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Acura RSX Owners: Meet the Members



  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Another plus for the tC is that there's no negotiating price, thus no bull cr*p from the dealer, all you add on is TTL and any accessories. They are a hot selling car.

    The tC seems to be a better value over the RSX, but I'm waiting to see what Acura does with the RSX next year.

    Either one is a good choice though.
  • >... Does the tC... feel sporty to drive or more like a small sedan? "

    "... not exciting... Handling is sound but not really sporty... The driving experience is more like that of a small sedan than a sports coupe..." m
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    Honda's done a decent job dealing with that theft rate. The previous Integras had a lot more parts that could be used on Civics and that was a huge reason for its theft rates.

    The RSX has an immobilizer for one thing, so the only reliable way to steal it is on a flatbed (unless they get the keys). It was also designed to have less parts compatibility with the Civic.

    So I wouldn't worry about it so much anymore. The old Integra theft rates still affect insurance though.
  • i just got my car about my a month ago, a silver automatic scion tc and i love it. before, i drove around suv's and have test driven the acura rsx as well as the vw gti and honestly, for the price and options for the tC none of those cars can beat it. the interior model for the tC is unbelieveably gorgeous as well as the sound system. go with the tC! its the better choice :)
  • I do not know what to do. Here is my situation...Currently I own a 2002 RSX Type-S, it has a few after market parts, and I have 100K miles on it. The car runs great and is in good shape. I LOVE MY RSX, BUT...My husband gave me the option to buy a 2006 Scion tC with any/all the extra options I want. I desinged one on the website. It was black with the 18" wheels, security system, ground effects, pedestal spoiler, upgrade stereo, bumper guard ect...He works for Toyota, so we would get an awesome discount. It would be nice to own a new car that does not have high miles. But, like I said I love my RSX so I do not know what to do. We have 2 kids, would the tC have more room? What do you guys think? I guess I could start by test driving a tC. BTW, speed isn't a huge factor since we own a Nissan 300z Twin Turbo with after market parts. If I'm in the mood to drive fast and smoke everyone I can drive that:)
  • A lot of people on here are comparing the tc to the type S, to be honest i don’t think you should compare those two, but like the title says, Acura RSX vs. Scion tC. I’ll try to compare the tc to both. When comparing these cars, the obvious choice is the tc. Unlike most people on here, I’ve driven all three (tc, rsx and the type S), and owned a tc. I got the tc because like everyone says, the price. Some of the options also made me lean it. I did what most people did and looked at the type S too. I turned toward the tc because i thought that the type s was breaking 24k. No matter what anyone says, the tc is a better buy than the rsx, not talking about the type s. To make this clear, the insurance rates WILL be the same for all three cars, and if you're not paying the same, i suggest you switch to AAA. If you have a family, i suggest you buy a tc, it is much roomier, but if you’re looking for so much room, you shouldn’t look at a compact sports car… My tc was totaled and now im looking for a new car. I just looked at the rsx and the type s again but this time, I dealed a price that I cannot resist. The rsx will cost more because its more luxurious, so maybe its worth it if you have the money for it. An important thing about pricing is that the tc pricing is hassle free, but you cant deal it down. The rsx and the type S are cars that you can bring the price down. I bough my tc for about 18,200 and that’s without tax and all that good stuff. The rsx is about 19000. This isn’t some price I have made up because I came and already talked to the salesman and stuff. If you’re paying over 20k for the regular rsx I suggest you buy a tc or upgrade to a type S. I have my mind set on the type s because im getting it for 22000. I don’t care what all you people say, but if you buy a type s and you’re paying over 24 26k for it, I suggest you find an Asian friend or their mom to come in and deal for you because you’re getting ripped. If you want to compare the Tc to the type s then I also suggest you add a supercharger (and I say supercharger because tc cant handle a turbo very well on stock parts) to the tc. When you add the supercharger, the prices would be about the same, so the obvious choice would be the type S. You would also get leather seats, a sub, 6 speed and come on… you red line at like 8000 rpm. After you add a supercharger to the tc, THEN all the people that talked about not wanting to use premium gas have to use it. There you have it. If you’re looking for performance, the Rsx Type S is your choice, but if you just want a nice sports car, the tc would be the smart and economic choice.

    And… if you want the tc to perform like a rsx, just get the rsx, you’re going to end up paying more for the tc by the time you buy all that crap.
  • woopies yes i noe im wrong, insurance rates are higher on the type S, not sure about the reg rsx. I was thinking of the corolla s and the xrs.
  • tonylexustonylexus Posts: 94
    You are right on! The S Type should not even be mentioned in this comparo as it is a different class of car in performance, intent and price.

    As for the Basic RSX vs tC, the tC is the hands down winner in my opinion. I shopped both and could not come close to the tC in price . The only definitive difference mentioned in these forums is the RSX handling which in certain at-the-limit circumstances has an edge, but in every day driving there is certainly not an appreciable enough difference to justify a couple of thousand dollars. Other than that, the advantages/disadvantages of both equal out until you come to price - nad there the tC is the indisbutable winner.

