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Honda Pilot 2006



  • sunilsunil Posts: 38
    So I am close to buying a Pilot EX-L, 4WD, with Nav. I will probably have to drive to a dealer 75 miles away to get a good price, and will most likely end up with the Amazon Green. But I have not seen a Amazon Green one on the inside (none at the local dealer). SO I have a question about the olive interior :

    - Is everything olive (dash, door panels, etc) ? Or is it only teh seats which are olive, and all the panels etc stay grey ??
  • I have had this problem too. I have a 2006 2wd EX Pilot. The speakers go out (and the volume is on) and then the sound comes back on ten minutes later for no reason. I've tried turning the radio off and restarting the car.

    Could it be related to the ANC? :confuse:
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    Good info, thanks. I was mainly thinking of the weight of the Odyssey vs. the AWD Pilot, but it sounds like they're close enought that it probably isn't a factor. In any event, folks who have owned both a AWD Pilot and an Odyssey, think the Odyssey handles better.

    In any event, unless one really needed the extra towing and somewhat better off-road capabilities of the Tahoe, I'd go with the Pilot. And if you did need better towing/off-road, I'd look at a V8 4Runner before a Tahoe, although you'd have a much smaller cabin. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs...

    - Mark
  • No idea. It happed to me at least twice as I noticed. The second time last even longer - 2 days. Please let me know if you discover something.
  • snorrissnorris Posts: 16
    How good is the Pilot offroad? Anybody taking theirs in the snow, mud gravel etc and to what extent. Thanks
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    The olive interior is really nice. Not too green, some gray undertones to it. It's everywhere and it is the nicest interior color of the three available in my opinion. I wouldn't do that Amazon Green exterior though, too hard to see -- it's like camoflouge!
  • laf1laf1 Posts: 2
    I am trying to buy a Pilot with the Nav system. Apparently Honda produces twice as many EX-L with the rear entertainment than with the nav so apparently they are harder to find. I am also finding that it is next to impossible to find the nav in desert rock metallic. Does Honda make some colors more exclusive? Are dealers allowed to request colors or does Honda just assign them?
  • sunilsunil Posts: 38
    Thanks for the note. I got smart & looked inside a White Pilot today (has the same olive interior as the Amazon Green per the Honda web-site). Looks nice. But the carpets & mats remain grey. I think my wife is going to nix it (it will be her car so its her final call), we will see. That probably means we will have to search everywhere for the Sagebrush Pearl, which seems to be in short stock in 4WD EX-L with Nav around the Bay Area. Oh well - I am in no rush, I guess I can wait till one pops up at a decent price...

  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    That's what I want to know too. Did anyone drive the Pilot in a real amount of snow - as in more than 3.5 inches. Was it skidding, sliding, or what?? The highlanders 4x4 system is much better .....honestly the pilots is pretty dum because the car is driving itself and its better for the driver to put it on manually permanently, or have 4x4 all the time like the Highlander.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I drove my Pilot in a few inches of snow when I went skiing last week. It did just fine. If you are going to be doing major driving in snow or ice then I'd strongly suggest snow tires. I'd worry more about the driver than the car when it comes to snow- having AWD doesn't mean your car will stop or mean you can drive faster. Every year I see lots of ignorant people who slid off the road in their SUVs because they thought they were invincible! :-)

    The AWD system in the Pilot is on demand- it normally runs FWD until the computer notices slipping of the front wheels, then power is redirected rearward. I'd rather be in my Subaru than my Pilot in the snow (Subarus are awesome in snow- better than these huge overweight SUVs- having owned a few) but the Pilot will do just fine. I wouldn't expect it to do more than just easy off roading though. You will need something much more robust, ie jeep, range rover, MB G-wagon, etc.

    I believe the Highlander is also on demand AWD, as opposed to true 4WD, making it about equivalent to the Pilot.

