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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • redrxredrx Posts: 3
    Test Drove a bunch of new vehicles going back to May of last year... 2009 Ford Escape XLS 4cyl Auto Trans, 2009 Honda CRV LX Auto Trans, 2009 Pontiac Vibe Base 1.8 5M, 2008 Chevy Malibu LS Auto, 2008 Chevy HHR LT1 Auto Trans, 2009 Chevy Traverse LS Auto, 2009 Subaru Forrester 2.5X Auto Trans, 2009 Honda Odyssey LX Auto, 2009 Toyota Highlander with the 4 cyl Auto, 2009 Toyota Rav4 with 4 cyl Auto, 2008 Kia Rondo EX Auto Trans.

    The Highlander was the nicest, but also busted my budget. Kia was also surprisingly nice and inexpensive, but wife vetoed based on looks. Oddy was solid, but I have low MPG fears based on forums and user reviews. It came down to the Escape and 5. Loved them both, felt great on the road and comfortable behind the wheel. Ultimately features for the $$$ and most fun to drive won out in Mazda's favor.
    Touring - Black on Black
    $18799 + Tax Title and Registration
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    Thinking about a Mazda5 touring with Auto, I live in Phx, AZ, what are the normal prices these things going for does anyone know. I have read some posting, it look liked &18.5K with TTL is about the best deal I have seen for one...

  • stardazzstardazz Posts: 2
    Narrowed down to 2 vehicles and Mazda has slight 'likability' factor though its also slightly more expensive.

    The dealer is in Northern Virginia and has given me an out-the-door price on a new '09 Touring Mazda5 (no additional options) of $20,153 (tax, prep, freight, etc...all in).

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on what kind of 'deal' this is.
  • bolvobolvo Posts: 5
    STAY AWAY - From MAZDA We bought a used 2007 Mazda 5 it's NOW ASHES !
    2 weeks ago yesterday my 2007 Mazda 5 with less than 45K on the odometer caught on FIRE. We called Mazda to report it and their response was: Report it to your insurance company - we can do nothing; the same type of response from the dealer and so on. My wife is very upset. We have maintained the vehicle w/ care and diligence. Oil Changes, Repairs done at the Mazda dealership and the vehicle passed inspection less than 2 weeks prior to the fire. THERE IS NO REASON FOR THIS TO HAVE HAPPENED. NEVERTHELESS IT IS SAD FOR US TO SEE HOW THERE'S LITTLE THE MAZDA DEALER, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SERVICE ADVISORS HAVE DONE TO TRY TO GIVE US A REASON OR INVESTIGATE. That was the last Mazda Vehicle we owned. We are going straight to a TOYOTA dealer. NO MORE MAZDA's for me or my family. No more fire hazard.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    Dude, Mazda is right, call your insurance company that is the right thing to do, IF your insurance company thinks its a manufacture issue, they the insurance company will take care of contacting Mazda, why do you pay for insurance, just for this problem. Sorry your Mazda5 caught fire, but to blame Mazda because they told you contact your insurance is completely funny... What do you want Mazda do to, say, Oh we are sorry YES its our fault and we are so sorry for this problem, here is a brand new Mazda 5 for your problems.... THAT ain't going to happen. BTW, doesn't matter who you buy, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Ford, they all would have told you the same thing....
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    I agree with flightnurse. Also, Could you explain what happened? Leak? Friction? Exhaust? Short Circuit? Explosion? Playing with matches close to the gas tank? Oh, and some pics would help before everybody panics

  • stardazzstardazz Posts: 2
    Ummm....ok, sorry about the fire. Can anyone respond to the original question in this thread? Thank you.
  • mpm10mpm10 Posts: 1
    We just bought a cobalt red (5spd sport no extras) for $16,735 out the door. ($15,500 plus title and tax -- $150 + $1,085 = $16,735). It took some negotiating and trips to several dealers. I usually managed to bring most of the dealers down to $15,500, the deal breaker came when then tried adding dealer or prep fees. Thankfully I found one that didn't add these fees. They just padded the title fee by a few dollars. The car handles smoothly and is a joy to drive. I just wish Mazda would include some of the European features such as the Karakuri Seating System and front-to-back roof rails. That would make this car a much better value.
  • loomis1loomis1 Posts: 4
    MPM10: Can you tell me if this was Auto or Manual ?