    I have 24000 in less than a year and a half with 0 problems, complaints or regrets. In this class of car, the tC still cannot be beat as a value.
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    I have owned a number of Acuras and regret getting rid of my TL.The customer service was the best and warranty
    unbeatable.They recovered my drivers seat even after
    40000 miles and did not use the lame excuse of normal wear and tear.Before 50000 miles the tranny was acting up and it was replaced with a new one and gave me a warranty till
    100000 miles and they gave me a brand new TSX for a loaner.
    I have a Toyota now only because Acura does not make a
    wagon except for the MDX which is $1oooo more.Besides my son works for the dealer so I got a big discount on my Highlander.If you want fun go for the TSX,if you just want
    a high quality hatchback go with Tc.I don't think Toyota
    gives loaner cars with warranty work.
  • tonylexustonylexus Posts: 94
    Not sure I understand what is so great about a car whose seats and transmission wear out in less than 50k miles no matter how good the 'service'.

    I have a 1999 RX 300 with 125,000 miles on it and if not for voluntary servicing, I would have a rough time remembering my dealers name because there is no need to. I can say the same (so far) for my tC with 25,000 miles.

    When I bought the Lexus, it came without the auto-dimming mirror it was supposed to have. They could not retro fit one, so, after 2 months and 2500 miles, they gave me a new car! That's service!

    I do not expect quite that level from my Scion dealer, but if things continue as they are now with respect to the reliability of the car, I'm not too worried about it.

    No doubt the TSX is a great car, but it is a totally different class than the tC. A choice between the two would have to be based on factors not well suited for direct comparison - hence, I did not shop the TSX. Ended up with the tC and have no regrets. Would highly recommend the tC.
  • Greets everyone! Just thought I'd drop in and say HI and meet some fellow RSX lovers out there...

    I own an '02 RSX Type S. Bought it in Aug of 01 just after I saw the first commercial, and now, am 4 months away owning it outright and seeing the title again after 5 years. Even after 5 years, of hard driving (raced it on the strip for 3 of those 5 years), it still has plenty of get up and go. VTEC is a beautiful thing!

    I also wanted to share that this is the first car that I have ever been this close to owning. Usually by this time, I am bored with a car, and or it starts to have some major mechanical issues after the warrenty expires and I have to trade it in. So far, (knocking on wood) all is still smooth, even with 108K miles on the clock. An absolute testament to Honda Engineering.

    See ya on the road!

  • al58143al58143 Posts: 1
    Well this message is to the guy that said that tc's and rsx's aren't even in the same class that rsx's are so much higher bla bla bla..... ok buddy realize they maybe aren't in the same class but when u compare them like a normal person u can only compare the rsx to a turbo vw bettle the reason i say this is did u guys look at the rsx lately i mean come on it looks like someone cut out a foot or two from the middle of the car and then joined the left overs.... now the tsx is a nice car if ur going with the cheap acuras..... on performance u can only compare a basic rsx and a tc becuase thats the same class when u go to an rsx type s ur are spending a lot more money and if u spend that much money u might as well get a ncie looking car like a tc and add everything they have to it from toyota and then it comes out the same price and same performance level about...and if u guys are worried about buying the better gas because u would get the supercharger with the tc well guess what the rsx type-s is supposed to get that gas too its just some idiots don't even know that.... thats y you shouldn't buy used cars that are supposed to be run of better gas becuase half the idiots out there don't put it in.... over all the tc my was my choice because u get more for the money.... but to be honest i liked the clutch and shifter more in the rsx type-s but that doesn't really make enough difference for me to pay so much more money since the tc engine internals are made to support 300+ hp stock... This means that for that extra money u would spend on a rsx type s u get the 5000$ turbo for the tc and it puts u at about 246 hp at the wheels meaning u wouldn't even waste ur time racing any rsx
  • dunadandunadan Posts: 1
    I started shopping for a base RSX because I like the looks and the handling. Now that it's being discontinued though, I am thinking that by next year it's going to be a dated car even thought it's brand new.

    Civic coupe doesnt have enough head room for me, so SI is out. ANyway, the civic is too common.

    I'm now considering the tC because it's not a civic. The test drive was fine, but I like the cloth seats in the RSX more. I'm confused a bit. So maybe I should listen to my wallet, which says go with the TC.