  • aec1aec1 Posts: 21
    I am looking for an EXL-Navi in Taffeta White. I asked my dealer to order one. He told me that because the Civics now have Navi that there are fewer Pilots available w/it as well. Some dealers ask for a refundable deposit of $500 when you ask them to order a specific vehicle. I know the Mgr of my dealership (have sent multiple customers there) and he did not request a deposit. Hope that helps.
  • podze1podze1 Posts: 2

    I just bought 2006 EX-.L Pilot and like you did not notice a noise at first but I now notice a rattling noise from the passenger window area when I hit 40 -45 miles/hour. My engine noise is a littl eloud but tolerable.

    I'm taking it back to the dealer and asking them to look into it.

  • ukkoukko Posts: 23
    Greetings snorris,
    I have the Pilot EXL and live in northern Minnesota next to lake Superior. It is hilly and in a recent snow storm there were cars stalled on the hills but the Pilot easily went around them with no problems. I have also driven on narrow forest trails north of Ely, Minnesota with no problems. The Pilot goes in snow.

    I have taken the vehicle off road in farm fields with no problem but I think the Pilot is not designed for off road use. It seems folks from snow country learn to drive with the limitations of the conditions and other folks may get into problems by going beyond the limits of the conditions.

    In short, I purchased the Pilot because it would and does perform well in snowy, slippery conditions.

    Good Luck.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    I've done some off roading at the OBX in NC in my RX and I noticed quite a few Pilots out there too. They appear to handle about the same as my RX on the sand, just remember to air down the tires first and stay out of deep ruts. There are places I wouldn't go without a low range, but for lightly packed sand the pilot should do fine.
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    The highlanders 4x4 is permanent - always 4 wheels powering the car.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    My RX is "Full-time four-wheel drive is also available with a viscous center coupling that directs torque to the wheels with the most traction whenever slippage occurs." according to edmunds own review. In truth it is front biased and only invokes the back tires when the fronts start to loose traction and only up to a certain amount (say 60%), not much different from the Pilots. It does well enough on Sand and Snow, but it is not even close to a true 4x4 like a Jeep or 4Runner.
  • Sunil - We live in San Jose - I called dealers from Salinas to Tracy, and all were getting new shipments in January, including several Sagebrush Peal, which I was seeking with Nav (last week the only one in CA was in AltaDean Southern CA). We wanted the 2.9% and my husband liked the Steel Blue, so I picked one up in Tracy on Monday, the last day of the financing incentives. I'm not thrilled with this color, but the 2.9 with zero down is good for us. I'd recommend Santa Cruz Honda, Capitol Honda (San Jose), Sunnyvale Honda, and Tracy Honda (loved the buying experience there). The dealers can tell you what is coming in. We paid $400. over invoice, but that might come down given the new inventory coming in. Good luck! :shades:
  • I recently purchased a new 2006 Pilot 4WD EX-L with Nav. I had the dealer installed an additional alarm - Audiovox Pro9232a (the one they offer), and LoJack Early Warning System.
    1. Any experience with this alarm? How does it really differ with the one the Pilot came with?
    2. Would I be notified by the Lojack system if a flat bed truck steals the Pilot?
    3. Should it have been better to have Ravelco installed instead? (I live in New York City!).
    I love the Pilot! Thanks for any input!
  • kabillkabill Posts: 35
    Let us know what the dealer says about the window noise. I've heard excess window/windshield noise on all the Pilots I've driven (6-7, at least) at about 60 mph--mostly on the passenger side. The problem is, some are worse than others, so it's not like times past when you could order a Honda and expect it to be exactly like all others of that model/type. I ordered my CRV and have had no problems for over 100000 miles. I still like the Pilot, but I will not order one but will continue to test drive till I find the right combo of features with minimal glass noise. The quietest one I drove was not a color I wanted.
    Good Luck,
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats on the new Pilot. You may want to browse the Security systems (Lojack, alarms, engine immobilizer, etc.) discussion while waiting on responses in here.

    And please report on your deal in the Honda Pilot: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion.

    Steve, Host
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