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Hyundai Tucson Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I sent in quote requests to 8 different dealerships across South Louisiana. Let the games begin!
  • I received two quotes today, but one really stood out. It was $725 below the MSRP, but they would give me free oil changes every 7500 miles plus two sets of tires. I do not think I have ever owned a vehicle that I had to buy two sets of tires.

    I wonder what the gimmick is? Of course all they have is one at this price.
  • basil123basil123 Posts: 2
    I know your buying a vehicle that cost thousands of dollars, believe me the salesperson isn't getting it. In the 2010 Hyundai Tucson, there is $1,200 profit WOW. Im sure the dealer is sending all the salespeople to Hawaii with it. The salesperson gets 25% of the remaining profit after the dealer takes from 300 to 500 of the profit he cant make commission on. So out of $1200 profit (if you paid full price) If the dealer only takes out 300 leaves 900 for the salesperson to make commission on. So 25% of the 900 would make the salesperson $225.00. Seems good for a days work right. But we dont sell a car a day. Average sales across America is 8 to 10 cars a month.
    But listen, you came in with your wife and child, the salesperson spent 3 hours with you entertaining your family being curt ious to all your questions. And you told him you needed to think about it. Time is money, so you wasted their time and his boss is yelling at him about what he thinks the salesperson did wrong.
    Now a week later after your feeling all warm and fuzzy to the car when your most comfortable and have exhausted all the dealers in the area with your best price quotes. You might go back to the original sales person (and you feel like your doing him a favor) thats the least you can do, Let him go to your house and waste your time all day see how you feel. You will tell him the lowest price you found in America and if he wants your business he better beat it. IF THIS WAS REALITY IN OTHER FIELDS YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A JOB. We would expect are dentist to give us the best service in America at a chinese price!!

    When your interested in a vehicle. Say a Hyundai, if your gona shop on the net for the best price before you buy. Find the best price first, then go waste that dealers time. Not the poor sap who made you and your wife like car because he was friendly and knew everything about the car to answer your questions.
    Nordstroms wouldn't exist if best price earned your business, thats not earning your business thats buying your business. Just be aware of whos time your wasting.

    My favorite is the guy whos buying in six months. Why are you at the dealer already? Stay on the net. Or the guy who only talks to Fleet Managers!! How many are you buying? I know you have money so that makes you important, everyone at the dealer has money to buy a car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,685
    Gee.. You don't want shoppers in your store, until they are ready to buy? I bet your boss doesn't feel the same way.

    As a frequent car buyer, and even more frequent car shopper, let me clue you in: You, personally, have no idea who is going to buy a car and who isn't. If this is your chosen profession and you want to succeed long-term, treat everyone as a potential sale, and avoid stereotyping... Treat enough people properly, and a big enough percentage will eventually be back. Unless you don't think you'll be around in six months, you'll need commissions, then, too..

    Also.. don't discuss what you make (or don't make) with any customer. It just isn't professional.

    People don't come in to buy cars without shopping first.. If you run off all the people that aren't "buying today", your pickings are going to be slim. Successful salespeople conform their behavior to what the customer wants, not the other way around.



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  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Sorry I hadn't replied. Been super busy. We got the Ltd with carpet mats (still can't believe those are optional). MSRP was 28,090, and we got $300 off that. There was only 2 Ltd in Texas at the time with the color and options the wife wanted, so the dealer went and got it for that price.

