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Mazda5 Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • I will be signing the waiver paperwork to get my 5 on Monday. Service advisor said that Mazda did advise that people not take them from dealer service , BUT for those "impatient individuals" :D they highly recommend not using the sport manual mode or driving at high revs. I told him I didn't plan on doing any street racing ;) . I will however buy a couple of vehicle fire extinguishers just in case. Maybe I'm just too impatient, plain stupid, or both but, we have truely missed the car and are tired of driving the renta Lancer. Anyhow I was told parts will arrive in ~2-3 weeks, at which time I will schedule a service visit. On a side note, I had him change the oil since we were a little over 3k miles, and also plan to get the windows tinted before pickup. Cheers!
  • Dear Mr. Element:

    I'm an owner of a Mazda5 and a 99 Honda Civic. Yes yes, I'm upset about this recall and I hope it is the last one. I'm giving them 30 days and I'm analyzing my options. I've been also Hondized but I wouldn't go as far as "Superior Build Quality". When my Civic was 2.5 yrs old it got its first recall (ignition switch/relay). Dealer changed it in 20 minutes but guess what happened the next day? the new switch/relay was faulty and my car stalled in the high speed line at 50mph during rush hour. I called Honda :mad: and I was told: bring it over, we'll fix it. Bring it over?? The car was dead!!! AAA came to the rescue... not Honda... I obviously negotiated free services from the dealer manager as a compensation...

    When it was 4 yrs old the exhaust pipe broke exactly where the catalytic converter is located. The pipe started dragging while on the highway producing sparks all over the place, I had to tow the car again via AAA. No warning no nothing, While I acknowledge the exhausts eventually crack, I would have expected a better design where at least if it breaks it doesn't drag but stays in place until you can fix it. It was putting my family in a very dangerous situation (busy road, curve, overnight)

    Also, wrt Toyota and the Superior Build Quality, check this out:
    I don't know what's better, car stalling on a freeway at 75MPH or catching fire :D
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    You ever heard of Phil Bailey, the popular Canadian mechanic/automotive journalist? Here's what he had to say about Honda and its new Civic on his website last month:

    With the arrival of the new Civics, I'm being asked what I think of the car.

    Frankly, I'm cautious.

    Because our little microcosm of a repair shop has seen some disturbing trends in the Honda line of products in the last few years.

    It started off with the full sized Odyssey that had a number of problems and recalls. Then we noted the failure of automatic transmissions in V6 Accords at an early stage in their lives. The old Civic was up to its ears in complaints about the suspension. So much so, that a secret warranty exists for failed shock absorbers on the post 2001 Civic.

    But our little shop has already replaced the drive shafts in a multitude of late model CRVs at over $800 a go and this week, we got a call from a client with a 2003 Element, with 68,000 Km (40,000 miles) on the clock, whose transmission had failed, leaving him stranded in Boston.

    (Fly home sir, at least a week for a replacement!).

    So, my reaction is: if you can wait to buy the new Civic, or for that matter any Honda, do so, because of late, the lads at Honda San have not been living up to their reputation.

    If you must buy an Asian vehicle right now, think Toyota, Nissan or Hyundai.

    Oh yes, and our first choice, Mazda3 or 6.


    P.S. The new Civic is made -- as are many of its parts -- in the same U.S. of A. that the Fords you criticize are. The Mazda5, like its platform cousin the Mazda3, is still built in Japan using more than 98% Japanese parts -- just like Hondas were back in the '80s when they got that reputatiion for quality that has been shaking loose since Americans started getting their paws into Honda's assembly line. (No offense to Americans -- I am one -- but we do a lot of things better than build cars.)
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    Yes, my car says it's from Hiroshima. I have not had any trouble with passing, and where I live in Minnesota it is very hilly and there are plenty of passing lanes. Two days ago I was trying to beat a truck on the freeway on-ramp, I punched it and did just fine. That was probably the highest the tachometer has ever gone on that car. I went from almost a stop to 60 very quickly. I don't usually drive that way, but it was either beat the truck or get edged off the road.

  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I picked mine up about two weeks ago. Was I nervous? Only slightly. The vehicles that burned were within the first 100 miles of ownership, Mazda verfied this for me. Also they were driving over 65 in second gear. Since I don't drive that way, and the car has over 2,000 miles, I am willing to take my chances. I did feel a little nervous transporting four girlscouts the other day, it seemed like tempting fate, but we were all just fine.

