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2017 Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 07pilot4me07pilot4me Posts: 52
    edited June 2017

    bought an EX L no res no nav for $32,100 with wheel lock package included +TTL also got $500 more for my trade in vs Carmax. .9% financing as well

    could i have done better. probably! but dealer was close to home and low on stock. Got them to match another dealer 60 miles away with lots more stock (and probably better negotiating room) but might have gotten stuck with trading car at Carmax.

    deals will prob get better next weekend but did not want to risk low stock and deal with the crowds (we were at dealers for 7 hours and we got there 1 hour after open)/

    good luck!!! and hope we made right decision


    On the last EX-L that I helped someone lease, the sale price on which the lease was based represented a discount of $7235 below MSRP. You can do the math.

    I will admit that I had difficulty replicating that deal even a few weeks later at the same dealership (although it did change ownership in the interim). 

  • 07pilot4me07pilot4me Posts: 52
    wow, that would have been a great price. like i said i feel like i left some money on the table, just didn't feel like digging in due to stock on hand and being out of town next weekend... those with patience will definitely get better deals next weekend if they can find stock
  • Hello! 
    I'm in SoCal and have been emailing a couple dealerships. The first offers I've gotten are:

    EX $29,706 (zip code 92618)
    SE $30,562 (92618)
    EX-L $34,099 (92626)

    Is it outrageous for me to offer/expect:
    EX $28,000 OTD
    SE $29,000 OTD
    EX-L $30,000 OTD

    thank you!
  • neu5purneu5pur Posts: 1
    I'm in BayArea, CA & looking to buy 2017 Touring Elite Ody. I'm ok with traveling a little bit.
    What should be the best price? & How I should negotiate with dealers
  • horse15horse15 Posts: 8
    Sms28 said:

    30-31K, before ttl for EXL, maryland

    Is this for 2017 model? Could you please share the dealer name(if this forum allows it)? I am planning to buy either 2017 or 2017 EX-L in Maryland. Appreciate your help.
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