    $15,500 is a GREAT price on a Manual, and would be a Stupendous price on an Automatic.

    I know there's customer cash of $500, does anyone know what kind of Manufacturer to Dealer cash is available on the Mazda5?
  • melarskymelarsky Posts: 5
    I'm sorry to hear of your loss but your post is like crying wolf. Without any specifics it is meaningless. For all we know, the cause of the fire had everything to do with you and nothing to do with the car. And Mazda was right to tell you to call your insurance company and not them. Haven't you ever wondered why you bought auto insurance? If someone somehow determines that there was a fault with the vehicle, Mazda will be notified.
  • I am now at Oregon. I am planning to buy a Mazda5 sport AT. For base model vehicle with no options, I want to offer the dealer
    16k with cash
    16.5k with 0.9% 36month financing
    are these offers reasonable? Can I make a deal? Anyone at Oregon buy this car recently? Can you share your information?
    Thank you for your suggestions
  • kivokivo Posts: 64

    Find out the dealer's cost and add a reasonable profit for the dealer. Always bargain from the dealer's cost UP. Good luck. I have a 2008 Touring and love it.
  • How may I get the dealer's cost then? Please forgive me if this question is too naive. I am a new buyer.
    BTW, I am looking for the 09 Mazda5 sport AT.
  • We just came home with our new Touring. We paid $19,499 OTD (including 3% sales tax and everything else). After we negotiated the price we told them we wanted a color combination they didn't have on the lot. They got the one we wanted, with no additional fees or deposit or anything. We were very happy with the dealership and experience. Oh, and that was with dealer cash incentive. We brought our own financing (3.99% through credit union). This is in NC.
  • drrobludrroblu Posts: 3
    $1750 Dealer Incentive still in place for June- this last week, Dealers have been offering me $1250 difference between cash and special financing (also edmunds put it up within the last few days.

    2 days ago, Bought Sport AT Copper Red for $17,144 OTD = $15754 + $670 destination + $100 Dealer Processing Charge + $93.50 Tags/Title + $493 Taxes

    Castle Ford/Mazda/Mitsubishi in Silver Spring, MD (I am VA Resident so 3% Tax -same OTD/location as msg 857)

    No Hassle, e-mailed me $17,364 quote ($15998 + fees/tax/tags/dest) 1st thing in AM, I called in a couple of hours, they got the car from another dealer while I arrived early, after car arrived with 80 miles on it - spent less than 1 hour start to finish - even knocked down $250 in less than 5 minutes mentioning other quotes

    btw, Ourisman Mazda in Laurel offered a Sport AT galaxy gray for $17,354 OTD with popular equipment package (6 CD) after we rejected the black down to $17,154

    Both places were quiet (Castle had maybe 3 people come in 2 hours on a Saturday) - both were really willing to sell and not try to hassle me into equipment/warranties I didn't need

    Great time to buy! gl!
  • ssmcmz5ssmcmz5 Posts: 1
    Picked up a 09 Mica Gray Sport (manual) on Friday, paid 16,185 out the door. Me and my kids are digging the extra space. Traded in a 06 Passat with a significant engine problem (burning oil faster than you could put it in the car). Dealer is Concours Motors in Milw, WI.
  • fitty5fitty5 Posts: 1
    To mpm10, $16,185 out the door? Can you break down the numbers to show what you paid before tax, title, license? (these will vary by state) I'm assuming your numbers do not account for moneys received for trade-in.

  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    We just picked up a 2009 Gray automatic Touring for $19,678 OTD.

    $18,273 (incl. $670 dest. charge) + $1102 taxes (6%) + $303 fees.

    Also included were the cargo net and rear bumper protector, worth perhaps $70-ish.

    We used the same Maryland dealers that others have mentioned (Ourisman and Castle). Looking at previous posters, I can see that others were able to get better deals but all in all I'm satisfied that we did good enough.

    Customer traffic was moderate at the two dealerships today. Not too busy but not dead either.
  • mmp0806mmp0806 Posts: 4
    We are looking at a Mazda5 sport AT. The local dealer (only one in Memphis--next closest is 2 1/2 hrs away) gave us a price of 18,000 + taxes, etc. with 2.9% financing and $500 cash back(which can be taken off the price on the front end). He pulled up the KBB price of 18,600+ and said this was a really good deal. However, after reading these posts, I am thinking this is not such a good price. Also, from what I understand the dealer incentives will change July 1. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
    By the way, the local mazda dealer did not even have one on the lot for us to test drive. They said they would probably get some in this week. :P
  • echipechip Posts: 6
    I am also looking for Mazda5 sport with autotransmission in NY/NJ/CT area.
    I checked carsdirect dot com, the lowest price is $16,750 with manual trans. I added auto trans. price came out to be $1100 more.
    Total is about $17850 + taxes, etc.

