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Mazda5 Owners MPG-Real World Numbers



  • dean1966dean1966 Posts: 17
    It always suprises me that not everyone is getting at least high 20's for hwy trips. I just got back from a trip from milwaukee to south haven MI, a total trip of 435 miles that included getting caught in bad traffic on the dan ryan expressway, and my low fuel light is'nt even on yet. The tank will probally be around 30-31 mpg, and I really did'nt do anything special except avoid speeding and use the cruise control.

    As far as telling fuel mpg from the gas gauge, I've found that starting from a completely topped up tank that 1/2 tank is almost exactly 10 gallons used and the low fuel light comes on at nearly exactly 15 gals used.

    This info is useful as you can see how your doing while still driving by doing some basic mental math. I for instance am pleased to see 300 miles at 1/2 tank as I know I'm getting at least 30 mpg.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    What highway speeds were you maintaining? About 60mph?
  • Average fwy speeds are around 70-75 in my neck of the woods, until you head closer to LA, then stop/go to around 25MPH.
  • dean1966dean1966 Posts: 17
    No, I just went whatever speed limit there was, which was 65 for around 2/3rds and 70 going up michigans coast. I was also pretty heavily loaded with 4 adults and all their stuff for a 4 day weekend. The back of the car was completely full.

    I finally tanked up yesterday, and put in 15.02 gallons in with 474 on the odo for 31.56mpg.
    I am suprised it was quite that high considering the horrible traffic jam I got caught in on the way there on the dan ryan exp. My trip out took 45 minutes longer than on the way back and it was all added in stop and go traffic on the ryan.
  • I'm not clear on this, but my 2008 5 indicates that max pressure should be 34 psi, but my Bridgestone Potenzas say they can go up to 40 psi.

    Which max level should I go with to maximize fuel economy? Owner's manual or specific tire levels?
  • ljmattox1ljmattox1 Posts: 10
    I've always experimented with tire pressure to improve mileage. The sidewall will list max pressure for that particular tire, the upper safe limit according to the mfr.

    The auto mfr. will list their recommended pressure, based on their testing for a good combination of handling response, ride quality, and other factors. And of course, staying within the tire's upper safe limit.

    Many "improve your fuel economy" articles will recommend stock setting +10%, and that's not a bad place to start.

    My 2010 5MT was delivered with 39psi, and I ran it that way until my first oil change/tire rotation. I dropped it to the recommended 34, wanting to see if the ride quality would improve (not that I found fault with it, was very acceptable at that level). I didn't notice any change, so I put them back to 39 all around, have run them that way ever since (now at 35,000 miles).

    I don't have any wear "issues" (like wearing out the center before the edges, etc.) so I'm happy with this.

    Experiment away, if you like. Some cars (not these 5s) will call for a different pressure front/rear to preserve the handling / response behavior that the factory engineered. If you're playing with tire pressure settings, just be sure to keep this differential intact. E.g., running 25/30 f/r, could go to 28/33 or 31/36 and so on, keeping that 5psi differential as you experiment.
  • nutdrivernutdriver Posts: 5
    My mazda 5 gets 23 city & 26 hwy. I thought it would be better , my Honda civic got 32 city & 41 hwy. but the mazda is a much roomer van, so all in all i'm o k with it.
  • marksandmarksand Posts: 181
    Real data recorded from almost every gas purchase (250 times) from March 2006 to now. 2006 MZ5 Touring 5MT. Driving mostly urban short trips, we live inside Seattle city limits. 2 or 3 tanks assumed equal to average because we forgot to write down.

    68514 total miles, 2987.0 total gallons, average 23.2 miles per US gallon

    Its one longest (by far) trip was Seattle-Saskatoon-Detroit-Maine-Tennessee-Santa Fe-Seattle, with 3 bicycles on hitch rack, cargo box on roof rack, and lots of other junk, highway speeds in 70s: 8804 miles / 345.0 gal = 25.5 mi / USG

    Anyone got us beat on long-trip length??
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,933
    We've owned our 2010 Mazda5 Sport manual for a bit over a year now. We like the vehicle a lot. We took it on one big hwy trip with 6 passengers and lots of luggage. The luggage was in our optional luggage carrier from Thule that went on the roof. Got mpg of 25 as I recall, which considering it was probably carrying about its maximum load of c. 1200 pounds is not that bad. On one shorter trip with less luggage and 4 people we got 27- 28 mpg city. I tend to go 70 on the hwy.

    In the city we get about 21-23--and so just about what the epa said we'd get at 22.

    Like the sporty handling a lot. Like the sliding doors. And I like that I'm driving something somewhat unusual--although actually the Mazda5 seems to be pretty popular in Louisville KY.
  • well i bouth my 08 mazda 5 GT mid march and was getting average 26 mpg then i started using the slap stick and increased the mpg to a little over 27mpg then about a month ago i started getting around 30mpg didn't change anything at all not complaining so im very impressed this is mostly highway miles but there is quite a few city miles too. I do use the cruise when possible on the highway and set it around 70 to 72.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    your mpg increased in may due to the summer gas blend. winter gas blend reduces mpg, as does the colder conditions.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    We are only getting 23 ish on the highway. I guess I can never measure it accurately because all our long trips are done with the car fully loaded inside (kids) and a filled cargo box on top. Plus having kids brings a lot of urgency to the trip 80-90MPH R US.
    I think 23-24 MPG is outstanding!
  • On my 08 Manual. I typically got 26-28 can get it to 29 if I pay attention. Then I added the AEM CAI and it went essentially to 27-29MPG.

    I'd also suggest being a bit cautious on assumptions based on Scanguage information, prediciated on shifting to neutral versus just letting up. There are some electronics involved there that may not be giving you the information you think you are getting.
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    24.5 MPG overall average. My average city tank is 22 MPG, my worst city tank is 19.5 MPG, my average highway trip is 28 MPG And my best highway tank is 35 MPG just a few days ago. I was driving slow (55-60 MPH) due to below freezing temperatures and risk of ice on the twisty mountain road.
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