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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wzhy70wzhy70 Posts: 15
    bascically, 18K=16,36x + 8.25 tax + fee.

    1636x = invoice price of base model price 17,899 - 1500
    regional adjustment and destination fee not included.

    if you can make it 16000 or lower, it will be better.
  • edmond4edmond4 Posts: 6
    Hi wzhy70,
    "If financing:
    16,000 + 0% + tax + fee = 17,600
    If cash:
    15,500 + 0% + tax + fee = 17,000"

    can you pls let me know if you can get 09 M5 sport AT OTD for $17600 or $17000. I recently made an offer for paying cash $17600 OTD but was rejected... :cry:
  • tilesotileso Posts: 1
    Hey, I live in Canada and want to know more about this $1000 rebate you are all talking about. Perhaps it is available in Canada also, but I want to know more about it in the US before we go in to negotiate a price for a 2009 Mazda 5. We only first heard of this car today and fell in love with the whole concept of it!
  • wzhy70wzhy70 Posts: 15
    edmond4 ,

    Today, I emailed the dealer, and he was willing to lower the price before tax and fee to 16,500.
    Then I mention my budget and he said he can not take the price.

    I will email him back tomorrow for OTD 17,500+/-
    will keep you posted
  • wzhy70wzhy70 Posts: 15
    by the way, I am trying to buy base model, with out any options
  • Hello!
    I just want to know if any one can help me if I'm getting a good deal with this car here what I got with this deller. I hope this forum could help me!

    2007 Mazda 5 Touring
    Your Internet Price: $15,499
    New CT Registration: $170
    Dealer Document Fee: $265
    CT Sales Tax: $956.04
    Your FINAL Price: $16,890.04


    2006 Mazda 5 Sport
    Your Internet Price: $11,993
    New CT Registration: $170
    Dealer Document Fee: $265
    CT Sales Tax: $745.68
    Your FINAL Price: $13,173.68
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Hey there Chica Boricua, Just so that you can compare, I bought my MZ5 used as well 7 months ago.

    2006 Mazda5 Touring Auto
    Strato Blue
    6-Disc Changer
    Auto Temp Controls
    Tinted Windows
    iPod Interface
    Rear Bumper Step Pad
    Cargo Net
    All Season Mats (Rubber)

    $11,295 + Fees + Gap Insurance = $13,495 out the door.
  • In my opinion, the 2006 is a more reasonable deal than the 2007. I have seen 2008 models listed in the $15-16k range - and keep in mind that the 2008 has some updates, most significantly a 5-speed auto instead of 4-speed (resulting in better gas mileage).

    That said, even the 2006 does not seem like a great deal. Looking up the Edmunds "True Market Value" comes back around $10,700 for a 2006 (I estimated 40,000 miles on it). You should definitely check out that tool:

    2006 Mazda5 with 40,000 miles

    My 2 cents as someone also on the market... hope it helps.
  • edmond4edmond4 Posts: 6

    I'm looking for a base model w/ automatic transmission & no options. I think I can get it for $18K OTD but hoping there is a better deal...
  • wzhy70wzhy70 Posts: 15
    A dealer accept $16250 for base w/o options

    Still lower than the previouse 15800 base
  • wzhy70wzhy70 Posts: 15
    So far the best I get is 16250 + tax + fee, that have not talk into OTD yet. same for Sport Base Auto, w/o options
    tax is 8.25%

    going to see dealer this weekend

    Are you in bay area as well?
  • edmond4edmond4 Posts: 6
    yes, in san jose area
  • wzhy70wzhy70 Posts: 15
    i am thinking of buying car before April 1st sale tax hiking up by 1%. Maybe this is the best?
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    Bought a 2009 Galaxy Gray Grand Touring with no options from University Mazda here in Seattle on 3/13. The car had 4 miles on the odo at delivery. Paid $20,199 plus tax, license and fees. OTD was 22,211. Being able to write off the sales tax puts me in the car for under $22,000. Did the deal through the Mazda internet site by selecting the car and selecting the "Get a Quote" link. First quote was $20,199, no hassle or negotiation needed. Called, set up a delivery date and now 1 week later the car is in my garage.

    Good luck.
  • wzhy70, I already bought it. And yes, I paid very close to invoice before $1,000 cash back and before the zero percent financing for three years.

