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Acura RSX Accessories and Modifications



  • oh and the mazda dealer doesnt have the acura warranty on it is that bad to buy an acura off an non acura lot? with 43000 miles on it they are selling me the car for 13,300 and my trade is that good price for this kind of car?
  • The Tein Super Streets would be the way to go not just because i have em but they come with the uppermounts which means you can adjust the camber without the need of a camber kit. Another kit you should think about is the KSport coilovers. IDK which one but the're pretty cheap copared to the Teins.
  • mgrangeiromgrangeiro Posts: 1
    Hello everyone!

    I took my car to U-Haul on March 31st to get a hitch installed so I could tow the smallest trailer possible for moving purposes.

    Acura said they don't do hitches in RSX's, but U-Haul bought the parts for me and installed them. It was yesterday when I dropped by to pick up the trailer so I could start my moving process. Well, I drove the trailer EMPTY over to my house and just parked it there. Today at work I realized the hitch was out of place so I went and checked under my car and noticed my car was damaged.

    I didn't do anything unusual and it only took me 15 minutes to go from U-Haul to my house.

    I was wondering if the type of hitch installed could've been the wrong one. Would anyone know? I went to my mechanic and he said it was not the right one, considering the arms of the hitch were attached to the thin layer just under the spare tire.

    Here is all the relevant info I got from the receipt and by looking at the hitch itself.

    1. Kit Drawbar Long 2.215" Drop
    2. Ball 2x3/4x1-15/16" 5000 LB
    3. Hitch1 Acura RSX
    4. Class 1 (Up to 2000 LB (GTW) and 200 LB (TW))

    Part#: 24719 2000 LB
    Not sure if this is just a SKU number or what.

    Please any help I can get will be highly appreciated!

    Thanks to all in advance!

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