    Maybe it will get cheap as 2010 model is coming out.
  • drrobludrroblu Posts: 3
    Is 18,000 with or without destination? If with, it's not a horrible price. If you get Mazda financing, you get the $500 cash back, if you can pay cash, there is a $1750 dealer incentive which is used in a lot of the posts. They extended the $500/$1750 incentives from May to June so you're probably ok waiting to see what next month brings

  • echipechip Posts: 6
    I am not sure about mmp0806. But price at cardsdirect does included destination charge.
  • dahersdahers Posts: 2
    Bought a Manual Shift Sport, in gray, for $16,888.20 out the door -- $16,850 minus $1750 dealer cash brought the sale price to $15,100, plus $670 freight, $946.20 Maryland tax, + $172 in fees. Found Maryland dealers were willing to waive the $100 dealer processing fee, though after agreeing to waive it, my dealer -- Congressional Mazda, Rockville, MD -- tried to tack it back on at delivery. Also, caught the dealer pumping up title/registration fees. I had settled on price by e-mail and ended up knocking another $70 off just by insisting that they break down the fees and explain how they were doing the math. Brown's Fairfax had attractive ads but in the end would go no lower than $17,400 OTD for the same vehicle. Castle Mazda would match Congressional but would not deal any further. Gaithersburg Mazda seems to have a bunch of 5's in stock - presume there are more good deals to be had as the last of the '09s are just coming into port.
  • echipechip Posts: 6
    Wow, that's a good deal $16888 OTD.
    Cars Direct would not do that. I asked them, they said $1750 dealer cash has already factored in on their website.

    If $16888 OTD for Sport manual trans, then I figured add $1034 more for Sport auto trans., price should be lower than $18K. I asked them $18,500 OTD, but they said no. Oh, well, I guess I will wait another month or two to see what kind of incentives they have.
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    $16,888 otd sounds great. We weren't too interested in dealing with Congressional because they struck us as the sleaziest among the dealerships we visited. But congrats on snagging a deal from them.

    I wasn't too worried about excessive fees since at that point we negotiated the final numbers, I was dealing with OTD price anyway.
  • ldislerldisler Posts: 83
    It looks lke MAzda lowered there incentives for July. Does anyone know what the cash incentive is for July???
  • dahersdahers Posts: 2
    Sounds like you did really well yourself.

    If we had visited in person, we probably would have had the same reaction you did and walked out. But in the end, we did not visit any dealers except for an initial test drive to make sure we knew what we wanted. After that, it was just a numbers game. And nobody was going to give me a deal based on my good looks. :) Luckily the Internet shopping sites have put pressure on dealers to negotiate seriously by e-mail. The "squeeze" at delivery was quite impressive as the dealer pushed everything under the sun -- extended warranty, key-fob loss protection, even tried to get us to finance the vehicle with their preferred bank at a high rate.

    Bottom line is they know the numbers better than shoppers do and they know if a competitor's deal looks realistic, so there's no harm in bouncing one offer off the other, and you don't have to name names.
  • mmp0806mmp0806 Posts: 4
    Apparently there are no incentives for the mazda 5. I just spoke to a dealer in nashville who looked on the dealer website and said that since the mazda5's are selling so well they were not going to have an incentive this month. Bad news for those of us who waited! Our dealer in Memphis does not even have any in stock.
  • cyclone83cyclone83 Posts: 60
    That's terrible news!! We've been trying to time our purchase with incentives, the Mazda Preferred Buyers Card, and cash for clunkers. We had to wait for cash for clunkers, and it looks like we missed out on the incentives :(
  • mmp0806mmp0806 Posts: 4
    I agree! we were waiting on the cash for clunkders thing too. I was just now looking at the kia sedona--doesn't get as good gas mileage but they are offering 2000 cash back I think and there seem to be a lot more of those around, so they are more willing to deal. Looks like we could probably get one for about the same price as the mazda5.
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