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Lexus ES 350



  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    Cool. If you do it, please post your thoughts on the success of that option.
  • avalonfanavalonfan Posts: 28
    I just acquired a '09 ES-350 loaded except for rear window shade & the upgraded headlights. Experior color is dark blue with the light tan interior. A nice looking rig, to be sure. I traded in a 2005 Toyota Avalon Limited, fully loaded. Blizard Pearl with Ivory interior. My Avalon was a perfect trouble free ride, but the lease was up and the '09 Limited didn't measure up to the ES-350's quality and ammenities. The '09 Limited was dated.
    I have less than 3000 miles on the ES, but so far I am very happy with the ride. The smaller interior space, compared to the Avy has taken a bit to get use to, but the interior finish and quality outshines the Avalon, as does the quiet ride. My gas miliage is also 2-3 miles per gallon better than the Avalon.
    My dealership in Bellevue, Wa attached a VIP sticker to the car windshield, and they do offer free car washes 7 days a week. No limit. The service department looks more like a hospital surgery suite than a car service department. They provide a loanaer car and shuttles depending upon how long they need to keep your car. I rate my experience purchasing the Lexus as top notch and look forward to many years of service from the car.
  • I wasn't too thrilled with the "standard" Lexus ES350 sound system, so I went to an after-market audio shop (Audio Itch in Tampa Florida) and had them install a sub-woofer and 200 watt amp in the trunk. The cost was about $550. What an incredible difference. It really punched up the lows and makes the sound much richer and fuller. If you aren't real happy with your sound system, you might try that.

  • tikimakatikimaka Posts: 5
    Thanks fo r the info. I guess the saying goes, " you have to pay to play..."
  • lexusnutlexusnut Posts: 1
    Hi People,
    I need your help, I am buying a lexus es 350 ultra package with ML audio system. The MSRP is 44, 094. The best offer I have received is 39,500. They are offering it to me at 6.0%Apr despite the fact that my brother ( who is cosigning the car) has perfect credit. My own credit is excellent as well. Do you guys think it is a good deal.

    Also what do you think about the car and specially the panoramic roof and ML system. Id appreciate if someone who owns a similar lexus posts their feedback on these features and others.

  • Hello,

    I got the exact same deal for my ES350 2008. Even the 6.00% APR. The only thing different between your deal and mine is the MSRP.
    When i configure the lexus on , I get 41K MSRP.

    If you are getting more discounts, grab it. This car runs superbly!!! :)
  • make sure to aks them about the noisy engine problem they classify as acceptable.

    first they said is was the fuel injectors..then it was called piston slap. will never go away - will not get fixed.

    unhappy - noisy L car
  • when they bring the car for you to drive they have it running/warmed up. when this is done the tolerances have tightned and the noise is gone. when you have it at home and "cold start" it the car will have the noise. on my car it makes the noise for 1o or 12 minutes each time
  • t8935xt8935x Posts: 6
    Does anyone know when the 2010 ES350 will be introduced? Will it be substantially different from the 2009???

  • bignatebignate Posts: 2
    Just took delivery of 2009 ES350 with Cashmere interior. I just assumed it would come with Cashmere carpeted floor mats to match the interior. Instead, the carpeted mats in the car are grey matching the dash. The dealer says Lexus stopped shipping Cashmere mats because they showed dirt far quicker than the darker mats (grey or black). Is that true or should I have gotten Cashmere mats?
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    The dealer is correct.
  • michaelndqmichaelndq Posts: 1

    I've just experienced brake failure with my 2007 ES350 about 4 hrs. ago...I was all shaken up...

    I towed my car to the Lexus dealership and went home to google up to see if anyone has the same problem...

    I was doing 40mph on a big street in Fountain Valley, California...gunned the car to pass another vehicle to get into freeway 405 going south...then I notice, it seems like suddenly the car has lost all power and no I put my foot on the brake paddle to slow down...that's when I realized the brake paddle is literally "stuck" to the pressure at all...DEAD...I panicked, luckily I did not entered the freeway...I was still traveling fast and the thought of driving without brake scare the craps out of me, and I have my nephew with me on the passenger side...I pumped the parking brake, shifted the gear into N and P a couple of times real fast and back to D to slow the car down...I didn't want to mess up the transmission...I have been driving automatic for so long, I totally forgot about shifting the gear to lower to slow things down...I was able to slow the car down and ended up hitting the car in front of me lightly and bended my front license plate...

