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Lexus ES 350



  • I need to find month and year of manufacture of my ES 350. It is told to be on a sticker at the driver side post, but I don't find it there. I just find, besides VIN, stickers with tire pressures and some airbag information. VIN has year coded in it, but not the month. Any help please?
  • ronwynronwyn Posts: 16

    I do not have that information as my car is still at the dealership (Oct 23 - Present). It seems that they do not have the kit and it is back ordered. I did read on a previous post that someone did have it installed and the part # was TC 004-06. I do not know if that is the kit they intend to install on my transmission.
  • Call Lexus Corporate Customer Service at: 1-800-255-3987
    Give them your VIN number and they will give you the "exact date" your car was built.
  • I live in the Indianapolis area and put money down on a Ruby Red ES350 back on 10/7 and still don't have car. Is this kind of wait common? Car is not special order just want Ruby Red w/Black Interior.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Yeah, ok! I bet if a magazine didn't tell you that the Camry and ES350 shared a platform you couldn't tell the difference by sitting in it, driving it, or looking at it!

    the statement "I can't tell the difference between a Camry & ES350" is a old played out lame joke!
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    I have a ruby red/black UL and it took about 6 weeks to get delivery. I got it on June 8th.

    Be patient, you'll love it.

    It's not a perfect car by any means, but for the money it's a steal.
  • Hey, i didn't like the car. I thought it drove like a Park Avenue.

    "Yeah, ok! I bet if a magazine didn't tell you that the Camry and ES350 shared a platform you couldn't tell the difference by sitting in it, driving it, or looking at it!"

    Your words LOL then why pay more for a 350? just get the Camry same car but the Lexus blows air up your butt.

    I ended up with a BMW 530. They don't call it the Ultimate driving machine for nothing. But if the Lexus drove like any other car in it's class then i could agree to spend the extra money, but to spend all that money to drive a Park Avenue i just could not do it.

    It is a nice car but to think that it stands out from a Camry on the road your just kidding yourself.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    If you ended up with a BMW and not the 350, why are you on the 350 forum badmouthing the Lexus? Why do you now have the "perfect" car (for you) :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: So what if the 350 is a pumped up Camry (in your opinion)...many, many owners are extremely pleased with their Lexus...enjoy your 530 and give the accolades on it to the 530 forum! ;)
  • I'm not bad mouthing Lexus at all we own a 330. I thought that Lexus would have done a little better job at distinguishing the two.(Camry)

    Also i'm sad that Lexus can't get the handling right. I looked up what Car & Driver wrote and it is right on as to how it felt to me. I had hoped that the new 350 would handle different from my 330.

    ""Lexus claims it has put some extra starch in the ES350’s suspension to stiffen up its road manners, but we didn’t sense it. What we did experience was the same softly damped body motions and lots of predictable understeer. When it comes to handling, the ES350 is still as dull as a butter knife rather than as sharp as a scalpel, as our mediocre 0.75-g skidpad result indicates. We did notice a trait that the ES has always shared with the Camry: the annoying habit of feeding road imperfections back through the steering wheel without letting the driver know what’s going on with the front tires. Switching from all-season radials to a dedicated summer tire would probably help the situation, but that might also make the ride less buttery smooth.

    The ES350 isn’t about excitement or sporty driving — it’s meant to get you from point A to point B in a stylish manner with the least amount of fuss and stress. And it does that damn near perfectly.""
    I really wanted to get the WOW effect in the 350 but Lexus just can't seem to get it into their entry level sedans. For the money you can't beat Lexus. Most comfortable car i own, but to say they got it right NO WAY.

    as to why i still read these forums... when we were shopping for a car i came here. I started to see the complaints on the transmission, so i still follow the threads.

    I'll leave LOL
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Lexus would have done a little better job at distinguishing the two.(Camry)
    How about BMW - what is the distinguishing difference in that line (until you get into the upper level) besides the price?

