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Hyundai Sonata vs. Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry vs. Ford Fusion



  • Good post! Things like this is why Ford is going out of business.
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    I don't think the Fusion is as bad as you two make it seem. It is not rated last in comparison tests and has got positive reviews.

    It may not offer all the standard features like the Sonata. But it is a well executed vehicle. With a few improvements here and there, it can be near the top.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    The funny thing is that you sound like a company source :-)

    Getting back on topic. The logic is fairly easy why the Sonata provides the most value (and bang for the buck). Yes, it is true the Fusion S (base) is priced a few hundred dollars below the Soanta GL (base), but if you look and compare the contents, no wonder everyone has been raving about the new offering from Hyundai. Items such as ABS w/ EBD, traction control, stability control, dual active head restraints, (6) airbags and more, are all standard (even on the base model), versus either optional or not available on the Fusion line. Adding to that a stronger V6, yet better gas mileage per EPA, it is undoubtedly a competitive vehicle in the midsize class.

    Since last year, I have been behind the wheels extensively on both cars. While they are both excllent products, and are destined to do well for their respective companies, the Sonata does, however, kick up a notch in many categories valued more importantly by the consumers.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I agree it would not take much to put the Fusion right up there with the class leader, which is right now (until the new Camry proves itself) the Accord. For instance: better safety equipment, better designed center stack, better panel fit, better interior plastics (some good, some not as good). Some people might want a more powerful V6 too, which is on the way. And the other big thing is demonstrated solid reliabillity, which is the biggest advantage that Accord and Camry have over Fusion (and Sonata) at this point IMO. Fusion and Sonata are so very close; let's see how hard Ford and Hyundai want to work to get all the way to the top.
  • Hahaha!
    I never said the Fusion was bad.
    I just listed a few facts.

    One really important one to lots of people is the size of the passenger and cargo area. The EPA classifies the Sonata as a LARGE car. The cars people usually compare the Sonata with are all mid-size cars. (The Elantra is a mid-size. So is Accord, Camry, Fusion, 626, Altima etc...)
    Also, if you check, I think you'll find Sonata is the least expensive large car AND the one that gets the best fuel economy! And look at that warranty.
    What a car!
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587

    You mentioned panel fit. As far as exterior body panel fit, it doesn't get any better than the Sonata. I examined a blue GLS V6, and I was astonished at the tolerances. Panel gaps did not vary enough to detect visually. There was not a single mismatched joint on the entire car. The interior was also impressive, but not as outstanding as the exterior.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I agree, I think Hyundai has come a long way in the past few years on panel fit, and this is demonstrated by the Sonata. I think Hyundai's extensive use of robots (which they manufacture!) has something to do with that. I have frequently seen panel fit problems with Camrys, and the Fusion's hood has a huge gap, like it's partially open. The Accords I've seen have had good, even seams.
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    Does the Sonata feel significantly bigger than its midsize competitors? From my experience no, it doesn't.

    Also, if you check, I think you'll find Sonata is the least expensive large car AND the one that gets the best fuel economy!
    We're comparing the Sonata to cars in the midsize segment, not the large segment.

    In the midsize segment, the Sonata does not have the best fuel economy. The new 2007 Toyota Camry is coming out soon. It comes with a very powerful 268HP V6 engine. It is more powerful than the Sonata and has better mileage.
  • Nope.
    The SAE gross brake horsepower tests prior to around 1972 were measured at the flywheel. The newer test was also measured at the flywheel, not the road wheels. The new test horsepower figures were referred to as SAE net brake horsepower.
    Both tests were run on an engine dynomometer, dyno for short. (The device which would be used to measure horsepower where the rubber meets the road is called a chassis dyno.)
    The difference was that the new test required all engine systems be attached and operating.
    The old test was often run with only the equipment necessary to make the motor run, e.g. a water pump, oil pump and carburetor (or fuel injection if so equipped).
    The new test required the air cleaner, alternator, full standard exhaust system including catalytic converter if so equipped, air pump and any other accessories and systems the car would normally have as delivered to the consumer.
    Horsepower measured at the road wheels on a chassis dyno reflects frictional losses in the transmission and drivetrain. Obviously, if power is measured at the flywheel, those items are not considered. Drivetrains vary in efficiency, robbing different amounts of power from the engine before the power reaches the road.
  • Feel? Hahaha! So size is an emotional experience now?

    Maybe you need some more experiences. Use a measuring tape if you want accuracy. Feel is just an opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.

    I realize the Sonata is compared most often to smaller, mid-sized cars. And I said exactly that in my post.
    The reason the EPA LARGE sized Sonata gets the best fuel economy of any LARGE sized car is chiefly because it is lighter than all of them AND, when equipped with the FOUR cylinder motor, it has the least power.
    I never said the Sonata V6 got better mileage than the Avalon, now did I?
    In the mid-size segment of EPA lists, the Elantra is the most fuel efficient gasoline non-hybrid car. That was true in 2005, and I think still may be true for 2006.
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    "Officially, the Sonata is classified by the government as a "large car" due to overall interior volume. Still, from behind the wheel, the 2006 Sonata doesn't feel appreciably larger than other midsize sedans like the Honda Accord or Nissan Altima."-Edmunds

    Maybe you should tell Edmunds, "Maybe you need some more experiences."

    Feel? Hahaha! So size is an emotional experience now?

    I'll take your advice next time I purchase a car and base my purchase on measurements for more accuracy. Numbers can tell how comfortable a car is, right? ;);)
  • Comfort and size are not the same.
    My point was about size, not comfort.
    In fact, I think the non-power seats in Sonatas are very uncomfortable. So, if I was forced to buy a Sonata, it would have to be an LX model.
    To me, a 14 year old Accord has much more comfortable seats than the Sonata's non-electric ones.
    Of course I agree with you that how comfortable a car feels is important when buying. No argument from me about that.

