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Infiniti G35 Real World MPG



  • jagguarjagguar Posts: 25
    I remember when I first bought the car, I was getting exactly 18mpg, which I thought was pretty bad. I was hoping/expecting it to improve at least a little after I broke it in. For the first few thousand miles, my mpg didn't vary at all. It was consistently exactly 18, no matter how hard or how calmly I drove it. So I figured I might as well have fun :blush: Now at 14,000 miles it varies between 18 and 19 but that's it. It only increases on long trips (200 - 500 miles) up to about 25 averaging about 100mph. It seems that the faster I go, the better my mpg, but I try not to go much faster than 120 :P
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    Does everyone here use high test gas? I have not tried regular unleaded in this car, but with the price of gas going to $100 a gallon, this may start to get expensive...
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    I use regular consistently and notice no difference in power/performance in the G and my ES350.

    As an aside, when gas gets to $100/gal, I believe we all better consider walking.
  • jebelljebell Posts: 54
    I always use regular in my 08G35x. No problems. I have always used regular in my Beemer and Lexus which "say" you need premium. The ONLY reason to use premium is if you get knocking, otherwise it is a waste of your money. Regular will NOT harm your engine or give you better gas milage. Premium is simply a higher octane fuel so more fuel burns in the combustion chamber. If all the fuel is not burned, you get knocking, if no knocking you are burning all the fuel reagrdless of the octane level
  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 95
    Sorry, but you're not quite right there... That's not what Octane does at all...

    First off, Octane prevents combustion not aids it. Secondly, you get knocking because the gasoline explodes in the cylinder before it is supposed to, not because there is extra fuel is floating around.

    The motor in the G35 and many other cars like your Bimmer and Lexus use anti-knock technology (timing retard, etc.) to prevent knocking when you use the cheap gas. You're robbing the car of power.
  • dukiedougdukiedoug Posts: 12
    Hi all I have perused these boards and seems like the mpg is all over the place. Any ideas on what I can expect to get from a 2006 G35 coupe AT? I am looking at purchasing one and am just curious how much my gas bill per month may go up. Most of my driving is highway.
  • 2005g352005g35 Posts: 2
    Maybe this can help:

    I bought a 2005 G35 sedan in December 2007. Car had 26K miles on it.

    Changed oil, replaced the original (!!!) dirty air filter and put 4 new tires on it - 245/45R17.

    I was getting 15/20 MPG, using regular gas and driving 75 - 80 MPH on the highway. Took it to Miller Infiniti in Van Nuys, California and asked why.

    Dealer said the engine was fine, the emissions were fine and everything looked great, but made the following observations that contribute to the situation:

    1. Tires are larger than the recommended size and put more pressure on the engine in certain situations.
    2. Air filter was dirty.
    3. Carbon build-up in the throttle body and fuel injectors.

    Changed air filter for the second time in 3 months, had my mechanic clean the throttle body and put some fuel injector cleaner into the system and it did not seem that anything has improved.

    Reading some of the posts here, I guess this is the norm and we should ignore Infiniti's own MPG rating and definitely the EPA rating of 18/25.

    And I sold my 1998 Lexus LS400 (which did 17/21), hoping to save some money on gas... Silly me!
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    I did my first highway trip last night, 80 mph or so for 100 miles. MPG... 19.5. Ugh. I expected much better, my M3 was getting 25-26 on the highway.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I did 50% of my tank in bumper to bumper traffic, probably 25% highway and the rest city, I got 15.7mpg. I am on 1600 miles.
  • zheka212zheka212 Posts: 63
    I'm finishing a lease of a 2005 G35x. Car has about 40k miles on it.
    Until recently (and I mean about 37k) I never got above 20 MPG highway (70-80 mph).
    The last few gas tanks got me as many as 23 (once) and 22 MPG.

    City driving is another story. I must apologize to the many people who define "city" as driving on a road with lights going 40-60 mph. City driving is Brooklyn, NYC, where you go as many as 5 lights without stopping (about 0.5 mile), then peel off the line to smoke the V6 Mustang that thinks it has a chance -- and then repeat at next light. Even without peeling off, I never got above 15 MPG. With "spirited driving", my worst average was 12.4 MPG around city.

    If you live in a real city (I've been to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Buffalo -- you haven't lived until you've sat in traffic on the BQE during rush hour, and I apologize for the gruesome details -- I just want to make sure we compare apples to apples), the G is not likely to ever break 15 MPG.

