mpg) filled up in town and manually calculated 35.11 mpg ( I was delighted to say the least). a few months later took a 120 mile round trip pretty much all highway, filled up before and after trip at same station in fact at same pump. Computer said 32MPG I manually calculated it at 26MPG. Average speed 55 mph. Weather conditions and road conditions nearly identical. Anyone else experience such a fluctuation before? I was careful to fill to full (as best you can) the same amount, again same station same pump and same pumper me of course.
  • chirocatchirocat Posts: 73
    I have a question; How the hell do you drive a TL at less than 70 on the freeway? My daily commute is about 22 miles, 16.5 or so is freeway and I average 80 but I have to pay attention because it wants to go faster. I try to keep the RPM @ 2750 on the freeway and under 5000 under acceleration. Even with an 80 mph freeway drive and "spirited" acceleration the rest of the time I still manage no less than 23 (manual calculation). I did one pure freeway jaunt after a fill up, maybe 40 miles and the computer showed 30 mpg at a steady 80. Right now the car's computer is still "optimistic" about the mileage but only by about 1 mpg now.

    The car is a 2008 TL-S with 6M and 7000 miles. My mileage fluctuates very little, and mostly due to a change in my route. If I spend some time driving around town or make a trip to another city that I don't usually make, I can change the mileage but not by much. It rarely varies more than 1 mpg. I can't be happier with the car overall, it's the best of both worlds! Having this kind of performance, luxury and this kind of mileage? My previous car was 450 lbs lighter, 100 HP less and got WORSE mileage!
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    I have an 08 auto. Drove about 110 miles and was able to keep the rpm around 2000 with the exception of coming out of a toll booth etc.
    Averaged 33. That's the key, but it's painful when you know you have this great engine.
  • drmikedrmike Posts: 3
    Those of you not hand-calculating your mileage and relying on your vehicle's computer have no real idea of what mileage you are getting. Your on-board computer is not a reliable instrument in measuring mileage and shouldn't be counted upon to give an accurate reading.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I checked my calculated mileage against the car's computer a couple of times and was surprised that they were both the same.
  • joeolds3joeolds3 Posts: 8
    Have run 1 and 1/2 tanks through tl we bought on July 14 using premium fuel. averaging about 21 mpg (hand calculated). My wifes daily commute is about 50% highway and 50% city streets. Also the first tank had quite a few "fun" runs with me behind the wheel. The computer said 23 MPG, but it got zeroed out about 50 miles into the 1st tank, after I stopped driving it.
  • otisnjotisnj Posts: 15
    4700 miles on my TL-S - I just drove 640 miles up to Vermont and back - cruise was set at 70 MPH with A/C running - and averaged 30.4 miles per gallon

    I am amazed.
  • sbtattersbtatter Posts: 47
    Just over 16000 km (10,000 miles) on my 07 type s, it spends 70% of it's time doing 5 minute stop and go across town, the other 30% on 2 to 3 hour runs across the flat prairie at 110 km/h (65 mph). We get about 4 months of over 25C. about 5 months of 0 to 25C and the rest at -10 to -35C.
    Lifetime mpg imperial is 24 (29 US mpg). Pretty good considering my extreme climate and excessive town driving
  • Just bought TL 05 36k miles. Here's what i got, based on computer readings.
    City -> 18-20 MPG
    Highway w AC -> 30-31 @ 75mph
    Highway w/o AC -> 30 @ 80mph
    The car is real deal!!!!
  • As drmike says the trip computer is not reliable in calculating real mileage. I've had my 07 TL for 18 months and the trip computer typically reads 8-10% higher than actual mileage. To even out the tank to tank discrepancies I keep a running average of the last 4 tanks/trip computer readings. No one at the dealership or at Acura has been able to explain the poor accuracy.
  • buyer777buyer777 Posts: 70
    2006 TL Auto..round trip to Wash DC from NJ, about 500 miles, 35 mpg. Had a stretch from Delaware to DEC where we got 37.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,094
    Wow! When we did Boston to DC and back in April, my '05 TL with 4 passengers and a full trunk of luggage averaged 27+mpg. Probably 85% highway driving, including traffic jams in Jersey and around DC... IIRC, about 1100 miles total.

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • Wow is right, my '05 never cracked 30 on the highway. That's Honda Civic mileage.
    Did you install a Tornado or something?
  • the specs list the MPG for 17/26, please share your real world MPG! thanks!
  • snagy1snagy1 Posts: 55
    only have 600 miles on ours, but so far on two tanks 80% freeway and using a scangauge we have 28.2 and 30.1 mpg, Scangauge reads about 1.2 less than the car's in house computer.

  • Just got back from a trip from Dallas, TX to Fayetteville, AR. Trip computer showed 32 on the way up and 30 on the way back. Manual computation showed overall average of 29.5. Most driving was done at 70-75 MPH. Had about 20 minutes of creaping or sitting still in OK on the way up and a 25-30 MPH headwind on the way back. Drove through Fort Smith twice and some driving in Fort Smith and about 10 minutes of creaping along or sitting still. Filled up with 93 octane before leaving Dallas but could only find 91 octane when filling up in AR.
  • Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in as well. Bought a 2008 TL 3.2 in September. I drive 50 miles a day. about 55% highway and 45% surface roads. Having said that, I live in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, Norfolk) and the highway is RARELY above 35 mph. I drive I would estimate conservatively. I've been getting 24.8 MPG on 5 tanks. I did just do a short trip to Williamsburg and it looks like I got over 27. Not bad at all.
    Scott - Virginia Beach.
  • I know I am a little late, but your post on the WDC trip was great. I flew from Columbus, OH 99$ RT) with my grandson to Dulles and rode a cab ($16) to the museum. Back the same day and well worth the trip.
    We have a 2008 TL now, bought in August, but only 700 miles on it. We are driving to Dallas(2300 miles RT) for Thanksgiving and I like to drive 80 to 90 on the freeway. I was looking for advice about driving that long, that fast, with so few miles on it.
  • Your owners manual may say something about not using the cruise control until the car is broken in,check it out.

    "I like to drive 80 to 90 on the freeway"

    You need a good radar/laser detector, check out the wealth of knowledge on They also have info on speed traps/types of radar/laser for your region. Happy motoring!
  • I am thinking about buying a 2006 - 2008 TL. My wife's Lexus 350ES has real time mpg readout in instrument cluster. I test drove a 2008 TL yesterday, and could only seem to get AVG mpg. Does TL have real time mpg readout? Even my old Eddie Bauer ford explorer had it. Surely TL would?

    I like the burled walnut interior better in the 2006. The trim in the 2008 is... well not as appealing to me. But it's hard to find a 2006 with navi in Phoenix.
  • The TLs only have avg mpg and it is notoriously inaccurate. Most people report it reading 5-10% higher than actual most of the time. The Acura techs I've talked to don't seem to surprised given how it is implemented. Most of them describe it as approximating the fuel consumption rather than actually measuring it. It's funny that most other Acura models have both avg and instantaneous mpg readings.
  • Thanks. Too bad it's not instantaneous MPG. Acura should have it on the TL. One can gauge driving habits and try to "reform" and "refrain" from having too much fun accelerating :) . But it's also useful when cruising at constant speed.
  • Can anyone explain how a 2006-2008 TL calculates avg mpg?
  • With 800 miles on a '09 TL FWD I'm getting 19-20 mpg with roughly 50/50 city/highway driving.
  • Leaving Sunday for Dallas (1200 miles each way) with 800 miles on the TL. I asked at the dealer about fast driving and they said 'no problem". I will post my MPG when I return.
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