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Mazda5 Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • Automatic transmission definitely has its place. I have driven cars with the manual one for more than 16 years before I tried the automatic, and I just love it! Not that I am too lazy to push pedals and shift the stick, but it is so-o-o-o convenient when you have to spend 1-2 hours daily in stop-n-go traffic...

    BTW, never had problems with slip...
  • OK, now we have discussed great things about Mazda5, criticized our driving styles and surprisingly enough Mazda already mentions that they have found the problem rather quickly...

    NOW, How can we get all this forum members' energy together and focus on putting pressure on Mazda to design/distribute the part(s) ASAP so we can get our cars back? Through the dealers? Through the CEO? A march or a rally? :)

    3 weeks to design, distribute and install whatever part it is to 2700+ cars sounds a little bit aggressive (mine has been in the shop for a week already). In addition, I would push to install these parts on already owned cars first rather than the ones the dealer wants to close a sell on :surprise:

    Does anyone have connections in Mazda to at least know more detailed time lines? My loaner is an MPV but nothing to do with the 5!
  • I think Mazda should offer everyone an extended warranty.
  • fabsfabs Posts: 3
    I would say extended warranty plus a Mazda voucher for the accessory of your choice.
  • Well if you issue sweeping statements like "but at the ignorant drivers who don't know the difference between manual shift mode and conventional mode" you invite reactions ESPECIALLY if there is no detailed information regarding WHO those drivers were and what preceding events led to the incidences. I know the meaning of the word "ignorant". Thank you. It's not about that word that is at issue here. It's about how you used it to make a conclusion. It's about YOU making a conclusion that those drivers where "ignorant" or "not knowledgable". Maybe they just completely forgot that they put the gear in 2nd as I have in the past or as you have also done with the 6, put the car in cruise, who knows, and turn up the stereo, who knows, or had a lively conversation with somebody else, maybe the kids were noisy, you know, or maybe the driver was talking on the cellphone, or having a big fight with somebody, who knows.

    The fact of the matter is we don't know what led to those incidences. All we have to go by is Mazda's statement. And why shouldn't I consider that Mazda could not have been totally truthful when I know that Mazda had problems accepting blame for defects in their cars in the past? This applies to other car companies as well for that matter.

    "those drivers were likely ignorant to the workings of manual shift mode most likely because all they have ever known about driving is put the car in "D" and go. "
    Again, you're making an ill-informed conclusion here.

    many drivers who have no idea (read ignorant) how to operate a stick shift also have no clue (again, read ignorant) whatsoever about tachometers
    Another one here.

    Just to set the record straight, I am not taking this discussion in a personal way. And I have not taken any offense at all. I also love my 5 and have admired Mazda for how they designed their cars. I'm just taking the position of a devil's advocate to give others a chance to see another point of view.

    I wish you too would exercise a bit of caution and not jump to misinformed conclusions before replying to posts
    So sorry to say that I have been cautious since the beginning and I have not jumped to misinformed conclusions. My conclusions were all based on your initial post. It was there for everybody to see. Yours on the other hand were all based on pure speculation.
  • Oh btw Perfecto, have you received your Roots bag yet?
  • JACK (V.O.)
    I'm a recall coordinator. My job is
    to apply the formula. It's a story

    JACK (V.O.)
    A new car built by my company leaves
    somewhere traveling at 60 miles per
    hour. The rear differential locks up.

    JACK (V.O.)
    The car crashes and burns with
    everyone trapped inside. Now: do we
    initiate a recall?

    Take the number of vehicles in the
    field, (A), and multiply it by the
    probable rate of failure, (B), then
    multiply the result by the average
    out-of-court settlement, (C). A
    times B times C equals X...

    If X is less than the cost of a
    recall, we don't do one.

    Are there a lot of these kinds of

    Oh, you wouldn't believe.

