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Ford Freestyle Real World MPG



  • dnashdnash Posts: 35
    I understand where you are coming from, but my original comment on FAFE was in response to a post about increasing the CAFE requirements on the manufacturer. You state that companies are pretty much " to do as they choose." and then follow that with "The Companies have to meet EPA rules..." which is a contradiction. I agree that companies "should" step up to the plate but EPA rules (well NHTSA rules based on EPA testing) are trying to force it. While I like personal freedom, I don't agree that companies or people should be allowed to do things unchecked that have ramifications to others.

    With that in mind, it is the driver that creates the pollution, not the manufacturer of the car. FAFE was a joke but I have a problem with the way that this issue is always pushed at the manufacturers rather than the users. We don't just have to focus it on cars. We could extend it to your total pollution emissions, including the power you use in your home (Al Gore would be in trouble) or the exhaust from your lawnmower. You get to make a certain amount of pollution and thats it. I know that is extreme and unenforceable, but imho is much more fair than the current systems we have in place or that are being proposed. Sometimes things have to be forced for the common good. That's why I am not allowed to go around randomly firing bullets or putting my trash in the local park. Somewhere out there there is a happy medium between freedom and the common good but who knows if we will ever find it. Most people would agree that we need to help the environment (at least I hope so) but like you stated, they want more power in their car. I like my power as much as the next guy but I agree the Freestyle has plenty of power for what it is designed to do.

    I feel like I am rambling so I will end it with another Freestyle fact. I tend to average about 18MPG on my 4 mile city driving commute to work with several instances of accelerating on a highway only to soon stop. That is 3-4 MPG better than my Wrangler.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Over the past 2 years and 44,000 miles, I get in the low 20sMPG in mixed driving, mid 20sMPG in 70-75MPH highway driving, and in the upper 20sMPG if I keep the speed in the low 60sMPH.

    My other car is a Honda Fit, and I get in the low 30sMPG in mixed driving, high 30sMPG in pure highway driving at about 70mph, and if I take it easy on the highway and keep the speed in the low 60sMPH, then I can get 40mpg.

    So in general, I get about 50% better mileage in my Fit, but I'm satisfied with my real-world MPG in both vehicles.
  • fordenvyfordenvy Posts: 72
    should give better performance but the same MPG, possibly higher, we have to wait for the EPA on that. I estimate same city mileage, but 2 mpg higher on the highway.
  • tango_28tango_28 Posts: 35
    I did manage to get 27.6 mpg on our Freestyle last weekend. I was coming back from Chicago to St Paul. Outside temp was 62F degrees and was going 65mph. I did fill with gas in IL and mileage was much better than gas for Mn.
  • mrdinmnmrdinmn Posts: 9
    I usually get about 18 in the city and nearly always get 28.5 on the highway driving at 67 MPH. Cold temperatures decrease the mileage I experience, but the car's load seems to make little to no difference.
  • tango_28tango_28 Posts: 35
    Just got a Scangauge for the Freestyle and manage to get 32mpg @60mph with the AC. This car is awsome for Awd car, I could never get that kind mpg with my Subie.
  • heltonhelton Posts: 56
    "Just got a Scangauge for the Freestyle and manage to get 32mpg"

    Just out of curiosity, do you believe the Scanguage helped you get 32 mpg, or were you not able to calculate your gas mileage without the Scanguage?
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    I don't know what a Scangauge is but the most accurate way of calculating fuel economy is to fill the car, drive it, then fill it again and calculate the miles driven vs. the amount of gas used. On our '05 AWD Freestyle the best fuel economy I've ever gotten on a full highway tank with the cruise set at 70mph was 25mpg. Unless it was all downhill with a 30mph tail wind I find 32mpg with the AWD Freestyle a little hard to believe.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I assume you're calculating the mpg manually?
  • tango_28tango_28 Posts: 35
    If you look at hp require at 60mph VS 70mph that where you figure out your fuel savings. Driving fast is easy compare to hypermiling a car. It does take some skills to hyper mile a car. I calculate my mpg by hand and with the Scanscage and it comes pretty close. If you think 32mpg on a Freestyle is a far fetch, check out this guy out with a 06 Dodge Carvan with only a 4speed tranny.

