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Infiniti M35 VS Audi A6

bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
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Two Cars Worth Looking At


  • bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
    Thought there should be a category for this since other than myself a lot of people compare these two cars as final choices when deciding. Really, it should be the Lexus GS, Acura RL, Infiniti M35, Audi A6, BMW 530, and maybe the Mercedes E350 (although the E 350 car is much higher priced, it doesn't seem to offer more for the money).
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    >> Really, it should be the Lexus GS, Acura RL, Infiniti M35, Audi A6, BMW 530, and maybe the Mercedes E350

    We're pretty much covering them in the Luxury Performance Sedans discussion. Because there can only be 6 categories at a time, sometimes we swap in or out a vehicle at the top depending on the current interest, but that's the discussion that addresses that comparo.
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Member Posts: 402
    I think you might have been on to something last year when you posted this. I and a couple of friends, who over the last year have been test driving and reading about luxury sport sedans, have narrowed down the choices to M35x versus Audi A6 Quattro. When you read comparisons in magazines, online, or in such big comparison tests as the one run annually by the Canadian Automotive journalists, unless the editors default to the usual suspect (BMW 5 series, here it would be the 530xi), the two leading contenders recommended to buyers who l love to drive are the M35 and the Audi A6.

    In my own test drives, I found the A6 more nimble ... very subjective, that word, I know, but maybe a better way to put it is that I have been driving a BMW 3 series and, in the Audi I felt as if I was closer to driving a car that size, while in the M35 I had a sense that I was driving a larger car. Actual size comparisons (from manufacturers catalogs):

    Length of car and Wheelbase
    Audi A6 194.2" and 111.9"
    M35 192.6" and 114.2"

    On the other hand, the M35 was quicker off-the-line, when accelerating from dead stop. Audi had a just-noticeable slight delay in responding that has been noted by at least a couple of car magazines.

    Inside the car, I felt more at home in the Audi A6 -- taut, clean feel -- versus my wife and son, who, as passengers, continue to comment on the comfortable and luxurious feel of the Infiniti. Similarly, the control-center screen in the Audi presents radio stations and CD tracks against a black background, while the Infiniti presents everything in full technicolor. I liked the visually simpler black background. But the M35 offer regular push buttons as well, which I'd probably defer to when driving anyway.

    Anyone been comparing these two cars?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Glad you found this one! As you can see, it hasn't had a post in almost a year and I had forgotten all about it.

    Let's see what others think now.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Member Posts: 322

    I want to pick up where I left off on the m35/m45 forum.

    If you prefer the look of the Audi's screen, I have no problem with that. That's a totally personal and subjective opinion, about which there should be no debate.

    I just want to make sure you realize, however, that when I go on and on about the M's Nav, I'm talking about much more than the colorful graphics. I'm talking about the ease, power, and flexibility of the system, and the fact their information is displayed in a way that makes it so easy to get where you're going, and gives you added confidence and comfort when you're using it. It's really the best OEM unit on the market.

    If you want learn more about it, do a google search for "The amazing M NAVI system" [including the quotes]

  • sfcharliesfcharlie Member Posts: 402

    Thanks for your continued help. I have visited Fresh Alloy before but this morning, so far, cannot get forums. Screen says "Forums Closed"

    There is quite a bit a passion on the Audi A6 board, although a few moderate voices as well.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    . . .either one. You will not be disappointed IMHO.

    If you have a couple of extra thousand (MSRP, anyway) and if they have one to test drive, do try the A6 3.2 SLine -- the car with the sported up suspension, wheels and tires is amazing and further differentiates itself from the M35x and the 530xi which can't be had with a sport package for love nor money.

    The 530xi wins if you want the stick shift. If you won't consider the stick, the choices are more difficult.

    The SLine package makes the A6 the standout if you care about that kind of thing.

    Otherwise these cars are VERY close to each other in so many ways -- frankly I think styling is the biggest differentiator.

    Nothing even comes close to the Audis interior.

    The rest is far more personal.

    As Car and Driver said, "the Audi interior leaves the rest on the trailer."

    Performance wise in a straight line, the Inifinit is probably the winner but as I recall it is a dirtier and thirstier engine than the two Germans.

    The BMW seems, to me, a bit cramped in the back, but the BMW with the 18" wheels and tires AND the stick shift "seems" to be the performance leader, but cries out for a sport package that includes a tighter and lower suspension (like on the SLine Audi.)

    Boil it all down and if you are looking at these and will only consider an automatic, go with the best deal, a few days or weeks into it, the memory of the other cars will have faded to the point of "who cares?"

  • blov8rblov8r Member Posts: 567
    I didn't pay much attention to the A6 when I was shopping last year (and chose the M35) largely because the local Audi dealer was notorious for poor service. He has since sold out and I understand things are better now.

    That aside, I have a close friend who studies cars with a passion ... owns quite a few himself ... and for his daily drive he selected the A6 w/ the V8 because he says it's clearly the best of the best. Bart :shades:
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Member Posts: 402
    Bart ... if you were buying now, would you lean toward the Audi A6 V8 over the M? ... Charlie
  • blov8rblov8r Member Posts: 567
    Charlie ... I'd definitely give it a close look, but given the fact that I opted for the M35's V6 I doubt I'd go for the V8 of the Audi. It would have to be materially more appealing than my M35 for me to make the switch, however, because the Infiniti dealership is 5 minutes from my office while Audi is across town ...

    Little question I'll rely on my friend's research ... he's the one who turned me on to the Infiniti in the first place.

    Another factor, of course, is what else "new" will be out there two years from now and what my mood will be at the time. I'm embarrassed to admit it here but I've always craved a Jag Vanden Plas and if there's a nice gently used Jag certified one I might even go crazy and satisfy that long-standing passion. And to further confuse the answer, I'm in my late 60's and approaching retirement so a daily ride to the office becomes less important and I might even step back a notch or two in class!

    How's that for a long run for a short jump? LOL Bart :shades:
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