    I know it was the worst possible time to buy (new introduction, very limited availability, high demand) but this was a 30th wedding anniversary gift to the wife. Figured she's put up with me for 30 years, so I owed her. :)
  • alecksalecks Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    Basil, I have no tears for the dealership sales people. If they were honest and upfront about the price of the car, I would return the favor. Unfortunately, a car buying experience means dealing with some [non-permissible content removed] who will bait and switch, add fees at the last minute, leave you sitting in the room while he is "checking with the boss" multiple times (who is wasting time MY time now), never give the final price etc. Why do you think people go around dealerships talking, negotiating, thinking about it, blah blah, blah. It is because of this stupid game the car sales people came up with to buy a car. Do you think anybody enjoys taking wife and kids and spending 3 hours at a dealership? Most people would rather go to a dentist than buy a car. My time is money too and I don't have 3 hours to squeeze the final price out of some slimebag who keeps saying crap like "So, what monthly payment can you handle for this car?" or "What would it take for you to buy the car today". Just cut the BS, give me the price and save you and me the 3 hours of negotiations. At this day and age, we should to get past the Turkish bazar system for buying cars.
  • I couldn't have said it better, and thank you for laying it out so eloquently. I have better things to do with my limited time than to play hide and seek with a salesman, the sales manager, and the general manager. Enuf already. I am a tired woman who works a full day for lawyers, and then takes care of a household. In between, I am researching vehicles and trying to get an honest, straightforward deal on a car. I expect the sales people to make money. If they don't, there will be no car dealerships with cars available for purchase. I don't, however, expect to be brutalized with pointless verbage and unimportant details about where the metal used to build my potential vehicle was mined, or at what temperature the rubber in the tires was fired. I don't care. I do care about the important facts, particularly how much money the dealership is going to wrest from my sweaty palms for options that I don't want, will never use and have never heard of. If you as a salesman have to spend 15 minutes explaining to me what a gizmo is and why I need it, then believe me, I don't need it!

    3 weeks of car shopping and I'm so dazzled by the fancy footwork and technical specs tossed my way, that I'm ready to opt for a donkey cart and a bucket of hay (or whatever donkeys eat). Just think of the mileage I'd get on a bag of alfalfa!
  • jon0721jon0721 Posts: 25
    Boy Isn't that the truth. When they bring the four square into the picture I get up and leave. That device is eant to confuse and is a huge advantage to the dealer. The best thing to do is go to TRUECAR....and offer a fair price over their TRUE cost if the vehicle which only true car will indicate. They include all dealer incentives, holdback as well as advertising and delivery costs and also what people have paid based on real sales. Unlike Kelly who bases their used retail prices on what dealers are ASKING....

    True cost for a 2010 Tuscon LTD with Premium package to a dealer is $25,958 Offer $500 above that and some dealer somewhere WILL sell you a car.
  • motordavidmotordavid Posts: 39
    edited July 2010
    We cross shopped several brands; narrowed down to Hyundai SantaFe or Tucson. We dogged the net for every dlr within a 2 hr drive; the most responsive and least annoying was the closest dlr to us, in Asheville, NC: Blanchard Hyundai. We went over: the sales guy was professional, informative, low-key, patient, etc. My wife drove 2 SantaFe examples and a Tucson. We stacked golf clubs and bags in trunk(s). We looked at all the cars, we were afforded all the time we wanted. The owner, same name, was very professional and courteous, and zero pressure.

    My wife liked the Tucson better, (size, nimbleness, etc.), but the 2 Tucks on the lot were not the color, or the Limited; the owner did his own search and found the exact car she wanted at a dlr near Charlotte. He had it driven over, detailed well, and delivered the next day.