    link title
  • heltonhelton Posts: 56
    The Scanguage is a little gizmo that attaches to the car computer to measure mpg. Tango_28’s post implied that the Scanguage was somehow responsible for his “great” gas mileage, but I guess he was just saying that he didn’t know how to manually calculate mpg. I also find the 32 mpg a little hard to believe, but I suppose anything is possible if you drive slow enough, on a flat road, by the light of a full moon, etc., etc.
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Posts: 877
    Thats 25 MPG in a front wheel drive, air conditioner on, some headwinds, mostly going about 75 mph, 400 lbs of people and cargo, few hills, over 2300 miles.

    Just got a letter from Ford about the brake recall. The dragging brakes they talked about could account for horrible gas mileage figures some have reported!

    On the subject of MPG, have you seen the EPA figures for the latest '08 Taurus sedan (a Ford500 with the new 3.5L V6)? That thing gets 31 MPG on the highway compared to the old Ford500's 29 MPG highway, comparing the back-converted 2008-style numbers with the old-style EPA figures. I want one. I haven't seen the figures for the Taurus X (Freestyle evolution) but an improvement over the '07 Freestyle's MPG would be awesome, too.
  • mrsajmrsaj Posts: 2
    I just had rear brakes changed ,along with rotors,on my 2005 Freestyle. Car has 20k miles,is AWD ,SEL, I like the car, so far, but was told by dealer that Ford used organic brake pads that don't last. Seems to me it would be a defect. What's up ?
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    Was it done for free? If not go back and make sure he knows about the extended warranty on the brakes. Good for 3/3600, or Dec. 31, 07 if already over 36k. They are supposed to be new pads that are much better.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I just did a 6000 mile road trip out West and in the Rockies. My best MPG was 29.9 driving about 65mph and even with the cruise set on 80mph (in the 75mph states) I still got about 24mpg. Even in the mountains my mpg never went under 23mpg. And I had plenty of power going up the mountains and the CVT was great for going down the mountains, although I wish it had an even lower "gear" when I went down Pike's Peak. Overall, we had a great 2 week vacation...much of it spent in the Freestyle!
  • tango_28tango_28 Posts: 35
    Most people have bad driving habits for mpg (including me). Scanguage just show your bad driving habits.
  • heltonhelton Posts: 56
    "Scanguage just show your bad driving habits."

    You’re right about that. My other car, a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid, has a computer display of MPG and I do pay attention to it, and often make driving corrections when the mileage isn’t as good as I think it should be. So, in a way, I guess it does help with better gas mileage.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Would all FS owners who have gotten 30 mpg please say aye?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Why just the over 30 people? That's going to skew the numbers, big time.

    I'd like to hear from people that have ever seen less than 20mpg.

    I'm sure that's every one at one point or another.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I'd like to hear from people that have ever seen less than 20mpg.

    I'm sure that's every one at one point or another."

    Aye again! If a tank is "all in-town" the FS is about 19 - 20. Driven hard, 17.
  • I just returned from 900 mile road trip through Kentucky and West Tennessee. I initially doubted the accuracy of the built in mpg computer on my 06 FWD Limitied but it checks within about .18 mpg vs manual calculations.

    I got a solid 26.7 with my average interstate speed at about 72 mph. (w/ cruise w/AC/ w/ 6 PAX-tires at 46 psi)

    I got 31.8 with my average state highway speed at 55 mph.

