2016 Outlander GT out of pocket price?

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Hi guys, I want to buy 2016 outlander gt. Can you please share with me the trim and package you bought and your final out of pocket or out of door price? also the state you are in?
the bid I got is just $29688 otd for gt without touring package, just standard stuff only.
I want to pull the trigger but need to find a better price.
Got a family to feed so need to save when possible but a crossover is what we need.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Hi @aleisiam, welcome to Edmunds.

    Invoice is $30,812 and MSRP is $31,845 for the GT with no options, including the $850 destination.

    The True Market Value average price paid would be $30,287 but there's currently a big honking $3,000 incentive putting TMV down to $27,287.

    So your goal would be to try to beat TMV (since it's an average) and then add in your fees and taxes. Assuming ~10% for taxes, your OTD "average" price would be $30,015. So you're already about $300 to the good.

    Not sure if that incentive is national or regional - you can plug in your zip to the link above and it'll show up if it's good in your area.
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