    I was shaken when I get out of the car...I stopped about 50 yards to the next major intersection...the thought of having no break and crossing the intersection was still on my mind...

    I towed my car to the closest Lexus dealer and ask if they have heard of this problem before...of course they said no...

    This is my second Lexus...I droved an SC400 before...none mechanical problems ever...I have always consider the Lexus a very "safe" car to drive, when I got out...I didn't want to get back into my ES350 again...

    Do you know if you in-laws have the same issue...? I'm dying to find out what is the real problem...and what did the dealer fixed...
  • philly2philly2 Posts: 19
    Does anyone know when 2010 Lexus ES350 will be dealer showroom for purchase? I would like to purchase a ES and don't know if I should wait for the 2010.
  • tikimakatikimaka Posts: 5
    Why wait for 2010 ? Lexus is currently running low APR specials throughout May. The next redesign isn't due until 2012. I just bought an 09 ES 350 with Nav last month. Dealers are hurting right now -- here in So. Cal that is.

    Awesome car ! Good luck.
  • philly2philly2 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the information. I own a 2005 Lexus ES 330 and really like the car. Can you tell me what kind of deal you got?
  • tikimakatikimaka Posts: 5
    I think $500 or $700 over invoice; i forgot? Brought a copy of Edmunds TMV and Kelly Blue Book print out for my trade in (97 ES 300), financed the car at 2.9% - 5 years through Lexus Financial. I wasn't going to play hardball as i wanted a fair price and for the dealer to make a reasonable profit.

    The special interest rate may not be available in all areas so check the 'incentives' section in Edmunds and Lexus for your area.

    I'm here in Los Angeles.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    Might try using a Toyota dealership. Mine charges $30.00 for oil & filter and 4th one is free for a Toyota vehicle.
    Thinking of getting a used red 08 ES 350, but appears Lexus has some problems with their cars-noise at idle, paint, transmission, starting, rust(?).
  • tikimakatikimaka Posts: 5
    I have an 09 ES350 which i bought new last month. Quite a few 07's and some 08's have transmisison problems; Lexus is aware of the problem and have issued servie bulletins. Might want to buy certified pre-owned for extra protection.

    As for others -- noise at idle? None, super quiet. Haven't seen other problems from reading other forums but the paint job is 'soft'. Beware of black as it scratches easily (from experience); but sure looks nice when kept clean and waxed.
  • Good for you!
    Just remember that servicing these things is costly although they try to make it worth your while by giving you good customer service at the dealership.

    Have a great time!
    I have a 2008 model but have not noticed the noise at idle problem at all.. :)
  • shg818shg818 Posts: 2
    I bought a brand-new 2009 Lexus ES 350 yesterday and was shocked beyond belief to discover that when I went to hang up my suit jacket in the rear seat area, there was no coat hook. This was subsequently confirmed with my dealership. How is this possible? I stopped at a Toyota dealer on my way into the office and discovered that Camry s have coat hooks as does my 2005 RAV 4. Putting aside for the moment the question of how Lexus could screw this up, my question is whether any owners of Lexus ES 350's can suggest an easy solution.
  • wmgj41wmgj41 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a two year-old Lexus 350. The leather covers on both keys were well-worn. They don't show up on the accessories portion of the Lexus Web site. I'd like to replace them. Any suggestions about sources?
  • philly2philly2 Posts: 19
    I purchased a brand new 2009 Lexus ES 350 on May 22 and I was shocked too to discover that the car does not have any coat hooks in the rear seat area. Why would you want a coat hook in the tunk area???? My 2005 Lexus ES 330 that I traded in had coat hooks in the rear seat area. Lexus really did screw this up - hope they correct in 2010. I would like to know an easy solution too.
  • MikeMike Posts: 13
    My 08 is like that, pretty stupid. But, many interior features are pretty stupid on this model. I cite the poor interior lighting, no back seat 12V outlet, not much storage and a passthru instead of a full fold-down rear seat. Was spoiled by my 02 Audi A6, a real well designed luxury car. It also had free service to 50 K miles. Have you had a Lexus Dealer do an oil change yet. Fasten your seat belt when you get the bill. (my last one was 146 bucks) (and I mean last for them!!) But I digress

    For travel I use the more expensive hangers that have swivel hooks. These hook over the sissy handle just above the rear door sill. Works pretty well.