    As checked by a GPS unit-my speedo did indicate about 1.5 mph to 2 mph too fast (i.e. 70 mph was actually about 68 mph)
  • heltonhelton Posts: 56
    It has taken a little longer than most, but at just short of 10,000 miles I finally managed to hit 27 MPG with my 2006 FWD Freestyle :) It was a 380-mile trip with cruise set at 70 MPH. I never thought it would happen.
  • I got my freestyle SE [05] used at 7500 miles. It did not come with a message center. Over the course of adding 13000 more miles, I've had fair gas mileage. I can't tell you exactly what kind of mileage I've gotten tho, at least not yet. I'm one of those people who generally try to fill up the tank at about half.

    Which brings me to the question...

    I realize this is about MPG, but has anyone noticed any fuel gauge quirks? What I mean is... If the gauge reads half a tank but on filling it, the amount of gallons put in reads over 10 gallons?

    Has anyone noticed that sort of thing happening?

    Not withstanding the way I drive, the only way I have to really ascertain mpg results is the fuel gauge, which has a tendency to either stick or "crashmove"[suddenly drop unexplainedly a few notches]. Has anyone noticed this type of behaviour?

    Also, is the message center measurement based on the data the sending unit part of the gas gauge transmits or is it a different measuring system?

    The reason I ask is cause I had a old 92 Dodge dakota that I had to replace the fuel gauge sending unit, and after that was replaced, apparently several months later, acted like it needed replacing again. That truck had 160+k miles when I got it. there were some other problems that caused me to sell it.. But I digress.

    I suppose its fairly apparent that I dont completely trust the fuel gauge of the Freestyle I have. I've asked the dealer to look at it several times and they've never found a problem. But I think there is one... Mostly in cooler weather, the fuel gauge seems to drop faster then the amount of gas actually in the tank. But dealer says theres no problem... :confuse:

    Someone mentioned about the brakes... on the freestyle I have, because it was used when I got it, though I'm not sure why. The dealer never informed me about the rear brakes being recalled or anything. And according to the dealer, they were good for free replacement under 12000 miles. I already had over 17kmiles when I was informed of this. I had to pay... the customer service of the dealer though is granting me a free oil change this next time I go in...

    Another thing I've noticed.. With my freestyle [SE/FWD], on occasion the front end will make a sort of swishing? noise? I've particularly noticed this at speeds over 35mph and I've also noticed, but am not sure of, a reduction in MPG when this occurs [because the gas gauge drops faster with this odd noise going on]. As to what I speculate the noise to be...

    It could be the design of the drivetrain system, or likely a possible quirk in the cvt itself. I'm not sure.

    Because my freestyle lacks a message center, its hard for me to determine mpg. That, and I really dislike empty-lining the gas tank. All I know is the fuel gauge drops fairly fast from full to 3/4s, then usually drops at normal to half or 1/4th/E. It also tends to stick around at the halfway mark way past what is appropriate for a half tank amount at times. But then again, it might be that, in my head, I've divided the gauge into 4 gallon segments, treating it like a 16 gallon tank even though its a 19 gallon tank.

    Anyway, I've rambled on enough.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I realize this is about MPG, but has anyone noticed any fuel gauge quirks? What I mean is... If the gauge reads half a tank but on filling it, the amount of gallons put in reads over 10 gallons?"

    My 2006 SEL has the trip computer, but I use the MPG listing there only for reference.

    You can obtain your MPG by dividing the mileage used by the number of gallons used. This is how I do it. If you are filling up at 1/2 a tank, I'd suggest that you add up the total miles over several tanks and divide that by the total gallons of the fill ups.

    The gas gauge on every Ford I have ever owned operates such that it goes down to 1/2 a tank fairly slowly, then goes rapidly down to empty. My (non scientific) estimate is that the gauge showed about 2/3 of the tank when it read 1/2, the the last 1/3 of the fuel capacity was indicated on the last 1/2 of the gauge. I think the FS is not quite that bad. However, filling up 10 gallons at 1/2 on the gauge is about right - the FS holds 19 gallons. My experience is that there is a 3 gallon reserve left in the tank when the gauge reads "E".