  • I haven't picked mine up yet, but I think I would try to refuse to sign a waiver. If they don't have any legal right to keep your 5 - which they appear to concede - they don't have any right to require a waiver, either.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I've consulted some legal sources, and I've come up with a strategy to solve my problem. Until I hear from the appraisers at the insurance companies, I won't know if this'll work. But, it seems like my best shot, and it seems to be legally legit. I'm throwing it out here in case anyone has any advice/comments:

    (1) The dealer is liable for the flood-related repairs, so his insurance company pays for it (that part's obvious). But, less obvious is that the insurance company also needs to pay for "diminished value" in third-party situations. "Diminished value" is defined as the value of the vehicle before the accident (in this case flooding) minus the price after the flooding...courts have supposedly upheld this in every state.

    (2) Since the vehicle was nearly brand new before the incident, and after the incident will be worth whatever the dealer gives me for it as a trade-in, the "diminished value" should be roughly the "new-car value" minus the "trade-in value". So, "trade-in value" plus "diminished value" should be enough to get me a new Mazda5 from the dealer. In effect, I'll trade in the flooded Mazda5 for a brand new one, and the insurance company pays the difference in price on the transaction.

    (3) If the insurance company's "diminished value" award plus the dealer's trade-in price aren't enough to buy me a new Mazda5, I'll give the dealer 3 options: (1) increase the amount that they're giving me for the trade-in, (2) decrease the price that they'll sell me the new Mazda5, or (2) act on my behalf to get the insurance company to raise their "diminished value" payout.

    Whew! I'll let you know how things play out...
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    The dealer is liable for the flood-related repairs, so his insurance company pays for it (that part's obvious).

    That part might not be so obvious. In many places (including my Mazda dealership), there are signs in the service department and at the night drop-off box telling you that anything that happens to your car while it's parked on the dealer's property is covered by your insurance, not the dealership's.

  • Those signs are just boilerplate mumbo jumbo every dealer/service station put on to ward off potential lawsuits. They are still liable.
  • Just goes to show you that you can put anything you want on a sign. I doubt that will stick. I can't believe you can waive your responsibility for what happens on "your" property with a sign. Perhaps there is a requirement that you must file your claim with your insurance company and they will handle recouping their payout by going after the dealership or their insurance.

    The flood damage plan sounds good and is probably legit. But they could be headstrong and make you pry the cash out of them if the numbers don't pen out from the insurance company. The only way to pry out that money may be to sue.

    Disclaimer. I'm not an attorney and really don't know what I am talking about. But I may still be close to right.
  • lost5lost5 Posts: 8
    we ordered mazda 5 at the beginning of sep at London, Canada, have been trying to know when the 5 is ready; first of all, we found out 5 was recalled at the middle of Sep.through our friends, the dealer did not call us; then I called them today asking if there is any update on the 5, he said he will check with Mazda on Monday, but sure 5 will be in Canada soon... I asked if everything is ok and anything you want to let us know on the car, he clearly said no, everything is fine .... all right, I guess I had enough with this dealership ... we signed the purchase deal with the trade in, and the dealer has the trade- in original plate registration ... can we write them a letter saying we decide to cancel the deal because we were misled by the sales person and not informed on the recall at all .... meanwhile we want our original plate registration back ... if we can not get this resolved, guess have to go through Mazda Canada or Mazda North America to complain on this dealership .... any feedback is appreciated ... :mad:
  • mavmadmavmad Posts: 1
    I spoke with Mazda USA customer service a few hours ago. The rep I spoke with said the same we all know... should be around the 24th when the repairs are done. Although he did say it could be sooner because the dealership service departments "were in the process of receiving" the parts and that they should have them no later than the 24th. But the interesting thing he said was that Mazda IS going to compensate 5 owners for the inconvenience; though they hadn't decided how. He said I'd receive a letter toward the end of the month. He also said he has heard the proposed ideas for compensation and that some of them "sounded pretty cool" :shades: - but he couldn't tell me what they were.