  • piper04piper04 Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    Just introducing myself. 2004 RSX (base) owner. My first car, I absolutely love it. Just under 20,000 miles (recreational car). :)

    So sad, someone hit me and ran a couple of weeks ago, just a few scratches to the rear bumper, no dents. Getting her fixed!
  • juicymoosejuicymoose Posts: 22
    I recently bought a 2006 RSX base model. Magnesium metallic; 5sp man.; leather (smells sooo good). I didn't get any options from the dealer for monetary reasons. I had the windows tinted 35% (WA state legal) and a DEH-P880PRS Pioneer head unit installed w/ CB100II IPOD adapter too. I am deeply in debt but it is all worth it. I love my car and it is sooo comfortable and I get looks every now and then. Of course I live in a dinky town in the boonies. I also put a car bra on it which looks real slick (I think). Anyway, just thought I'd share. Later.
  • henryhhhhenryhhh Posts: 1
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  • rsxrrsxr Posts: 7
    I bought a 2002 RSX with 20,000 miles on it...loved it to death...

    a month later I was in a minor accident.

    :mad: I brought it to Santa Monica Acura where 2 of the shop guys told me that there was frame damage for sure.

    6 months later...multiple visits to both Santa Monica Acura and Brown Bros. I got my car back. Oh yeah, and the frame they were scaring me about? Finally they said "there is no frame".

    I got the biggest run around of my life (even more than Aamco a year ago - pico blvd santa monica, ca)

    Is there a remedy for people who are "promised" their car within the month and don't get it back for over 6 months?

    I'm enraged at Santa Monica Acura and expect to come to a reasonable conclusion to this.

    ANYONE who's experienced this or knows of legal remedy for this type of horrible service please email me.


    Thanks :mad:
  • ezpilzeezpilze Posts: 29
    this is to al58143 who claims $5000 could get u a turbo kit and then burn the rsx. how about considering the fact that the tC would only be good on the straights. the type-S was designed for turns, and even with an additional $4000 after buying the turbo, the type-S will still out manuever a tC, and for that $4000 i think an added turbo charger for the type-S would more than even the odds. try considering multiple aspects other than straights, bc nebody can gun it on a straight.

    In the looks dept, i think the tC is butt ugly, so it really is a matter of preference. the steering wheel in the rsx is stiffer than the tC's for a reason, as for the clutch, the rsx was much more silky smooth, so again, personal preference.

    for the base rsx and tC, i'd have to go with the rsx. its actually a really close comparo, bc the tC does have a great price, and is silent, REALLY silent, however, i like the rsx's smooth delivery of power over the tC's torque, again self preference. u get more with the tC, but i honestly feel that the rsx is more refined.

    i drove both before. the tC has good torque, but only up till 3000 rpm, then is struggles to the next gear, whereas the rsx feels more like a civic, except the power never drops. but on the turns, the tC feels heavy despite its light weight steering wheel, the rsx handled those areas quite a bit better. lets face it, with 160hp ur not going to be smokin ur avg v6 camry's/accords on the straight, so the only option left is in the corners. that is where u will realize that the tC really wasnt meant to a be thorough bred race car despite being 5 grand cheaper than the type-s. i think the rsx is more for a mature audience who want the acura name, where as the tC is more for a younger bunch looking for laughs. c'mon lets face it, it looks weird when old ppl drive the tC, but not so much in the rsx(again self preference).
  • Where did you find a bra for a 2006 RSX? Please give brand, order info and price. Thanks
  • pd83pd83 Posts: 8 gonna be buying a new car soon. I am looking at the 08 tC and the 07 Accord coupe EX(the 08 accord coupe is outta my price range) which car do u think is better? both have around the same hp (166 vs 161). the accord is a lil bigger. the tC does come with more features. what would u choose? ne advice/insight would be great. thanks!
  • Hi everyone!

    This is my first post and I'm hoping I can get some help. I have an "02 RSX base model that I bought used a few summers ago. I like the car except for the noise level - it rattles. I like quiet and put DynaMat throughout, but that made the rattles seem louder!
    When the weather is cold, say below 40 degrees, the dashboard makes horrible noises when I go over bumps. Doesn't happen when the weather's warm or the dashboard has been in the sun all day. The first winter I had it I stuffed some plastic tubing between the dash and the windshield and that helped for a while. It doesn't help any more even with new tubing.

    Can anyone help? This sounds like a really expensive thing to have a mechanic work on, lots of trial and error.

  • You need to realize though that the Acura RSX is a luxury brand, whereas the Scion is a youth entry level brand. That is where most of the price difference comes in, also the acura is available with leather and bose sound, luxury items. So really you get what you pay for in both of the cars. Just my .02
  • i have a 2001 acura rsx type, i was wondering if i could remove the front lip and change it. is the bumper connected to the lip? thanks in advance.
  • mik004mik004 Posts: 2
    Go to ther you can find all your answers.
  • vibsrvibsr Posts: 47
    I have a 2004 RSX that does the same thing. I had it checked while under warranty (years ago), but the dealership couldn't solve the problem. The rattling is coming from the defroster ducts below the windshield. I guess the plastic at the duct connection is sensitive to cold temperatures to the point of slightly contracting during the cold and expanding at the presence of heat. Things are rather quiet now due to the warm temperatures, but during the winter (rattle season) I can stop the rattling by directing heated air through the defroster ducts. :shades:
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