    ... Which... car company do you work

    A major one.
  • of it all is, no matter who, what, where, why, when and how those drivers are, I don't want to be on the same road as them. Nor do I want to be on the same road as the person reading the newspaper (yes, that 2'x2' paper - forget the magazine reader), applying makeup, etc., etc. Driving in manual 2 on the highway for an extended period of time or putting the car on cruise control to fetch something from the back seat - either way, their license should be revoked.

    Harsh, I know, but I'd like to reach my 36th birthday on Saturday.
  • I completely and wholeheartedly agree! Mazda should do either all or one of the following,
    1) Extended Warranty
    2) Free maintenance up to 100K miles

    I don't know about the accessories, they really have nothing to do with the car's performance, but maintenance and warranty should certainly be discussed.
    We all should start calling Mazda USA in droves, see what happens. Also, anyone a lawyer? Can someone draft a letter on everyone's behalf for all to sign?
    Any thoughts?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I am curious what other carmakers have offered beyond what mazda has offered for something like this....anyone have any info??

    I can think of a few off the top of my head..Acura/Honda extended the warranty of the bad tranny's they put in some models but the ext warranty only covered the items in question...Ford bought back some cars under the 3.8litre head gasket problem and did issue extended warranties for the specific problem....cadillac essentially did nothing for the people with the 8-6-4 engine fiasco..GM replaced diesel engines reluctanly when they all went bad but did nothing else....Toyota isnt exactly bending over backwards for the engine sludge problems..I don't recall any carmaker asking dealers to take new vehicles off the line to give to customers during a recall like mazda...(i realize y'all didnt get new MPV's but all of our MZ5 customer did..we wanted to do our best to help)
  • The memo sent to Mazda dealers this week specifically instructs them to fix the customer owned cars first and then those that are for sale on the lot.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,591
    okay, okay...... PEACE everybody....he apologized so that's it.

    thanks and don't forget to enjoy yourself here,


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  • :cry: I just returned my Mazda 5 yesterday and got a lousy rental car. The dealer told me it may take up to 1 and half month to fix the problem. I felt so bad to see my new car sitting in the dealer's parking lot. I really feel lost in this recall. Does anybody know what's going on with this recall? How come it need that long to fix the problem? It is really inconvenient for me. The reason I bought Mazda 5 is to save gas and have 6 seats but right now I have to drive a rental van which drank gas like water and don't have much choices about the rental car, I can only get either GM or Hyundai cars. Anyway, I really think Mazda should have some kind of compensation to the customers and also need to keep us update about the problem. :mad:
  • Yeah, it came in the mail about a week after I last whined about it. I wish I had my car to throw it in - I promise I won't redline it in second gear. :( I'm seriously going to draft a letter to Mazda Corporate, I want my warranty extended.
  • I can't believe the immediate "buy in" on the stated cause of the fires. To me it doesn't sound right. I think the official response is designed to mitigate the blame on Mazda engineering and try to off-load most of it on the drivers or make it seem like an difficult to anticipate design issue. Personally I'm surprised the manual mode doesn't have a safety upshift, it has one for the downshift. After all it is computer controlled (perhaps that's what the update to the auto trans Electronic control unit will be).

    Keep in mind many autos can be inadvertently shifted into second gear at startup due to lack of good tactile feedback. The Durango I have as a loaner ends up going from neutral to second more times than neutral to drive. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a high percentage of drivers od many existing vehicle types accidentally drive for extended periods of time in 2nd gear. And is seems they do this without combusting. So I don't believe for a minute any of this 2nd gear stuff. It's pretty darn obvious when you are going 55 mph in second gear.

    And if you were one of the people with a Mazda 5 that caught fire would you volunteer the information that the car was driven to a pulp in second gear, risking losing reimbursment for the damage? If the information was given to mazda then I doubt they would have recalled the cars or offered to tow them. They could have said "drive it in D".

    Personally I don't care what the cause is. They are handling it appropriately and will fix it. But I wouldn't spend this much time pondering the merits of driving in D just yet. It doesn't ring true.

