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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm in the DC area. Koons Mazda in Silver Spring ultimately won out but Browns Arlington came close. Even though they tried very hard to get me into their dealerships, I negotiated exclusively via email with multiple dealers. Koons was just quicker to respond and didn't play too many games. I got the exact vehicle I wanted in the end; no "manager's demo" with 4K miles on it or a color nobody wants. My sense is that these aren't flying off the lots and the highly publicized recall might have spooked potential buyers. Add that to the normal end-of-model year incentives and there's plenty of potential for a great deal.
  • Thank you for your information so detail. I will start to call my local dealers and post what happen in the future. BTW, do you like your new car? Any complain so far? Since I drive my car a lot each year, I am looking for a no trouble and safe car. Thanks.
  • 97201 is Portland Oregon
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,306
    Duh... I had a typo in my brain... (92701 is Orange County, CA)..



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  • I like it a lot. It would be nice to have a little more power but it's more than enough for average driving. The stock tires (Toyo Proxies) are very noisy. Other than that, I can't believe how clever and capable it is. And I'm surprised how good it looks.
  • Thank you for your sharing information. What are the stock tires? Could you explain it a little clear? Thanks.
  • All right, deal is done.
    MSRP 20,420

    16,734 sales price no financing with dealer to get the 1500 rebate
    + 124 all season mats and back step plate ( I wanted these)
    + 378 license (paid extra 30 for cultural trust plates and extra 80 county tax)
    + 50 title

    $17,286 out the door. yeah!
    This is at Royal Moore Mazda in Hillsboro, OR near Portland. Internet sale manager was good. no pressure tactics or anything, in and out in less than 2 hours.
  • Congrats on the car. I'm really enjoying mine. It replaces a Honda CRV, 1999. Its for my wife, myself, my two year old and my expected second in May 2011. Hopefully it fits the bill. The only thing I am going to get is the back bumper plastic thing and a window tint (its going to cost me $350 for the tint, but the place is where most of the local dealerships go to). Well, congrats again!
  • I got my 2009 M5 tinted and I picked a medium tint (#20) for for second and back rows and a light tint (#35) for driver's row for $350. They said that technically 2nd row was too dark but it is hardly checked. They are checking it more often now, and I failed inspection because of it. So now I have to go back and spend $100 to replace the 2nd row with a lighter tint to match the driver's row. What's weird is that the darker tints are legal if it is OEM, but not after-market, and there is no tint option for an M5.
  • Thanks!!
    I'm pretty happy with it so far. I just drove it once so far (home from dealer.)
    Looking forward to driving it more this weekend.
    I'll get it tinted too.
  • I finally got to drive my new Mazda 5 and I was checking it all out, and I noticed the third row, when flat has just a thin piece of plywood covered with the carpeting to protect it. The rear area, where the tools and extra tire are was lifted and you can see the thin pice of plywood sticking out. I started pressing down on it and was suprised how soft it was. Now, I dont ususally put heavy stuff in there, but I now have the fear that it may crack or not last a long time. Anyone else notice this or have problems with it. I noticed on my CRV, with the 2nd row down, its a hard plastic shell that is firm to the touch and I have handled heavy tile and wood flooring for my house, but I cant imagine the Mazda being to handle much more then pillows and light luggage without it getting damaged. Well, that was the only negative I found it the car, its been good so far.
  • Could you refer me to the person you are dealing with at Browning? PM wit with private message in case this is not allowed.
    $16,200 is a killer deal!!!!! :surprise:
  • I dont have his phone number, but type in 92025 as your area code using pricing, the price that comes up is $16,477.00 for the Sport AT and he said he would honor $16,200.00. I am thinking he cuts out overstock commission or something. Its Browning Mazda and they are top notch!
  • Hey, there is an increase in the cash back. If you check and use zip code 92025, its $15,777 for the Sport Auto. The GT is $19,100.00
  • Wow! I will check out with my local deal and post the updated information.
  • kclisskcliss Posts: 3
    Do those of you who've used the S-plan know if can be used on top of (or before) all the incentives? From what I've read, consumer incentives can be used, but I can't find anything about dealer incentives.

    Right now there is a $2000 "Marketing Support" incentive listed on, and I'm wondering if that can be applied in addition to any s-plan pricing.

    I've gotten price quotes for about $16,400 for the Sport Auto, which I assume includes that $2K figure. It's a great figure, but, of course, it'd be great if I could get even more knocked off.
  • I think there is a $2000.00 marketing support AND $500.00 customer cash. The best I found was $15,500.00 at Browning Mazda, near Los Angeles. I had just bought one a few weeks ago for $16,200.00 and a friend was soo impressed he wanted one and that is the price they wanted. They now went up to $16,000.00 but I think the deals will only get better in November and December. Try and the zip code 92025. According to it, $16,000 is the best price in 120 certified mazda dealerships, but I think you can do slightly better.
  • kclisskcliss Posts: 3
    Cool. Overstock came back with $14,889 for 92025, though they quote $16,800 in my market (Chicago), which I've already bettered.