    Here are the actual numbers (’09 Sport, manual transmission)
    Sales price = $17,541
    Rear bumper guard and destination fee included
    Tax, title, license = $1,267
    Doc fee = $189
    Credit check fee = $25
    Subtotal = $19,022
    Minus $1,000 cash back = $18,022

    Plus zero percent interest for three years plus no payments for 90 days. I could have paid $500 less, but would have lost the zero percent financing.

    Speaking of which, if anybody is reading this just before you state what price you got, please include your finance rate, if applicable.
  • Just got home from buying a 2008 Mazda5 Touring (Dark Blue) with about 14,400 miles on it in Lynnwood, Washington. Paid $14,975 which was list price - dealer wouldn't budge saying it was already priced very low (which sounded right based on my research). Total came to about $16,600 with taxes & fees (9.2% tax in WA). No financing.
  • chrpaichrpai Posts: 32
    We purchased a red 5AT Sport with no options from Premiere Mazda in Georgetown, TX. Trade-in of 61k Toyota Sienna LE with some exterior damage was appraised at Carmax for $6500. Mazda initially offered $6000 but increased it to $7150 at the end of negotations. Mazda initially asked for MSRP ($19775) - $1000 rebate and that was negotiated down to $19000 - $1000 rebate + $50 doc fee = $18050 which is $130 over current Edmunds TMV ($18920 - $1000). Since dealer exceeded Carmax on trade-in by $650, to me this means I effectively picked up the Mazda5 for $520 under Edmunds TMV.

    I think Edmunds TMV is inflated a little right now on this vehicle. The dealer was red tagging 5 manual sports for $15996 including rebate which is 85% of MSRP. Edmunds TMV minus rebate is apx 91% of msrp. I effectively paid 88% and I feel I probably could have pushed it down farther but I met my objectives were met and I was satisified.

    Re the 85% sales to MSRP on the manual, the sales guy said the difference was that the manual had some additional dealer incentives that pushed their cost down but most people don't want manual and it brings them in to look at auto. Perhaps that's true, perhaps it's not but as a buyer, it was in my mind in terms of setting expectations for a discount.

    All said, after trade-in and TTL, we are at $325/mo for 36mos @ 0%. The negotiating experience was comfortable and we are enjoying our first Mazda.

    We looked at getting a new Sienna and it probably would have been $400/mo for 5 years. That's $12,000 more. Sure, the Mazda5 is smaller, but it looks a lot like a mini-me version of the Sienna when I see them side by side. Way cheaper and better gas economy. Still, the american consumer still seems to want their Sienna/Oddesy/Quest over this cute little Mazda 5.
  • joanndujoanndu Posts: 2
    I live in Springfield and want to get a sport auto version in crystal white from my local dealer. However, the only color he has is gray and according to him, getting a white one from another dealer I will need to pay $1191 more coz he will trade with another dealer and lose some money. Of course I don't want to pay so much more. But the nearest other dealers(st louis and KC) are 3 hours drive away. If I buy from there, I don't know if it's a good idea to drive a new car on freeway over 180 miles. I guess my questions are
    1. is there any other way I can have the white car delivered to Springfield without being ripped off?
    2. if I have to go 180 miles to buy the car, how much will it affect the new car's performance if I drive the first 180 miles on the freeway?
    Any ideas/suggestions/comments are welcome.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    If you really want the white one (which I dont blame you because I wanted a white one as well), then make the deal with the dealership that has it and drive it back yourself.

    The dealership that you are working with wants to make an easy $1191 profit on you. If you were to agree to pay the extra money, all they have to do is make the call to the dealership that has the white one and make sure that the unit has not been sold or has been promised to be sold. If it is still available they will get one of their lot porters to drive out there with the traded unit and pick up the white one and drive it back. Most dealership "do not" own any of the new vehicles in their lots, they are on consignment through Mazda Corporation, so they are not loosing any money like they claim they are.

    In that case you might as well save yourself $1191 invest some time and gas money and make the deal directly with the dealership that has the unit. 180 miles is not that far anyway. Plus as long as you make some pit stops every 30-45 minutes to use the bathroom or stretch out and keep it at 65 mph it will also not hinder the break-in period of your new baby. On the other hand, the porter will not give a damn about the vehicle he/she is bringing back and drive it non-stop and perhaps abuse it since it is just another unit for him/her.

