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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got some quotes from some dealers already, but want to know how much other people are paying, so I can negotiate my deal.

    Also, the incentive offer by manufacture says $1000 customer cash if financing with dealer, but several dealer told me I'll get the $1000 even if I pay cash or have my own financing. Could this be some kind of tricks? So that once I step into their dealership, they'll take back what they said?

    Could someone help me?
  • I'm in the same situation. I'd say ignore what the car is listed for and just make up your mind as to what you think you should pay and stick by it.

    I'm looking at the Sport AT with about 10k miles listed at $15k and am prepared to go up to $13,500 for it. There's also a MT version around that is listed for $14k so you should be able to save there if you can find one. For a MT version with 15k+ miles, I'd say around $12-13k but I am by no means an expert.

    Hope that helps.
  • Here is what I my goal is to get...

    2008 Tourning with cargo net, wheel locks, bumper plate, roof rack & ski/sb kit
    MSRP should be about 22,050
    Price prior to incentives...20,000
    Incentives...$1600 (I just heard today that there is an extra $600 or $750 being offered till Tues 2/17/09)
    Cost prior to taxes and license: 18,400
    0.9% financing

    This one is in blue and I could be going after a silver '08 touring with remote start and auto dimming mirror yet w/o roof rack for about the same.

    What do you all think?
  • heres the deal i got 15800 for 2009 Silver Mazda 5 Sport AT with fog lights and bumper guard. Added remote starter for 429 to to make it 16229. straight off the truck with 4 miles on it
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Avoid using the TMV figure. You may be able to build a 2 lane highway to China and back with the money lost by the thousands following it over the years.

    Good luck

    New poster here. Sure wish I had found this forum last friday. I now realize that I could have had an '09 Mazda 5 for what I paid (~17K) for a used 07 with AT. The TMV prices on the website must be stale. We paid about $500 over Used Private Party price and got it from a dealer so I thought that was acceptable.

    I guess the dealer incentives and desperation to sell new cars has not caught up with TMV, which shows people paying 20-21K for a new 09. Some of you are getting them for a lot less than that!
  • i wish our experience was as easy and fun as it was for you. We had to deal with two different dealers (we walked out on the first one). In the end we think we got a good offer, doesn't feel that way though? 2009 Mazda Touring for 19605 out the door.
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    I bought a 2009 Mazda5 Touring AT over the weekend from John Kennedy Mazda in Pottstown, PA. My Final out of the door cost is $16598.

    Invoice Price of Mazda5 : around $20500 (I don't remember the exact amount)

    Mazda Rebate : $1000

    Rebate for Paying Cash : $500

    Trade-In for 2003 Corolla CE (130K miles) = $3500

    Sales Tax (6%) : 930

    Documentation Fee : less than 100
  • Oh wow, that sounds like an awesome deal. I kept asking the salesman if the $1000 rebate applied to anyone and he kept insisting it was only for customers who financed through Chase bank. I even had him go to the website and it did in fact said *ony for customers financing with chase... Or something along those lines. I wish I had a better feeling about my car, I didn't have much to compare against (besides the other dealer), in the end their bottom line price was much much better than that of the other dealer. Btw if you are in the Hampton road area avoid going to any HALL Automotive Dealership TRUST US they are not worth your time. All said and done, with 117 miles since we bought we are totally in love with our new MAV!!! :D
  • I'm looking seriously at the Mazda5 (at John Kennedy Ford, BMATT). The dealer quoted me $20, 994 for a 2009 Mazda5 GT, which includes $1500 worth of incentives.

    Does anyone think that Mazda will offer better incentives after the current ones expire at the end of the month??
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    I would guess that there might be no additional incentives in the Month of March. I heard that Mazda5 is the best selling vehicle among all the Mazda Models, So I would assume that they might transfer the manufacture incentives to models that are not selling that well. Again this is just mere speculation.

    Is $20,994 the out of the door cost, including taxes,trade-in etc?
  • Dang. I was hoping the economy affected Mazda enough for them to launch a better incentive plan...

    $20994 includes $1000 Mazda incentive, plus $500 dealer incentive if you pay cash. So, the original MSRP would be $22494 for a Mazda5 GT. For whatever reason, John Kennedy Ford lists this vehicle as $23563 on their website. :confuse:
  • Here is the final deal that I got for my 2008 Mazda5 Touring...

    Sale Price: $19,205
    Cash down: $2000
    Rebate: $1000
    Trade in: $700 (2000 Dodge Stratus)
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    I think you got a good deal, Edmunds lists the invoice price of GT around $21900, so you got it for roughly $1000 less the actual invoice price.