    Do you know, though, if the S-plan can bring that down any farther? In other words, can I get an S-plan discount on top of the $2500 or so incentives?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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    Thanks for your consideration,
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  • dherabadidherabadi Posts: 6
    edited October 2010
    I don't know who you were dealing with at Browning in Cerritos, but this is my experience:
    After filling up the price request with the USAA website (similar engine with Overstock).Immediattely got a call from the Browning and email. So I reply to the emails (there were 2 persons that contacted me from this dealer) and tell them that I prefer email thus not to bother with the phone. That's not helping as the phone call keep coming and I keep ignoring it. I looked into the Mazdausa website for the inventory in their lot (very accurate by the way) and tell them exactly which car I want and just need a confirmation by email that they will honor it (don't want to drive 80 miles just to be told no) Boy this is like pulling teeth, they never want to commit. they keep saying invoice 19K and $1500 off, with comment the overstock price is only for cash purchase. I told them I have my own financing and it should be the same as cash for them! One of them finally reply $3100 off invoice ( the price certificate is for $4100 off) $17K. What's give?! Do I have the wrong sales person, and if this internet sales why they used their phone a lot???!! Anyway Going to try Riverside Mazda, they are not the lowest but no stupid game.
  • Wow, sorry about that. I cant print the person's name according to past posts, but his name rhymes with Nader. I had no problems getting my price ($16,200 w/ overstock cert. showing the price as $16,477). I had no hassles. Email me and I'll fish out the email and cell phone numbers for those that helped me. I do notice they are no longer a "certified" mazda dealer on, so maybe they are doinig the bait and switch and I got lucky. my email is


  • I bought a 2010 Mazda5 today at Bob Baker Mazda in Carlsbad, Southern California

    The negotiated price for a black Sport Auto was $15,587. This is $200 below the current Overstock price for my zip code 92122. I added dealer-installed DVD option for $900 (invoice price was $950) for the total car price of $16,487. With TTL the OTD price was $18,430.

    There are still quite a few of these cars on dealers' lots in the San Diego area and the deals are getting better by the day as the new 2011 Mazda5 is going to be officially introduced in the US in the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. But I wanted to get this car before it disappears from the lots so I decided to pull the trigger now. I had a chance to check the new 2011 Mazda5 when I was in Europe two weeks ago and to me it is not worth the $5K price difference. From outside it looks like a real minivan which I didn't like and from inside the new dashboard didn't look better or worse. The only advantage to me is one additional inch of legroom in the second row seating but again not worth $5K.

    Happy with the car, especially my wife who says it drives like a car with the convenience of a van.
  • Great Deal! Man, I live about 15 miles from Carlsbad and I Didnt even remember they had a Mazda Dealership. Congrats on the deal, and may the deals get better and better. Its a great car so far (I paid $16,200) From Browning Mazda in Tustin about 1 1/2 months ago and I thought I got a great deal!

    This car is huge in Europe and Canada, I think its like Ikea, good use of its limited room. yeah, its small compared to an Odyssey or Sienna, but the majority of people with 1 or even 2 kids dont need all that room, the Mazda 5 is a good 'tweener, and the Mazda 5 uses his limited room to make it seem more spacious that it is.
  • I actually bought Mazda5 Auto yesterday with DVD player for 18,000 which was the overstock price for my zip 98007.
    Total price with tax, registration was 20,200

    Looking at what others have paid I feel that I have paid too much for it.
  • kclisskcliss Posts: 3
    Finally completed a deal for a white/tan Touring at Wilkins Mazda in Elmhurst, IL. The price, $19,107 (before tax and fees), was a bit higher than some others in the area, but they were very generous with the trade allowance. I mean that; I had a pretty good idea of what the trade was worth, and they surprised me. I'd recommend them; they seem to be pretty up-front, and the service department is competent, too, a plus, since they're the closest dealer to my location.
  • Romodome,
    I was dealing with Browning Mazda in Cerritos not the Browning in Tustin, that's why I got the different treatment. To make it short don't go to Browning Mazda In "Cerritos", they will not honored your overstock certificate.
    I went to Riverside Mazda in the Riverside Metro Automall. Great experience and got a Liquid Silver 2010 Sports Auto with popular package for $16,084 +TTL = total paid $17861.91. No game in this dealer showed the certificate, the sales guy talk to the manager and came up with the contract at the price specified. Spent 1.5 hours max at the dealer. This is the future of car buying, I was dreading to buy a new car before but after this I will pick a Mazdaspeed 3 next year for myself because I enjoyed the experience so much.
  • Seems like no one else has made a purchase lately?? I'm in the SoCal region and am looking to get one in a few days and was wondering if anyone have any pointers in getting a good price for the sports model. I am hoping I can get the pricing romodome and a few others received. Thanks in advance for the help!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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  • We bought our Mazda5 last Satruday and paid $11,425. So far we love it!
  • Did you buy a used one? How many miles for that car? Auto or Manual? Thanks.
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