    And oh yeah, "Hey Edmunds! Maybe you need some more experiences!"
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    FYI, Power driver's seat is available on the GLS as an option.
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    Hey, I finally agree with an Accord advocate.
    Of course, a 14 year old Accord seat is more
    comfortable than a 2006 Accord also. :)
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    In watching the Super Bowl commercials, I see where
    the Fusion got it's name and grill design. The Fusion
    razor. :)
  • zen2zen2 Posts: 226
    Even more than visually. I was amazed at the
    tolerances, and I measured, with a micometer.
    As good or better than any Honda I have owned,
    and way better than any Ford. Hope my grammar is
    satisfactory to y'all. :)
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Sonata... And look at that warranty.
    What a car!

    You'll need the warranty too...I hope you enjoy loaner cars every month! Give me high quality/low warranty over low quality/high warranty any day.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Well, given the choice, I'll take a high quality/high warranty car--like the Sonata. :)
  • I agree it is hard to beat the Sonata in just about everyway.

    I am glad to see such a prestigious authority as Edmund's sees this. Most other rating institutions automatically put down Toyota or Honda both I find way over rated.
  • Amen my brother!! Along with a road assistace program so when you get a flat tire they are there to help you out with a Honda you are on you own.
  • I happend to notice that more than twice as many people have rated Sonata on the Edmund's forum than have rated Accord. I really think this speaks to the great ethusiasm the Sonata has generated. People that own one tend to love it!!
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    Yes, but the Sonata has been out longer than the 2006 Accord. The 2006 Sonata was out on the "rate your vehicle" list longer than any of these 3 vehicles.

    Did you know that the Accord is the 2nd most researched car on Edmunds? ;) I believe it is one of the top reserached car on MSN autos to.

    Edit: Backy is correct. If you notice, at the start (2003) the Accord had ALOT of reviews. The 2003 Accord had 500+ reviews! But the number decreased as the years went by.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Yes, the Sonata has been out about 5 months longer. But the Accord sells at 2-3 times the volume, so those two factors tend to cancel each other. Maybe more Sonata owners feel the urge to offer ratings on their cars because it was an all-new design for '06 and the '06 Accord is a tweak to the '03 redesign.
  • Most of these corporations books are smoke and mirrors - believe me.
  • Its also one of the most stolen cars.
  • I still feel that there are more Sonata owners on Edmunds because people really research before they buy their vehicles on Edmunds. And after doing the research, they realize the Sonata is a no-brainer.

    Same car or better for thousands less!
  • here are my impressions from Philly autoshow. Of course its bit bias towards 2007 camry but I will try to be neutral. Whatever I comment here is strictly based on my visit to autoshow. Some car might be worst in interior (3 series) but fun to drive.

    - VW interior, particular Passat was impressive. Atleast its welcome change for Camcord drivers.
    - How in the world, people are buying Lexus IS and BMW 3 series sedan. These models should be strictly couple because rear seats are just not usable exept to put some golf bags. I am surprised how stupid Lexus can be blindly following 3 series to beat it. I liked Acura TL, its well rounded luxury sedan. Of course Infiniti G35 rocks. Overall I liked German interior.
    - Mercedes sucks big time. They have nothing new in the line up and all of their models looked like average stuff riding on old Mercedes reputation. Its funny I liked Chrysler better than Mercedes lineup.
    - GM, particularly Chevy made nice stride in quality. Their stuff looked lot more robust. Buicks new line up looked stunning with nice interior.
    - Chysler was even better, each and every car quality was in in line with Japanese car.
    - Toyota hit right on the nail with Rav4 and 2007 camry. You just can't go wrong with either of them with 268 HP v6. Its just gentle beast that begs to be pushed to 100MPH +.
    - Honda Accord looks ugly with new Led taillights. Its looks bit out touch compared to Camry and Sonata.
    - Ford fusion, wow wow.. this company can degrade its stuff so much, I have no doubt its going in drain. All of their cars sucks big time, just go and check yourself. Look at the edges of the windows, open compartments and you will see lot of brushed paint, torned duck tapes... I think Ford has to spent many more years to improve interior quality that can compete with rest of the world.
    - Hyundai Sonata, no complaints, everything looked perfect. Might be thats the reason I found it too much monotonous. I definitely prefer it above 2006 camry but with 2007 camry on horizon, I will wait for 2008 or 2009 Sonata before giving this one a try.
    - Hyundai Azera, Except simple front, everything was luxurious about this upscale Sonata. I liked it.
  • Perhaps anyone who didn't consider the Fusion would be doing themselves a disservice since it is a good choice in this category.
  • GLS V6 with power seat is only $400 less than an LX. For the extras I'd get in the LX, I would not even consider the GLS unless I surely did not want a V6.
  • driverdmdriverdm Posts: 505
    I trade my cars in often and I don't like to be categorized as "dumb" for it. I can afford to do so comfortably so why the heck not? I like differentiation and I like style and I like new things, so sue me. Considering that I do trade in my cars often, I do like to have good resale value. Because I can afford more, doesn't mean I want to pay for more. And with my high resale values, I usually don't pay that much to upgrade. For example I traded in my 2001 Nissan Altima and got $10K for it when I purchased my 2004 Mazda 6 for $15K.

    Backy, I stopped by a Hyundai dealershoip today and checked out a white Sonata. It looked real sharp. It is definitely in the running again. I still don't like the interior but in full scale trim and wooden inserts for the door armrests that will match the factory wood, I might be able to live with it. I also saw an Azera with black interior and maple wood accents. Wow!! It was impressive. If it weren't for the front end that car would be a real looker. Wonder why you can't get a Sonata with black interior.
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