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Infiniti EX35 small SUV



  • I am trying to decide whether I should wait until the 2009 model hits the showroom floors the second week in January or buy the 2008 model. I can get a really good deal on a fully loaded model now. Does anyone know the differences?
  • richqdrichqd Posts: 16
    A year ago I wrote with disappointment that the small rear area, seats and utility, zapped my desire to purchase the EX35. Also I wondered if missing big time on the EX in regards to the lack of room was going to be a break for any other auto company following suit with a similar vehicle. That just happened with the Toyota Venza - near perfect design considering roominess, attractiveness, etc. Infiniti had the first chance at this category and blew it, good luck trying to come back next year to obtain a share of this market.
  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    Krhame, the October 13 issue of Automotive News carries the headline, "2010 Infiniti EX gets more rear legroom..." Also mentioned is that the Around View Monitor parking feature will be an option on "more packages."
    Apparently the 2009 will not have significant changes. Typically there is an exterior color or two that change. If you want a specific color, you may want to go with the 2008 to make certain you get it.

    I have had mine since July and we love it to death.
  • Please dont compare the EX with the Venza...the 4 cyl and the driving dynamics of it doesn't even come close to the EX...the EX is a niche vehicle with all the tech toys mostly targeted for empty nesters but many family ppl loved the size and bought into it. so now Infiniti is trying to address this segment....
    Check the Motor Trends 10 fastest SUV's - sted/index.html

    Come back and tell us when the Venza will be here...:)
  • richqdrichqd Posts: 16
    It has the V6 and with both vehicles (EX and Venza) equipped with AWD, it looks like it is .2 seconds slower-that niche vehicle is a euphemism for anything that was misdesigned and now only appeals to a small number of people, instead of the sales hoped for by Infiniti, therefore, the redesign in 2010. I like the tech toys of the EX.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,963
    The Venza is 1.5" taller and 7" longer than the EX.

    Heightwise, it falls right in between the EX and FX. Lengthwise, it is more comparable to the FX. So, overall, you should be comparing to the FX in terms of room.

    In terms of performance, my money would be on the EX. And, ultimately, the focus of the EX is obviously more on performance than utility.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I would like to know how well the EX35AWD performs in snow. Thanks.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,963
    well, in case no owners of the EX35 answer your question, you could always ask G35X owners since it is the same vehicle other than the body. Even the FX35 owners could give you an idea.

    Anyway, I am a G35X owner, and while I haven't had it in the snow just yet, I am confident it will perform flawlessly. Of course, I never had any issues with my FWD cars in the snow, either. It all depends on the tires. If you are running summer tires, AWD ain't gonna help. I've put a good set of all seasons on my G for the winter.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    My 2WD EX with Michelin X-ICE-2 snow tires has proven to be a very competent snow car. The weight distribution, chassis balance, and good steering feel make driving in the slick stuff low stress. The active handling and traction control generally work well and help you when needed. The only issue I had was getting high centered when the ice crusted snow got 12" deep; I had to dig my way out of my driveway to the street.

    I would expect the AWD EX to be even better. From a dead stop on ice I will get a little wheel spin with my 2WD starting out and I can feel rearend slip out 4-6" before the traction control cuts in. I would expect the AWD would be a little more graceful and have very little slip when starting out if equipped with good snow tires.

    From what I observed, my 2WD with snow tires had better traction than AWD/4WD vehicles with allseason tires.
  • sun7sun7 Posts: 10
    Just got back from a long, multi-state trip through ice and snow with my AWD EX-35. It handled great! Better than my past Subaru. Was firmly anchored and always felt in total control.
  • glad to hear it performed well in the snow.

    How do you or other owners feel about cargo space?Would 2 people have enough room for luggage for a long road trip?

  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    Because I have not taken a "long road trip" but just an overnight for two, I would say it would be adequate--barely.

    But lower the rear seats and the answer changes to "plenty." The trade-off is lack of privacy with luggage in view.
  • krhamekrhame Posts: 2
    How long of a road trip? I think you will have plenty of room. I and two others are currently on a business trip that is 3.5 hours from our home. Due to the nature of the conference, we had to each bring 1-2 bags as well as hanging clothes. We are quite comfortable.

