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Bad Purchasing Decisions: Share Your Stories



  • ke72spnke72spn Posts: 12
    After driving my mothers 96 SC1, my 21 year old mind decided to trade my Mitsu Mirage for an ordered 96 SL2 4dr 5-speed w/roof! The experience of feeling so adult, having them clap for me as I drove out, no co-signer - it was great; did I mention the moon roof?

    One mile later, as I entered the interstate - SES light, stall - couldn't re-start. :sick: I called the roadside number and let them know I was stranded (I can't believe I had a cell in 96, but alas.) I told the woman that my car stopped and I could not re-start, she asked me for all of my information, then we got to "How many miles are on the car". My response, "6", she paused - "ugh, 6000 sir?", "no, 6 - so that means hurry!"

    The SES light, followed by a stall and being stranded continued on for 8 months. During this time, my car spend a solid month in Spring Hill, TN being reviewed and having a nickel plated converter installed. I was given a car back that didn't run - and was told to have it removed from their lot of I would be charged storage :lemon: .

    A month later, the morning of lemon law court, I was contacted by head of Consumer Affairs. I didn't care about principle at aht point, I wanted my downpayment and life back. I took the payoff/return and $2K down and went right to the Subaru dealer. I told them that I, nor would anyone in my family, ever buy a Saturn again. 11 years later, still not one purchase of any GM product in my entire immediate and extended family.

    The car smelled like rotten eggs too. Today, on my way to work I was behind a Vue, not that I saw it until the last minute, but I smelled it in front of me. I guess some things never change.
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