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Acura TL Real World MPG



  • rodboltrodbolt Posts: 1
    I was in Hawaii last week and a small sign at the pump stated 10 to 20% better fuel economy if you choose Non Ethanol gas. They had available 3 levels of Non-E and one handle for Ethanol. There is a higher percentage of Ethanol added to regular opposed to premium in the states BTW.
    If non ethanol is used in testing and we use ethanol there will be a substantial difference in our comparisons. In Texas you will be hard pressed to find Non Ethanol fuel in the DFW area. I've looked, drive 30 miles one way to fill my tank is not acceptable.
    Lexus and BMW had roughly 100,000 cars each with fuel system recalls. The few dealers that checked the Ethanol content found as much as 18% ethanol content in the fuel. It is very corrosive and manufacturerers are working to make their cars conform. I doubt we can seriously compare MPG from coast to coast with the ethanol content variations considered. It will be tough anyway.
    The Gov was sold a bill of goods that ethanol had the same BTU's as gasoline. After a year study in the real world. The gov was trying to understand why John Doe traveling the same distance from one year to the next was consuming more fuel. Another example, if you want to scrw something up, get the gov involved. Please forgive my personal opinion right here.
  • ar0101arar0101ar Posts: 1
    I drive 2012 TL FWD(for last 2 months) with tech and clock 52 miles( round trip) every day to work with 15 miles of internal roads/signal stops etc...even highways are not non-stop drives( constructions, slow traffic and what not).. I get a good 28 mpg which is really good...i am sure it will do much better on long drives. I love it. I am sure i will enjoy the brand for its looks, feel, comfort and its mpg which is best value for money on long run. I prefer the 2012 model for its increased mpg and less aggressive styling(i agree i do like some areas of the older TLs).. i wish they can increase the mpg on AWD to attract people like me.
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