    A quick note on the air filter - I replaced the OEM with a washable K&N. The filter does get dirty in about 1 month -- I think the reason for that is that one of the air intakes is very low behind the front bumper. I used to wash it religiously, then I pretty much gave up -- with no real change in MPG.

    I've tried using the "recommended" 91 octane gas (went through about 5 tanks to make sure I would notice a difference if there was one) -- aside from a slightly slower takeoff, no real change.
  • wind12fanwind12fan Posts: 1
    For my 1st fill-up, i'm getting 23.5 MPG. I drive mostly on the highway 90% and babying the car so far. Hopefully the MPG continues.
  • ncjonncjon Posts: 1
    I have had my 05 g35 for almost a year. On a long Interstate trip I get 26-27 mpg by driving very conservatively at 70-75 mpg (averaging multiple tanks). Local driving is more like 20 mpg, without a lot of stop&go.

    I can't be certain, but I think premium gas yields slightly better mpg, enough to offset cost.

    Driving style---conservative acceleration, coasting to stops, etc. plays a VERY large part in fuel consumption. Especially in a car with as much power on tap as a g35.
  • athensathens Posts: 25
    In my 2003 G35 coupe I regularly see 21 mpg combines suburban driving.

    On my one long distance highway trip from Chicago to Springfield, this past Oct., I obtained 26 mpg at 80 mph steady.

    Any one who claims Americans do not care about the price of gas which has jumped by 100% in three years is being disingenuine.

    The average American earns 40K, per year, which is reduced to $32K after income taxes. $17K goes for housing, insurances, food and clothing. The average passenger car which has gasoline engine displacement greater than 2500 cc (which is about 80% of passenger vehicles on the road in the US) obtains 22 mpg in combined cycle driving. If the average motorist drives 12,000 miles per year, that motorist will soon have to expend $3,000 per year to fill up, when prices hit the projected $5.50 per gallon by 2010. That is 20% of their remaining disposable income people.

    And Saudi Arabia just told the United States, to which we have sold all out latest military technology, NO INCREASE IN OIL PRODUCTION.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    Hello all .. just an update as it has been a while for me.. i have a 2007 g35x. Living in new england I am now loving the warmer (50-70 degree) weather. Car just turned one year old with 7200 miles. Ok here are the numbers-- total MPG - mostly city driving for the year i have avg (per the cars computer) a little over 18 mpgs--. 2 weeks ago did a run to nyc (400 miles) and then to albany (another 400, both round trips). I got 24.4 and 23.7 respectively, both highway doing 75 with cruse engaged. --Net net with $4 gas not going away -- and even being able to afford a 40k car--- I have dramatically changed the way i drive and how much I drive.. I take the train more often-- and when I do drive I no longer hammer it.
  • silica1silica1 Posts: 23
    I've had my 2008 G35 for less than 2 months. For the past couple of tanks of gas, I am averaging 20.6 mpg with an average speed of 26 mph. The last fill-up was with 89 octane instead of the usual 93 octane. It didn't move the mpg at all. I was expecting it to drop somewhat but it didn't make a difference for my driving conditions in NC. I'm moderately aggressive in accelerating when it's clear. Most of the driving is a mixture of back roads, stop and go, with a little highway. I'm not finding an advantage from the 93 octane gas. I haven't yet tried the so called "cheap" 87 octane even though the owners manual says it can operate on low octane. According to the manual, a G37 MUST have premium gas but the G35 doesn't (just recommended).
  • lgmlgm Posts: 7
    Got 20 mpg on my first tank of mixed city/hwy driving, and am about 17.5 to 18 on the second (not yet done). Will update more as I go along.
  • jimjam25jimjam25 Posts: 1
    They should amend the title of this thread to "Infiniti G35 Real World MPG...if you drive like you stole it". My G35 consistently gets 20.5 mpg and I don't drive like Grandma by any means (I live in Phoenix and yes we have heavy traffic). I almost didn't purchase the G35 based on the "real world" data provided by the other owners in this forum who claim to get 16mpg and below. I'm here to tell other people purusing this site that it is possible to get decent gas mileage with this vehicle.
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    I wish I knew how. I do not drive hard at all, a lot of local driving but no heavy traffic at all. I have 2500 miles on the car and still get 15-16 on any tank. On the highway I only got 20 for a 200 mile trip. Im really disappointed so far in the gas mileage, I hope it improves. I dont know how people are getting 20+ on a full tank of normal driving.
  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    I've never had less than 20mpg on any tank so far (I reset the Fuel Economy meter after every fill up) on my '08 G35S. I definitely do not drive like granny :P, but I do a bit more highway than city driving. It is hard to tell the exact MPG on the fuel economy history screen, but I would say my best MPG has been around 23 and the worst just over 20. I have noticed a slight 1-2mpg decrease since we switched to summer fuel blends here in Atlanta GA (or my lead foot is taking over!) but still get around 21mpg on average.

