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Mazda5 Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    I have the same problem, whereby the A/C light comes on when I turn on the auto climate control. I think this maybe normal as long as the ac compressor does not turn on.Its getting cccccold, especially in Canada. Does anybody know if the Mazda5 comes with a block heater.
  • Just in case things were getting a bit boring on this site, I want to report a new problem with my Mazda 5. I got in mine yesterday and the driver side power window wouldn't work. When I parked the car and closed the door there was a loud "thunk" - I bet you can guess, the window fell off the track inside the door. Off to the dealer I went again - this time waiting for the repair to be done. The dealer was very nice and took my car in right away and said he would report it to Mazda. Hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else - my car only has 800 miles on it and has spent more time in the shop than home. :mad:
  • Last night my wife and I went shopping and when we left the mall she couldn't get the passager side sliding door to close. Its like if she held the handle open while closing it, it took 6 times when she finally pushed the end of the door towards the car for it to close. Anyone else experience this?

    On a more serious note. I start the car and drive like 200 feet. I slow down for the stop sign and then accelerate. The car first responds and goes forward for like a second and then drops dead like if it stalls and then goes forward again. Your whole body goes forward rapidly and backward when the car accelerates again. I don't know how to call this? My car is an automatic and I was driving in D. This has happenened 3 times so for. Twice when the engine was cold and once when it was hot. But it was alot worse when it was cold.
    Anyone else experience this?

    I can say than I'm worried that this mazda 5 is getting to look more and more like a :lemon: . I find that frustrating because its the first time in my life that I'm getting attached to a car. I love my 5.

    Bob Welsh
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I have never had any problems with the doors, but I have had similar experiences when the car is cold. I have never had it happen when it was warm.

    HiFive :)
  • I have had similar experiences myself but can't pinpoint. It seems to happen to me when I am getting on the freeway and stop suddenly and then need to accelerate quickly. It seems to delay and then "clunk" into gear and accelerate quickly. It is really strange.
  • By a "clunk" sound do you mean you hear a hard noise? Mine doesn't do that. And it does it beetween 1st and 2nd gear only. When you say stop do you have to completely stop or just slow down for it to do it?
    I guess we may be heading for another recall!

  • jukkajukka Posts: 3
    I experienced the same sliding door problem.
    The locking mechanism on the back of the sliding door has this white part that is in a position that is not locked or open.
    I had to manually turn it to the locked position and then I opened it with the remote. After that, I have been able to shut the sliding door without problems.
  • Just received my $500 recall check :), just in time for holiday shopping :cry: . Thought you'd all like to know.
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    Just received my $500 recall check , just in time for holiday shopping . Thought you'd all like to know.

    Try, try not to spend it all in one place.
  • qnyqny Posts: 3
    It happened to me too. "Clunk" then gear up and accelerate. I also noticed squeeking noise in the suspension whenever I hit a bump and pothole.
  • isda65isda65 Posts: 74
    I just noticed that my coolant level in the reservoir is in "L". It's my fourth month of ownership (minus one month in the recall) with 3400kms. Is this normal?
  • I had the same stalling experience at a junction, only once so far but it was a bit scary.

    I reported it to my dealer but they didn't pay much attention.
  • meg02meg02 Posts: 2
    I live in Barrie Ontario. We just got 20 cm of snow and 15 more are forecast. Any advice on which snowtires to put on? I think that I'll buy four snow tires and rims to give me some added height (versus the factory low profile tires). Looking for what others have done about snow tires.
  • Hi.

