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Subaru Tribeca Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lkny1lkny1 Posts: 2
    Thank you, mastercaster. I can't buy from your dealer as there is a trade-in involved on my part, and so the distance makes this impracticable, but I would be interested in any ownership updates from you. Enjoy the car, indeed, by all accounts, it seems to be one of the best SUVs on the market from value/performance standpoint. I cant wait to buy my own. Again, thank you.
  • mark_344mark_344 Posts: 1
    2008 Base model Bnew got it for $25K only
  • green11green11 Posts: 22
    Almost got a Tribeca but ended up with a Murano.

    It was not hard for me to get any tribeca I wanted at about 96% of invoice minus rebates.

    I think the figure 28.9K should be attainable for most wanting a 5 pas limited.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Good price, congrats.

    Congrats to Mark also.
  • oz692oz692 Posts: 1
    Picked up a 2009 Limited 5 passenger with nav yesterday for $25,175. Vehicle has 8,200 miles.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats. That's probably a $31k vehicle new so you got a pretty deep discount for the 8k miles, and it's hardly broken in.
  • I just purchased an '09 Tribeca 5-Passenger SE (options are wheel locks, mud flaps, and dimming mirror w/ compass) for 26983 in Maryland.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats. The 6% state tax you paid will be tax deductible so keep that paperwork.
  • why did you choose the Murano over the Tribeca? I'm considering both also.
  • I see there are two 3k rebates available for the 09 Tribeca, looks like this year model is in tight supply, at least here in So Cal, but if I can locate the one I like, what would be a good price to pay? Sticker minus 6k?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds about right, but work from dealer cost upward, not from MSRP down.
  • Looks like I got one of the last 7-passenger 09s here in SoCal, 7k under sticker @ 30.5k, with puddle lights, auto-dimming mirror, rear bumber cover, and backup sensors. Not bad IMO. I really like the car, it drives much better than the hyped Mazda CX-9 and better interior materials too.
  • how is the car working out for you?
  • hi all
    second owner offers a 2006 Tribeca with 85K miles for $10500 with the extended warranty (up to 100K miles). Hows does that sound? Is it a good deal. What should I pay attention to when inspecting? Thanks!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's the lowest price I've ever seen on a Tribeca, so I think so.

    The warranty offers huge piece of mind in this case. I sold a car with a little left on its 100k mile warranty and the buyer told me that was the #1 selling point.

    In fact you have 15k miles to change your mind, I think the warranty would still transfer over.

    Take a good test drive and look for any steering/suspension issues, noises. Turn the radio off and open the windows to listen for any unusual drivetrain noises. Check the engine block for oil stains - at the gaskets, front and rear main seats, etc.

    Then ask for receipts for service. Without that, the warranty may not be valid to begin with.

    Best of luck! :shades:
  • I am looking at a couple of used 2007's and wonder what members might think of these deals?

    2007 limited 5 passenger
    1 owner with carfax
    listed at a dealer for $19,900
    I really like the color of this one but it has 53K miles.
    They are willing to factory certify it but have indicated to do so that can not move on the price.

    2007 limited 5 passenger
    original private seller asking $20,500, indicating he will take $19,500
    36K miles
    I don't like the color of this one (white)

    Thoughts or opinions?
  • With the prices being so similar, go with the one you like the best. The 17K mile difference is nothing for a Tribeca... just getting broken in at 50K :). Ask for the maintenance records, and if properly maintained according to the recommended schedule, certification wouldn't add that much more value. Perhaps you can dicker on price without certification. In any case, take it to a trusted mechanic and pay the $100.00 for an overall inspection prior to your final purchase. We have 74K on our 2006 and nary a problem other than replacing a headlight bulb. Of course, we have the maintenance performed according to schedule. We bought the 100K warranty and, so far, the only thing it has given us for the money is some piece of mind.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I love the pearl white color, so for me it's a no-brainer.

    Having said that the other one, if CPO'd, would actually carry a longer warranty on the powertrain (47k left vs. 24k left).
  • I have negotiated the vehicle at the dealer to $18,986 which includes the factory certification. Does that seem like a good deal assuming the vehicle is in "clean" or better condition? It's about 100 miles from me so I want to be sure before a personal inspection and test drive. Thanks for any feedback!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    For CPO, yes. The process adds about $1200 or so to the dealer's costs, so that's like getting a non-CPO for $17.7k.
  • mandms_mommandms_mom Posts: 2
    looking for insight from previous Tribeca owners/buyers-
    I'm in the northeast and am looking to purchase a Tribeca. These are the 2 I have offers on at the moment:

    1.) 2009 Limited with moon roof & remote start. If I purchase this vehicle, they will install the back up camera mirror. It has approx 12,500 miles on it, has had 1 owner and appears to have a clean car fax (not sure I really trust those things!) MSRP is $29,995. First offer dropped down to $28,995, with the statement "I can move a bit"

    2.) 2010 Limited w/ moon roof, remote start & back up camera. Dealer demo vehicle with 2,000 miles on it. MSRP (I'm told) is $35k. Was informed by 1 person that the invoice on this vehicle was $33,300, but by another I was told $31,900 (hmmm????) Most recent offer was $31,400. The dealership has informed me this will qualify as a new vehicle, however, there is not much out there for financing incentives or rebates right now.

    I'm curious to see what the thoughts of other Tribeca owners are- how much negotiating room do you think I have left here on either. Would I have more room on the 2009 since 1-2 years of the warranty have already passed? What about with the 2010?--that vehicle is almost a year old now? I am in no rush to buy, but now have the itch and would like to make a move by the end of next month...would there be better offers in a month or so as they are trying to make room for 2011's??? :confuse:

  • nah1nah1 Posts: 1
    Resurrecting an old thread.

    This is at a dealership with 27,000 miles on it, it's a clean car, has NAV but no DVD. They're asking $28,990 and it's been dropping about $500 every other week. It's not certified either.

    What is think a good price for it be? Looking to get it for $26,000 - $26,500.

  • austexaustex Posts: 62
    Any1 recently bought one or in the process of buying?
    I am looking at rates from 32k for touring to 34k for LTD with Power Moonroof w/ NAV package
  • Hello I just bought a 2005 Tribeca three months ago. Only 25000 miles on it and paid 15000. Good deal right? Well its in the shop because the gas tank had a crack in it and was leaking gas. $700 mistake. My first Tribeca and I'm totally disappointed! I agree, make sure you get a thorough inspection so you know what maintenance and other fixes you're going to expect
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Who sold it to you?

    Probably was damaged from running over something.

    I wouldn't blame the car itself, it's the seller's fault.
  • Not sure how that makes sense; totally disappointed in the car because previous owner cracked the gas tank and didn't tell you. $15K was a great deal, but $15.7 isn't?
    Also, FYI, there was no 2005 model year for Tribeca :)
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