    Let the speculation begin...
  • frgjbfrgjb Posts: 10
    My wife and I ordered a 5 at the beginning of September as well. We are in central New Jersey. We were told that the car was "on the water" and would be in port sometime around the first or second week of October. Fine. We got our deal and trade-in numbers locked in, and we figured we'd just put some mileage onto the Villager we're trading in. We heard of the recall via this and another forum, but did not hear a word from the dealer. I popped in the other day to see what information he would volunteer without letting him know that I was aware of the recall. He didn't say a word about it until I brought it up. In hindsight, I should have let him try to give me an explanation for the delay he told me about, but I tipped my hand and told him that I knew of the recall. He then went back and forth with another salesman who got on the phone to the service dept. The bottom line is that the targeted date for arrival at the dealership is the last week of October (It's probably in port now, but the parts are not). The "fix" will be made at the port, I was told. This makes me a little nervous, and I'm going to have to have this clarified to me just who will be doing the work. I'm a bit disappointed that I had to initiate the contact with the dealership, but I can't complain since I'm not driving around a loaner, but the car I've had for 3 years as much as I'm not fond of it. I'm still confident that the wait will be worth it, but I'd rather be driving a 5 now. I feel for those whose purchases were further down the line than ours. I hope it's all resolved happily for all of you.
  • lost5lost5 Posts: 8
    thank you for your reply ... I was suprised and upset that the dealer did not say anything ... funny thing is my husband's Mazda 626 is pretty much shaky now ... we need a replacement too... for "customers" like us - ordered the car, but have not got the car are in the worst senario: no replacement, no compensation if there will be any, definitely have no room to bargin ... the reason I called the dealer today just wanted to see if he was willing to tell the truth if I gave him a chance ... not at all ! Mazda does not recoganize us as customers ... I decide to confront the dealer this weekend to demand an explaination and intention to hide the fact of recall ... and I was adivsed by friends to write a letter to inform dealer we cancel the deal ... meanwhile to contact with Mazda Canada and USA ... at least you know where is your future 5, we don't know ours ... I personally don't expect any truthful word from their mouth anymore ... :( I expect good quality car as well as good service ... as the 5 has been recalled, dealer has not told us the truth .. there is not much to say about this particular Mazda dealership ... :confuse:
  • I was just informed that Mazda5 ownwers will receive a check for $500.00 and the warranty will begin with January 2006. Parts have been shipped and all vehicles will be in owners hands the week of 10/24.
  • What do they mean by changing the "calibration" of the engine and transmission? Will this effect performance? If the recall was found because of three engine fires by people driving at highway speed in 2nd gear, and a tag and heat shield will solve the problem - why mess with the engine and transmission? Just wondering
  • Thank you for the information jagphantomblue, Could you mention the source? :surprise:
  • Great news if true and it is on the order I expected. Reset the warranty and buy an option. (Or easily cover the tint the van should have had from the get go to healp the anemic AC). IF it goes beyond Oct, $1000 would be more appropriate.

    If the warranty begins in jan 2006 does that mean we aren't covered now? :)
  • if that is true, I would be happy with this solution.
    for example, $500 will pay for almost entire extended warranty bought at 3rd party supplier (not mazda)
  • The source was Mazda @ 1-800-222-5500
  • Warranty

    You are covered now. It adds x number of months o the 48 months.beginning with .the month. you purchased it.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    $500? Wow, cool! I was thinking it'd be more like $200 per vehicle.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I wonder if everyone will get that? I am driving my car, so I can't say that I have been really inconvenienced, but it was at the dealer for ten days until I decided to get it back. Do they have any way of knowing if we have our cars or not? Will the dealer tell them who picked theirs up?

  • I think $500 is reasonable considering that I paid in full for my Mazda5, drove it for only a week, and now I'm forced to drive a stinking rental for a month already. My brand new Mazda5 is just sitting in the dealer's unpaved dirt lot while it could have been nicely kept in my garage.
  • bwatersbwaters Posts: 52
    I read this forum just about every day and noticed quite a few postings this evening. I just checked "Today's Top Discussions" on the forums page and this is the 4th most active forum. Too bad the Mazda5 Owners MPG Real World Numbers forum has been so slow as of late. Of course I can boast that we have only filled up our 5s tank once since Labor Day. If the $500 check is for real then I won't feel so bad about this surreal experience. :D
  • I called Mazda USA to check,
    they said there was nothing official regading any compensation as of yet, although they did say that something will be done.
  • 200 bucks would be an insult as far as I'm concerned.
  • International Mazda site also "alludes" to NA version having too much power. Current successful Premacy (Mazda 5) in Europe, Australia has 1.8 litre I-4 cyl. with only 121hp or 1.5 litre diesel with 115hp, and they have more weight - for 7 persons. But those models are not offered as autos - so there is a little more "perceived" ponies under the hood with 5 spds.

    Mr Element
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    Here is a link to a story about flood damaged cars from the Gulf Coast Katrina/Rita
    disaster areas that you might find interesting.

    The bottom line probably don't want your car back in any way, shape, or form, especially if the water was up as high as you mentioned.

    Might also be a heads up for any others who might find a "hot" deal on a "new" M5 or other brand/model of car in the near future.

    Good luck in getting a settlement.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,375
    thanks a lot for that link. Very interesting reading!

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