    I don't really notice much. The trip computer also has a function to tell how many miles are remaining on the tank. When I get low on gas I use this feature to determine how much further I can travel.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    First if you don't shut the engine off when you fill, the readings will be squirrly for about 20 mins.

    2nd. If things seem really messed up, there may be sulfer contamination in the sender, try using a bottle of fuel system cleaner.

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I’m now driving our ’05 FWD Freestyle miles to work every day. My commute is about 75% highway and 25% suburbs and round trip is 30 miles. As an experiment on the last tank, I drove easy in the suburbs and kept the speed at 65mph on the highways. My low-fuel light came on at just over 400 miles and I got 25.0mpg when filling up the tank. That’s really good mpg for mixed driving. And that’s been with the AC on pretty much all the time because it’s been hot lately.

    On this tank I’m keeping the speed at a little over 70mph on the highway and I won’t pay attention to my suburb driving speed so much. I just want to see the difference.

    Our other car is a Honda Fit and I did the same experiment as above. The mpg range was from about 34-37mpg depending on highway mpg and suburb driving style, so it was about 10% difference. We’ll see if the FS difference is also about 10%. If so, then I should expect to see about 22-23mpg.
  • Huh, sounds similar in the trip aspect. For me its about a total of 25 miles one way to work... 15 miles of that city driving if I go the slower way and probably about the same if I go freeway, however, my hours are changing so not sure. And too is the fact that I tend to refill the tank at half empty whenever possible.

    Because I don't have a estimated fuel usage computer, I cant really give any estimates for mileage...

    Wednesday at work, I met a carburator specialist.. he Said he could improve my mileage with some tinker to the computer and stuff for 100$ or so... But, I dunno.

    A friend suggested I get a cold air filter but do they make them for freestyles? Has anyone ever tried alternate air filters or the like?

    And the fuel system cleaner did help... I'm thinking I should probably do the cleaner every 3 months or so...
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Even if you fill up the tank at the 1/2 way point, you can still calculate the MPG manually. Just divide the miles you've driven (200 for example) by the gallons you put in (10 for example) to get 20mpg in this example. I don't have a trip computer either, but manual calculation is more accurate anyway.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    So I just finished another tank of my daily commute (% highway and 25% suburbs and round trip is 30 miles). Last time I kept the highway speed at 65mph and got 25.0mpg. This time I kept the highway speed at 70mph or a little higher and got 23.7mpg. I didn't have to use the AC as much, so the 25.0mpg at 65mph probably would have been a little higher, since I used the AC 100% of the time on my previous tank. Still pretty good considering my commute is only 75% highway.

    I filled up at a station with zero percent ethanol added, because I wanted to see if the normal 10% ethanol in most stations affects the MPG. So for this next tank I'll drive at 70mph on this type of gas to see the difference.

    The fact that the Freestyle gets 23-24mpg in mixed use driving is better than most vehicles of this size, especially considering the fact that I'm getting this while not "babying" the car.
  • The car is just a bit heavy for its engine... gas gauge is certainly working now, but it seems the car goes a bit quickly thru the first 4 gallons of gas... And I drive as normally as I usually do.

    Of course, that is when I'm not having to take my mom to Colfax/Pullman area and even maybe to Lewiston on occasion.
    Hills, headwinds, grades, curves, slower vehicles, passing situations.

    It came out that I used 5 gallons or so down and 5 gallons getting back. Its about 70 miles from here to Pullman with another 35 to Lewiston. The grade out of Lewiston is about 5 miles or so of 5-7% grade and I hovered aaround 3000-3500rpm [65-69mph uphill].

    It should be noted that I really enjoy the cvt's ability to stay relatively close to the speed limit without needing to cater to gravity's pull too much.

    But still, in my opinion, the freestyle has too much weight for the engine it has, tending to drink a bit more fuel then it should. With gas prices as high as they are, likely to go higher.... Well, its my opinion anyway...
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