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Chevy Aveo Accesories & Modifications



  • I have the shop manual if you want the pages of wiring
  • site doesn't have anything for 04 to 06 this is the message i get
    The requested resource is not available.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    If someone has already asked this, I missed it. I have used the K&N air filters before in other cars and trucks, and barely notice any difference in 'horsepower or mileage increase'. It wasn't worse, but barely noticed any improvement. At $44.00 a piece, for the Aveo, has anyone put this in their Aveo? With an automatic tranny? Has it made ANY change at all in your miles per gallon, or give it anymore, 'get up and go'? :confuse: Considering the small amount of mileage I have on my Aveo after 2.5 years, I just dont if it is worth the cost. Opinons from people that have installed one in their Aveo, would be great.
  • Your car comes from the factory with a preset tuning that, in theory, is optimal for typical driving conditions. If your car senses that more air is coming into the motor than expected, it will adjust the fuel injection accordingly to continue giving the same performance as before. You can try to get around this by pulling your battery cables off and then putting the back on. This will cause the computer to forget its current settings and go into a mode where it will retune itself. Since you now have upgrades, it will be taking your upgraded filter/airbox into consideration this time.

    However, an air filter alone is too small an upgrade to really matter anyway, in my opinion. To fully take advantage of airflow upgrades, you need a bigger intake, more efficient exhaust, tuned injectors, and an appropriate MAF sensor. For an Aveo, it's really not going to be worthwhile.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Thank you for your advise. And you are VERY right. It isnt worth the price of all those mods, to get a few horsepower, in an Aveo. it would cost the price of the car to get all the mods! Even just a cold air intake , which I tired, is to much money and way to much work. It didnt fit, and took months to get my money back. I gave up trying for more power. I guess I have all I will get with my synthetic oil, and Bosch Plus 4 spark plugs. I get better mpg. Maybe a whopping 1-3 more horsepower. Thats enough. IF the K&N actually gave the car the 10-15 extra horsepower it claims all over its ads, it would be worth it. but it never does. Maybe I'll just go put in a new plain old paper filter. :)
  • I have an 05 aveo and the alarm just goes off for no reason.... In the middle of the day or night.... At first we thought it was loud noise or a bump against it.. but that's not it. We unlocked it yesterday, and the next thing I know it locked itself(with the birdy chirp) I'm guessing it's a short somewhere....

    Anyone with help???

    Thanks Bill
  • That chirp sound is the alarm reseting it's self. It is normal to do this, in case you forget to lock the car. Notice the doors locking also.
  • According to the manual for my '08 Aveo, on cars with the factory alarm, the doors lock themselves after you unlock them under certain circumstances. IIRC, "certain circumstances" are if you don't insert the key into the ignition within 30 seconds, but I might not be remembering correctly. Check your manual -- but note that the Aveo's advanced computer-controlled features seem to be documented about as accurately as most computer equipment (that is, not very well). For instance, my manual talks about the stereo playing MP3 files with .m3u extensions, but this is inaccurate; the stereo wants to see .mp3 extensions, and it seems to ignore .m3u files.
  • Was wondering where and if you can get a rear stabilizer or sway bar for the '08 Aveo to get more sporty handling?
  • part of your problem, could be those bosch plug, never ever, have i heard anyone give even a small hint of running bosch, in a gm motor, your best bet is delco, no matter what, ive been working on cars since i was 12 and i know, you dont want bosch plugs, good plugs dont get me wrong, but not for a gm motor. have a good one
  • hey i did find a turbo kit for the aveo it comes with a t4 turbo and all of the hookups exept for the header
  • i have the same problem when its cold.
  • Today I took my 2004 Aveo in for it's 40,000km service and mentioned to the technician that I was still experiencing problems with the alarm, it would go off for no reason as it has been doing for the past 5years and today when I locked the door remotely there was no sound.
    He immediately said it could be the hood actuator. being the eternal skeptic I left if with them and they confirmed that the hood actuator was too short and was not making correct contact with the switch and the ALARM did go off when they were testing this actuator..hallelujah :) :)
  • I have a 2004 not 2006 but I believe both year have same radio features, I do the following steps to save my stations on mine:
    - Radio On (of course}
    - Select AM or FM
    - Tune in the disire station
    - Press and hold one of the six number pusbuttons for longer than 2 seconds, the number will flash on the radio display when the station has been set. (after on whenever you press that number button this set station come back again)
    - Repeat the steps for each number pushbutton for your favorite stations
    Hope these above will help ... :shades:
  • I recently purchased a 2004 aveo. The former owner said the anti-theft system stopped working about a year ago. Autozone's website had the schematics, this forum warned of hood switch problems. The hood sensor is the only sensor not tied into the 'door ajar' light and tied directly into the anti-theft system. It was highly suspect as the culprit. It is mounted in front of the radiator on the driver's side of the hood latch. The switch felt like it had sand in it when pressed down. Looking thought the grill you can see that the wire harness can disconnect from the sensor. Upon disconnecting it the switch crumbled in my fingers. I made a jumper of wire and put it into the wire harness connector, closing the circuit, wrapped it with electrical tape and taped this to the frame for easy retrieval. The security system now works just fine, but of course isn't protecting hood access. I will see how steep the replacement hood tamper switch is at the dealership.