    And I do expect a car to be able to run at near readline for extended periods of time without overheating the exhaust or burning thru to the cabin. I expect to get engine or tranny overheats lights or guage indications but not a melted tailpipe.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,591
    I don't think your average passenger car is really built to redline all day actually. My two cents is that that is expecting too much of it. It's a lot of stress on an engine if that engine isn't designed for it, or if the internals aren't beefed up and/or if you don't have the external oil cooling. All day redline is really something best suited to a race car or a very high performance exotic...Porsche, etc.

    I would expect your average car to protest mightily and do bad things at all-day redline.

    I realize this isn't really what you mean, that you mean short bursts, and I agree, but some people might go out and try redlining for hours at a time and I wouldn't recommend it.

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  • I am going to call Mazda tomorrow to verify this info... If this is true I am going to get my car back. I don't see why it should sit on the lot. They can have it back when they get the parts and can actually work on it. It is my car, I can have it back whenever I want, it would be illegal for them to keep it. I have never driven my car in the manual mode, I use "D". Call me stupid, but I didn't buy it to drive it in second.

    HiFive :surprise:
  • So, I am reading The Wall Street Journal this morning and they are comparing the new Benz R350 to other similar vehicles such as, get this, Odyssey, Pacifica, and Ford Freestyle, interestingly enough M5 is not there. Why, you ask, I don't know, I think it may have something to do with the cost of the vehicle, all the comparisons are running 30K +. Now, I wonder, would you pay $20K for M5 and get 30 MPG or pay almost double and get lousy mileage and drive a Ford? I personally would not trade my M5 for any of those profiled including the Benz (which has no sliding doors btw). Just my two cents.
  • I agree that the 5 is a great economical choice, but those other vehicles are much larger and generally more luxurious and powerful. And for the record, and not to you in particluar, an M5 is an outrageously fast 500 hp BMW supersedan that can keep up with anything offered by Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche: an MZ5 is the Mazda crossover vehicle we are discussing in this forum. :shades: Same goes for the M3 (BMW) and MZ3 (Mazda).
  • There is no need for spitefullness, I am fully aware of what a real M5 looks like. M5 has been used in this post as in reference to Mazda5, so pardon my french.
    I am not looking for power when I am hauling my 2 kids to school, not do I want to scale a wall in a 4x4 on the way to the supermarket.
    Also, IMHO, luxury is overrated. Unfortunately, luxury seems to be equal to low fuel economy these days, and that in turns adds to financing terrorism by the saudis, but I am afraid that's a whole new topic. But anyway, thank you for clarifying a few things for me.
  • It's been 2 weeks since the recall. Has anyone figured out how to get a response from Mazda other than "as soon as possible?" There must be someone up in the food chain who can give us a more detailed, realistic respone. My calls to Mazda result in the same "they're working on it". Will the 2006 Mazda5 truly become a 2006 vehicle? The MPV is getting tiresome.
  • Just spoke with my dealer (Fairbanks Mazda in Orlando), supposedly the #1 volume Mazda dealer in the U.S. 6 years running...they should have some pull right??? Well, they're clueless. I asked for an update on the situation and all they could tell me was that they did not have parts to perform the repair and it would be another 2-6 weeks before they had the parts. I told them I wanted to drive my 5 until they had the parts because of the lack of a real threat of fire (unless you cruise at 80 in 2nd gear) and, as expected, they told me they would be unable to release the car to me. My car is officially being held captive. Not only that, they're keeping it on the lot in direct Florida sunlight with no sunshield in the windshield. If I see one ding, scratch or dent on it when I pick it up (in 2006 at this rate), I will request a brand new car from their inventory (mine only has 250 miles on it.) I asked them to keep me posted, though I don't expect them to. They never even called me about the recall in the first place...I called and told them about it. I guess it doesn't require an exceptional dealership to be the volume king.

    Don't mean to bum anyone out more than they already are, but it could be November before we see our 5's again...
  • I phoned my dealer yesterday and he informed me of the same thing, that in fact there was nothing wrong with the car but that 3 people had driven it on the freeway at over 60 mph in second gear. Anyone that has ever driven a stick knows that that would strain any car. I promised my dealer that if I got my car back I would not drive it in manual mode until I brought it back to get repaired. But, instead of it sitting on the lot getting dirty, I would like to be driving it. He was told that he could not do that and in fact that I would not get it back until the end of October. By the way, the dealer was told they could now start to sell the new Mazda 5's again. How can someone buy one today if we are not allowed to drive ours?