    The back seats lay down expanding the cargo area. I have now had my car for 1 month. I am extremely pleased with this vehicle.
  • My wife and I and a small dog, are on our second trip from NC to Ca, and while we have changed our packing techniques, we have found it quite adequate.
  • I'm getting a new car for my wife and she's going to be putting on about 70 miles per day for her commute to work. We're between the EX35 and the RAV4. Aside from price difference (which don't get me wrong is cause enough alone to make a decision), anybody have a very strong feeling about an absolute reason why we should definitely get one or the other?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,963
    Unless you feel the need for speed, I can't imagine picking the EX. It would be MY personal choice, but if I were buying for the wife, I'd try desperately to get her to pick the RAV. Cheaper, larger inside, and FAR better gas mileage.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    No contest - go with the EX35. I've had mine since the first week they came out and travel between Cleveland and Dayton for work every week. The car is very comfortable for the long drive and handles well in bad weather. I feel safe in the car. My sister used to own a RAV4, which was fine for her since she lived in the city and did local driving. I can't imagine it comfortable for regular long trips. I have over 33000 miles on my EX35 already in about 16 months - it's an excellent car.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    You can't really compare the cars. You need to look at your priorities and finances. It's like comparing the CR-V to the EX35. Which is like comparing the Civic to the G35. The EX35 is far more sophisticated of a vehicle, in terms of engine and interior and mechanics and electronics etc. The RAV-4s interior and amenities are more economical car than luxury car. I hated the interior, but I wanted something more luxurious. It is more based on the Corolla. So I think your question should just be how nice of a car do you want/need and then also consider other obvious differences: fuel economy (for the 4 cylinder it will be far better) and cargo room (much better on the RAV-4; consider the EX35 a small hatchback with raised seating position and AWD). I think the RAV-4 is more SUVish and will not handle like a car, which the EX35 does.

    After having my EX35 for a month now, it's not an SUV or crossover. It has raised seating position and AWD (both pluses and SUVish) and bigger tires, but not much else SUVish. I think it is best said to be the Infiniti G-level version of a Toyota Matrix or Pontiac Vibe or Subaru WRX hatch with those few SUVish features mentioned above. Fancy Infiniti version of those with more SUV looking garb (aka beefed up a tad). That suits me well, but don't expect it to be a Murano or a RAV-4 or CR-V or RDX or Q5.
  • awgd8awgd8 Posts: 5
    I traded in my 5 months old 08 RAV4 V6 4WD sport to a brand new EX35 Journey AWD. When it comes to fuel mileage the difference is probably around 2 miles per gallon. The RAV4 tranny is very picky and sometimes you needed an abrupt passing power and the tranny is very slow to react or downshift.
    The reason why the RAV4 V6 has a better fuel mileage is bec. you`ll find the tachometer at around 1.5k rpm on the 5th gear all the time- even at 35mph speed. That means the engines 269HP is matched to a fuel economy tranny- this tends the tranny to shift early to the overdrive gears. I think I was averaging 20 or 21 miles per gallon on the awd RAV4 mixed driving. Whereas, the EX35 is about 19MPG average (mixed).

    The Rav4 is an econobox suv. I hate the thin sound proofing specially the firewall and the fender area. You could hear every bit of stone hitting the underside fender and the engine`s mechanical noise (valves etc...) The sports trim is a bit stiff bec. of the sport shocks and 18" rims. The best thing about the V6 Rav4 is the power off the line. It is about 300 IBS lighter than my EX35. So, my butt dyno off the line seems like the RAVY V6 is quicker or has more torque.

    Rav4 advantage: Lighter, roomier, uses regular gas

    Now comes the EX35 AWD. EX35 jOURNEY is a lot better than the RAV4. The topend is superb for a crossover car! It is very quiet even flooring the gas. If you like to drive fast and won`t attract attention when flooring it then the EX35 is your best fit bec. the exhaust note is toned down compare to the G35 that I drove as a loaner.
    Passing power with less effort is A+! This is the car that has the smoothest power delivery system. You won`t feel that neck breaking torque most G35/G37 cars have. The EX35 is so smooth that you feel like it doesn`t have that dyno butt torque I normally felt on the RAV4 V6. If you like to feel the torque, you need to get the G37 or maybe the REAR WHEEL Drive version of the EX35. (0-60 in 5.5-5.8 sec) AWD (6.5 sec 0-60)
    You also have an option to use the manual mode/DS or a full automatic gearing. The sound proofing is night and day compare to the RAV4. The EX35 has the best AWD system that can switch to 100% rear wheel drive power in some situation.