    Suspension and ride is subjective - what is a fantastic ride to one person is mediocre for the next person - just depends on what you're used to or what you want (and how much of a purist you are or think you might be).

    "WOW effect" - see paragraph above.

    Transmission problems? I have an Avalon LTD (05) and the 07 350, both of which are supposedly notorious with transmission issues. None for me so far - both cars have been perfect so I can't knock either.

    I had an 02 ES300 and can only compare the 07 to that one; true, the 07 is less of a "sport model" than the 300 but that was pretty obvious, so I didn't expect the same with the 07. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with what I got as I'm sure you are, with your BMW.
  • Sorry, but this may have been posted in earlier discussions. But have anyone find the secret menu for the navigation system 6.1 which can override some of the limitations?
  • "i'm sad that Lexus can't get the handling right."

    That is why Lexus forked the low-end product line into two lines, the ES and the IS. The ES is for us stodgy types. :)
  • Quote: "The ES is for us stodgy types."
    When will you learn that YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL
    If you're looking for a car with a smooth, super comfortable, quiet car, then get the ES, and if a harder riding, uncomfortable car, then the IS is for you. That's exactly why I traded in my Porsche 911 and BMW 330!! :P
  • With all the problems people are reporting, one could reasonably conclude that the 07 Camry and ES would do no better than average in its first year reliability. But looks like in the Car issue of Consumer Reports, both the gasoline and the Hybrid Camry does better than average and the Lexus ES 350 does much better than average in reliability ratings. Just goes to show one cannot reach conclusion based on internet forums exclusively.
  • Here's how to override the greyed out buttons while the car is in motion:

    You must do this each time the car is restarted. Follow the instructions exactly. I don't know what damage you could do if you pressed the wrong thing.

    Also, only do this if you have a passenger who can program the Nav. It is dangerous to try to drive and enter destinations into the Nav at the same time.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    Larrymit, the poster was asking about v6.1, which, aparently, doesn't have the override capability, or at least it hasn't been published here yet. The instructions you linked to work for v5.1
  • I didn't catch the version. But my ES350, delivered about a month ago, still has 5.1, so maybe this will be helpful to some.
  • Does anybody know how the tire pressure measurement works?
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    Consumer Reports does their car issue in April and even if they did a piece of the ES 350 now it still hasn't been out long enough to have established a reliability track record.

    Just exactly (month, page) where did you see this in Consumer Reports?
  • Go to either Waldon Books or Barns & Nobles and checkout the auto issue of CR. The CR's new car issue comes out in November and not April. You have to remember, the 07 ES and Camry were released earlier than usual so they have 6 months of data to draw their conclusion.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    CR publishes a new car preview feature in the October issue, but their annual car issue comes out in April. (I'm a long-time subscriber.) Their frequency-of-repair summaries are based on readers' replies to questionnaires that are mailed out in December of each year. You won't see anything meaningful about the new ES until next spring at the earliest. I haven't yet seen a full report on the ES.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Try this -
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    coolcow--no rough shifts when cold, although "rough" can be somewhat subjective. In any case, the flare doesn't happen too frequently since most of the time, my car has either warmed up sufficiently and/or long enough to the point that the flare doesn't occur, or I'm unable to quickly reach the first 3-4 shift after a cold start (typically because I've just driven away from my house and I have to drive a bit in residential areas before reaching a road that'll let me get up to speed). I don't think the flare is necessarily more prevalent depending on road grade, as I have had it occur on flat roads.

    If you want to almost ensure that the flare will occur in front of the service tech--make sure that you don't let your car sit too long during a cold-start warm up (i.e., don't let it idle for more than 30 seconds once you cold-start your vehicle)...then once you get moving, try to get to the 3-4 shift as soon as reasonably/safely possible.
  • The Consumer Reports web site is continually updated and has a report on the ES350. It says, "Reliability of the redesign has been impressive."
  • rileyjrileyj Posts: 13
    From Consumer Reports: 05/best-worst-models/index.htm

    FAMILY CARS: Honda Accord Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Honda Accord (4-cyl.), Ford Fusion*, Mercury Milan*.