    Now for the conspiracy - Mazda released the 5 a month or two before Mercedes released their new mini van. Have you seen this new Mercedes? It looks just like the Mazda 5 - in fact I had three people tell me they thought they saw me, but it was a Mercedes. If you were Mercedes wouldn't you be upset if a car that looks just like your new release was being sold for 1/2 the price. As soon as the Mazdas were pulled off the street there was a flow of Mercedes ads on tv for this new car. Has anyone seen an ad for the Mazda 5? No! I think the Mazda 5 will be a great success but is being sidestepped so that Mercedes can get out there first and make it look like Mazda copied and is not as innovative. Well, we all know the truth and may end up with a very controversial car with the look of a Mercedes at 1/2 the price. I wouldn't doubt if the price of a Mazda 5 goes up now.
  • It is amazing how closely the benz resembles MZ5!!! Granted, it is a mercedes, but nonetheless. I can survive without the leather.;_y- lt=Aikx5szFf8QNN5adLatBe5LwnMoF?i=exrrpass75&a=all
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    By the way, the dealer was told they could now start to sell the new Mazda 5's again. How can someone buy one today if we are not allowed to drive ours?

    Your dealer is wrong. Mazda was holding some MZ5 at the port until the fix had been determined...They decided to start shipping the cars on hold so when the fix arrives they will be turned around quickly. They are still under a stop sale directive. They can not be sold or delivered to customers until the fix is completed. Any dealer violating this rule can potentially face all kinds of trouble...Mazda has requested that all customer cars be repaired first.
  • Thats a bit of a stretch..have you seen the Merc in person? I've seen it, and it is a MUCH larger vehicle than the Mazda, and has regular opening doors, not sliders. Its also longer, wider, and bigger in almost every conceivable way.

    Wait until you see one in person. I dont think the comparison will hold up.
  • Hello audia8q,

    Thank you, great information so far. Who provided those details to you? Your dealer?

    As for the dealers not able to release the car until is fixed, I will stick to the "up-to-one-month" statement in the letter sent earlier by Mazda. Somebody mentioned the lemon law earlier in this forum. I'm not sure in Canada or other US States, but in the State where I purchased my car the :lemon: law kicks-off after 30 days, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being and if nothing happens by then I'll look for other options. It's a great car but I prefer one that I can drive :). I know sounds bad, but given the circumstances, I'm already doing some research to find a good :lemon: lawyer...
  • I, too, see major differences between the two vehicles. Here's some numbers from

    Exterior Dimensions: R-Class (MAZDA5)
    Length 203 in. (181.5 in.)
    Width 77.5 in. (69.1 in.)
    Height 65.2 in. (64.2 in.)
    Weight 4766 lbs. (3333 lbs.)
    Wheel Base 126.6 in. (108.3 in.)
    Ground Clearance 5.8 in. (5.5 in.)

    It's weird how the R-350 is a "wagon" and the M5 is a "van" according to Edmunds' data.

    If you look at the windows of the R-350, note how much they're tinted in the back. Gotta wonder what kinda of a "greenhouse" this thing has.
  • Thats a bit of a stretch..have you seen the Merc in person? I've seen it, and it is a MUCH larger vehicle than the Mazda, and has regular opening doors, not sliders. Its also longer, wider, and bigger in almost every conceivable way.

    Yes, while there is some resemblance in some images, the R Class is bigger than a Honda Odyssey - and we all know how huge that thing is.

    While I have your attention - to all those who have M'5's with AT. I know the car will drop down to first gear when coming to a stop. But what about when driving in manual mode at highway speeds? If you were to slow down to 30 or 40 mph without manually downshifting, does the vehicle go to second or third gear automatically or will it stay in fourth?
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