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Infiniti G35 coupe vs Audi A4 sedan



  • Late to the scene but that was a terrific post !
  • greg565greg565 Posts: 4
    I owned both cars, 05's. They are two different cars and drive totally differently. I liked both but will never buy another Audi. The A4 caught on fire in our garage for no reason. It was only by luck that I was in the driveway and able to push the car out before it burst into flames. The local dealer and Audi Of America have been horrible even though they admitted it was due to a faulty coil and totally their fault (car was still under warranty but you wouldn't of known it by the way were being treated). Finally turned it over to the insurance company to deal with Audi.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    I have a 04 A4 1.8 CVT & opted for the Fronttrak for same reasons as jc112 & socal4. While I am sure that the Quattro is great the FT has plenty of traction & control with standard traction control & ESP. We in WA & drive in the lots of rain & occasion snow, traction has never been a problem. And with high gas prices ya gotta love 35+ mpg (on mid range gas no less).
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