    So nice to get that pleasant chirping noise!
  • sammer17sammer17 Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 Aveo......I have had SO MANY freakin problem's with the alarm and the car itself. If there was a lemon in the bunch of 2006's I own it!!!! : :lemon: :mad:
    Last year i had the same issue as some of you with the alarm going off for no reason at all hours of the day and night. I was after getting the run around and was told its was a short they couldnt find and to live with the problem. After raising hell...
    Turned out to be that some of the switches had lost connection.

    Now the anti-theft system stopped working as well. I came home got to my door and the alarm went off for no reason. I went did the normal routine to turn it off. Got up went to work the next day, went to lock the door and no "chirp". Im just going to add this to the long list of things that have gone on with this car.
  • peter58peter58 Posts: 4
    Have the dealer check the hood tampering switch, for years I had the same problem then one technician had an idea to check this switch(and replace it) and the alarm now works properly.
    Good luck
  • sammer17sammer17 Posts: 5
    Thanks.....I will do that forsure. :)
  • demoman1demoman1 Posts: 8
    I put tap lights in the glove box and on either side under the dash to light up the floor. Being led lights they are brite and low profile also there self adhesive. :)
  • ccbeallccbeall Posts: 1
    we have a 2005 chevy aveo. It has manual door locks. Recently it has decided not to start but each time you turn the key to start the car the horn honks but does not start.

    Any clues? We didn't know it had any type of anti theft deterrent on it.

  • I have had the same problem everyone on this page has had, the alarm goes off in wet weather, my daughter was in college and the alarm went off while she was in school, she unlocked the doors and the alarm still kept going off. This 2005 Aveo has been nothing but a headache for us sence we baught it 2 years ago.
  • peter58peter58 Posts: 4
    Did you have them check the hood actuator, they replaced mine and the alarm problem has now been fixed, over a year now and the alarm never goes off on it's own
  • Yes I'm having the problem, haven't fixed it yet because I had to buy a $200 battery cable from the factory installed battery exploding, corroding the prong but "just" the prong wasn't an optional replacement, it's seamed in with the cable. Then I spent $1400.00 for the timing belt that broke before the 60,000 suggested replacement time... and now I'm buying a $100 thermostat housing part and hoping my engine didn't blow up because when that split at the seams in half there was no indication, no heating up, no warning light, just smoke, so hoping I got pulled over in time, will see. But yeah haven't been able to tackle the alarm problem yet. That will be next, make sure I get my car into excellent condition and sell it fast before anything else pops up... better off buying an island beater and pouring money into it rather then having a car payment and pouring money in as well. good luck, let me know when you get it fixed, how much, what the problem was. i'm assuming it's electrical as I'm having electrical problems with the radio and turn signals as well! all I can do is laugh. my pour little car is so high maintenance, and I bought it for the gas mileage.. why oh why!!!!
  • hk86hk86 Posts: 1
    The timing belt in my Aveo busted. The pistons shot into the valves now the engine is toast. I was thinking of replacing the engine with a Cobalt engine. Is this an easy swap, totally interchangable? It's a the Chevy dealership getting worked on. Will they think I'm crazy and not put in a different engine?? Thx.
  • my dad just gave me his 2004 hatchback with 134000 miles on it. I want to do something to the car to give it sound and performance. has anyone put in a short ram intake or a cold air intake? Any other ideas for making it sound better or a little quicker? any easy mods for a 16 year-old and my brother to do would be great, thanks!
  • So my mom (she is a very old fashion lady) had bought me a new 2009 aveo for college ( I am 20 years old), I like the car but the only thing is that it doesn't have a car alarm, power windows or locks!? Is there any way I can add these items on? Can you help give me an estimated cost and where would I go do this?
  • please help me?!
  • I have an 06 LT sedan with an AEM cold air intake i got from and it fits great, i also got H&R sport springs and eibach camber adjusters from the same site. For wheels and tires i have 15x7 american racing santa cruz wheels wrapped in yokohama s-drives. i have also upgraded the brakes with marcor m-sport slotted and crossdrilled rotors and hawk performance ceramic pads.
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