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Lexus ES 350



  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I'm curious if anyone might have saw this or know if this is to possibly address the paint chipping problem you guys are having but, I was at my two local Lexus dealers a week or two ago and I saw several, RX's, ES350s, and IS250s that listed a $200 paint protection film option extra added to the window sticker! do any of you know what this is and is it suppose to address the paint chipping?

    if it is, I don't see why we need to pay $200 extra to get the paint protection from chips, dings, etc that should already come with the car :confuse:
  • johngreisjohngreis Posts: 70
    They know they have a paint chipping problem so they figured why not make. money off of it. Hence the $200 paint protection option.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    wow if that's the case that is outrageous for Lexus to do! they've got some nerve :mad:
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    hate to sat ..'.but it is what it is '...imo no matter what veh you purch there will be some kind of issue. the product is clear shield -3m prod and can be put on frnt hood..side mirrors..side frnt panels by dealer or outside person like im having done for just over 200.00 for whats described above. will be p/u new es350 2010 in 10 days and having this done right away....just sold es330--04 version and it was great car but did have paint chips so trying to be proactive...not a big deal when you are already investing 40k for car and again imo Lexus has done a great job of keeping the ES price in line very little increase over yrs this yr none...with more features and improvements. You can always buy chips but lots of time in mechanic garage....just my 2 cents....diff ways to look at issue and overcoming isssue.. good luck
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    If I can chime in about the clear bra: the shop where it's applied is crucial. If you're going to a private one, make sure the bra is 3M; brand X doesn't have the 5-year warranty. Not that the warranty means much if the shop won't stand behind it, like mine didn't. A check with the better business bureau would be worthwhile. If your dealer will apply it that may be best because they'll cover yellowing of the film which will show up on a white car. If not, see if the dealer has a referral to a shop; good bet that the shop will stand behind their work rather than risk no more referrals from the dealer.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    twinb...great doing just as you're suggesting..getting done by private person who does all work for dealer...very close in loc to dealer. since im buying my lexus in dallas but live in suburbs of houston wanted it done here locally for warranty purposes....over ph he quickly mentioned 5 yr warranty and even said i could bring it back in 4 yrs to redo if wanted. being he does alot of work (houston dealer reffered me to him knowing i was buying car another city ) for major lexus dealer beleive he will stand behind his work,. Now I have just to make 3.5 hr drive home and hope dont get any chips before going next day. Can I ask where..if.. you have clr bra on your veh.
  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    dealer installed clear bra on my friends car, you will not notice it unless someone mentions it. it has protected front hood and for $200 or even $500, it is worth.
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    On our Sienna van it covers the front bumper, side view mirrors, and from the bottom of the hood the film goes up about 12-18", including the front portion of the fenders to the beginning of the wheel well.

    I just saw another product about a month ago that is a spray-on application, done by a shop. Haven't seen it on a car yet but the ad says it's even less noticeable than the film because you can't see where it starts or ends.
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    Last week my wife and I purchased two 2010 Lexus ES350's and had 3M Scotchgard installed before picking them up. Each car cost $325.00 (Hood, mirrors, door edges and top of bumper by trunk). I had the same person install 3M Scotchgard on other Lexus vehicles we owned and he always does a great job!

    I would recommend having this done!
  • tericteric Posts: 2
    I am trying to locate a bra for my brand new ES350 - does anyone have one or know where I can get one? I am in Dallas, TX
  • tericteric Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2010 ES also - so the scotchgard helps with preventing small chips on the hood? I am looking for a "bra" for my car too - any help where I could find one?
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    Yes, the 3M Scotchgard helps prevents chips. It also makes it easier to clean bugs off. I found my installer through the dealer. I would ask if they could recommend someone.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    just purchased es350 2010 this week,....had clear shield put on hood, mirrors, side fender...looks very good...hardly noticeable. IMO I would'nt think you would need a seperate Bra for hood if you put the 3m clear shield protection on....or maybe I'm confused on request.
  • kitnckitnc Posts: 4
    I just bought 2010 ES350. One of main reasons to buy Lexus: I don't want people drive too close on my back. If I drive Lexus, I hope people to keep some distance on my back.
    My question to you: Did you consider this reason when you purchased Lexus?
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    never considered and honestly not sure that is very realistic in any area where traffic can b e issue. People want to get to their destination imo they are not caring what is near them when it comes to model etc. Drive safely and keep awareness and you should be fine....most importantly Congrats on your purchase...Enjoy the Drive !!
  • daryadarya Posts: 1

    I have noticed that the ASL does not seem to work in the ES350 I recently bought. There is no change in volume at all when I go to higher speeds or reduce my speed. Has anybody else faced the same issue? My dealer told me that this is how it works for ES350
  • I had a strange thing happen to my 2007 ES 350 the other day. We got in to the car and started it up but the radio would not control. I could not turn it off, change the channel or use any button associated with it. The steering wheel control did not work to change the channel either. I shut the car off and let it sit for a minute and then restarted. The problem stopped. It has never returned. My daughter was in the car so I know it wasn't a flash back or something.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    The option to preset the seat in my 2007 ES does not work anymore. I have to manually reset my seat after my husband drives and as he does when I have driven instead of just hitting the buttons that you have already preset. Anyone else have this problem?
  • pats1pats1 Posts: 36
    Buy the ScotchGard product. I have two Lexus vehicles and put that on each - hood, fender, front of outside mirrors, door edges and back bumper at trunk. WELL worth the money. Dealer should have a local installer.
  • pats1pats1 Posts: 36
    I have a 2007 ES350 with 36K and have not seen this problem as you described. I don't mean to imply ignorance, but have you tried reprogramming the two buttons including the key fobs? Sometimes the computer gets part of the memory cleared, especially if the battery was disconnected for service or there was a fuse pulled for service, etc. I did have to reprogram my key fobs for the seat memory once, but the buttons on the door had stayed working as expected. I hope you can get this resolved, as it is a nice feature on a great car.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    Read that Lexus will recommend regular 87 octane fuel with the 2011 ES350. Loses 6 hp and 6 lb-ft of torque, same as the Avalon?
  • Did you ever find a solution? My 07 ES350 is doing the same thing
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