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Subaru Forester



  • My brand new 2012 Outback also covered with micro-scratches all over car's body.
    I picked it up at the dealer's last night and noticed the scratches in the garage. Scratches look as though my car was cleaned with something abrasive. Dealer Singer Subaru of New Hampshire claims that they did not use carwash while preparing my car for the delivery. They offered to polish the car for me free of charge next week.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,760
    I'd first have a good coat of wax put on it, that might conceal some of the scratches. Polishing removes the scratches by removing some of the clear coat, I sure wouldn't want to do that unless I had to.
  • Thanks, I'll ask them to do that first. I am shocked, however, that new paint can all get swirled up like that from the hand wash.
  • I have had my 2011 Forester, non-turbo, for a little over 14 months and thought I would post a report. So far I'm very happy with the car. No mechanical problems. It pretty much has performed as expected. Not too big, drives fairly nice, and extremely versatile. Audio system is only fair, but I knew that would be the case and it's not a big deal to me. It does seem to pick up very light scratches easier than it should, but not too bad. Maybe they would show up more but my Forester is white. Interior has held up very well. I had been concerned about going from 6 cylinders to 4, but the power has seemed completely adequate. I think the little extra torque in the newer engine made a difference. The auto transmission is fine but not silky when it shifts, and it could use another gear, but again I knew that going in. I'm hoping what the tranny lacks in refinement it will make up for in reliability.
    I'd say the only thing I'm not too happy with is the mileage. Getting right around 21.5 mpg even though most miles are highway and I am very light on the throttle. I really like having Subaru AWD and new it wouldn't be a high-mpg car, but the way I drive I'm really surprised to be getting close to the bottom of the expected mpg range. I will post more about that in the mpg thread.
    All in all, I'm really happy w/ the Forester. For the price, I still think it was one of the best values available, which was really important to me.
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