  • Im getting exactly 20 mpg for the last 3 weeks in city...I started driving like a granny to see how much I can get...this is the best I could get so far...on the highway I was able to get 26 cruise set at 68....I think that is not too bad.....looking at all other reports here... ;)
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    I have a feeling my car is screwed up in some way. On the highway I only got 20 mpg at 72 mph and in the city, and NOT heavy city traffic, I get 15 on the tank!!
  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    Using the "instant" MPG gauge in the center cluster, on the highway I get anywhere from 15 to 30 mpg, depending on the road grade and if I encounter some slow downs. I would say overall I get 25 (if not a bit more) on the highway, and most of the time I am doing 75-80mph. I will do a more scientific test next week and report back :)

  • busman01busman01 Posts: 46
    Depending on where you live, and the "blends" of fuel mandated for your area, your mileage will vary accordingly. Throw in some ethenol and your mileage will really drop.
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    Man, gas will be $5.50 a gallon by August.
    '04 G35X 51K I get 15 city and 20 highway- maybe 23 on long (cruise control@70 mph) highway.
    Just spoke to a friend with an '07 Saab 9-5 Aero-20 city & 30 highway. Grrr...
    But I asked him what kind of mileage it gets in the shop ;)
  • luvmy_g35luvmy_g35 Posts: 1
    I have an 07 G35 coupe which I bought brand new. I do about 80 - 90% highway driving and I have always filled up with 91 Octane (premium fuel). Where I live, there are generally three grades of gas (87, 89, and 91). There is Sunoco which has a 94 octane but I don't use that.

    I consistently get 24 mpg on the highway (travelling at 120 km/h which is 75 mph). On really good trips, the highest mileage I've gotten is 28 mpg but that is rare. With mixed city driving, I average 21 - 22 mpg.

    NOTE: I notice a difference in gas mileage when I turn the VDC off. I consistently get 1 - 2 mpg better mileage with the VDC off. I would NEVER turn it off in the winter time, but during the summer on long highway drives, I turn it off.

    I don't really drive like a maniac but I think I'm pretty happy with my mileage. Just wish gas wasn't so expensive!
  • habiemhabiem Posts: 22
    Can I hear from a few folks with 08 G35x's as to what they're getting on mileage? Honestly, an 08 is probably not as critical as the AWD. In my area, the dealers are currently damn near giving these cars away. I'm willing to pay a bit more for gas than I am right now to have the G35, vs a TSX or something, but don't want it to cost a fortune. My current car is getting about 25MPG. I drive 60 miles/day, with 50+ of that highway. Thanks!!
  • g35floodedg35flooded Posts: 44
    I have an 07 G35X sedan and I've been getting a solid 15.4 miles per gallon btwn highway and street. I really don't drive that much so it's not bothering me to much but I'm really not happy with the MPG on this car. I've had the car for about a yr and only have 6 thousand miles on it.... I usually drive with a heavy foot but I stopped when I saw the low MPG that I was getting and it really didn't make a big difference. I even had infiniti take a look at it and they said there's nothing wrong.
  • sharkman78sharkman78 Posts: 10
    I've put on 4200 miles on my 2008 G35XS with nav, sport and prem pkgs.. My driving is a mix of city and highway and I'm getting 19.9.

    I just started mixing 1/2 tank of 89 with 1/2 tank of 91 and I can't detect any difference in performance or mileage..

  • odymikeodymike Posts: 23
    2008 G35X with 2,500 miles here. I believe a key feature to notate, isn't just city/highway mix, but topographical make-up. We live in Pennsylvania, and therefore contend with a lot of hills, which I believe factor in quite a bit. We drive about 90% rural/city and 10% highway. We are currently averaging 19.5 MPG on 89 octane (only got 18.2 on 93, and figure the reduction HP due to timing retardation isn't a factor 306 vs. 296 or so?). We are happy with that, since the sticker 'observed' rating was 19 - so it wasn't a surprise - since we were never expecting > 20.
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    3000 miles on mine, the last tank was a mix of highway/local and I got 18. That was my highest by far. Highway I got 20 for the full ride, and usually with all local I am getting around 16. I use 89 octane now too, I see no difference so far.
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