    Completely loaded '10 Tuck Limited, list was pushing $29Gs. He gave us a thou off and, $2Gs better than best KBB price, on our trade, an '03 Honda CR-V, that had been nothing but a pos and nightmare for 7 years. She wrote the check for $19Gs and change, and we drove away. Maybe the best new car buying experience since I bought our '02 Vette way back when...Blanchard Hyundai, Asheville, NC.
    GL, mD
  • montctypamontctypa Posts: 3
    I was quoted 23.4 K for AWD GLS with money factor 0.00132 and residual value 56% with 3 yr/36K lease - therefore total paid over lease would be 13236. However, they don't actually HAVE any 2010 awd gls's and are not sure how long it would take to get one....and state the money factor on the LTD AWD is about twice as much. Anyone lease one in the philly area?
  • jessie20jessie20 Posts: 2
    I just got my 2011 Tutson AWD today with roof racket, mud shield, heated seats with leather trim, blue tooth...... with $23100 before tax. They also have $2010 model which they are willing to sell at $22300 but it does not have the color we like... Not sure if it is a good deal but just want to share with you guys with this info. Good luck!!
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    what was the msrp?
  • montctypamontctypa Posts: 3
    Is this with automatic? Where did you buy it? I am in Philly suburbs and nobody that I called had the 2011 yet. This is what I did: I got "" bids from Sussman, Conicelli, Fred Bean and Colonial. The lowest I could get for 2010 AWD automatic with the 1700.00 "popular equipment package", floor mats, cargo net was 23.3K plus tax/tags. They would not sell the GLS w/o the "pop'l equip package" and claim Hyundai is not making just plain GLS's. This is supposedly invoice price, but the dealer of course still gets profit from the dealer's holdback. Originally, they tried to quote me 23.8 K but then I had to show them their OWN email to me guaranteeing that price and they honored it. I would have LOVED to get 23.1 for the 2011 or 22.3 for the 2010.
    What color 2010 did they have at 22.3K that you did not like?
  • jessie20jessie20 Posts: 2
    Yes, it is automatic. I got it in Lynnwood, Washington. The color I got is Chai Bronze. The 2010 model that they had offered at price $22.3K is Graphite Gray (exterior) with black leather trim interior. The reason I didn't buy is because I don't like the black interior.
  • montctypamontctypa Posts: 3
    I am in Philadelphia suburbs and they don't have 2011's and have very few 2010's available. I got multiple quotes from different dealers via internet and the lowest was 21.1 for auto/gls/awd. Of course then when you get there, you find out it doesn't include freight (800.00) or the other stuff they have already put on the car (floor mats, cargo net, etc) which adds another few hundred. And they try to charge 250 for advertising (shouldn't this be part of their overhead?). So the grand total was 23.5K. The best that I was able to do was to get them down to 23.1K (not without a fight). So finally 3 hours later, drove away in 2010 GLS AWD auto for 23.1K.
  • dieuwerdieuwer Posts: 8
    edited September 2010
    Paid $23570 for a new 2011 Tuscon GLS AWD with mud guards, cargo tray and floor mats.This is about $100 above invoice according to TrueCar. Bought the car in Lynn, MA. Also arranged for financing at 3.2% via dealer.
    Actually, the 3.2% is hilarious since the "special APR" from Hyundai is 3.9%!
  • lev280lev280 Posts: 27
    Has anyone recently purchased a 2011 GLS AWD since post #262? If so, can you please post your price paid? Thanks in advance.
  • Just purchased a 2011 AWD GLS with the Navigation/backup camera option. Has a couple of misc options like floor mats, mud flaps, cargo mat.
    Paid $26,300.........$400 below invoice.
    Best part is I got $800 over Kelly Blue book for my trade.
  • lev280lev280 Posts: 27
    Congratulations. Sounds like a great deal. Which City/State was this sale in?
  • buerkletucsonbuerkletucson Posts: 21
    edited February 2011
    White Bear Lake (St. Paul suburb), Minnesota
    Buerkle Hyundai

    I'm absolutely thrilled with the vehicle and the whole sale process at this dealership. They went out of their way to make sure everything was handled the way it should be.
    They even gave my wife two beautiful flowers. :-)
  • mkzm7478mkzm7478 Posts: 4
    I'm from New Jersey, Mr Brad Benson here is offering me 30% of his sticker on the Tuscon i want.. Limited with the premium package.. sticker is $30,400, plus minus few minor options.

    Which would make my purchase price somewhere in the $21,500 range.

    Minus a trade which i have.. and any down payments..

    Afterall said and done i'm looking to finance something around 18 - 19 K.. with around 2,500 out of pocket.

    sounds to good to be true.. is there a catch?

    if there is one i will post here in a week or so... getting down there in the next few weeks.
  • What's the saying..........if it smells like a duck and walks like a duck....

    Something doesn't smell good on that deal. I've seen deals like that on eBay and it's a scam.
    I researched my new Tucson purchase to death and I'll tell you there are no deals like that to be had.
    In fact, Hyundai generally has one of the least markups of any manufacturer.