    Just like in your case there was a difference of few hundred dollars between the Edmunds invoice price and dealers invoice price for my touring. It may be because of dealer installed add-ons (I am not sure what they are :))
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    I think that is a good deal, My original intention was to get 2008 model. It could have saved me at least $1500, but my wife insisted on 2009 model.
  • Help me out here... If want to take advantage of the zero percent financing, does that basically mean I can't negotiate the price?
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    Based on my experience, if I wanted 0%financing, then I will have to pay $500 more than the negotiated price. So negotiate as if you are not financing and then ask for 0% APR.

    The key here is to be able to recognize a good price, when you see it. For example... one dealer's starting price was at MSRP, then he would apply rebates and go from there. The other dealer where I eventually bought the mini-van, his starting price way below the MSRP and little above the invoice price (dealer claims it is the invoice price), Then applied rebates on top of the starting price. I was prepared to buy the car for a little bit above the invoice price. I decided to accept that price and then moved on to discuss the price of the trade-in.

    Once you agree on a price, don't forget to ask what would be the out the door(OTD) price. Here you would be able to see, if the dealer is charging you anything extra. In my case all of documentation fees were less than $100.

    So If the dealer refuses to negotiate the price in order to give you 0% financing, then walk away from the deal.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    The suggested retail for a 2003 Corolla CE with 130,000 miles is about $8500, so lets say the dealer gets only $7000, which is $1500 less, they'll still make $3500 from your trade-in.
  • I am SO glad I found this forum - and especially before we embark on the car purchase trip (again)... After some research on mostly SUV (7 seaters) I stumbled across the Mazda5 and had to re-evaluate my stubborn "never a mini-van in this house" statement... ;) We are probably going with the Mazda5, and after doing some research in our area (NoCal/Bay Area) of new/used Mazda5's it seems like there are some good deals to be found on new cars, and especially 2008s. So I have a couple of questions which I hope this forum could help me with :confuse:

    1) I found a new (~3 miles) Mazda5 GT for the Internet price of $17,875 - is this a decent deal for a new Mazda5 08GT (this is before TTL)?

    2) I haven't gotten the break-down from the dealer via e-mail yet, but I am assuming this "Internet list price" already includes the -$2000 incentive that Mazda has right now, since he stated "this price is in lieu of a special APR". But I have also figured out (by reading this forum) that everything is negotiable - especially now - so I figured I might first get the price of the car out of the way, and then ask for a good APR as well (I could always ask?)

    3) Do I need an extended warranty? Is it worth the price?

    4) Do I need anything else that I am sure that they will ask me for (I remember when we bought our last car about 1.5 years ago and I was at the dealers for 2-3 hours while I just got bombarded with "options" that we "really should consider"... And I kept saying NO, NO, NO... Needless to say, we're not going back to that dealer again.)

    Phew - wish me luck! I can't wait until this process is over and I am driving my Mazda5!
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    All dealers do the pushy stuff either all the time, or when the factory has promotions, so trying to find a "better dealer" is rather futile.

    I believe a 08 mazda5($20000msrp) Automatic has about the same trade in value used as an 08 $20000 msrp Toyota Matrix or Pontiac vibe .--$12,500 (

    A good price on a brand new 08 GT M5 Auto model ($22000msrp?) is probably around $16000.

    Get 10+ bids via the mazda, toyota website on 09 vehicle you want to purchase last week of the month. Sometimes bids can get quite aggressive (lower) between 2 or so the last few days. Obviously any price considered on a new leftover 08 should be considerably less than the better deals offered on an 09.

    An extended factory warranty on a vehicle like this should be around $800, for a 7yr/100k mi bumper to bumper extension. Don't pay $1500-2000 for these in the finance office. These can usually be purchased within the first 6000mi from any dealer, and a bit more after 6000mi. Getting bids from the finance mgrs of about 10 dealerships last week of the month for the best price may produce one lower than $800, but probably not by much.

    Remember paint sealant, wheel-locks, undercoat, window VIN etching and pinstripes all together have a dealer cost of perhaps $200, depending on the application, so keep it real there too.

    Good luck
  • BMATTBMATT Posts: 8
    hi bobw3,

    just curious... where did you get the $8500 price for 03-Corolla-CE-with130K .

    Based on my research on blue book and edmunds, a car with above specs in good condition (not excellent) the trade-in value for my car was $4000, Private part value was $5000 and above, and the dealers were selling it for $6000 and above. I also saw a few postings on Autotrader for such as car at $6500.