    UPSCALE/LARGE CARS: Lexus ES350*, Lincoln Zephyr*, Hyundai Azera*, Acura TSX, Acura TL.

    LUXURY CARS: Lexus LS (2006), Infiniti M*.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    I will never understand which car should go into which category because size wise the ES350 and the Infiniti M are about the same size and should be in the same group. The "M" car is not in the same class as the LS.

    But a few years ago who would have considered the ES and "M" to be LARGE or even considered LUXURY cars.
  • jkossjkoss Posts: 9
    I am considering purchasing an es 350 premium plus package. I understand that the stereo system has eight speakers. Could someone please tell me what size the speakers are? I am thinking that there are four 6.5 speakers, two 6x9 speakers, and two tweeters. Could someone please confirm? Thanks for your help in advance and please comment on what you think about the performance of the stock stereo...I am considering upgrading the entire system after purchasing.
  • I tried to find out the answers for you, but speaker info about the ES350 is scarce. You might have better luck in the Club Lexus forum.

    I've had the Premium Plus ES 350 and now have the UL edition. In a nutshell: the sound and sound system in the Premium Plus is horrible and the ML system is barely tolerable, IF, you can discern good sound quality. Both systems use cheap OEM vrsion of name-brand speakers (I think Nakamichito obtain what Lexus touts as sound quality. It's eqivalent to BMW's Harmon Kardon system. If I were HK, I would be ashamed to stamp Harmon Kardon on those speakers.

    It would be much easier to upgrade the sound system in the Premium because I don't remember any speakers in the dash. The ML system has 3 speakers in the dash that would be hard to replace. The only thing that would be easy to upgrade is the amp. It is located in the right-rear quarter panel.

    JL Audio makes two devices that solve several problems in all late model cars. One is called the Clean Sweep DSP and the other is the Clean Sweep SSI. One of the problems with the ES 350 sound system is that the sound levels change each time you select a different source. You might be listening to satellite at a comfortable level and then get blasted away when you change to FM.

    The SSI is a summing device. It takes either line-level or speaker-level inputs from the head-in unit and routes them to the the DSP which "cleans" and provides 30 bands of equalization that is then fed to the new amp via line-level RCA outputs. They are not cheap at about $500, but a good solution for clean, equalized sound going into a new amp. At this writing, I don't know if the SSI is shipping.

    The ML system has a bigger amp than the Premium Plus, no doubt to drive the increased number of speakers but I can't say it is any better quality than the Premium-Plus amp. One thing I noticed missing on the ML is the ability to tailor the sound to just the driver. I suppose this is because of the surround system in the ML version. I also notice that the ML tends to focus the sound toward the front of the vehicle.

    As far as speakers, I would find a good mobile audio shop that specializes in Lexus vehicles. They may have more info on speaker sizes. Unfortunately, speakers are not trial and error in replacing them in a vehicle (you have to buy them first). What sounds good in the showroom might sound tinny or muddy in the vehicle. Again, seek the advice of the pros.

    I would tend to say the ML sound system is adequate for the typicle driver that would purchase the UL version of the vehicle. They are not typically going to pay and average of $200 to $300 for a set of separates for the front of the vehicle or $500 for a good sub and another $500 for a good amp.

    I wish someone could post how to defeat the DVD system of having the car in Park and the parking brake on to watch DVDs. You can still listen to DVD sound after going through the process but not watch video.
  • tomdtomd Posts: 87
    Is the standard leather in the ES perforated or is just the semi-aniline leather perforated? What is the semi-aniline anyway? Thanks
  • ryguy1ryguy1 Posts: 10
    Thank you very much for a very informative write-up on the sound system. I agree with you completely. Do you happen to know any audio specialty shop in the NYC area that can upgrade my sound system? I have Premium Plus. I read this forum and hear of all the complaints some owners have with the ES.My only complaint so far has been the sound system, it's so very basic.
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