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Chevy Traverse Engine Cutting Off

1978adelung1978adelung Member Posts: 2
edited January 2017 in Chevrolet
I had contacted Chevy Corporate on the steering issue on my car while it was still under warranty. Needless to say there were no help. I went to the dealership many times because of the steering alone. Since then I have other issues with my 2011 Traverse. Now the car shuts while driving! It sounds like a lot of GM owners of different vehicles are having the same issue! I guess there will not be a recall until someone dies over this!

Some of the issues included all 4 struts were bad under 100,000 miles, rack and pinion going up, steering issues, leaking from the steering column, 3 times the ac actuator has gone up, issues with the lift gate failing, life gate one time injured my father-in-law!, timing chain failing prematurely, and now the stabilitrak and traction control is going off. The vehicle shuts up while driving! My wife got stuck on a bridge and was put in danger due to this. Now the Traverse sits in the driveway.

My wife said a warning was displayed about reducing engine power. The Traverse went down to 20MPG and then shut off on a bridge. This is very unsafe and needs to be investigated!
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