    If you walk out the door with a discount of $8900 off sticker price like you suggest, please let us know as that dealer would have lines out the door for potential buyers.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    edited March 2011
    This is direct from their website...

    Receive 30% off dealer posted price

    Note that this is not the MSRP! If I remember postings from others that have had dealings with Brad Benson, that 30% off is only good on their posted price which is MSRP plus a bunch of unnecessary expensive addons.

    Here's a link to reviews of Brad Benson on this site...

    Brad Benson reviews on Edmunds
  • buerkletucsonbuerkletucson Posts: 21
    edited March 2011
    Then what's the point?
    You want to deal with someone like this?

    I want an honest dealer, honest salesman and an honest price......not someone that's pulling a bunch of crap.
    The reviews you posted a link to tell the story just like I thought.
    Places like that ought to be put out of business!

    Good luck. LOL.
  • mkzm7478mkzm7478 Posts: 4
    First off, no car that i want in the lot.
    Second, no respect, none at all trying to shove a wrong color and used at that vehicle.
    Then he was shocked that i wasn't interested.

    Waste of time.. every question got answered with a "don't worry about it"

    best of all.. that used car he was shoving.. $39,999.00 special.
    5,000 miles..

    at a loss for words..

    complete scum
  • lev280lev280 Posts: 27
    I have searched in the DFW area with a 75 mile radius and the inventory on Edmunds shows only 7 Tucsons 4x4. Since I wanted a GLS and not a Limited that further limits it to 4 in that radius. None in the color that I want. I am not sure if Tucson 4x4 is not in demand or is it that Hyundai is keeping a tight supply of it?
  • ............and your surprised by that?
    30% off.........sounds like an infomercial.

    How these dealers survive is beyond me........"sucker born every minute" must still be true.
  • buerkletucsonbuerkletucson Posts: 21
    edited March 2011
    "I have searched in the DFW area with a 75 mile radius and the inventory on Edmunds shows only 7 Tucsons 4x4. Since I wanted a GLS and not a Limited that further limits it to 4 in that radius. None in the color that I want. I am not sure if Tucson 4x4 is not in demand or is it that Hyundai is keeping a tight supply of it? "

    I think it's two-fold........
    1. They are in high demand
    2. Hyundai is having a hard time producing as many as needed.

    My dealer told me since the new design Tucson came out in 2010 they have had a hard time getting enough deliveries to meet demands.
    I don't think Hyundai has the capacity to keep up.

    My dealer had a tough time getting me a 2011 silver GLS AWD but he came through and got me one in the color I wanted within 2 weeks.
    He searched nationwide and intercepted one going to another dealer.
    Best part is it had more options than I wanted but he gave it to me for the agreed price. Nice!
    If the dealer is willing to do some legwork he can get the one you want.

    Right now my dealer has 10 Tucsons.........4 of which are AWD GLS models.
  • bchamp28bchamp28 Posts: 2

    I'm looking to purchase a 2011 Tucson GLS AWD in CT. Anyone have recent information on prices paid or best dealers in the area to negotiate with?

    Thanks in advance.
  • ddl4ddl4 Posts: 1
    I am shopping around for different crossover SUV's and it seems like Hyundai's Tucson might not be as popular seeing that the last post was over a month ago for "Buying Experience". I was debating between a Honda CRV and Toyota RAV-4 but decided to give Hyundai a try for once. I wanted to go for the Kia Sorento but I am still a bit nervous since they haven't been around as long.

    I got a quote recently for a 2011 Tucson GLS (AWD) for $24,500 (including all fees, taxes, etc). I had emailed at least 8 dealers and no one seems to really want to work with me. I don't know if it's because Hyundai's become more popular due to Toyota's recent rise in prices or whatnot but I'm finding it difficult to haggle. The 1st quote I got from one dealership seems to be the best one... and the other dealers seem unwilling to work with that price. Could I have been lucky enough to get a great price 1st time around?

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