    Your car does have some great features too. I think mine has great mpg for the fairly powerful engine. Also, a stylish car that is quiet, smooth and very comfortable for long distance cruising. I just can't resist spouting off sometimes. (!!!)

    I hope the designers read our rants.

  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    Has anyone purchased the updated navigation DVD for the ES350? I was wondering if not only is it worth the money but is it easier to use than the old version? If you did purchase the new DVD did you get it from the Lexus dealer or some other source?
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    Drove one with 16K miles on it. Very nice, but really disappointed in that it was not as good as my 07 Hyundai Azera . While it did not have the bouncing/wallowing that Azera is known for, the seats were not as comfortable, nor was the overall ride. Felt most road imperfections. The engine was noisy when accelerating and the car was not as quiet overall. The audio was not as good and radio had poor reception. The paint was in very good shape, except where some nut had installed a plastic "protector" over half of the hood. Left a definite line marking where it ended. The vented seat did not cool very well, even on highest setting. Of course, it was also smaller front, rear and trunk.
    Really surprised at handling on interstate. Very susceptible to cross winds and draft from tractor-trailers. Couple of times at 70 wasn't sure I was in control of the car. :(
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Sounds like the Lexus ES 350 is one very dangerous car!
  • Respectfully, I would disagree. I have been driving a Lexus ES350 since Feb 2008 and it is a great car. However, I do hear the engine when I accelerate and it does respond a bit slowly. So, that is why i bought it. It is a luxurious drive. I took a trip to Grand Canyon and even with 5 in the car, it was a very comfortable and easy drive.

    However, in the interests of full disclosure, I must say that I used to drive a Honda Civic before this car. I wouldn't be able to compare it with a Merc or a Cadillac, say.

    Sincere Regards
    ateeq ahmad
  • shancyshancy Posts: 1
    Hi - I'm looking for the same thing. I have a 2008 ES350. Did you find a roof rack that fits the car? The only thing I can find is a trunk strap-on rack for bikes. Need a roof rack.
  • I found a great roof rack for my 2009 ES350. It's actually an inflatable roof rack called the Handirack. I have a Perception Captiva 16' kayak that weighs 58 lbs. I needed a sturdy roof rack and I can't tell you how skeptical I was about this inflatable rack partially because it's only $100 and my prior car had a $350 Thule metal roof rack (Thule does not make a rack for the 2009 ES350). But I have used the Handirack 3 times and it works like a champ. I've driven over 100 miles with my kayak strapped on top and it works great. Couldn't figure out how to do that here. I got mine at a local kayak shop, but you can Google Handirack and find lots of retailers. Send me a note at [email protected] and I'll send you a photo with it on my car.
    ">Good luck! Tim.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Runaway Lexus kills 4!
    2009-09-01 03:38:41 (GMT)

    San Diego, CA—A fiery crash left four people dead after the car’s accelerator became stuck. The fatal crash happened on Friday, August 28, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the intersection of Route 125 and Mission Gorge Road in Santee, as reported by San Diego Union Tribune.

    According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a loaner 2009 Lexus ES 350 driven by CHP Officer Mark Saylor, and three family members experienced a serious malfunction, which caused the accelerator to stick. Someone reportedly dialed 911 around 6:30 p.m. to report the cars accelerator was stuck, and the car could not be stopped while traveling nearly 100 miles per hour. The out-of-control car careened through the intersection of Route 125 and Mission Gorge Road and collided with a Ford Explorer. The Lexus then jumped a curb, plowed through a fence, and then slammed into an embankment before going airborne. The luxury car reportedly overturned several times before it came to a stop and burst into flames in the San Diego River basin. The CHP officer Mark Saylor, 45; his wife, Cleofe, 45; Saylor’s daughter, Mahala, 13; and his brother-in-law, Chris Lastrella were all tragically killed at the scene of the horrific crash.

    The car was reportedly loaned from Bob Baker Lexus El Cajon on Friday after Saylor dropped his car off for service. The Lexus is fully equipped with a double redundant fail-safe system, which would shut the vehicle off if it were to experience a major malfunction. No one at Bob Baker Lexus El Cajon knows what went wrong and is currently waiting for the completion of a full investigation. The CHP multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team and Sheriff’s investigators are conducting the investigation into the runaway vehicle accident.

    ES350 kills 4
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