    If are are correct about $8500, then I am going to be really ticked off at myself.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    It was KBB for excellent condition, but like I said, even if they sell it for $7000 they'll make $3500, or at $6000 they'll make $2500. I'm not saying you got a bad deal, but if a dealer knows he's going to make a few thousand on a trade-in, they're much more willing to reduce the price of the car they're selling by a couple of thousand. I think if you took your trade-in out of the equation, you probably wouldn't have received the same price on the new car.
  • I'm assuming a lease I found on swapalease for a 08 Touring with 3,900 miles. 12 months remaining on the lease and I can put 20,000 miles on the vehicle. Payment is $245 month including tax. The original lessor is paying the $75.00 transfer fee so I have no out of pocket cost to get into the vehicle. Seems like a pretty good deal. I've never done a lease assumption, but at this payment / price I can't really see how I can go wrong.
  • Over the weekend, I bought a 2009 Mazda5, Touring trim with the following options: all weather mats, autodim mirror+compass, step plate, cargo net.

    Here’s the breakdown:
    Sticker price: $21,958
    Invoice Price: $20,556
    Sale Price: $20,633
    Mazda Rebate: -$1000
    Tax (6% sales tax)/title/license: $1551
    Final OTD cost: $21,184

    0% financing for 36 months, so that’s the bottom line. I think I did OK, but maybe could have haggled more. I'm admittedly not the best at negotiating tricks, but did go a couple rounds with the salesman.

    Very happy with the car so far!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Sounds god. Just curious...any trade-in involved?
  • Thanks. No trade involved with this one. The dealership had quite a few Mazda5's on the lot, but not many Touring trims. I don't know if they just make fewer, or if this particular dealership went through them faster (or didn't have many in the first place). Anyone know?
  • '09 Mazda5 Sport with manual transmission. All of the following prices include destination:

    With no negotiation I got a price of $16,500 after the $1,000 rebate. After tax, title, license, and doc fee, the price came out to a little under $18,000 which is financed over three years at 0% interest, no money down, and three months of no payments.

    MSRP = $18,665
    Invoice = $17,535
    "Fair Market Value" = $17,653

    As an alternative, I could have paid $15,997 for the new vehicle and after the $1,000 rebate (it is currently advertised at this price in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper, any of the three Bommarito Mazdas ) but would not have had 0% financing - based on market rates I would have been at about 4%.

    I did not trade in a vehicle.
  • I'm looking at a 2008 new Grand Touring with a sticker of 23,185. The internet offer came back at $21,185 plus the financing plus $1000 incentive towards down payment.

    What's a good price for this car? I'm thinking of offering about 18,000 for the car being that it's last year's model and given the state of the economy.
  • edmond4edmond4 Posts: 6
    is $18K OTD for 09 M5 Sport AT a good deal in san jose area? Thanks. :confuse:
  • Finally bought a car! Had February rebates in place.
    $18,400 out the door:

    $16,800 for the AT sport (already had compass mirror & rear bumper guard)
    $250 for other accessories (interior cargo cover, door guards, all-weather floor mats)
    $1350 tax/title/fees (6% tax in Michigan)

    I basically said I was willing to pay the $16,800 for the base car. No one was willing to give me the accessories in that price, so I paid separately for them. I think this was about as good a price as I could get as I had 3 dealers who all were willing to make this deal but no one was willing to throw in the few hundred dollars of accessories on top.

    I have to say, this was my first new-car buying experience and in general was very, very unpleasant. 3 different dealers lied to me about simple things (like when the rebates expired). Did most of my negotiation on line; in the end, I called up this local dealer (who hadn't responded to all my emails), said what I would pay, and we essentially closed the deal by phone and then I went in and signed all the paperwork. I liked it this way b/c there were no surprises. I think it was a good deal for him AND for's just that in buying a new car, you don't know exactly how much of a good deal it was b/c I never could completely figure out all of the incentives in place.

    I'll also mention that Mazda5 sales are up in Feb 11% compared with 1 year ago (the only Mazda vehicle with growing sales) which is probably why they pulled most of their rebates for March. Good luck to everyone trying to buy--I've appreciated people sharing info on-line which is why I've posted this.
  • wzhy70wzhy70 Posts: 15
    This is in California bay area.

    MSRP 19,775 (base model) - Destination fee included
    Invoice: 18,569 - Destination fee included

    $1500 incentive for all cash customer
    $1000 incentive for 0% customer

    There are already a couple dealers offering $16,9XX for pricing. (basically = Invoice 18,569- Incentive 1,500 )

    What is the ideal price for OTD out door price? 8.25% tax in CA
    What is the ideal BIP price - Buyer's invoice price?

    I am thinking
    If financing:
    16,000 + 0% + tax + fee = 17,600
    If cash:
    15,500 + 0% + tax + fee = 17,000

    Too greedy?
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