    Minor problem with the EX35 is the huge sideview mirror combined with the A-PILLAR that causes minor blindspot.
    The view in the rear is ok. (Removing the rear headrest will give you more view of the rear. My only complaint is that the rear legroom is really small. I`m only 5"7 and I bet no adult would sit comfortably behind me. If I have to choose all over again, I would probably get the new G37 sedan bec. of the performance advantage. But, if this is for your wife, EX35 is the best car to give!
  • awgd8awgd8 Posts: 5
    Yes, you have enough room for 4 to 5 luggages when the rear seat is folded. Maybe 10 luggages if you stack them up on their sides. LOL!
  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    Autoblog is carrying a list of features for the 2011 EX.
    Eighteen inch wheels will be standard with 19" an option.
    Color choices have a few new additions and the trans is now 7-speed.
    I am not certain how long the story and pictures are available to see.
  • 22332233 Posts: 64
    Has anyone tried to place 2 bicycles on their sides in the back of an EX with the rear seats down? If so, will they fit without removing the tires?

    Several posters in the past mentioned that Infiniti will try to increase the rear legroom in the future. Has that occurred?

    I have an 04 G 35 and and 07 G 35. I would like a crossover or a sport wagon which is smaller than the FX but will allow me to place to bicycles inside laying on their sides. Also considering a BMW 328 xi sport wagon but that may not allow for the placing of the bikes either. The Pathfinder or Armada are options for the bike placements and they have more usable space than the FX but the styles seem a bit dated.

    Any thoughts?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,963
    You'd like something smaller than the FX but are considering the armada and pathfinder? Consider me confused.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • 22332233 Posts: 64
    My preference is for something relatively small that will hold 2 bikes in the back with the rear seats down.

    #1 priority is the ability to carry bikes in the smallest suv possible. If a small suv will not fill the bill, then I'll consider going big.

    The FX is a great vehicle but it feels big without the utility and storage.
  • Test drove 2011 EX35 and strongly agree that rear view mirror view is not good with rear headrests even in lowest position. View much better with rear seats folded down or rear headrests taken out, but this is not possible with passengers in the back seat.
  • There is a very dangerous design flaw with this year Infiniti Ex35 automobile.
    Side mirrors are hindering peripheral vision resulting in very large blind spots. I have almost hit pedestrians and cars within intersections.
    They have not recalled the car but made new models addressing this issue.
    I believe that I could have a serious accident driving this car and want others to know what I am experiencing.
    I have found numerous complaints online from other people experiencing the same problem.
  • Are you saying that this issue will be addressed in the soon to be released 2012 models?
  • My short 85 year old mother had a wreck yesterday and we are car shopping. I am interested in a cross over type vehicle that is low enought that she won't have to climb up to get in but is higher that a regular sedan so she doesn't have to pull her self up to get out of the seat. What is the height of the driver's seat from the roadway in the 2013/2014 EX?
  • bonnanobonnano South CarolinaPosts: 9
    edited December 2013

    @mattygump said:
    I'm getting a new car for my wife and she's going to be putting on about 70 miles per day for her commute to work. We're between the EX35 and the RAV4. Aside from price difference (which don't get me wrong is cause enough alone to make a decision), anybody have a very strong feeling about an absolute reason why we should definitely get one or the other?

    Old Post but I will respond anyway
    I have both. The wife prefers the RAV because it sits higher. That's her vehicle. She loves the luxury feel of the Infiniti and the power. But she has leather, moonroof and is happy with the RAV,

    I chose the Infiniti because I wanted a G37 Coupe and felt I was getting the same basic car in a more practical wrapper. It does have great take off. But I have the RWD and prefer it over 4WD. I bought it used with 27K with every option except the adaptive cruise privately for $23,800 in August, I will buy an Elite exclusionary extended Warranty from a dealer in Arizona at a steep discount just before the manufacturers warranty runs out.

    The only "issue" I have with the car is a squeaky rear left brake. Which doesn't bother me enough to take it in or drive 100 miles to the closest Infiniti Dealer. Nissan does all my routine service. .

    ALL OF THAT SAID......70 miles a day in the Infiniti trumps 10 miles a day in the RAV. The stereo alone (11 speaker Bose) is worth the trip. Fi you can afford the EX buy it. The RAV is a great vehicle and reliable but no match for the Infiniti, You may want to look at an Acura RDX as well.

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