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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cyclone83cyclone83 Posts: 60
    Just picked up our new 2009 Mazda5 Grand Touring, so excited to finally have it after months of waiting!!! Sticker price was about $23593...CARS program and rebates brought the price down to $14620. Wasn't quite the lowest price we found, but distance to dealerships and car colors (red, fresh from the factory) made us choose this dealership. Very excited!!!!! Good luck to the rest of you! :shades: BTW, we didn't get anything for scrap value, I didn't push them very hard, but I had my reasons...
  • surajsuraj Posts: 3
    I got offer for $18500 OTD for sport without any options base price is 16700/- .Dealer mentioned he has included dealer incentive of $1750. is this a good price ? Please help
  • kamilkamil Posts: 3
    I am also considering to get a Mazda5 with CARS program. I have not been to a dealer yet and I could not find much information about the $500 CARS incentive that you mention in your message. Can you please point me to a source (orobably on mazda web site) regarding the $500 CARS incentive. Thanks, Kamil
  • I also looked online and couldn't find much about that $500 incentive, but my dealer told me that Mazda was offering the incentive in conjunction with the CARS program. I've heard this from other M5 purchasers as well. You can always start off by sending emails to dealerships looking for the lowest price. We did all of our negotiating online. Keep in mind that the $1750 ends on 8/3 I believe.
  • jwunderjwunder Posts: 10
    Is that for an Automatic? If it is manual trans. no that is not very comp.. For an automatic it may be. TMV for automatic base sport is around $17300, what are your sales tax and registration costs?
  • ldislerldisler Posts: 83
    I did get the extra $500 on Saturday and the $1750 which ends 8/3/09 but most dealers think that should be continued. Got a touring for $17900 plus Tax & tags & doc.
  • surajsuraj Posts: 3
    Yes this is for Automatic Sport with no options, my tax rate is 9.75% registration cost is around $274.

    Invoice: 18400 - 1750 = 16650
    T/T = *.975 x 16650 + 274 = 1897
    Total OTD = 18547
    Is this a Good deal ?
  • 2 weeks ago we got a sport AT in oakland for $15950 + tax/lic/reg and a $55 "doc fee." (it was 17,844 OTD). if you're in the bay area (CA) you can check tax/lic/reg here:

    so, $18500 OTD is ~$600 more than us. you might do a little better.

    your price also depends on if the inventory is getting low. the last shipment of 2009's came in the day before we bought ours, the next shipment will supposedly be 2010's. you might have a lot of competition from other buyers, now that the cash for clunkers (CARS) program has started. those people might be not driving as hard a bargain when they're getting $5000 off from the government. the dealers don't pay that money, so they still make their profit, and meanwhile the customer is happy with a new car for $12000.

    maybe counteroffer a few hundred lower by phone/email, and ask for some easy options tossed in, like mats, cargo liner, etc.. then they only lose the profit on the mats (since they probably cost the dealer $30, not $80"). watch out when you go in to sign, though. nail it all down before you go in. once you are in the door, if you ask for anything extra tossed in, they act like they're doing you a favor just to stick to the agreed upon price ("we could sell this car for $500 more, easily... that couple there just bought the same car for much more..."). they challenge you to walk away, since they know at that point you likely will just go through with the purchase.
  • edmunds says invoice on sport AT no options is $17,899. we were shown the "invoice," for ours, but it looked not like a true invoice, just a printout with a stamped signature. i think it was lower than $18400.
  • c_j_falkc_j_falk Posts: 4
    1. I have to revise my earlier post. The dealership that I had signed a contract with (Lou Fusz Mazda) for a 2009 Silver Sport w/ AT and no other options for $16,600 did not come up with that car. The deal was predicated on them trading with another dealership to get that car for me, and they did not. I went with another dealer (Bommarito South) on 7/23 for the same car supposedly right off the truck with 2 miles on it for 16,898 OTD. This works out to invoice (including destination charge) minus the $1750 dealer incentive, so, assuming the invoice numbers that we get from Edmund's, Kelly and the like are accurate, the dealer pocketed a total of roughly $390 (which equates to the holdback of 2% of base MSRP).

    2. I'm not sure if the forum prohibition about posting email addresses applies to sales people/dealerships or to us as forum members too. If you're actually going to buy in the St. Louis area (and not just call for quotes) and want more information on my buying experience, I'd be happy to email with you, but I need confirmation that I can provide my email address here.

    3. I found the inventory on to be woefully inaccurate, it was basically a waste of time. I'd say you need to talk with the individual dealers, which is not very efficient when you're shopping in a big radius.

    4. Neither dealer could/would say anything about the 2010s other than they historically came in around September give or take and that they could still order 2009, so the 2010s weren't in production yet. My uneducated guess is that the silence means that the 5s will see virtually no changes for 2010 (maybe paint color) or will be discontinued.

    5.Good luck to all.
  • thecsthecs Posts: 7
    Please...what $1750? Our local dealer says there aren't any rebates.
  • They gave us the option of 2.9% interest for 60 months or $1,750 (maybe the called it a dealer incentive or somthing like that). What are you at with a price quote right now? They'll call these rebates/incentives/cash backs all different the end, paying "what are others are paying" on Edmunds TMV or below seems reasonable to me. We were lucky to receive that extra $500 back for the Mazda clunker incentive bringing us down to $18050 (around $600 less than Edmunds TMV...what others are paying if I remember correctly).
  • ldislerldisler Posts: 83
    Yes $1750 for cash deal till 8-3-09 +500 for CFC deal. I got touring with bumper
    guard for $17900.
  • andy97andy97 Posts: 3
    I went to the University Mazda in Seattle and showed a print out from this forum and got the salesman to sell me the 2009 Mazda5 GT for $19750 + tax + +reg fee + $49 doc fee in about 15 min. That's the best car buying experience I've ever had in years. I traded in a clunker and got $4500 + $500 rebate. I didn't get the scrape value because I didn't know better... but oh well, that's good enough for a brand new car.