    At the last resort, if the dealership that has the unit you want does not want to make you a deal, then throw some food for thought to the current dealership you are dealing with and tell them that if they are going to charge you that much more to make a trade, then you will just make the deal directly with the dealership that has the white one. I guarantee you they will be more willing to keep your business and/or either delete thr extra charge or dramatically decrease it.
  • joanndujoanndu Posts: 2
    Great reply! Thank you very much for the info. and your advice! I will check out the dealers in the big towns and make a deal over there.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I'm buying in the DC area and received an offer from a dealer yesterday for an 09 Sport AT with no options for $17,508 OTD. What's the verdict on this? This is the best price I've seen in a week's dealing with local dealers.
  • When you write $17,508 is that including tax&lic fees and the rip off fee...uh i mean the document fee? if so jump on it, and if not it is still a very good bargain. I paid about $17800 for mine (2009 sport automatic) a few months ago, plus t&l and got the document fee to $15. We are happy with the vehicle, I get about 25mpg average, and have no real complaints to speak of.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Yes, that's with all the fees driving the car off the lot. The salesman indicated they were willing to go lower if another lower bid comes in. I'll cross my fingers that this is the real deal. BTW, I went to the showroom yesterday to drive the vehicle and get the numbers. I was the only customer in the place. I guess they're desperate for buyers.
  • danimal7danimal7 Posts: 1
    I just picked up an 09 Sport with a manual transmission for 15,115 + 218 (license/title) for a total of 15,333. I'm in Oregon, so no taxes. It was an ad special, so no haggling. It was one of the most pleasant car buying experiences I've had. I was in an out in a bit over an hour.

    This is an incredibly good time to buy a car.
  • Hi. A local dealer offered 20,970 out the door for a 2009 Touring model. Is this a good deal? That's with taxes and all the other stuff.

    I am debating between that and a local used one from a private seller. It is a 2007 Grand Touring with 16,200 miles. This one has leather and a DVD player. He is asking 14,750 but I think I might be able to get him down to 14,000.

    I don't really care for those other options. What I DO want is a moon roof, hence the Touring trim.

    Which do you think is the better deal? Should the dealer go lower. After reading everyone else's deals, I think I should try for lower. Shouldn't the Touring be just around $1200 over the Sport? Thanks for your replies and opinions. Cheers!
  • njmom91njmom91 Posts: 20
    At Maxon Mazda, NJ
    "negotiated'" to Out the door: 19750

    breakdown (how they worked their numbers to get me the number I wanted):
    (20 mi on vehicle, red)
    Unit Price 17673.14
    Etch 199
    tax 1251.05
    nj tire tax 7.50
    reg fee 242
    online MV fee 8.30
    "Clerical Expense" 369
    total: 19749.99

    Not sure if this is the 'best' deal, but I am happy with it and the car. :D
  • njmom91 I do think the "best deal" is if you are happy with the car/price/dealership, plain and simple. For instance I paid more than some, but not as much as others, and I am satisfied with that. Hope you enjoy your new vehicle!
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    Paid $15,995 CAD ($12,955 USD) from a Mazda dealer. 72,000km (45,000 miles) on it, the Canadian GT is equivalent to the US Grand Touring model without the leather and NAVI which is extra and no HIDs. Nice car, my wife and I love it. =) We didn't talk down the price but instead talked up the trade-in value of our 08 Corolla to $13,000 ($10,600).

    Agreed, being happy is #1 priority. If you have that gut feeling in your stomach that you aren't happy, then you still have to talk. For me, it was that moment when the dealer crossed out $12,500 and inked in $13,000 for my trade in and extended the bumper to bumper warranty to 4 years/100,000km that I knew it was a good deal. :)
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Actually got the car for $17,144 OTD. I couldn't believe how painless and smooth the entire process went. Dealer is Castle Ford Mazda Mitsubishi of Silver Spring MD. The price is for a VA registered car.
  • marlapmarlap Posts: 18
    I am very close to purchasing a new 5 here in SC. I have a malibu maxx and our family wanted a third row of seats. The car seems very peppy for a 4 cyl. I wish that it came with tinted windows. I will probably get that done. Have you been pleased with your 5? I am also wondering how easy the seats are to clean as they are very light beige.
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