    4 winter tires (from local Walmart) P205/55R16 + 4 steel wheels (from local merchant) = 650$ tx incl.
    Tried them in Montreal area yesterday, work very well on snow, and very acceptable on ice.
  • afticaaftica Posts: 14
    Your options are somewhat limited in tire height. If you want to increase the ground clearance you will throw off the accuracy of your speedometer. Currently your minimum rim size which will work is 16", any smaller and it won't clear the calipers. I would recommend purchasing the rims available from your Mazda dealer, they will have the correct rim offset and the centre of the rim will fit precisely over the axle end vs the Walmart rims which are designed to fit more than just Mazdas. As for tire size your options would be 205/55/16 or 195/60/16, the first size is easier to find availability. I live in Sudbury and purchased some Hakelipita RSIs which come highly recommended. They are more pricey than the discount brands but you get what you pay for. You live in the snowbelt and need a good tire, the technology and rubber compound that go into a name brand tire, Nokian, Yoko, Bridgestone etc are far superior to discount brands. You will see better performance and longer tread life from a name brand tire, offsetting the initial bargain of a discount tire. Check with your local Mazda dealer, they will have a package they can get you into. Expect to pay $60/rim and between $130 - $200 for a decent tire. I have driven through Barrie a number of times in the winter and can certainly attest to the volume of snow which can accumulate quickly. This is why I would recommend spending a few extra dollars and getting a higher end package.
  • it's great u got the $500 recall check already. Are u in Canada or us?
  • Got the check as well this past Wednesday, accompanied by a letter. This is for a US based M5 (Northeast). This goes as a car payment ;)
  • We received our check on Friday (Eastern Seaboard).Thanks Mazda!
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    Good information on the snow tires - that set up is exactly what I want to do with our 5 for this New England winter: 4 Nokian RSI's on 16" steel rims, (or inexpensive allow wheels). I'd like to avoid the high cost that my Mazda dealer wants for their 16" steel rims, (or alloys which they quoted me $465 each!), but I'm afraid that if I get non-Mazda rims/wheels, the tire air pressure valve stems won't fit on them and then I'll have to look at the illuminated tire pressure idiot light in the dashboard for the next six months while the snows are on the vehicle. Has anyone bought and installed 16" non-Mazda aftermarket steel rims or alloy wheels with their snow tires, and if so, have the valve stems fit? If yes, then hopefully you'll be gracious enough to share the info with the rest of us about the brand and approximate cost for the rims, (or wheels) so we can all avoid having to pay the stealership their exorbitant prices. Thanks much!
  • I am looking to replace the Toyo Proxes on my Mazda 5. Yesterday my wife blew out two tires on a pothole. Does anyone know if there is a road hazard warrantee on these tires from the dealership? Also, if I were to buy new tires, I would prefer to put 215/50/17 on the car instead of 205/50/17 just to give the rim a little more protection. Would this pose a problem for fender clearance and limit the amount of weight I can put in it? I was told to go with Michellin all seasons. I live in NYC and I want a good all around tire for the price.
    Any help would be great. Thanks! :sick:
  • Had my 5 for just over a week now over 1300K on clock allready, this car is absolutly out of this world. :shades: I have had a few diffeerant makes over the years but this one beats the lot put together. :shades: To say the least i am very happy with my 5. :D
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    I think so. When we bought our this past weekend, the sales person made a point to tell us that the tires were warrantied by Toyo instead of Mazda.

    The tire warranty paper should be in the little book with the owners manual.
  • stefxstefx Posts: 3
    I took delivery of my 5 this week.Snowflake Pearl White GT Trim.What a magnificent little piece machinery.I am really impressed.Just a pity that we had snow and slush on it from the moment we left the dealership and for the last 3 days.Looks kind of Carbon grey now!
  • I received my $500 check last Friday also. Also wanted to update on the window tinting. I got it done for $225 from a guy who came to my house. Love it - it looks so much better. Hope everyone is enjoying their 5! Happy Holidays!
  • can't wait to share with everyone here. we got the $500 check today (Monday). best christmas gift ever
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    It seems that because I decided not to leave my car at the dealership, they went ahead and fixed all the other cars first. I called them today, and they said the parts for mine are on order. I called Mazda USA, and they said the parts were supposed to be by VIN, and that the dealership probably used the parts earmarked for my car on another one.

    On a happier note, I got my check today! I guess you don't have to get it fixed to get one, it says for our "frustration".

    HiFive :D
  • We just got our Mazda 5. Has anyone else noticed how loud the wind noise is if you drive with the rear windows down and speeds of 30 mph or higher?
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    If you open one of the front windows, or the sunroof, that will allieviate the air pressure build up caused by opening the rear windows only and lower the noise. You only need to crack the window/roof, (enough to poke a finger through), for the desired effect.
  • "Has anyone else noticed how loud the wind noise is if you drive with the rear windows down and speeds of 30 mph or higher?" Uhh, yesterday it got up to 0C/33F so I've been driving with all the windows down and haven't noticed anything from just the back windows down.

  • hi everyone,

    I am still waiting for my check here in New York, has everyone who is on the east coast gotten it already?
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