    The salesman's name is Kevin.
  • lyzardolyzardo Posts: 12
    Which dealer in MN matched your prices? I'm in the Eastern Metro area.
  • cyclone83cyclone83 Posts: 60
    Eich Mazda in St. Cloud was able to match the price I gave them. I can give you the name of my sales guy if you are interested. Walser and Morrie's prices were waaaay too high, Luther was pretty high, I liked my sales guy at Polar but the best he could was still above 20k. I don't think I directly contacted the other MN dealers (I did anonymously through braggle). Otherwise, the other dealers willing to do 19.5k were in SD, MO, and IL. When comparing MSRPs, the best price was in MO by about $100-$150, plus he offered to go lower after I said no thanks, but St. Cloud is much closer, and they had the color I wanted.
  • lyzardolyzardo Posts: 12
    I would like to have the name of your sales guy, when you have a chance. Thanks.
  • lyzardolyzardo Posts: 12
    Did get a nibble from Eich Mazda on a Sport AT, no options, but their offered price was $19,150 - waaaaay too high. Very nice people, poor price. Supply and demand, I guess.
  • cyclone83cyclone83 Posts: 60
    I wonder if CFC is driving up the prices. We agreed on a price over a week before the official start date (24th) of CFC. Anyways, the guy I worked with was Jake Larson. He said they generally try to match or beat competing offers. I did not let them make the first offer, I just called him and said "these are the lowest offers I've received, can you match them?"
  • cyclone83cyclone83 Posts: 60
    BTW, do you have a costco membership? You can get pretty decent prices through their auto program as well.
  • lyzardolyzardo Posts: 12
    I do, and I did start the process on Monday. Got an initial form email right away from Luther or Polar (don't remember which) promising to contact me but they never followed through. So, it was a dead end. And at that time, I was asking about Mazda3's as well. BTW, Eich would not budge on the price, but they were polite and courteous. Based on info on Edmunds and here, a base Mazda5 AT Sport should be under $18,000, unless I'm mistaken.
  • cyclone83cyclone83 Posts: 60
    For the Costco price, call Polar Mazda and ask for Michael Smith. He's the one who helped give me the Costco quote ($18600 for a base Mazda5 Touring after incentives). The other salesman we talked with there was Brian Lim, really nice guy.
  • lyzardolyzardo Posts: 12
    I called Polar this morning - they are out of Mazda5 models completely.
  • cyclone83cyclone83 Posts: 60
    Wow, the laws of supply and demand indeed. You could try to get a Costco price from them even if they don't have any in stock, and then take that price somewhere else. I dunno, that's pretty crazy
  • lyzardolyzardo Posts: 12
    What are your impressions on the Mazda5? I haven't even able to find one in stock to test drive yet.
  • We like it a lot, it fits our family of 3 (soon to be 4) well. We were looking for a vehicle with three rows of seats, priced within our smallish budget, and relatively reliable. We were looking at used vehicles (Odyssey, Sienna, Pilot, etc) until we heard about cash for clunkers. We randomly came across the M5, and although it's not as big as the aforementioned vehicles, we really liked it. None of us are very tall/big, so we think the M5 is comfortable...I've read that taller/bigger people may feel a bit cramped. Have sliding doors is really nice in the garage and parking lots! It only has a 4 cylinder engine, but I feel it is more than sufficient. It is fun to drive and very nimble. We don't have any towing needs, so that wasn't a concern for us. The road noise is a little louder than I'd like on freeways, but it depends on how picky you are about that. I feel like you sit up nice and high in the drivers seat (compared to our old Bonneville anyways), that is nice, you have a good view of everything. There isn't as much room in the rear as a full size minivan, so it depends on your needs there. We ended up getting a M5 Grand Touring with a few smaller options for under's fun to get a brand new car with a bunch of extras for cheaper than a 3 year old Odyssey/Sienna/Pilot with none of the fun features. I wasn't too concerned about gas mileage while shopping around, but the good mileage of the M5 is a nice little bonus.
  • Just got a Mazda5 Sport Auto with ~$100 of options (MSRP ~$20k) for $17K+TTL. If I waited and pushed a bit harder it was probably possible to shave a few hundred more off this deal.

    Beware that the supply for these vehicles in DC/VA/MD area seems pretty thin right now... CFC is certainly to blame.
  • I just purchased a Mazda 5 Touring in NJ for $20,158. This was an "out the door," everything included, tax, title, 4yrs of reg and inspection, price. With the $4,500 clunker and $500 Mazda incentive, the total bill was $15,158. The Sport version, for which I'd been looking, was non-existent, so I went with the next level up. The dealer did try and pull a fast one when it came to the paperwork; he tried to hide an extra $500 in the dealings. Either way, when I spotted the hoax, his manager had him redo the paperwork correctly. If I wasn't really sure of my own figures, he would have easily ripped me off. Funnily enough, it didn't bother me much since my expectations for being treated in an honest fashion were very low to begin with.
  • Hello,

    I am in texas and I am ready to buy a 2009 mazda 5 sport. Its manual transmission and the only extras already on it are pinstripe and tinted windows. The sticker price is 19,345. I have no trade in. What should my goal price be to get this vehicle? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • kaiserskaisers Posts: 1
    That seems like a pretty good price. Can I ask where in NJ went? I'm in NJ and am debating between a used 2008 versus new 2009 right now. I can get a used 2008 around $14,600 + tax and everything else so $20,158 does not seem to far away for new.
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